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Found 34 results

  1. Hi, Does anyone have any bad experience of shipping out work tools or garden tools. We have heard that the authorities are quite particular on the condition of certain items ( i.e. no soil or rust etc. ) We have garden table/chairs that show a little rust but are thoroughly clean. Should we spray paint them too? ALso have lawn mower & strimmer. Are these OK to take or too risky even if cleaned to the best of our ability? Finally, hubby has loads of tools, general household and wall/floor tiling tools. Should these also be rust free & clean? Thanks for any helpful advise you want to throw our way! :wink:
  2. Hi... Looking at rentals in Aus, some have garden & pool included in rent Garden maintenance looks like its lawn mowing ect Pool maintenance, I presume this means maintaining pool but most adds say "Chemicals at expense of tenant"..... Has anyone else ever come accross this or home owners of pools.. How much would it cost for regular chemical for a pool in general... Any help on the pool of additional info or comments on garden/lawn maintenacnce appreciated :chatterbox:
  3. Hi trying to suss out what to take or leave when we pack for Oz. Is wooden garden furniture a problem? thanks
  4. Parley

    Found baby magpie in garden

    This is a bit weird given it is grand final day and Collingwood in the GF. Is it an omen ? But I have seriously this morning found a baby magpie in the garden (actually my cat found it first). It was just sitting there not moving. It is a reasonable size with a lot of feathers. i think maybe it jumped out of the nest trying to fly, but I have no idea where the nest is. Anyway it is cold and raining so I have brought it inside and put it in a box with a lamp on to warm it up. I don't really know what to do. It won't take any food at the moment.
  5. Guest

    Cat proofing a garden!

    We have 2, much loved, cats here in the UK, and as I'm now getting into our moving research in earnest I'm getting myself in a tizzy over what to do with our cats. There are obviously the financial implications to wrangle with, in the do we/don't we take them debate, but I read a post on here the other day that mentioned that in some areas cats have to be kept indoors or confined to owners property! How on earth do you do this with a cat? I see dog proofing a garden as a pretty straight forward exercise, however can't for the life of me see how you can cat proof a garden, short of adding a 'roof' made of strawberry netting! Anyone else had to do this? Not sure I could drag them both so far, putting them through all that stress, for them to be then confined to the house, they have a very 'free and easy' lifestyle over here, where they come and go as they please. Should add that we're being sponsored by Vic and hoping to move to Melb western suburbs, maybe even as far out as Ballarat or Geelong.
  6. lawnmower and things like rakes and shovels have dirt and grass on them. Even if we clean them as best as we can, will they be OK? Or will they fall foul with quarantine? thanks
  7. When i was in oz ,this time of year ,i used to get out of bed and then sit in the garden to get some heat . Mm you cant make this up . Any one else :idea:
  8. hello all, argos has a sale on, on garden furniture http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/6524078/c_1/1|category_root|Garden+and+DIY|14418702/c_2/2|14418702|Garden+furniture|14418853/Trail/searchtext%3EGREAT+DEALS+ON+GARDEN+FURNITURE.htm#pdpFullProductInformation is it best to buy here or wait until we get to australia? alan
  9. Smirfyduo

    Garden waste disposal in Mackay

    So now that we are the proud owners of a fancy petrol lawnmower, we have realised that they do not supply garden waste disposal bins like they do in Melbourne. :wacko::confused: So any ideas on what to we do with the grass cuttings when we are done mowing?? The council website says that we can drop it off there for a fee, but with the rate at which our grass is growing, we're gonna need a ute to get it there every week!!! :eek: Is this what everyone else does?? :swoon::shocked:
  10. not sure where to start looking to sort this out. I have a dead fox (he's a biggun) in my garden.... cannot bring myself to remove it as it is covered in flies (yuk yuk yuk yuk) :eek:.... anyone know who I should contact to come and remove him/her?? We live NOR. Grateful for any advice. :idea:
  11. Bobj

    In The Garden

    First crop of bananas yesterday, about 20 kg. Had to give 4 hands away. There is another bunch almost ready to harvest. Another 4 bunches due after Chrissy. Mangoes are being thinned down by the flying foxes...Only got about 30 left and they will not be ripe for another 7 weeks %$#$%^#!! Gardenias have started to flower and the perfume in the evening is truly magic :yes: Each flower is about 4-5 inches across. A few orchids are flowering and I had to start separating a few as they were getting pot-bound. A vanda. Cheers, Bobj.
  12. mr luvpants

    Garden furniture-buy here or Oz?

    We saw some Rattan furniture at B&Q yesterday that we liked the look of. We decided not to buy it as it would be cheaper in oz. However after having a quick butchers on the tinternet it seems that garden furniture is quite expensive or am I not looking in the right places? JOHN PS Also is Rattan a good idea with Redbacks?
  13. Hello, I am a kiwi and grew up in Auckland, New Zealand and thus I know what 4 seasons in one day really means. My English husband and I are now thinking of a move to somewhere much warmer than London and Auckland so that our young kids can play outside for most of the year and that we can eat in the garden for the majority of the summer months. Is the weather in Melbourne really conducive to this sort of lifestyle?
  14. Hi, We bought a fab wooden garden furniture set last year (£700) and we wnated to take it to Perth with us as we will get pennies for it if we sell it now. Can you take wooden furnitire?, Will they charge us for cleaning when we get there? If so how much is it to have cleaned? Can anyone advise us what to do. Thanks
  15. Hello. Kids can not be sent into the garden to play in London for a minimum of half the year. My ideal is to have a house with lovely indoor outdoor living where kids are able to play in the garden for most of the year. Is this possible in Melbourne?
  16. Hello, I love Sydney and the climate is so wonderful. Can anyone tell me if there are any areas in which the house prices are around £550k to £650k, that have good transport links to the CBD, are close to the beach (i.e. within a 10 min drive or 30 min walk), that would come with a decent sized garden and that are close to decent schools. A pipe dream? I really hope not...:biggrin:
  17. Hi guys , My mrs has saw 2 lovely garden sets both are called hardwood? Please see the links ? Hardwood Round Gazebo And Table Sarasota Patio Set, Curved Benches, Parasol Etc Both of which arent chaep but we are worried we wont get them through customs when we move?:err: I know some might say wait till we are over there buts its a good 12month average wait for our visas and we need them now tbh! I dont want to pay fro them now and find out we cant ship Please Help :yellow_guy_smiling_
  18. Glass Table and 6 chairs with cushions FOR SALE as moving back to the UK. $130 Pls PM me for pictures and any extra info. Thanks
  19. Glass Table and 6 Chair set FOR SALE. Selling as moving back to UK Early Jan. $130.00 photos available. Please contact me via PM by clicking on my username .
  20. PommyPaul

    Lizard in the garden

    Been meaning to get a video of a big lizard that lives in my garden (there's actually two of them) but hes always been abit camera shy. Well today i caught him unawares, i'd say nose to tail he somewhere around 2-3 feet long closer to 3 if anything Ft_DIuLXi1U
  21. PommyPaul

    Black snakes in the garden

    so i moved into a new house a few weeks ago and its well and truely in the jungle. Last night i was waxing the car at about 8pm and heard a russle just behind me, spun round to see about half a meter of black scaley tail slither off into the bush..... hmmmmm ...and also i saw a massive 1 meter plus black snake at the top of my driveway earlier in the day. So i've blatantly got aload of snakes hanging around locally, whats the go with these babies, would i make it a 10k drive to the hospital if i got bite by one or is there some kind of anti-serum type stuff i should keep in the house?
  22. Guest

    Sitting on garden chairs!

    Alright Packers have been and gone. Container is on its way to brisbane. We now have mattresses on the floor for sleeping, deck chairs in living room and a 15" tv. Living the dream! Ps john masons did a great job packing. can thoroughly recommend them. Lee
  23. sedgecl

    Garden Furniture and Things

    Hi All This is probably a really silly question. But if you have your kids toys are in the garden, like the climbing frame, trampoline and garden furniture etc, do you have to worry about red backs and things. Do you need to check it everyday or do you spray it all down with something every now and again. Have been thinking about this one quite a bit recently, especially after spending all weekend in the garden. Any advice would greatly appreciated. I am probably worrying about nothing. Thanks
  24. colin&louise

    Petrol Garden tools.

    Hi, my family and I are thinking of returning to the uk next year. With regards to what you can ship back does anyone know the do's and dont's on petrol gardening equipment?? Any info would be helpful. Thanks.x
  25. I will be shipping out a fair amount of tools etc and just wondered how clean they want them. I ve got a few trowels etc that have gone a bit rusty in shed, if i brush off or scrape off excess and spray with WD40 (to stop them rerusting) will this be ok.