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Found 13 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm a heavy diesel mechanic with 23 yrs experience within the army, I have been applying for loads of jobs via seek.com.au with no joy so far (5 months of trying:arghh:). I was thinking of travelling to Aus to cold call some of these companies that regulary advertise, has anyone done this before? did you have any success? I have been told my CV is strong by UK consultants which is also backed by an equally strong cover letter. If not has anyone got any ideas? I'm aware that there is a shortage of diesel mechanics so cant understand why I'm having so many problems. :mad: Thanks, Sean (forgot to mention I'm after employer sponsorship)
  2. Hello All.I am a 47 year-old podiatrist who would love to pursue my career in Australia. I don't make the 65 point thresold for a 175 visa, so what other options are open to me? I know that I can gain a visa for a 4-year stay, and I am wondering what the likliehood is of being allowed permanent resident status after spending some time working in Australia? I would be really grateful for any advice.Many thanks.Eileen
  3. Hello All, This might sound a daft question but is it possible for me to buy an existing business in Australia and gain a visa to suit this option? I own a business in the UK but I don't think I meet the turnover criteria to apply for a business visa. Thanks
  4. Hi all, My wife and I have recently decided to make the jump and move our family (both of us and two young children) to Australia, subject to a successful application. We are very much at the beginning of this great adventure and are looking for the best route through the skilled stream migration path as my wife appears to be eligible as an occupational therapist. If she is successful will I be allowed to work in Australia as well, or do I need to apply separately? As we are just starting any advice will be welcome. We've been browsing through the various threads and haven't decided on a state yet, though we do like the sound of Western Australia and Queensland.
  5. lyndalelodge

    UK Capital Gains Taxable in Oz

    I wonder if anyone can help with a fairly technical tax query: I'm likely to be leaving the UK before 6th April 2011 and possibly arriving in Australia sometime in June after touring around Europe, etc. After leaving the UK, I may decide to sell some assets and realise some capital gains and will do this before arriving in Australia. Assuming I remain non-resident in the UK for the next 5 years, then broadly speaking these gains will be non-taxable in the UK. However, if I arrive in Oz before 30th June 2011, I believe I will resident for tax purposes for 10/11 and as such, I wonder if my capital gains will then become taxable in Oz, which wouldn't be particularly clever!!:confused: Any comments and advice would be much appreciated.
  6. Hi all, Just wondered if there are any of you out there who will now have to find extra points because of the changes from the 8th of February? And if so what are your plans to achieve this? Thanks. Gill (Mrs sdp) 1) The MODL (List of Migration Occupations in Demand) has been removed: This does not affect individuals who have already applied for their visas, or who hold Skilled Graduate Visas. Most applicants who have not yet applied for a skilled visa and who will be effected by the removal of the MODL may claim additional points by undertaking an IELTS test and obtaining 7 in each of the four sections of the test, and/or applying for a State Sponsored Visa. The only applicants who will be able to claim MODL points now are: a) Those who were granted or applied for 485 Skilled Graduate Visas before 8 February 2010 AND who apply for permanent skilled visas before 31 December 2012. b) Those who applied for a Skilled Visa before 8 February 2010.
  7. I'm starting to get the impression I'm here on the wrong VISA. In short, the company I work for are working with an Australian company on a new project (architectural design) and have sent me out here to work with said Australian company - for six months - on a 6 month working holiday visa. I'm still getting paid UK pounds into my UK bank account and paying UK taxes etc - but I'm here - getting told by EVERYONE that it all sounds rather dodge - and that I should be on some other kind of VISA. I'm not particularly worried about it - I'm more annoyed that there's even room for this kind of doubt - especially because it wouldn't suprise me at all if my company had dodged a more expensive process/application and chose to gamble with my legitimacy to revisit Australia (imagining here that the worse case scenario would be I do get "caught" and told I can't come back) I've emailed as much to immi - but unsuprisingly, they've simply called back with "call us" - which at present I don't really want to do without some further facts in hand to properly engage my employers. Any help anyone? Thanks K
  8. Hi all, I spoke to a migration agent at a small seminar on Tuesday evening which was mainly focused on the student route but i thought id go along anyhow see if could get info on all the recent changes etc as it was only 2 mn form my office. Anyhow once there i had an extremely interesting chat which threw up this idea for us in our situation.... Jamie has been trying pretty much every nite on the phone to oz employers to find an employer sponsor but all and honestly he has not had one negative phone call, have said we'd love to see your c.v and would be really interested in you BUT once your here!! Primarily this is because he will be working with youths so understandably they want to physically see him and vet him. So we are fairly sure we wont get an employer to sponsor us from here! We have only recently applied to WA for regional sponsorship and so our visa app wont be in until start of next year so we will have atleast minimum 3 year wait from next year if successful, unless Mr Evans reverses his processing times, which given his history of chopping and changing could happen but prob not! So idea being we go over on student visa as me being the one to study, Jamie gains part time employment, he already has positive skills assessment and hopefully within the 2 years of study he can secure an employer willing to sponsor him for full time job? We are fully aware of all the negatives with student visas and all the cost involved. We would not make any choice until after the new announcements regarding MODL/CSL and the student issues. Just throwing the idea out there so i could get some feedback? much appreciated kelly:wubclub:
  9. Hi All Can I have your thoughts on whether it would benefit my oh taking on taking/gaining an ozzie skills qualification via the trades assessment team whilst we are in the uk even though I understand they can cost around 1.5 - 3k My OH did an 4 year carpentry apprentership and went to college on day release for 2 years many moons ago even before NVQ's and City and Guilds really came into affect in the uk. If you have ever heard of NWRAV qualification you know what he is on about. lol He has however passed this Vetessee document stage even though he could not find his certificate or Centra ( regulary authority ) finding him a copy of it either. So old lol...... He is now waiting for his Vetessee skills test in april in acrington. have you or do you think its worthwhile in gaining one of their qualifications before arriving, especially seeing some states are really regualated in trade licences and you have to go to college once there to prove your skill and plus there is a strong chance that he wouldnt get a skilled persons rate if he found work for quite some time as again he would have to prove his skill with them. ( what a load of crap for tradesmen, especially as he been doing the job now for 24yrs and run his own business over the last 15yrs and had his work shown in 25 beautiful homes magazine and in the sunday mail). Can I have you thoughts even this, even if you are here in the uk or are in already in oz and your experiences of gaining employment and the hurdles you jumped through to gain your carpentry licences as he would like to go self employed as soon as he can after arriving. Cheers Judy & Darren
  10. Please leave a yes or no to question. Thank you
  11. Hello :smile: can anyone please help with this dilemma?? I am a student NURSE (General) due to qualify Feb 08 and want to gain my first employment in Australia. I have contacted a few agencys but they want at the least 12months experience. I am in an area that has no nursing jobs available and rather than the upheaval of moving my teenage son to another area to gain the experince, I wanted to just try for our dream first off. I am confused as I understood that Australia is crying out for Nurses but cannot seem to gain a position...without experience...can anyone offer any advice:cry: im at my wits end as only a matter of months until I qualify:err:. Thankyou in advance.
  12. Lynne2007

    Points To Gain Entry Into U.K.

    Have you all heard on the news that next year the goverment are going to be doing a points system for gaining entry into the UK, we said why are they waiting til next year and not doing it now. Does that mean if we get our sponsor visa for temp residency and time is up but cant get perm residency, if we dont get enough points to come back can we stay in OZ :jiggy: :biglaugh: :twitcy: Lynne XXXXXXXXXXXX
  13. Hello I am just about to enrol on a 2 year cookery course to gain PR. Has anybody else done this or going to do it. I also have to work 900 hours in the industry while studying. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks