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Found 11 results

  1. roger2shirts

    University Funding

    I am wanting to do a post grad degree part time here and I am struggling to understand the funding. I am a permanent resident, having been here 3 years, do I qualify for a HEX / HEC student loan? Or do I need to be a citizen? Does anyone know how the uni funding / pay back student loan works here? I've found loads of confusing and contradictory information - but nothing really useful.
  2. BeckiNick

    UK uni student funding

    Has anyone looked into this or got any ideas..im so confused!I have been here for 2 years i have studied the last year at Tafe and applied to go home to go to uni. I am just completing my uni choices and now i am super confused. It suggests that if you dont live in the country for 3 years before the course then you cant get funding?Is this right??I am a British citizen born there moved with Aussie partner over here when i was 23 now 25 I am on a partner visa. We moved just for a change but it was never for ever and now we both are ready to head back to the UK? Has anyone here applied for uk student finance after living out of the country? How do they prove it?Sorry for the questions but I would be ever so grateful for any response
  3. Hi All, Am in the process of researching areas and schools and have the following questions: Various people on here have suggested using the My School website and it has proved very useful. One of the things it tells you is how much is spent per pupil in each school, whilst I don't think this figure alone represents a good or bad education I found it interesting that unless you choose a private school with fees more than $11,000 (ish) per year there is no difference in the total spend per pupil between state and private as the government either spend $11,000 per pupil or the difference between the fees paid and $11,000. Perhaps I am misunderstanding something, if anyone already using the Australian Education system can clarify I would appreciate it. Paying more than $11,00 in fees will not be an option for sure....... Also we are undecided on going down the private or state road but I am struggling with the amount of private schools that are faith schools. We are not a religous family and don't really want our son having an education based on a set faith. Has anyone else had this concern - what did you do? Did it turn into a problem? If it helps we are looking at Perth, NOR suburbs. Many Thanks
  4. Guest

    University Funding?

    We're moving out to Melbourne next April and my son, who will be 20 by then intends to go to University. Now how does this work for migrants who aren't yet permenant residents? Do they still get funding such as student loans etc? Would it be best for him to wait until we become PRs before going to Uni? xx
  5. Guest

    PGCE funding

    Hi everyone My wife is Australian and I am British. We are thinking about emigrating to OZ within the next year or so. I was wondering, if I were to study for the aussie version of a PGCE (teaching qualifications), would I be given the necessary funding, instead of having to pay international fees? I only ask this as I would be allowed to reside in the country under a spouse visa, and wondered if my circumstances would be make my case an exception... Thanks in advance Simon:idea:
  6. Guest

    Single Expat Funding

    Hi, not sure if this is the correct area to post this but basically I want to know how much roughly it will cost as a guide to how much il need to focus on building together. It would be for One male. Rough guidence on flights, regardless of destination eg 800-1100 for example Immediate accom after landing to settle for a week Then a monthly plan rental, in accordance to finding an income Then the smaller costs, car rental, any expenses that would crop up, best companys to contact for a visa etc Fairly new to it all so any input would be great. Apologies if a similar post has been covered already Rob
  7. Hi I am just about to apply for a student visa. I know part of the visa requirements is to have $12000 per year for living cost. I have just sold my car which will be just above the required amount for living costs. If i lodge this in to my bank account and get a statement from my bank will this be an acceptable source of funding??
  8. Hi there...this is the first time I have posted as we are just starting our planning for our move this year so apologies if I get it all wrong Was hoping you might be able to help with a few queries before we apply for this visa for my 80 year old mother. I am an only child. My husband( australian Citizen by birth) and myself ( Perm resident) and our 2 daughters are currently in the Uk but moving to Australia permanently this year. We have been back in the UK after only 4 months in Australia in 2005 as my dad became very ill and subsequently died. We support my mum in every way apart from financially although I am power of attorney for her. questions 1. Will I need to be over in Australia and settled before we put in the application? mum is terrified of being left alone in the UK as she has no family and only ever sees us( not the worlds most sociable person!!!!). I am assuming after then it is at least a two year wait. what can we do while she waits as two years will be an eternity for her. 2. Should I try to become a citizen so the wait to apply is shorter. I initially had perm residency by virtue of being an accountant and then coincidently met my Australian husband in the UK. hence I think I might be able to apply under the rules of time spent overseas with a spouse but not sure as my visa is not due to us being married 2. The only other concern we have is that we intend for her to live with us and to care for her. However we are very aware that we do not know what the future holds for her. If she was to require nursing home care we know that in the UK she uses up virtually all her assets and then the state intervenes and cares for her when she has about $30k left. what is our position as sponsers in Australia if this were to happen. On this visa when her assets run out are we then responsible for her fees. In the Uk they can be about $2000 a week which is what happened to my dad and we cannot pay this with a young family. We would hate to bring her out and then send her back to the UK as we cant pay her nursing fees. Is she entitled to care home funding on this visa if this was to eventually happen to her as a perm resident. We hope this doesnt happen but we want to be sure of the facts before bringing her with us. we are confused as to whether medicare entitlement means she also has care home funding or whether such funding is under centerlink which appears she doesnt ( although it is not mentioned on the AOS exclusions). many thanks in advance for any help you can give on any of the points laura:v_SPIN:
  9. Guest

    Funding the move......

    Hi, If my wife and I decide to go to Sydney then we will be applying for the standard skilled (non-sponsored) resident visa. Because we don't want to 'burn any bridges' we ideally don't want to sell our home and will try to rent it out. Because of this will not be releasing the equity and therefore won't have a massive lump sum to fund the move. Is there a requirement under this visa type to have certain funds to enter the country? If so, then how much is it? Even if there isn't a legal requirement i'd still be interested in knowing how much people are taking with them and how long it is intended to last etc?? (That is if people don't mind saying....:spinny:) Cheers.....
  10. Guest

    Funding aged parent

    August 2007 - husband and I moving to Victoria August 2009 - husband will apply for CP visa for his mother June 2010 - hopefully visa issued In between August 2007 and June 2010 mother in law will spend as much time in Victoria with us as poss. She has no captial apart from her cottage which she won't sell (understandably) until she has her visa. She will probably only get about £70,000 for her cottage so will maybe not be able to afford to buy her own place in Victoria. So we are looking to build a bungalow for her on the same piece of land that we buy for ourselves. Hopefully she will pay us back when she has sold her cottage in Scotland, maybe also for the cost of the visa. What do we do about healthcare for her? Is private medical insurance expensive? She is nearly 79 at the moment. If she needs to go into a nursing home and her assets are tied up in a bungalow on our land - would we need to sell up to fund her? Has anyone got any experince of the log cabins that come as a kit. The only ones I have seen are quite small and wouldn't suit for someone looking for permanent accommodation. It seems to be horribly expensive getting m-i-l settled. We have asked her to come with us so don't feel she should pay for the costs herself, but even so I can see us ending up in debt.