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Found 10 results

  1. While awaiting for approval of the partner visa can my partner enter the country?. even if it was just on a tourist visa and was not for work purposes?. Would this affect the grant of her partner visa?. Anyone have a similar issue?.:nah:
  2. Just wondered if anyone has had any experience of renting with dogs on return to the UK. Did you manage to do it fairly easily or are they few and far between? Thanks
  3. I've been looking at this online and it does not appear that there is a similar system to the UK in terms of the direct access course over 5 days or so that allows you to ride any bike straight away. It seems for NSW for example that there are qualifying periods with different sizes of bike etc. Has anyone done their licence on arrival or know anyone that has? I want to do it and will do it in the UK before I leave if easier, but am a little pushed for time as leave for Sydney in late June. Any insight into how long it has taken in your experience and what was involved etc would be appreciated!:biggrin: Cheers, Paul
  4. we are emigrating to australia in october 2011. i have a successful TRA skills assessment. I am a boilermaker. I have been informed that i now need to apply for an ARTC certificate to allow me to work as a boilermaker over in oz. i have been on the website and it looks like i have to apply for this all over again, and submit all the references, job details, apprentiship details etc that i originally submitted when i did the TRA. just seems like a lot of work when iv already done all this. any advice would be great. i just assumed once i was successful with TRA that that would be it, but i guess i was wrong regards danny
  5. Hi All, I have had a look thru the posts on here about the chances of finding work and I'm really concerned :confused: Is there anyone with any experience of gaining teaching work (secondary science in particular) on either a WHV or the 175? Also, is there anyone that has managed to secure a 176 with a secondary school? I understand these are incredibly difficult to get? I have got through the assessment tests with a good points score, have no children and am really keen and willing to accept a more rural position if one came up.... Thanks Grace :wubclub:
  6. Guest

    Gaining Sponsorship in Perth

    Hi all, my partner and I are hoping, looking, praying to secure sponsorship for work when we come out on holiday in Dec and aim to come back out Jan / Feb. He's a scaffolder and I work in recruitment does anyone have any contacts in these fields of work that they could PM to be so I could contact them? I have sent our CV's off to all the companies I have been able to find online and am keeping my fingers crossed but if anyone knows any companies please let me know! Thanks:hug:
  7. Guest

    gaining permanent residency

    This is my first thread on this forum, so be gentle... I want to apply for PR, I have lived here for over two years and I am on a 457 visa working permanent,I have been told I do not have enough qualifications to apply for my Pr so now I have to do an assessment throgh Tafe to gain a qualification in my field of work, if there is a qualification in what I do,but it will cost me..alot, is there an easier way to gain Pr..:wacko:
  8. Hello. I am a Software/Business Consultant looking to make the move to Brisbane early to middle of 2010, but am concerned about my chances of getting a job that will allow me to stay in Australia and continue my career. Would this be achievable from the UK and does anyone have any advise how to go about it? Many Thanks Chris.
  9. Hi all, On the back of my recent thread regarding student option Cal and Wanderer mentioned heading out for a couple of weeks to try and secure job offer?? Hubby has had loads of positive feedback from employers in Sydney and Brisbane all said love to see you when you get here as we dont do sponsor, but is that "we dont do sponsor" as in because your overseas or they wouldnt do sponsor full stop?? should we call them again and ask what the chance is of sponsorship if we were there? Im worried it may be a wasted trip? Cheers everyone kelly:hug:
  10. First post so hi to everyone and am so glad i found this site> Any help most grateful!! I have been and seen a solicitor and they have advised me to go and see about the normal things that you have to do prior to living in a new place eg register my son with a school dentist, doctor etc... As i need to prove that this will be a better life for my child. We are hoping to move to Corrimal and have checked out there website etc... but still not found any links to help me get any further. We are not planning to move until August 08 whivh i feel makes it even more difficult as no one will take us on the regsiter yet. If any one has ever had to do the same would love to know. Spending hours on the net!! :roll: Thanks Shaz