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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Guys, I am applying for subclass 190 and i am the primary applicant. My wife (partner) will be included in the application also. Now i am reading the Proof of functional English on the IMMI website and they mentioned "an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) average score of at least 4.5 for the four test components (speaking, reading, listening and writing)". It's for my wife and i've been told by some that you need each band 4.5 for my partner and on the other side there are some that tell me you only need the average band of 4.5 and it's all good. Now which one is the correct one that IMMI will accept for my spouce? All band of 4.5 for each band or just the average 4.5 will do? If you have been in this situation, please share with us. Thanks.
  2. I'm Canadian, my wife is Russian and my parents in-law are also Russian. They live with us in Canada, they have their Canadian pr and are on their way to Canadian citizenship The parents-inlaw are dependent on me for their survival. I was trying to figure out how the language requirements work. It says "How well does the dependent communicate in English?" Better than functional Functional Limited Not at all Is there some clarification outline some where on how you determine this ? Are there language tests needed for depend ants on 121/856 visas ? Does this question kick off some additional documents if you don't mark better than functional ? I haven't been able to find anything so far so your help is greatly appreciated!!!! Does them being married have any impact on us sponsoring them ? Is it better for them to be Canadian Citizens or Permanent residents and just pay the language training ? Alan
  3. Hi all, my wife is a main applicant for ENS 121 visa and she is AHPRA registered so no need of IELTS for her. However being a partner I have to provide evidence for English language. I am originally from India and become British citizen in Sep 2010. But not sure whether this will be enough to prove and also passed IELTS Academic module with overall 6.5 band but the only issue is I appeared for the test in Sep 2009 more than 2 years ago. Is it possible to provide evidence that I am in UK since last 7 years and working in IT dept for a NHS trust in London for last 3 years so this way I can confrim that after passing IELTS in 2009 I am working in English speaking country or I have to sit for IELTS General module again to score 4.5 which is not tough but..... Appreciate any advice or info who has gone through this situation. Mansawant
  4. TTLucian

    Functional English

    Hello all. Not quite sure about this but here goes. I know the DIAC has its English requirements published. I did the IELTS so its not a problem but I am concerned about the functional English requirement for my wife. We both are citizens of St. Lucia but she is a naturalized citizen. St. Lucia is a former British colony in the Caribbean and English is our official language. One of the requirements of being a naturalized citizen of this country is fluency in the English language. I am planning to get a letter from the Ministry responsible for granting citizenship to attest to this. My wife is indeed fluent and was employed here but not for the 2 full years specified by the DIAC. She is Filipino by birth and does hold a degree from a university in the Philippines. All courses were conducted in English except for the few Filipino language courses. Would the DIAC still require IELTS in this situation? Or would an exception be made in this case for functional English. Of course I do not want to pay that second installment. Thanks.
  5. chrisandelaine

    functional English !!!!

    we have been asked to profide proof of Funcational English for a secondary(husband) Applicant on the Visa. can anyone advise please. find link below. does this mean if i profide proof of working in UK for last 10 years is that enough. English Language Requirements.pdf English Language Requirements.pdf
  6. Hi, I work for a National IT company who are currently looking for good Oracle DBA's (Urgent!!) with a wide breadth of experience including RAC, RMAN, Data Guard and some Linux sys admin, SQL Server also an advantage. Also the company is looking for Oracle Functional Consultants (not my area but I can put you in touch with the right contact). I am currently aware that we are looking for people in Brisbane but there may also be opportunities in Perth, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. Please contact me if you feel that you may have the right skills and experience. NO AGENCIES PLEASE!!!!!!!:mad:
  7. From the DIAC website: You must provide one of the following: * your IELTS TRF Number to show you have a band score of at least four and a half (4.5) based on all four components. Important: If you are using an IELTS test to show functional English, it must be from a test sat no more than 12 months before making your application. * evidence that you have a degree, diploma or trade qualification requiring at least two years of full time study or training with all instruction conducted in English * evidence that you have completed at least one year of full time study in Australia towards a degree or diploma qualification with all instruction conducted in English * evidence that you have completed one of the following at an educational institution where all instruction was conducted in English: your primary education and at least three years of secondary education, or at least five years of secondary education. Now, my wife is a native Brit, and as such holds a British passport, which I believe 'counts as' IELTS level 6. Is this enough to satisfy the above requirement, or will she still need to sit an IELTS? What evidence could she use to prove her education was completed in English (it was)?
  8. Folks - I had found this forum and what a treasure trove of info! This is my first post and I would like to mention that I have a CO assigned to me. Team 4. My details are as follows.....176 Family sponsored, Cat 3, Applied Nov 2009, CO assigned in last week of March (I assume) since this is the first comm from my agent. I had also recieved the famous email from DIAC and have been working on my docs for over a month now. I am HR country. CO requests for evidence of Functional English from my OH (secondary applicant). Now I have completed IELTS with overall 8. But I am required to produce evidence for my spouse and the CO has sent a checklist of docs which will demonstrate that. The last one in the list says that if I can provide evidence that the secondary applicant had been employed for more than 2 yrs in US/UK/ROI/CAN/NZ then it is acceptable. Now my OH actually meets this criteria. She had been employed in US for 4 yrs (last worked in 2004). Now my queries are.... 1. What would serve as evidence? I am thinking Payslips, Emp contract, Exp letters, Bank credits, US W2 (Employer's tax docs). 2. Is my line of thinking right? Can I take this route or do I have my OH sit for IELTS (score at least 4.5 in each) 3. Pay more to DIAC to enroll OH in english classes (not that OH needs it) 4. I have a deadline on 15-Apr. Can I seek an extension? No seats available for the next month in my locality. Please, please help. rosejoe
  9. Hi First of all, thanks to all who are contributing to these forums which is of immense help for beginners like us. I am a SAP functional consultant certified by SAP. I do not have a MCA or IT educational qualifications. But i do have 12 years total experience with SAP experience of around 4.5 years. Can anyone guide me on which category my profile will belong in SOL and is there good chance for me to get a PR? I am in Melbourne in 457 visa in SAP practice for the past 1.5 years Thanks and Regards Mahesh
  10. Guest

    How to get MODL points

    Hi, I am a certified Chartered Accountant but working as Team Leader / Functional consultant in Implementation/Support for Microsoft Navision (ERP). Now, MODL lists Accountant as one of the occupation and chartered accountancy is one way to get it done. Given my occupation can I file under MODL with accountancy? or will i get MODL points under some IT / Computing head..
  11. Guest

    Functional English

    Hello I am a dependent on an onshore visa 885/886, do i need to sit the Ielts test? Tahera