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Found 29 results

  1. Im looking for my half brother his name is GEORGE COOKE born 13/10/43 My name is Carole Cooke now married Cunningham. Fathers name ALBERT GEORGE COOKE born 30/01/20 Mothers name ROSE George emigrated to niddrie Australia in 1968 married to JOAN where his wife had a hairdresser shop and they lived in the flat above. Any info greatly appreciated.:spinny:
  2. Guest

    Where is George Lombard?

    Hi All George Lombard has gone very quiet since the General Election. It might be that he is just keeping his head down, to avoid people like me pestering him about the Election. Or he might have gone on holiday. Or he might not be well. Does anyone know how George is and where he is, please? Many thanks :notworthy: Gill
  3. Pptrixibell and I are keen to have a wee meet at the child friendly George Harcourt Inn one Saturday afternoon. For those who haven't heard, the George Harcourt is at Gold Creek on the Barton Highway between Gungahlin and Belconnen and is one of the better traditional pubs in Canberra I'm thinking of meeting up for 3pm on the Saturday 26th, there is plenty to see at Gold Creek/Gininnderra Village/Federation Square if you want come early and look around for a few hours beforehand. Anyone interested? http://www.georgeharcourt.com/
  4. Hi all, I'm a newly qualified midwife here in the UK and I have just been offered a job at St. George hospital in Sydney. Really excited! Just waiting now for my UK NMC pin number and then intend to get the ball rolling for the big move! Just wondered if there were any midwives on here who currently work or have worked at St. George who would be willing to share their experience! I am also looking for affordable accommodation, any suggestions?? Kind regards  --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=51.526964,0.064314
  5. Hi all, Finally received the golden email from our migration agent this Friday...All done, GOT our PR!!!!!!. Now just need to leave the country & get the PR stamped. Though I have not been posting here frequently but I have been following this Forum & more so CAT 3 thread on a weekly basis & I must admit it helps a lot. I applied on 4th DEC 2008, got CO on 29th OCT 2010, finally PR on 10th March 2011. Also our migration Agent , George Lombard, have been great throughout the visa application process & I would highly recommend him to anyone on the lookout for an immigration agent. Never at all have any communication been delayed from their end & I have always got answers to all my queries almost within hours & sometimes almost instantly, along with their really professional & helpful advice. They have a very thorough process wherein all the required documents both for ACS & PR were added to these applications upfront & never at all CO requested anything other than our VISA medicals. I must say that I 'am very impressed & satisfied. Also I know a lot of my friends who applied their PR through George & all of them were very satisfied by their services. They have a very transparent visa application process & very friendly immigration expert team & guide through from filing the PR to getting Meds, PCC ,IETLS, ACS etc. All the very best to everyone on POMSINOZ...........
  6. Hey All, just wanted to let you all know that the george harcourt inn in nicholls are having a special night for the royal wedding, im actually working there, but we are gunna make it a very brit themed evening with english food, theme etc, i hope you can all come it should be a good laugh and a good way to meet fellow expats. i'll keep you updated over the next week or so if anyone is interested.. cheers!
  7. Guest

    St George region NSW?

    Hello There Anyone familiar with the suburbs in the St George area of NSW? We fly out to Oz on 30th October on a 457 Visa. (Me, hubby and 3 kids). We have family in Connells Point and my job is in Bexley. We want to rent our own place as soon as possible and wondered if anyone was familiar with nice places in the area for families with a community/village feel and if anyone knows what the secondary schools are like? Julia x
  8. Hi Lombard, I sent message the contents were in this thread. Hope to get your advice.
  9. hi .. everybody . i am new to this forum. i have question in regard to my 885 application which i lodged in oct 2009 with ielts 7 each. my occupation is cook. i was working in restaurant as a cook but i lost my that job. could anyone please tell me is it going to affect my application as i am not working in my field. now i am looking for job in my field of study but having difficulties as i am on bridging visa .
  10. Summary from DIAC Exposition on Skilled Migration Changes Sydney 31 May Key presenters are Peter Speldewinde and Katherine Whitehead. General Skilled Migration Overall the framework will be relatively unchanged, ie on 1 July there will be a SOL and a new list of occupations sponsored by the states which will be as broad as the ENSOL but no broader and most likely half way between the old SOL and the new SOL. There will be no new points test until the end of the year, if at all, and equally no capping and ceasing if at all until then. The use of the capping and ceasing power will be more likely if there is another economic downturn. Future changes will most likely not be telegraphed - they explained that in the month before the September 2007 changes there were 32000 offshore applications instead of the usual 6500 - apparently most of them in unwanted occupations. Therefore the suspension of offshore GSM applications on 8 May was to avoid a "spike" in an otherwise bloated program. So best to apply when eligible as DIAC is capable of implementing a freeze without notice, particularly while they've got an oversupply of applications. The new SOL will have some minor alterations as Skills Australia used the unrevised version of ANZSCO - must have been some red faces over that one, but there will be no substantive changes to the new SOL as published on 17 May. All pre-September 2007 applications all about to be ceased as announced in February; such applicants, if they have valid skills assessments, are of course entitled to lodge a second application funded by the refunds they will receive. The cap and cease legislation is still a Bill - that is, an unenacted legislative proposal not yet with the force of law - and while it does sound as though the legislation will be enacted, and implementation will be determined according to occupation, English and age criteria, there was no indication that it would actually be applied to any particular category of existing applications unless there was some sort of economic downturn. No mention at all of cooks and hairdressers today. Clear that they're going to reduce overall GSM numbers anyway. Apparently the alternative - employer sponsored visas - require less verification because employers want to avoid the sanctions for misfeasance and are subject to other government controls in any event. Changes to the ENSOL and 457 occupation lists will be direct translations to ANZSCO at this stage with no substantive changes. The Department will issue a "convergence" or "concordance" list confirming ASCO equivalencies. Pre-July skills assessments will remain valid depending on the convergence/concordance list and relevant eligibility list, eg new SOL or ENSOL. There will be a revised Ministerial direction concerning the priorities to be applied in General Skilled Migration but no details were provided. ENS/RSMS. There is a current ENS/RSMS Review. Issues include English language, market salaries, exceptional circumstances, regional occupation list, Worker Protection Act framework etc. Timing currently not determined. Interesting 457 statistics were presented (being distributed separately) which will apparently inform planned ENS developments as well as future 457 reforms. Looking at sponsor accreditation, registered employment authorities (replacing regional certifying bodies) and training benchmarks (still unresolved - "some way off"). Labour Agreements Clear now that semi-skilled applicants (ASCO chapters 5-7) are only able to go through Labour Agreements. DIAC is now generating template industry agreements for the Labour Agreement visas - eg snow industry workers, bilingual tour guides, mining operations, meat industry - for employers to "sign up to". This, and other procedural reforms, should make the process of compliance easier. State Migration Plans Plans will specify the occupations and the number for each occupation. DIAC is verifying each state's methodology for determining occupations and numbers. Only occupations on the ENSOL can be on an SMP. And according to Katherine earlier, the ENSOL won't change yet. Says that the SMPs are not the solution to a state having negative demographic growth. Many states have higher language, experience and other requirements than DIAC requirements. Each state will have 100 "off-plan" places (but still no broader than ENSOL). The plans will be four-year rolling plans reviewed annually. Expecting a reasonable amount of stability. Answering questions Peter Speldewinde suggests that we may one day see the end of GSM for independent (unsponsored) applicants. ANZSCO Concordance Confirms that all DIAC systems now going to ANZSCO. Mentions that occupations in ANZSCO Major Groups 1-3 are "skilled". Will post the "convergence/concordance" on their website. Accepting ASCO skills assessments for GSM as long as the occupation is in the new SOL, according to the concordance". Cheers, George Lombard
  11. hi Gill and George iam onshore student and got 7 in each and now confused totally .. next week im ready to lodge 885 visa ( cook ). everything is against us so what should i do should i lodge my PR application and add 1more application in 17594 or just apply TR . so plz guide. UR ADVICE CAN HELP ME ALOT.:radar: KARAN
  12. Hi All Last night, I received an unexpected phone call from a tradie who is using George Lombard and who will be 45 before long. He told me that he and his wife got up on Friday and went to work without checking their e-mails at home. His wife checked the e-mails when she got to work and phoned Hubby, to say that there was an e-mail from George which she did not understand fully but the gist was that they must make a GSM application immediately. The tradie said that George then phoned the tradie's mobile. He asked where the tradie was and was told, "At work. Why?" George told him, "Drop everything and go home immediately. When you get home, make a GSM application immediately. I will e-mail the link and then you phone me if you get stuck on any of the questions in the on-line form." When the guy got home, he found another e-mail from George, who provided a link which got the guy straight into the on-line form. The tradie says that whilst he was driving home, a question occurred to him to which he didn't know the answer, so he phoned George's office. He says that the minute he mentioned his name to the lady who answered the phone, he was put straight through to George, who dealt with the query. George gave the guy George's mobile number because George was about to go home, but George told the guy to phone his mobile if there were any more queries whilst the guy tried to fill in the form. The tradie told me that it took him 4 hours to complete the on-line application form but eventually he completed it, paid for it and got a TRN number plus some sort of receipt/acknowledgement. I had spent 24 hours worrying about this particular tradie because although he had a posiiive skills assessment, he was waiting to hear from one of the States about State sponsorship. When I got home and read about the suspension of GSM visas with almost immediate effect, I thought that the tradie would be done for because without the MODL or an IELTS, he does not have enough Points for a sc 175 visa and he has no rellies in Oz so he can't rely on Family sponsorship if the State should reject him. He said that George told him to gamble and to get on with it in good time because he only had about 7 hours to go when George first phoned the tradie. George had phoned the relevant State and had told them that he planned to advise the tradie to go ahead and gamble. This is a SHINING example of where an experienced Migration Agent can really add enormous value to the proceedings. Sometimes you need somebody who will not panic or dither about the bits which are not in the bag yet but who will tell a client, firmly and clearly, "Get on with it because if you don't take this gamble, you could lose out." I'm sure that Alan Collett of Go Matilda was phoning his own clients and telling them the same things because Alan told a lady on a Poms in Oz thread to cancel an appointment that she had and to make the GSM visa application immediately instead. My special thanks go to George Lombard because I've heard a description of the way in which he went the extra mile for a client who had only instructed him less than a fortnight earlier so George did not have enough information to deal with the visa application himself. George has more than earned his own fees for taking over from an applicant in person because on his own, the tradie would have dithered and would have missed the deadline and I would probably have done the same as the tradie. My special thanks also go to all and any of the other Agents who did the same as George did on Friday 7th May. Very well done, everyone. :hug: Cheers Gill
  13. u wrote ( 2. The new Skilled Occupation List - the commitment is that it will be announced by 30 April, so not long now, and although the implementation date is not set, it cannot be earlier than 18 June due to DIAC operational constraints - their computers can't cope with anything earlier apparently, but I don't see any cause for complaining about that. ) it means new sol wont be effective till 18th june and im cookery student ... this means alot to me george because i have 7 in each and i have assessed my TRA in july 2009 it means no job ready for me . and i will get my diploma certificate on june 14th . it means i still have 4 dayz to apply... am i write or wrong .. george can u plz plz clear me this point
  14. Double Mattress - Wonderest Support-A-Pedic 1 (pretty firm with attached mattress topper - or pillow top sleep surface as described by SuperAMart!) Flip free. Approx 18 months old but used for one week only (guest bed). Immaculate condition, advertised for $450 in SuperAMart, sell for $200. George Foreman G2 Grill and Griddle, model no GF20G One half is open griddle, other half is grill with lid. Approx 18 months old, hardly used, still looks like new. Sell for $50. I am on Pacific Pines, Gold Coast. PM me for my tel no if you want to have a look/more info, etc. Lyn
  15. Guest

    By George we've got it...

    Hi All, At last, we have been granted our 175 Visa. It's been a long road what we may not have found the end of without the help and support of all PIO members. However, I would like to say a special thanks Gollywobbler and Stephen Dixon for their help throughout the difficult time when our agent went bankrupt. Stats for those that are interested: I am a C# Software Developer on CSL ACS applied Sep 2008 ACS Result May 2009 Applied for 175 8th May 2009 Applied for SS Vic 30th Apr 2009 Refused SS 3rd June 2009 Meds and PCCs Requested 28th Sep 2009 PCCs uploaded 2 Nov 2009 Meds Referred 7th Dec 2009 Meds Finalised 14th Dec 2009 Visa Granted 15th December 2009.
  16. ...And despite my foggy brain, iPhone earphones on backwards and not having a clue who I was talking to until about thirty seconds into the conversation, George was happy to tell me that our WA 176 visa was granted yesterday! First I'd just like to say thanks to everyone on this forum for their help and support, the ups and the downs and the laughs and the tears. It's nice to find a place where everyone is genuinely pulling as a team rather than only looking out for number one. I'd also like to a few people in particular who have made this difficult journey easier and helped me keep my eyes on the prize (even when New Zealand came knocking). - George Lombard: Simply the best agent you can find and someone I now count as a bloody good mate. He also took rude advantage of my awful AFL tipping and for that will soon be receiving beer payment in a pub somewhere around Sydney's inner west. - Gill: You are fantastic. DIAC really didn't have a chance the day you decided to march on London. Whenever you next travel to Australia, and pretty much wherever you go when you're there, there will always be someone you helped who will buy you a drink to say thank you. - The rest of the five who traveled to London: We know who you all are and we couldn't have had better representation. - Jamie and Glenn: Never has so much good info been leaked so often by so few! The stats and the fine points gave us the ammunition to get this thing moving again. - A host of PiOers I've crossed paths with, including Wanderer for his ability to bring us back to earth when we need it most (...but want it least!), McKlaut, Cartertucker, Freaks, Diz, Nigelinoz, Kazzarazza, Justin Jiang, Merlino, Taz2008 and many many more. - Outside of the forum, the roles played by everyone in George's team (Laura, Ruly and Hana in particular), David Wilden at DIAC, Senator Chris Back and staff, Sue Harcus at the WA State Migration Centre, Anne Tarte at NAATI and the good people at the AIM all helped me to a point where this would have been near impossible without them. I could go on and on, but it's probably already bored most of you by now! As for the rest of you Cat 5-ers, hang in there. It will happen. The country cannot really afford for it not to in the long run. And I'm determined to keep helping you guys on PiO whenever I can. I'll update my time line on the Cat 5 wall of fame thread in a sec. Cheers guys, //Mach
  17. Guest

    George Michael Comes To perth

    British singer George Michael will tour Perth and Sydney for the first time since 1988.The former member of 80s pop duo Wham! will play at ME Stadium, on February 20. Tickets go on sale December 8, at 9am, through Ticketmaster. :wubclub: Susie
  18. Guest

    a question for George Lombard

    hi George , i wondered if you could suggest a solicitor in sydney who deals with immigration law as in i want to find out the legallity of the decision by the DIAC to close pathway D without telling anyone cheers Tom
  19. Hi i have been trying to email George Lombard migration agent on www.george@autismmigration.com.au but it keeps bouncing back. Has anybody else had problems with contacting him or has anybody used him. Regards Lisa
  20. Wishful

    St george day and anzac day

  21. Hi folks, Sorry this is nothing to do about oz. But a friend and I have just been up to see a new development in my area by George Wimpey and they are offering part exchange on selected plots. My friend is keen to move house and this offer sounds very tempting but she is not sure her and husband would be able to get a mortgage for the amount they are asking for the property. I cant help her as I never had any dealings with a buying a new build house, but wondered if anyone on here knew anything about it. Any pointers for negotiation, are these sort of offers real. Anything anyone can tell me that might help would be great. Clicking chick on offer for those who offer advice....lol :wink: Thanks Mandisfam
  22. I have to put a thread on here to say a Massive Thank you to Gollywobbler, George Lombard and his Staff for all their help and support in helping us get our Visa. Without them we would have given up our dream of moving to Australia. We were caught up with the Visa Connection carry on when they closed their doors on everyone and left us all in the lurch basically - and without Gollywobbler and George we would have lost everything. They are so professional - they know their stuff big style. I would certainly recommend them to anyone who is wondering who to ask for help and services. THANK YOU :hug:THIS MUCH AND MORE X. The Taylors.
  23. Hi Ali has asked me to post a thread with the RMA's offers of assistance to keep everything together and to save having lots of posts going. It will also assist us RMA's who are willing to help to have questions etc all in one area. I have posted that i am willing to assist anyone who requires help and you can either e-mail me or pm me. I am happy to advise as much as possible and also to take on any clients who require this assistance. I am happy (as i discussed with Gollywobbler) to offer reduced fees depending on which stage of your application you are at. I have also posted below the posts form George Lombard and Veronika who have also offered their help, I beleive that Alan Collett has also been advised of the situation and i am sure he will be more than happy to assist too (Hi Alan). George and Veronika have advised on the 956 form which would be the first steps to getting control of your applications but not all of you may be at that stage. Those of you who are still at skills assessment may need to get in touch with the particular assessors involved and again, i am sure that any one of us will be willing to assist. I have put below instructions on the 956 form (this has been taken from the previous posting) but i thought it may be easier all under one thread. 956 Instructions To download Form 956 http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/956.pdf Fill it in by hand (or on the screen if you have Adobe Writer) print it, sign it manually, then scan it into your machine. If possible, save it as a .pdf file. If you have a CO and you know his or her name then please e-mail Form 956 direct to him or her. The format that all DIAC staff use is joseph.bloggs@immi.gov.au If you send it to the Branch 1 address, then look out for an auto-receipt from the DIAC machine. If it accepts something, it sends an automatic receipt for it. If it does not accept something it does not reject the e-mail with a "Delivery failed" message. It merely doesn't send an auto-receipt. If you have not heard from a Case Officer yet, please e-mail your Form 956 to the following address: branch1.docattach@immi.gov.au or adelaide.gsm.documents@immi.gov.au This is on the basis that you have applied for a Skilled Migration visa but no Case Officer has been appointed as yet. There is also a fax number for the ASPC + 61 8 8237 6629 If anyone has any other visa types, please me know and I will advise where the application should have been lodged. Posts from George & Veronika " George Lombard I have had a number of emails about the Visa Connection situation and can confirm that they are no longer trading. There may be sanctions you can seek but for anyone with a current visa application in processing you must immediately send a form 956 to DIAC terminating their appointment/appointing another agent. You must also confirm in writing to VC that you want your file secured, either by havng it returned or transferred to another agent. With respect to the form 956 we recommend you download it, complete it, sign it and then scan or fax it to the Department of Immigration relevant contact details (depending on the kind of application involved). Generally we find it difficult to give a precise fee for handling applications prepared by other agents, particularly where there are so many difficulties in file management, but in view of the discussion here and elsewhere it may be sensible to engage a new agent if you're not already at final processing, and to that extent I will try to come up with a workable uniform fee for anyone who can give me their TRN and password for a general skilled migration application. Please just use the email details below or the PM system. People who are at an earlier stage of the process may need special assistance, I understand that as late as last Friday VC was receiving refusals from Vetassess on the basis of undertakings made after these issues first arose. I understand from the form letter sent out to former clients that VC no longer has the funds to return to applicants. This could never happen with a functioning registered migration agent as by law we are required to maintain a trust account, however to the extent that VC did previously have an agent associated with them, the professional indemnity insurance of that agent should be able to cover losses relating to contracts established with that agent. Details of what insurance the agent held would be available from the MARA, www.themara.com.au . Cheers, George Lombard __________________ Migration Agent Registration Number 9681945 george@austimmigration.com.au www.austimmigration.com.au " Veronika 'Hello, Gill has just alerted me to this thread. We are also happy to help out as much as possible to get any applications that are now in a limbo state back on track, or to chase up things on your behalf. Please fee free to contact me via email with your details and I will try to get back to you asap (weekend may not be possible) to see if and how we can help. I will be more than happy to get in touch with the High Commission here on behalf of clients, and to help submit documents, check applications etc if it turns out that docs were not submitted. Or at the very least to offer as much advice as possible. I will also be happy to get in touch with someone at DIAC to alert them to this issue and to find out how they can help applicants who are now in limbo. But again, you will have to email me with your details and a form 956 may have to be completed. Justme I will pm you in a second. __________________ Migration Consultant Registered Migration Agent Number: 0301155 info@sortoutmyvisa.com ' I am sure between us all, and them kind members on this forum, we can help to get this mess sorted out. I can be reached on info@ozmigrationagency.com.au or +61 3715 8852 (i will be here today).
  25. I have been offered a job in St George for the health authority and am presently completing visas for myself and family. Just wondering does anyone know much about St George. Feel like a real beginner trying to work through all the processes. Have a nominated Visa by the health authority. How long do these normally take to go through? And what are the main difficulties people encounter with Visa applications? Sorry so many questions! Hope to gain some answers from people going or gone through the process :wacko: