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Found 140 results

  1. Hi All Me and the Fam are looking at moving to Brisbane this year and as the Mrs is not 100% about the move she wants us to move over and stay in a furnished rental for a year before making the big descision to stay or go back. The thinking is that if we decide not to stay we have saved about £5000 in shipping costs. Has anyone got thoughts on the idea or know what price we would be looking at for a longtime furnished rental? Thanks in advance. Matt
  2. BREAK LEASE FULLY FURNISHED APARTMENT AVAILABLE NOVEMBER CENTRAL PERTH (Opposite Perth Arena) $650 a week 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Large Balcony Air con throughout Facilities: On site Pool, Gym, Sauna and common area with pool table
  3. I am moving permanently to Australia and am selling my 3 bedroom semi (fully furnished) and car in FK10 postcode area of Scotland. Looking to leave UK end June. Not sure if this is the right place to put this thread.
  4. Me and my boyfriend are heading out to Melbourne AUSTRAILIA beginning of March. We have no where to live and are looking for some where to rent for 3-6 months furnished much preferred and somewhere not to far from the CBD. I have no idea where to begin? And how much is to much? Ergh!?!? Help ? Thanks
  5. Has anyone had experience of renting furnished accommodation around the North Lakes area that you would be happy to recommend? It will be for a family of 4. If all goes to plan with our 457 visa we'll be in oz at the end August this year but our furniture won't arrive until about 6 weeks later. Struggling to find anything on the net! Thank you all!:biggrin:
  6. Hi I am moving to Sydney in the Autumn and just wondering if there is a mix of furnished and unfurnished rentals, as there is in London, or if Sydney has more of one than the other? We have some furniture so it will effect whether we ship it over or put it in storage in the UK. Also roughly how much would a one bedroomed apartment cost furnished or unfurnished in central sydney or the surrey hills area? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi,myself and 4 other doctors in the UK are moving to Perth at the beginning of September to work in Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. We were hoping to rent a property in Cottesloe or surrounding suburb, preferably with at least 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and fully furnished....prices negotiable! Any properties that anyone knows of that are available from September and have a 6-12month lease would be greatly appreciated! Amy
  8. Hiya--Just give me a ping if anyone has or knows of a short term furnished/semi furnished accomodation in the south of Sydney -- like anywhere from Penshurst to Panania--or in the sutherlandshire--anywhere from Alfords point to sutherland/como. Might need it for 6-8 weeks. Cheers and thanks for reading.
  9. Hi everyone, we (hubby and I) will be arriving in Brisbane in early June. I have a job at the Mater hospital and we need a short term furnished place to rent untill our furniture arrives from England and till we find a suburb where we want to settle more permanantly. Ideally I dont want to be commuting for more than 30 mins, hubby is hopeing for a job at Brisbane docks so anywhere between the two would be great. Can anyone help with advice on a nice suburb and letting agents who would be able to help with this. We have been looking at Springfield Lakes, Collingwood Park, Ferny Grove, Redbank Plains, Wynumm and Manly. Many thanks Lynne:confused:
  10. Hi there! I'm a newbie!! :smile: My husband, baby and I will be moving to Sydney in 2 weeks and staying in an appartment for the first 4 weeks provided by my husbands company, after which we'll then be looking for our own rental place. I've looked at Domain but struggle to find houses/apartments that come fully furnished, which are to a decent taste! Ideally we'll want a 3 bed, 2 bathroom in a nice area, near water or with water views! max budget approx $650 per week. Any suggestions?? Amy
  11. Moving due to work and can't take much. Have a look at our house for sale, if your coming from overseas we can even throw in our 2010 Black Kia Sportage Have a look at our link on realestate.com.au http://www.rs.realestate.com.au/property-house-wa-secret+harbour-108164546 My number is +61 418 919 432
  12. In the build up to coming to Aus I wanted to know more about how easy it was to get furnished properties and to be honest even at the time I was reading some postings on various forums, I was a little bit cynical about what I was reading, and when I came to do the hunt myself firsthand I realised that there are far too many generalisations being posted (I'm being polite there, some of it is just plain wrong). So speaking from experience I can tell you that specific to Melbourne (I can't vouch for other cities around Australia) these are the cold hard facts! It's "NOT" nigh on impossible to get furnished properties. What should have been explained better, is it's massively difficult for families to. Put simply this is because there are very few 3bed+ furnished properties on the market, but if you're a couple or even just after 1 extra bedroom for example, there is a lot of choice, provided you follow these simple rules; a) try not to be too picky about where you want to live. Melbourne has plenty of furnished 1 or 2 bed rentals as a city, but certain suburbs may not. So if you like Brighton for instance, don't narrow your search to that one area, be flexible. Also bear in mind that the majority of furnished properties will be a 15-20 minute commute of the CBD either by train or tram, so the likes of the Sandringham's of this world are unlikely to have much choice furnished wise. b) ignore a lot of the ridiculously high rental figures you hear thrown around trying to make acquiring a furnished property sound untouchable. Decent standard rentals can be found as soon as you start looking $420/wk upwards. I pay $485/wk for an awesome 1 bed with study in a new build by Windsor station just off the fantastically vibrant Chapel St. And the Landlord has gone a bit mad with what's he's put in as well, flat screen tv, dvd player, every type of kitchen accessory you could think of including cappuccino maker! If you see people trying to charge $650/wk for a 1 bed in St Kilda, then you're either being ripped off, or there's a stunning sea view and a butler! c) Be weary of furnished properties priced under $400/wk, they are too be good to be true. d) May sound obvious, but if you are likely to be driving and not as fussed about proximity to public transport, you'll get more for your money. I saw a great 1 bed for $400 in middle Brighton but it was 25 minutes to the station so didn't work for me, but might have for someone else. e) if you can, try and commit for 1 year on a furnished let, as the agents/LL's are likely to charge a higher rent the shorter the stay, and vice versa. f) again referencing committing for a longer period, you'll be surprised that even offering to do a 6 month tenancy will make your application strong as you'll find a lot of the applications competing with you are people just after short lets and thus only able to commit for 3 months. g) their Property Management skills aren't great, but try maprealestate.com.au who specialise on furnished rentals. They often have a good selection of furnished rentals floating around. h) if you have this concern about waiting on a response to an initial application, follow the agents around their inspections. They soon either get to like you from having built a rapport, or you start to get on their nerves. The result is the same, they will do their best to get you a property, and often prioritise your application. (just to note I'm not endorsing stalking, the properties you turn up at have to be relevant to your search lol) i) I don't encourage this generally, but if you're coming over without employment, be willing to offer even an extra months rent as logically you're always going to lose out to someone in employment, but you'll be amazed what the colour of money can do to someone's "ideal tenant" requirement. j) spread your search to all 3 of the main property portals. The main one is realestate.com.au which normally requires you to search on area and then there's a furnished box on the left hand of the screen that allows you to refine your search. The second best and only marginally inferior is domain.com.au although even after you've clicked on furnished (the box of which often requires hunting out) all the properties that are unfurnished still come up as well, but underneath the listing it either says "no preferences matched" or "matches my preferences". The other one which I'm not sure you can put in furnished for, so requires going through the descriptions is realestateview.com.au k) lastly don't listen to the people that tell you if you were renting that same property unfurnished it would be $80/wk less. They may not be wrong, but unless you're shipping things over from the UK, think about the outlay required to furnish even a 1 bed flat. Bed, mattress, bed side tables, sofas, coffee table, dining table, tv, dvd player, kitchen equipment, white goods sometimes (the list goes on). In 6 months you've what overspent in rent by $2000? but how much would all the above cost? Wait till you're in employment and settled, and eligible for credit etc. and then work out if you want to go out acquire the things that would allow you to furnish a property yourself.
  13. Isn't there a poster here who has furnished apartments in Perth??? Joondalup I think. Can anyone help? Or recommend somewhere? We need somewhere asap, fully furnished, kettle, linen, that sort of thing. I've been searching but cant find the ones I'm thinking of!!
  14. Hi guys, I must be driving everyone mad with questions at the moment, but wondering if people have found it easier to rent a furnished or unfurnished house in Perth? I am trying to decide if we should ship our furniture or not. We will be renting out our home here in Ireland so can rent it furnished if we decide not to bring our furniture. Thanks in advance! Kate.
  15. We are moving out of our rental early (10 days) and luckily it has been booked 1 week into this time so we only have 2 days rent to pay instead of 10.. This has worked out fine for us. The owners have asked us to pay until the day before the new people move in. We plan to be moved out a few days before. As the house is still ours (but empty) up to and including that paid up date, the owners cannot ask for their keys back or get in to do maintanence, etc before then? Right or wrong?? Just checking as we are anticipating a few problems with them.
  16. soapyjo

    Furnished Properties

    Has anyone managed to rent a furnished property in Brisbane , there doesnt seem to be much around :confused::confused:
  17. Hi We are moving to Brisbane in October and are currently planning our move. We'd like to bring some furniture with us from the UK but we're not sure whether rental properties tend to be furnished or unfurnished. Can anyone help? The last thing we want to do is turn up with a crate full of furniture if rental properties are usually furnished Thanks for any advice
  18. Does anyone know of a company that do furnished rentals around Ormeau, Pacific Pines, Mt Warren Park etc Need from August as need be there by 13th Thanks
  19. My Husband needs to be in Yatala on the 13th to start work. Does anybody know if you can rent furnished 3 bedroom properties around Ormeau, Pacific Pines, etc Have found lots of unfurnished!
  20. Please recommend me a site where I can look for fursnished rentals :wideeyed: Is it true that you cant rent these in advance? Ie: From the Uk, before the move? :unsure:
  21. Hi We are mvoing over to Perth Early September to begin our new life and are looking for a Possibly short term rental or ongoing. It has to be furnished initially until we get settled in. Does anybody have or know of a rental that maybe available at all. We need a least for 4 weeks. 8 weeks would be better. We have a upto 4k budget Aud as company is paying to start us of. Any help PLEASEEEEEE
  22. Hi Does anybody know of any agents that provide short term furnished rentals (4-6 weeks) in the Launceston region. We will be looking for a 3 bedroom property starting 2nd week of October. Thanks :rolleyes:
  23. My Husband and I are moving to Sydney with our daughter and 2 dogs 1st week in Sept. We need a house due to the dogs,(small westie and springer spaniel) would like it fully furnished for approx 12 weeks whilst we sort out a school and wait for household shipping to arrive. We need the Sutherland shire area, preferably Miranda, Sutherland or Kirrawee. Any ideas? All advice gratefully appreciated:biggrin:
  24. Please could anyone help, we are a family of 4 incl.2 youngsters we need a furnished rental for approx. 6 weeks around the Brisbane nth area? :cry:
  25. Hi just wondering whether I could have a bit of advice… We are moving to Perth (north) on 28th June. We are staying in furnished holiday accomodation for the 1st month, this house is in Mindarie (we stayed in Mindarie last year & loved it but we understand that it is costly to live there so prob wont settle there), we want to settle in Butler area so figured that it wont be too far to travel from Mindarie to look at schools etc. Anyway my question is we want to look for a longer term rental when we arrive however we don’t have any furniture really & on our container we wont have as we are only taking a few personal items, we sold all of our furniture to the people that brought our house. We don’t really want to buy furniture yet as my husband wants to be earning dollars & our plan is to buy a house after a year anyway so we would want to buy new furniture for that house. We just don’t want to have to rush into furniture buying so is it possible to rent furnished properties for longer terms as I have only really seen the holiday homes that are furnished? We also want a swimming pool aswell in our longer term rental. Is it to much to ask for a rental that is a 4 bedroom house, around Butler area which is furnished & with a swimming pool? Oh & which is not too expensive????!!!! Or am I just living in dream world!! Anyone know of anywhere or whether this is possible?:confused::confused: