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Found 7 results

  1. Guest

    St Georges Day

    OK folks, a bit early maybe, but thought I would start the ball rolling and see how many members I can convince. 23rd April this year is St George's Day. Three weeks away I know, but a point worth making. I along with others reckon that the citizens of the UK are too reticent at times to show pride and allegiance to our national saints day. During recent years the cross of St George flag and indeed the Union Jack have been hijacked for political aims, well I reckon its about time we took the true meaning back. Both flags have nothing to do with nationalism, jingoism, etc, just a symbol to show the rest of the world that we are still proud of this country. This thread has nothing to do with the pros and cons of Australia versus the UK. But I will say this. I have lived and worked in Australia for many years and it never ceases to amaze me how many Australian flags you see adorning businesses, houses, everywhere in fact. Last time in Australia I made up a game with my two kids to spot the Aussie flag. After a month they gave up, it was well in excess of 1,500. So my suggestion is this, LETS CATCH THEM UP. Before, during and after St George's I reckon we should all show our allegiance to this country a bit more. It is not just about when there is a football match going on, i.e., world cup, though very welcome I reckon the flag needs to be seen far more. As I said, nothing to do with jingoism etc, just a belief in the fact that this country should for all its negatives still be celebrated and congratulated. We as a nation are far from perfect, as indeed is Australia, but that does not stop the Aussies from flying their flag with so much pride. There will be some that will accuse those showing such patriotism as being racist, insular and narrow minded, but in reality these people really should get a life. As long as the sentiment and emotion behind such efforts are based on pride, etc, there is nothing wrong with such behaviour. England had always shown compassion, love and understanding to those in real need, it is part and parcel of living in this country, at least I hope it is in the vast majority of cases. I also know that St George's Day since its inception has been surrounded in confusion and allegation, but at the end of the day this day each year should be celebrated for what it is. A day to be proud of a country that to this day should remain steadfastly proud of itself. Yes, we have huge problems, socially, culturally and financially, but on this day we should all try and remember that this country is for the most part one to be celebrated. Until someone comes up with a different idea to celebrate our country this is the best we have got, so it is worth celebrating it. So come the 23rd April let a lot more of us celebrate in the fact that we still live in one of the best countries in the world. Even though PIO is meant to discuss matters concerning Australia and indeed help some get out of this country I reckon this country still needs celebrating and thanking it for what it has, and sometimes hasn't given to us. I for one remain immensely proud of what Australia and the Aussies have given to me, but this is not enough reason to stop me appreciating what a great country England is, has been and will be again. My St George flag will be displayed proudly from my house in the lead up to the day, and God forbid anyone that tells me that it is racist, offensive, or harmful. Cheers Tony.
  2. Illawaralad

    Happy Saint Georges Day guys

    Can't post this tomorrow, so have a great day:biggrin:
  3. Looking at arranging a function and booking a venue for St Georges Day, Friday April 23rd. Already got a venue lined up in Darling Harbour so now looking at how many people would be interested before going gun ho and sorting everything!
  4. Does ANYONE out there know of any celebrations happening in the City???
  5. Hi all, I was just looking to see what events or partys are being held around the city to celebrate, cant find any. Does anyone know of any? Id love to celebrate this year, the irish do so why cant we? Thanks Chris
  6. kernow43

    Ban St Georges Day?

    BNP Lays Charges over Labour Party Banning of St. Georges Day Parade A British National Party councillor on Sandwell council in the West Midlands has laid a formal complaint with police over the attempt by that council to ban the annual St. Georges Day parade in that town. BNP dynamo and ever-hardworking Councillor Russ Green has instigated a formal complaint to the Standards Board over the matter, and has lodged a formal complaint at the West Bromwich police station under section 18 of the Public Order Act 1986. Englands biggest apolitical St Georges Day parade has been declared racist by the Labour controlled council in whose area it takes place, and they have withdrawn funding in the hope that organisers will be unable to proceed with the event. Previously, crowds of up to 15,000 have assembled in the town of West Bromwich under the slogan Forever England, For Everyone and then paraded through the Black Country town waving St George flags and marching to rousing anthems such as Jerusalem. The local council, Labour-controlled Sandwell, has voted to withdraw its support for the parade. Funds will go to support a Party in the Park instead. It leaves parade organisers with what they say is the impossible task of raising £10,000 to cover their costs with only a few weeks to go. In a letter to the organisers, one councillor, Yvonne Davies, said the parade created an unhealthy atmosphere and inspired young boys to be racist. She wrote: It is not only the parade which is the problem, but the tribal excitement it creates. Councillor Green has argued that the decision by the council to refuse funding for the parade is likely to increase racial discrimination against the English as a racial and national group. It will increase racial tensions and damage race relations as members of the English community will feel that they are victims of institutional racism by the council against the English, he said. This will increase racial tensions in the area, polarise the communities and lead to increased racial tensions as the English will feel that they are being victimised. The West Bromwich St Georges Day parade started in 1998 and began as a fairly modest affair with 5,000 turning up. Now three times that number attend the two mile parade in April. Fire Service and Scout Association bands have played, the British Legion lends its support and each year ex-servicemen attend. A volunteer dresses up as St George and rides with the marchers; children paint their faces with the St George Cross and there are activities such as medieval jousting. Trevor Collins of the Stone Cross Saint George Association, which organises the parade, said: To suggest the parade is racist is ridiculous and offensive. When you see the kids, the dogs, everyone out having fun, its really a beautiful sight. The councils decision means we have to foot the bills for insurance and security. Weve got to come up with £10,000 in two months which seems impossible. Another organiser, Mark Cowles, said the parades had raised £7,000 for charity. He added that, as well as losing out on council support, they had probably missed the deadline for applying for road closures. February 16 2009
  7. Guest

    st georges day

    Hi Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy St. George's Day.:wubclub: Lindsey