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Found 24 results

  1. thunee71

    pension fund trasnfer

    Hi . I am working in Ireland for 10 years and I am now a Irish citizen.I am in the process of migrating to OZ..Can I transfer this pension fund to OZ??? Help Thanks D
  2. whoiam

    Super fund - Care super

    Hi to all the financial pundits out there ! Any recommendations for a good super fund with low fees? Anyone using Caresuper? Just looking for personal recommendations or personal choices as I'm finding it difficult to make up my mind
  3. I have tried reading up on this as much as i could--but i understand there are many on here who can possibly explain a bit better and clarify a few queries! Here in the Uk there is a state pension and then you get any occupational pension if you've worked etc etc. What about in Oz land? I've seen that when you work you get to contribute to a super fund--which you can choose or you can even manage your own. But as I see it these super funds are private initiatives run by private companies. Now these are my queries-- 1. What if a person never worked or has worked only for a short while--what happens then? 2. Is there a government provision for pension for all above a certain age??? Would be glad if any one who knows anything about the Oz pension system can post what they know--because this could be helpful for those coming after me as well. Many thanks in advance!
  4. nic0218

    Child Trust Fund ?

    Apologies to all PIO's if this has been mentioned in a previous thread! Could anyone tell me what happens to my daughter's Child trust fund, when we leave? Would she be able to access it when she's 18 from Oz, or does the government scrap the account? My husband is currently topping it up with a direct debit, so I'd like to stop it if the answer is the latter! Many thanks in advance, for any replies, Nic
  5. I will be starting a fantastic contract opportunity in Brisbane in just over 2 weeks time. I was wondering if anyone had any good recommendations of umbrella companies to deal with. Also, how do you go about choosing your super fund? This all seems a bit of a minefield.
  6. leemg

    Claiming back your super fund

    My wife and I recently returned to the UK from Australia. We were on a sponsorship visa and we have a 175 application in the queue, unfortunately this has been caught up in all the recent changes and quite frankly we’re not sure if we’ll ever get our visa. While we were in Australia we were paying into our super funds, are we still eligible to claim back our super funds despite a pending visa? many thanks Lee
  7. kernow43

    Flood Disaster Fund

    Here is one way to donate, cash in Velocity points earned with Virgin Airlines. https://shop.velocityrewards.com.au/Pages/SOR/Browse.aspx?CategoryCode=RELIEF
  8. Guest

    Proof of fund victoria

    Do you know how much proof of fund does the victorian govt requires for the application of SS. Tnx
  9. Hi All, I have doubt regarding document checklist for south Australia's state sponsorship. I am offshore candidate and I am going to apply for state sponsorship for south Australia. Should I have to send copy for proof of fund along with other document? or Should I send proof of fund when they will request to do so? because document checklist doesn't mentioned about proof of fund for offshore candidate. It shows only for international student for financial support from their parents. please guide me. thanks. regards, tejas
  10. Hi was wandering if anyone who already has/ or is thinking of Going back to the UK. What to do with the super fund you have over here in OZ. whether to "freeze" it, whether it can be cashed in? or whether you can tranfer it back to a UK Pension..... I have tried to research this but have been given all different answers, Even when i called them they couldnt give me a straight anwer is this a bit of a "grey area" with anybody else..... Appreciate any feedback. :confused:
  11. Licence payers fund BBC chief's £8m pension - Times Online Obviously I'm in the wrong job.
  12. Hello All I was just wondering if anyone knows the required amount with regards to the settlement funds for W.A. ? In what way do you prove you have the funds (is proof required)? Finally, anyone have any contacts for Architectural Technicians / CAD Drafters? Thanks CARL
  13. Guest

    fund raiser

    Hi All, Just come back from a walk with my dog max and saw this flyer . This sunday 11th between 9 and 12 there is a doggy day out at the off leash dog park at clontarf. They are raising funds for a boy who has Aspergers and learning difficulties for him to attend the Special Olympics. The goal is 1800 so hope they make it. Thanks Carole.
  14. gparkes

    Red cross/coles bushfire fund

    Hi All, Coles are going to donate all profits to the victoria bush fire victims this friday 13th February All 750 stores nation wide will be included, so get down to coles this friday and do your food shopping Any little helps
  15. I was a backpacker in 2003 before i came here as a resident last year, it twigged recently that i had an old super fund floating about somewhere... sooooo...... Go here https://superseeker.super.ato.gov.au/individuals/default.aspx?pid=0 type in the details (you need to have had the same TFN) and then phone the number(s) it shows up!!! They were very helpful and i'll now beable to transfer the old super into my current, yay!!
  16. I'm currently completing an application for State Sponsorship from the South Australia Govt. At one stage they require proof that you have enough funds to survive for 6 months if you arrive without a job. The advice is that this figure should be A$25k plus a further A$5k for each dependent and that you need to have signed proof of this amount in a bank account. Three questions on this: i) does the A$5k figure still apply for children? ii) at what subsequent stages through the application process do you still need to have proof of this sitting in an account somewhere - all the time?; just before take-off?; or is it never checked again iii) does the account have to be in the name of the main applicant or can it be in the name of one of the other people on the form, or can it be in the name of another person not applying (eg. a family member). If anyone has gone down this route and has any info or advice on this element of the sponsorship process than please let me know, as I dont particularly want to have to tie up this amount unused for the entire period of the application process, but at the same time do not want to blow the whole thing by not having it in the right place at the right time....
  17. Guest

    Child Trust Fund

    Does anyone know what happens to your government Child Trust Fund when you emigrate? We've not paid anything extra into it but we'd still rather not lose it! Thanks Jules
  18. Has anyone who is renting their uk home thought about increasing their mortgage in order to use the money to set up in Oz. I am thinking this may be a good idea for two reasons, firstly, because I am not selling and have no savings left, I need some money and as far as I am aware it is much cheaper to borrow in the UK at the moment. Secondly because you can offset the interest paid against the tax you have to pay on the property. It seems like a no-brainer to me but then I am not an expert. Any experience of or view on this?
  19. Does anybody know about the child's trust fund that was set up buy the UK government to encourage children to save. This was introduced around 4-5 years ago, I think you have to leave it in until they are eighteen the child can do with it as they wish. I would like to know if we move to oz can we still continue to put into the account and would he be able to withdraw from it even though he lives in Australia when he is 18. Kindest regards Glynn, Wendy and family :huh:
  20. Hey there, just thought I'd throw a question out to you all..... How do you plan to finance/support yourself (comfortably) once you have retired when you're living in Australia? What (if anything) financially does the state provide? We are only in our mid-30's at the moment, but just wanting to make sure we cover ourselves financially for when we are of retirement age. Thanks in advance guys Jenny
  21. Guest

    Trust Fund

    Does any one know what happens to a childs trust fund the one you get off the goverment , when you move to oz ... thanks karen
  22. Selah

    Child Trust Fund

    Anybody know what happens to child trust fund accounts when you emmigrate? Since no one is allowed to access it until the child is 18, what happens? With our luck we'd forget to come back and get it. Liz
  23. 2Posh2Push

    Childs Government Fund

    Does anyone know what I should do about these?! 2 of my children have these accounts and i understand you cannot withdraw money from these until they are 18. If you no longer live in Uk i guess you won't get the 'top ups' but what happens to them? Emma
  24. Guest

    child trust fund

    My 1 yr old has a child trust fund, the one that the uk gov give to them to claim when they reach 18. Does anyone know wot happens to this if you take the child to live abroad permantly? Lisa x