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Found 38 results

  1. Peng

    How hard is it to migrate?

    How hard is it to migrate to Australia? I'm an 18 year old that in 3 years is planning to move to Australia. June of 2016 I spent 14 days there and fell in love with the country. I'm currently getting my associates in IT at a technical college which should help. Open to recommendations as to what I should do to make it a better and easier experience. Working holiday visa for a few years, waiting a few years, etc... let me know!
  2. :jiggy:Hey Gday Mates!!! Anyone thinking of moving to Newcastle NSW, just got our CO yesterday so it starting to feel real now, oh my goodness Im excited and nervous at the same time!!! Would be fantastic to hear from some people who are moving to Newcastle or nearby!! Maybe could chat and compare notes etc.... Hope to hear from some likeminded people Kirstie and Marc xx:wubclub:
  3. Sunset

    Artificial love life

    Super realistic sex Dolls that interact in all manner of ways ? some would find the need I suppose ?
  4. simmo

    Could this work?

    The car tube? http://www.cartube.global
  5. George Lombard

    General Skilled Migration - the future

    I've had quite a number of enquiries recently concerning how people should be approaching GSM in the future, when the new "skill select" model is introduced and people have to lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) before they're allowed to apply for a General Skilled Migration visa. Start of an FAQ, please feel free to add your own: 1. Where can I find out about the 2012 changes? DIAC does have a link on its website, see http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/skillselect.htm and a blog, see http://skilledmigration.govspace.gov.au/2011/10/05/skillselect-%E2%80%93-the-who-what-when-why-and-how/ The blog posts will be necessary viewing over the next 6-12 months. Not sure how influential they'll be in challenging DIAC actions, but probably they've decided to use a form of communication which is "informal" in the hope that they won't be bound by unintended consequences of the content. 2. What are the likely changes to the skilled occupation list? Skills Australia does publish a list of "flagged" occupations which does indicate some insecurity for people in some occupations, see http://www.skillsaustralia.gov.au/PDFs_RTFs/FlaggedOccupations.pdf . Obviously it would take some courage to initiate studies in Australia (planning to pursue the graduate migration pathway) in a flagged occupation. For people planning to lodge their application now, it's possible that although an application might be validly lodged you might lose priority status if the occupation is downgraded during processing. 3. Do the GSM changes apply to onshore students? Yes, DIAC is giving strong indications that there will be no exemptions or transitional arrangements for onshore students. 4. What will be the pass mark for my EOI to generate an invitation to apply? This depends on the competition at the time you apply and the quota for your occupation. Given too that the points test is a blunt instrument, ie there will be many people at each significant points level (65, 70, 75 etc) the order of lodging your EOI will be of critical importance, in fact the time of day of lodgment is going to be significant. More to come. Cheers, George Lombard
  6. Australian Immigration Department Explains Skilled Migration Reforms. In his address to the Australian Industry Group (AIG), National PIR (Personnel and Industrial Relations) Group Conference in Canberra, Mr Kukoc, FAS Migration and Visa Policy Division outlined the global nature of migration and the important role it plays in Australia’s economic and social development. Mr Kukoc also discussed a range of skilled migration reforms the department had implemented in recent years. Interesting in Australia, quite clear we need to plan for the future but current political/media environment does not allow much public pro immigration stances.... be interesting how much gets reported and how, political suicide :unsure:
  7. So we're going to Brisbane in December (me, wife and two girls 3 & 5) and we're wondering if anyone else is going for the same reasons we are i.e. better future for our children. We're coming from the UK and I have serious doubts about the opportunities available to our kids when they are in their teens, making important decisions about their futures. What are peoples opinions about career/life opportunities in Australia available to our children? OK, the UK isn't in it's best shape at the minute, economically, but geographically it's positioned well to experience all of what Europe offers and indeed the States is only a 5 hour flight away. Whereas the closest country to Australia is 10+ hours ways. And to be frank I'm not sure Asia will offer the best in life for my girls. And what about career opportunities. currently in the UK I'm reading for every postgraduate job opportunity their are 250 students applying for it. I also read somewhere that a large engineering firm were offering 300 apprenticeship schemes and they had 10,000+ applications. Does Australia have a similar scenario? Australia, is essentially an Island in the middle of nowhere, and a huge one at that. Are my girls going to experience different lifestyles, cultures, experiences living on one island? Has Australia any culture to offer at all to rival France, Italy, Holland, Germany, dare I say…UK? Is the perceived Ozzy lifestyle (laid-back, sun, sea, outdoor living, wildlife etc. etc.) enough? Are we as parents making a choice for our children today that will not allow them to experience as much of life as possible? Or am I thinking too much??? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Good Afternoon, Just to introduce ourselves. We are a family of five looking to move to Oz in the future. Three boys and wife who are all sport mad, all sick of the Uk and looking forward to a chance of a new life. Just trying to get my head round the process of apply for a visa. I am pushing on the years at 42 year old staff nurse (qualified since being 21) and so leaving it a bit late and can just to say make 65 points on a state sponsorship 176 visa before I am 45, thats getting all 8`s on the ILETS test and hoping to get sponsorship from Queensland, although the proof of funds may be a problem when applying as we do need to sell our house to raise funds to take over. Anyway my first step, applying for this IELTS test and then applying for my skills assessment from the ANMAC which I hope goes smoothly as my old college has well and truly shut down years ago, so may have a problem getting transcripts etc. I intend to sit the IELTS test until I achieve the required grades so fingers crossed. It seems a long daunting process but I am determined to get through any obstacles, as due to my old age :wacko:, its our last chance.
  9. Guest

    Investments For The Future

    As we know the country is at this time going through a recession, some have noticed it more than others, but there is no doubt that the country at the present time is struggling to a degree and the old cuts are coming. So with this in mind what would you invest in today for TOMORROW. I only ask as one of my ex bosses has SEVEN E Type Jags in a lock up, and he has sold one just recently to bolster his income, another friend of mine has Neil Armstrong's signature kept under lock and key in their bank, he paid a LOT of money for it, but when poor Neil finally goes to heaven the signature will shoot up in price and act as a pension for my mate. So funny, serious, and the like, what would you invest in now (if you could afford it) to see you through to your old age? Cheers Tony.:wink:
  10. Hi everyone! Im a 23 years, Mexican engineer, i have been thinking a lot lately about moving to australia as things in my country are not going really well and violence is raising up all over the country. I have been doing research for about the 2 last weeks and found out that im eligible for a 175 visa. I dont know what agent can you recommend?? Also i have a lot a doubts that i hope can be solved in this forum, like by example the amount of money that i should have to move out to australia ,I guess this will be mainly my biggest problem as salary in México isnt good. Well it is nice to be here and all tips and comments are well accepted!
  11. I just noticed this... it seems they are going to form new regulations some what very similar to Kiwi immigration system! http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/whats-new.htm#a Little question in my mind! Are they not going to implement the new point system in 1st July 2011?
  12. Guest

    PR and the 457 and future

    Hi Can anyone let me know whether we can apply for permanent residency when on the 457 visa? My husband is going through the 457 application process at the moment but we want to look ahead to gaining residency. Debra:huh:
  13. As a vetran ping ponger (5 tours of duty) I have decided to offer some advice. 1. Moving countries is not that big of a deal if you plan well 2. It gets easier the more you do it 3. It gets easier the more often you do it 4. Don't slag either country, just say youre moving for work or fancy a change 5. Its always hard leaving but great fun landing 6. Ping ponging is fun so enjoy it! 7. Buy light cheap furniture or stuff that stores well 8. Always keep your options open 9. Follow the work, thats a good enough reason to move anyway unless you were born with a siver spoon in your mouth 10. Get Skype 11. Ping to OZ in November and pong to UK in April 12. Keep your licenses and tickets up to date, don't leave it too long between moves 13. Anyone of you could be a future ping ponger, accept this possibility and it will be easier to deal with if it happens 14. Be happy that you have the option of ping ponging 15. When it stops being fun it might be time to go 16. Keep the goodbys short and don't waste money on going away party's, you may be back sooner than you think 17. You will loose more money on car transactions than anything else 18. A good car is more important than almost anything else and a wagon/estate is best for ping pongers 19. Travel light 20. Don't eat yellow snow I hope this is useful to all you potential or novice ping pongers. It's all based on experience
  14. Dear Future Overseas Students It's nice to be positive but vitally important to be practical in terms of the law especially immigration law when you're on foreign soil. Please consider: 1. You can only work 20 hours per week which would be 2.5 working days per week. This would be a big obstacle in your getting a decent job which you would need to gain work experience. 2. The present Australian government have/ intend to change the points system in such a way that the importance of work experience will be doubled. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/points-fact.pdf http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/points-testfaq.pdf 3. The majority of occupations on the new SOL require you to have work experience during/ after study anyway. See the relevant assessing body's website for details. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/new-list-of-occupations.pdf The Australian government, relevant assessing bodies and DIAC are working together as you know. Their objective is to increase the number of 'Employer Nominated Applicants/ ENS'+'State Migration Plan/ SMP' applicants and decrease the number of 'Onshore Independent Skilled Applicants/ 885'. The reality is that the application process for ENS & SMP is dependent on work experience predominantly as well. For SMP see relevant state sponsorship websites. State Migration Plans For ENS, ofcourse employers prefer people with experience instead of fresh academic knowledge. If you're lucky enough to complete onshore study and obtain a positive skills assessment without considerable work experience you shouldn't be shocked if DIAC accepts your 885 application but puts it in the lowest possible category and force you to stay in the waiting queue for an indefinite number of years. Thus, in turn you'll be forced to move to ENS/ SMP which may require you to either put up with: 1. A sacrifice in salary as you'll be forced to find an employer that won't necessarily pay you as much but be prepared to sponsor you. ENS. 2. Moving to a location you don't want to move to and stay there for the time specified. SMP. And, yes this is after you've spent thousands of dollars on tuition, rent, transport and food. Check out the rents on: www.realestate.com.au www.domain.com.au www.realestatewa.com.au www.real-estate-australia.com.au Check out grocery prices on: www.coles.com.au woolworths.com.au Real estate prices have gone up recently due to the rise in interest rates by banks in Australia. In addition, the Australian dollar is also quite expensive to buy because of the increased confidence in Australian currency and why's that. Ofcourse high bank interest rates again. I've spent an hour today compiling the above facts because it's good to know these things before starting the "Australian study safari":animal-bat:. Hope most of you find this useful. At the end of the day, if you genuinely want to study in Australia, don't even think about your chances to migrate permanently. Keep it simple.:wubclub:
  15. Seeking a middle path for the nation's future | The Australian Interesting article from one of the nation's foremost demographers. Best regards.
  16. I came across this thread in the news-gossip-chat section of the forum, and thought the people here should also be made aware of it: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/news-gossip-chat/47091-children-what-happens-if-you-your-partner-decide-go-home.html Basically as soon as you and your partner emigrate to Australia with a child (even if on temporary work visas) that child is considered oridinarily resident in Australia, and under the Hague convention, one parent cannot return back to the UK with the Child without the other parent's consent. I know we all hope that we'll be together forever and ever, but sadly some relationships do break down, and it could save a lot of heartache and costly legal fees if this has been discussed beforehand. It is also worth thinking about the fact that if the relationship breaks down before you get PR, that could invalidate one parent's visa as they would no longer be the spouse of the primary temporary skilled visa holder. That parent would have to leave the country (and the child) unless they can get a separate visa themselves. Further info: Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (disclaimer: obviously if you want 100% accurate info on the hague convention you might want to look a bit further than wikipedia, but this has the main points on it)
  17. hi everyone, we are just about to start the process of applying for our visa's, knowing that it could take at least two+ years to get! There is myself, hubby and my two children from a previous marriage aged 14 and 12, the eldest who is nearly 18 lives with his dad and has said that he does not want to come with us. When we first started to talk about the move both kids were really up for it and both wanted to go. But know just as we are about to speak to their dad about signing a stat dec, to allow us take them out of the country (which as long as both kids want to go, i think he will sign, fingers crossed) my son (14) has said that he isnt sure now because of his friends, he never says because of missing his dad it is always friends and x-box!!!! Unless they are both sure then i very much doubt the ex would sign the stat dec and i really dont want to go through the courts! I have tried to say that how he feels now could be totally different to how he feels once we actually have the visa and that two years is a long time at his age, ie friends and interests change at different stages in life but he is stuck at thinking about now!! should i just apply for his visa and hope that he decides that yes he is up for giving it a go?? thanks for reading and hopefully someone can give me some advise, has any one else been in this situation?? :wacko:
  18. kellyjamie

    future of the student route

    hi all, im just sitting mulling things over and wondered if you would give your opinions on what the future holds for the student route? is it stll going to be a viable option? if so what will be the most obvious courses? im really unsure as its worth so much to the oz economy it doesnt make sense to cut its link to pr all together but clearly it needs tighten up? opinions?:idea: cheers k
  19. mamba

    Mernda, has it a future?

    Got back from Oz about 30 mins before airports started closing, in fact had to be bussed up to Manchester from Heathrow. While in Melbourne spent a lot of time looking for/at houses on the outskirts of Melbourne and we were first attracted to Diamond Creek but then stumbled on Mernda where there is a great deal of house building going on. The views to the north are of completely open countryside whereas DC seems to breed electricity power lines. Does anyone have an opinion on whether Mernda will grow into a viable place to live and enjoy or will it simply become a soulless dormitory town, empty during the day and closed at night? Would be grateful for any and all opinions. Mamba
  20. Guest

    Future for Hairdressers?

    Hi can someone please tell me if hairdressing is to be taken off trades. And also how long should it take to get a case officer we applied for a 172 visa in september 09 and have heard nothing since. I'm delighted for the people on here who are succeeding in their applications but demented waiting for some kind of news for us xxxx My husband is a senior network engineer (telecomms).
  21. My 14 year old son has just been diagnosed with mild aspergers syndrome. We are on a 457 visa and looking to apply for permanent next year. Will this condition affect whether we will be granted a permanent visa? Any advice appreciated.
  22. Lol we havent even got our visa yet and im already thinking about other people. It would seem no problem if my mum eventually wanted to come out to oz and stay , its expensive but acheivable on contributory parent (18 month)or non-cont (10 years). It doesnt seem quite as straight forward with my brother though. We have half brothers and sisters and a father who we have no contact with, and this seems to stop him getting a remaining relative visa. is this the case?
  23. From Michael Danby chairman of parliament's joint standing committee on migration. It's better for us to sustain skilled migration. "MY good friend Barry Cohen's combative contribution to the de bate about Australia's population policy (The Australian, February 2) is a reaction to the debatable claims that Australia's population will grow to 35 million by 2050. He supports those who argue that we should cut back our migration rate in the interests of our stressed environment and our strained infrastructure.........Migration contributes enormously to our economic growth ......Migration has been of great benefit to Australia in the past, and if we are smart it will go on benefiting us in the future. " Finally some sensible news coming out.....
  24. Future of Migration It is important that we take stock of what has happened and look forward to the future. DIAC has a sophisticated computer system that can prepare reports Under individual headings or combination of headings. FOR EXAMPLE • By agents • By sub-class • By occupations • By Country Hence DIAC officer at all times had access to various models. The Minister has made a determination indicating that a new on-shore GSM and off-shore GSM will be announced shortly. The 23 rd Sept announcement and the MODL review gives a clear indication that DIAC has a number of models in mind and was seeking input from the public including registered Migration Agents. It is a fact based on statistical data that the Independent off-shore GSM and Off-shore GSM did not target labour shortage. It is a fact that there was a lack of “checks & balances” of the State sponsorship. It is a fact that both off-shore and on-shore GSM was scammed. In my opinion Timelines for both on-shore and offshore announcements has been finalised. In my opinion there will be two queues • Old policy • New Policy I am sure DIAC will give an applicant an opportunity to move to the new policy if it is advantageous without payment of fee. They have used it in the past with Reg 2.11. I think the time to change the Minister’s mind to revoke his decision has past. I think it is time to make a submission to the Minister on behalf of POMSINOZ how to manage the old policy applicants rather than keep them in a queue for an unspecified period. REGARDS GLENN PEREIRA
  25. Hi All, This is my first posting. It is not my intention to source business through this forum. I am a Registered Migration Agent and not a Solicitor. However I have completed my law degree from India. Spent 12 years in India in International Shipping and in the last 8 years in India and 2 years in Australia I was involved with International Marine law, Marine Law litigation and cargo claims. I started practicing as a Registered Migration Agent in 1992. Here is a gist of the on-shore market INSTITUTES -Rapid audits are taking place of Risk VET Providers in Vic and NSW. -41 Institutes have been identified at risk in Victoria -An estimate of 30-40000 students are at risk in Victoria and about 80/100000 at risk nationally -The regulatory authorities are awaiting approval of the ESOS ammendment bill which is at the Senate Committee -This amendment will give the regulatory bodies "instant power" to cancel the registration of a institute that has breached the State Act or ESOS Act. 900 hours Majority of the 900 hrs certificates are bogus (possibly in 1000s) It appears the DPP has invoked the Crimes Act and heresay evidence indicate that some students have been charged DIAC are re-opening most of the 900 hrs with voluntary work Unconfirmed reports indicate that DIAC has issued notice of intention to cancel the visa of students who have been granted on-shore PR Once the massive "clean up" takes place we will see a new policy. JOB READY TEST (ANNOUNCED IN BUDGET MAY 2009) 900 hrs is most likely to be abolished from 1st Jan 2010 PR is most likely to be abolished for on-shore GSM 18 months TR will replace on-shore PR Student will have to work in the nominated occupation during the Tr period Possibly restricted work rights will be introduced for the TR Crimes Act will be incorporated STUDENT VISAS Large providers have publicly stated that the refusal rate from India, Mauritius, Vietnam & Cambodia is 95 percent for VET courses. UK-INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS U.K. intake from India is likely to double or treble because of the problems in Australia. I understand a large Provider in Australia has set their eyes on establising a large Institute in Birmingham to "lure" the North Indians". Regards Glenn Pereira