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Found 39 results

  1. Guest

    What do you do with Game

    Ok this one is a simple game the poster gives you three objects ,you then specify what you would do with each of them, then give three to the next person... I give you.... An open train ticket A one hour phone call to anyone in the world tickets to any show or concert
  2. Ok this is a game, I'm not sure if we can keep it going, but the idea is to keep a conversation flowing by answering a question with a question..... EG; post.....Do you think it could be amusing ? answer.... I'm not sure , do you think anyone will join in ?
  3. Libbysmummy

    Game consoles question

    Hi between hubby and kids i think weve got every game console, ive read a uk xbox 360 will work in oz and the oz games will fit it, does anyone know if the same applies for WII and PS3 and dsi's Oh and another quicky does anyone know if gaming consoles games are cheap in singapore? many thanks x
  4. theonetruechris

    England Scotland game

    Does anyone know if anywhere's showing the England Scotland game on Saturday in town. It's going to be hectic as I'm planning on going down fed square for the granny and then I've got tix to go see shaolin monks in St Kilda that night so need somewhere to watch Scotland partake in a rugby lesson of the highest order. Then on top of that there's the meet up at Mornington the next morning.
  5. My first guess upon thinking of this would be to pick someone rich and good looking - but I think this would be rather dull. In computer games we get pleasure from the challenges we face and overcome - having it all on a plate would be like using the cheat option.
  6. This is my new favourite series, another hit from HBO but you need Foxtel to watch it. (see it's good for something other than Premier League!) Seems to be an all-Pommie cast too - Sean Bean the star. 'Crownies' on ABC1 is good too, surprsingly good. I think there's a new series of True Blood starting, also on Foxtel?
  7. Guest

    The How Many Game

    The How Many Game.... A person posts a question. The next person answers and then poses a new question. Just ask "how many"? Sometimes the answer would involve just an estimate... How many items of Leather clothing do you own,not counting shoes or boots ?
  8. tartan adam

    Old Firm Game

    Hi Does anyone know of any bars that are likely to show the rangers v celtic game today??? Thanx
  9. Hi all i am 26 and just got to perth, anyone interested in a game of tennis? Living in the Kinross area... so would use the joondalup courts. Anyone nearby fancy a game send me a message. I would say i have decent ability so if similar would probably be a good game Nick
  10. Hi All Anyone fancy going to the NRL All Stars V Indigenous All Stars Saturday 12th February 6:45pm Skilled Park, Robina? Tickets start at $30 if you fancy going drop me a private message
  11. firebladebally

    Broncos game

    Hi all, anybody out there going along to the first Broncos game? Assuming the pitch is ready of course. Personally i cant wait!
  12. Got to say its been (mentally) a tough few months. Our agent has told us that SA aim to get their SMP released on 1st Aug (not holding our breath in that one). After a late night chat with OH we have come to the decision that if his occupation (building associate on 475) is not on there & we stay at Cat 4 then thats when we will call it a day & start to live our lives again, this is too painful for us. The kids need us back & i for one need to get my sanity back!
  13. HalloOz

    Waiting game 885 or ENS

    Hi all, appear that you cannot apply for 856 if you are on a Bridging visa; so if we apply for 885 in September and decide in a few months time to go ahead with ENS 856 does it mean that we are still on a Student Visa (does not expire until March 2011), hence a qualifying visa, or a Bridging visa would be automatically swapped for 573 upon application lodged for 885? I have a job offer in Brisbane to start on 23rd August, which is an accounting firm with about 20-25 accountants. Obviously, the employer knows that I am international student looking to gain Permanent Residency independently; and for ENS my concern is whether DIAC would accept the exceptional circumstances as I cannot prove 3 years experience and in the end effect might take longer to approve the nomination (Step 1 of 856) after which I would lodge the application (Step 2 of 856). No idea about the true time frame though ENS is now Priority Processing No. 1 vs 885 that we intend to lodge on 1 September. Cheers Hana
  14. Guest

    Subclass 886-The waiting game

    Good day Everyone, Hello, does anyone here knows the progress of a subclass 886 allocation dates?? I am currently a fresh graduate electrical engineer applying for permanent resident subclass 886.Lodge date 13/4/2010.My sister is sponsoring me,she is a doctor working for 5 years in Queensland. Sadly, most engineering company dont accept processing visa to be in the graduate program. I have good grades (Honours Student with 2nd class upper) just need this PR to increase my chances.
  15. Guest

    England Game tonight

    Does anybody know if the bars around darling harbour are staying open for the england game tonight.... if so, which is the best to go to? Thanks :eek:
  16. Hi peps, Just a note to say that we will be showing the England vs Slovenia match next Wednesday night ( kick-off Thursday Midnight ) here at the Pig n Whistle, Maroochydore ( Sunshine Plaza ) and will be open for the entire match, so if you wanna cheer on our boys in a Pub that will serve you a Pint...come along, match will be shown on the Big Screen for your viewing pleasure. Thanks, Nat. :yellow_guy_crazy_ty
  17. Hi there, I'm a 29-year-old female looking for someone to play squash with in Sydney city. I've a free court available and can play on weekday evenings and any time on weekends. I'm a little less than average as a player, and have played on and off over the past several years. I've gotten started again recently so would like to find someone to play with fairly regularly. If you're interested, please get in touch!
  18. Hi, With the footy (soccer - there said it and I will say it only the once) season about to start back in Blighty I was wondering if anyone fancied a kick around in a local park?( I was going to suggest a beach but way too tiring and should be left to the Brazilian masters only) My wife and twins (boy and girl both aged 5 he he) have been here in Sandgate, a northern suburb of Brisbane for 3 months now. A bit of a roller-coaster so far but getting on with it. The rather nice bakers nearby helps. Anyway OH says I'm getting lazy, hence the post. Please drop me a line if anyone is interested, with or without their ankle biters. But please No Pele's or Maradona's as I get shattered simply chasing the nippers around the house to get them in bed. If no one is interested in the football suggestion (can pick another sport except running, gym and tri-athlons etc), I'd be happy to offer any advise that I have picked up en-route. Cheers A
  19. All, I am moving to Melbourne in June 2010 and want to start playing football (5-a-side or upwards). Not too serious level. If anyone knows of anything suitable, please let me know. Also - despite the unsociable hours. Are there any pubs showing SKY sports in the early hours? Thanks Dan
  20. Cerberus1

    A-League (round ball game)

    Well, after being here nearly 5 years, I went to my first A-League game at the weekend. (Footy to some of us, soccer to others:laugh:) Not a bad first game to choose - Melbourne Victory 6 Perth Glory 2, so can't complain about the entertainment, 8 goals and could have been double that. Just wondering what any A-League followers think of the standard over here, how does it compare to other leagues.? Maybe I caught Perth on a bad day, but the defending and tactical naivety was abyssal and I think a top 6 team from League one (third tier) in England would account for either team 9 times out of 10. Anyway, looking forward to when Melbourne move to the new rectangular stadium next season, should make for a great atmosphere.
  21. Hi All, We applied onshore to Brisbane Immi dept at the end of April and received a letter a few days later to confirm receipt of application and payment. But the letter advised processing time is currently 6 months Does anyone know if it's likely to be processed more quickly than that? I'm currently on a 457 visa so am ok to stay in Aus but finding the waiting really stressful! I sent police checks, medical docs and form 80 with the application so I was hoping for a faster turnaround :unsure:
  22. janine the party queen

    Off to my 1st live game

    :yes:Got tickets for Australia v New Zealand at the ANZ stadium this saturday.Our green and gold shirts were delivered today !!!!:yes:
  23. Guest

    1st game in 5 years

    Just got back from 1st full game of football in 5 years ,yes football not bloody soccer . Apart from haveing to come off after 5 minutes with a full on asma attack i did well. Lasted most of the game ,and now cant move a bloody muscel ,cant wait to see how i feel in the morning. Got to find out the name of that book Tim read to give up the fags. eddie :dull::dull:
  24. gsaps

    176 waiting game

    i'm a bit unsure about the routine for this visa, from what i've picked up from other posts, is this how it works... you apply for the sponsorship (which takes up to a couple of months) and once you get that, you apply again for the visa (which can take a further couple of months) am i right?? thanks
  25. Guest

    Lets play the waiting game

    Woo hoo Im just wanted to say we applied for our 175 evisa this morning and Im on a real high, wondering how long its gonna take? Im feeling very excited and nervous all rolled into one hahahah good luck to all who are in the same boat :wub: