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Found 61 results

  1. Hi all, im currently working towards nursing registration in Perth, Aus, and im trying to work out what you do first (i.e apply to AHPRA or do the skills assessment?)... Does everyone have to have a skills assessment, and who decides if it is a full or modified one (big price difference...) Thanks Saz xxxxx
  2. Hi all, let me share with you my situation to ask for your tip I am moving from spain to australia in January. My company accepted tp pay me 20k usd as reloction cost, and they dont mind whether i use this money for buying furnitures in AU instead of taking from spain. Having said this my situation is that I have not expensive furnitures in spain to take, and i am going to rent my house to a friend in the time i will be in australia working (3 -4 years) so i will rent the house with the vast majority of the furnitures. What i am thinking to take is basically the sofa, 2 bicycles ,4 chairs, 2 matress few boxes with some kitchen stuffs, and 2 suitcases with clothes As far as i know this is much less than a 20ft container, so my my question is what s the best and cheapest option to take this to australia? Is possible deal with just a part of the container ? Does it worth? What could be the cost?
  3. Dec05

    ACS & Full Time Experience

    Hi all, I hope some one can help me on this one ! I am currently gathering my certs & experience for submission to the ACS. However, in their FAQ it says.......... 24. How do you assess Full-Time Experience? Full-time experience is defined as 38 hours or more per week. Please note that we will not scale experience up based on hours per week. Now, I work a 35 hour week - I've looked around the site but cant seem to pinpoint what implication this has for my work experience. Does it mean that to get one years work experience (say 38 hours x 48 weeks = 1,824 hours), I would need to have worked longer ? Any clarity on this greatly appreciated !!
  4. im a cup half empty type of guy--i just think there's more to be had out of life--me missus is a cup half full lady,and is quite happy with all life gives her--so what are you--half full or half empty
  5. Guest

    Head Full Of Suburbs!!

    Hello folks! We are off to Perth hopefully at the end of the year once we have finished selling the house. We had always been set on moving to Secret Harbour as had heard so much about it from friends who live there. Since reading some threads on here I am now a little put off and having been researching other suburbs that might be suitable. Well now I have a list of suburbs and have no idea which one to choose and how to even pick the final two!! So, I am calling on the lovely folk on here (I may also post on Perthpoms) who have lived/visited any of these suburbs to try and help me make a decision! :wubclub: I suppose our main criteria are as follows: Good primary school for my five year old soon (happy to consider private) Good community feel (we are used to a village) Lots of outdoor space and parks as my son has sooooo much energy to burn!! Low crime area Quiet area as not a city girl but love to visit for shopping! Hubby will be working in CBD so will need to get the train. Happy to be driving distance from the beach but as long as its easy to get there! Last of all, here are the suburbs that I have looked at: Secret Harbour Melville Duncraig Atwell Baldivis Leeming Mundaring area (Perth Hills) (issue with bushfires??) If you can think of any others that you think sound like they fit my requirements, please let me know but I am trying to reduce the number not increase! So any good points and bad points would really really help me as I am desperately trying to decide!! Your help and advice is as always very much appreciated.:wink: Nicky xx
  6. Has anybody had their Skills Assessed by the Australian Computer Society. I just have a concern as they state full-time as being 38 hours or more! However, I work 37 hours full-time! Has anybody had issues with the ACS if your full time employment was less than 38 hours. Many Thanks..
  7. I have full custody of my daughter from previous marriage and have done for 6 years now. The ex wife through extreme circumstances is not allowed to have ANY contact with my daughters and court orders reflect this. They've also been updated through the years also.. I've been offered a job in Oz which I'd be silly not to take and we all want to go.. However do I need to go to court to seek permission from the ex who's not allowed to participate in her life nor indeed never paid any money for maintenance.?? Is this order I've currently got enough..?? I really don't want to go to court as it will open the circus up again and the whole process is very stressful, especially for my daughter.
  8. Whats the average cost for a full container, and what can you fit in it ? Thanks :smile:
  9. Guest

    full birth certificate

    Hi Guys I got a email from case officer this morning requesting full birth certificate from my uncle who is sponsoring us. My uncles birth certificate was stolen when his house got burgled when he was living in Zimbabwe. He was born in India in 1950. When he rang India to re issue new birth certificate was advised they do not have records back dated to 1950, they advised him to ring school he attended they would issue a certificate which they did with his details name, date of birth but no details of parents on the certificate. Isent that one to co but he says he needs full one. My uncle's parents are now deceased but he does have both their passports can he go to justice of peace or lawyers with passports to swear a oath and also on his mothers passport does have him and siblings on there including my mothers name sponsors sister. Please help what can we do will co accept a oath document. This is the only thing left everything else is met on check list. Thank you
  10. We are in the process of having removal quotes, one company said they take everything out of drawers etc and box it. The next company said they leave stuff in the drawers etc and if empty they will put stuff in them as it is wasted empty space. what is normal?? Thanks Sam
  11. hellsbells712

    Gate out Delivery full

    Gate out, Container full, This is the current status of our container at the port in Brisbane. Does anyone know what this means.:idea: Has it cleared customs just waiting for our company to load and deliver to us ???? Can't wait much longer. I need my bed....... No more airbed please, I've been poorly and need my comfort and my kids need their toys x Helen
  12. Morning all. My partner visa is pretty much ready to send but i have one question. Its about the sponsors working history. My wife is Australian and since the birth of our 2 girls, one in 2005 and one in 2010 my wife has been a full time mum. I have always been in work and support our family fully. She is eager to get back to work when our youngest is old enough to go into school. I am going to secure a job before we get there so i can start work straight away. Should my wife attach a statement saying that i will be working as soon as we get to Australia and once our youngest is in school then she will go to work also. We also have friends and family over there who said they would be able to help us if it came to it. Should i mention all this in the statement? Thanks in advance everyone Marc
  13. Hi all, Happy New Year. I am new to the site & hoping that someone may be able to help. Mum & Dad currently at last stages of Contributory Parent Visa & plan then for me to apply for Last Remaining Relative as my only other family, my sister, is Australian citizen. My issue is that I have 2 children with an ex partner (never married) & I have been advised my Immigration in London that I require a letter from a family solicitor advising that he has not applied for joint custody as I hold full Parental Responsibilty under Uk law. He has had no contact for 2 years. I have spoken to solicitor who advised that there is no UK register to confirm he has not applied for custody. How can I sort this out?:wacko:
  14. Southside Brisbane, Queensland Lounge: · 42” flat screen TV, Full 1080p HD, only 10 months old, hisense (with 2 year warranty) · Soniq bluray player, with HDMI cable 10 months old · Cocoa colour TV stand with drawers (10 months old) · Cocoa colour lamp table (10 months old) · Cocoa colour coffee table(10 months old) · Cocoa colour 4 seater dining table with chairs(10 months old) · Raisin colour three seater sofa (10 months old) · Raisin colour two seater sofa (10 months old) · two small red lamps · 5 red and green stripe cushions Bedrooms: · 1 double bed with mattress · 1 Queen bed with mattress · Lots of bedding and pillows etc Kitchen: · Microwave · Fridge/freezer · Lots of kitchenware eg pots, pans, cutlery, toaster, kettle etc Other: · 6 seat outdoor setting with glass top table · Jacaroo 4 Burner BBQ with 3/4 full 8.5KG gas cylinder (ONLY 3 weeks old) · Electric strimmer · Plastic garden rake · Extension lead · Pedestal fan · Clothing maiden · Iron · Ironing board · Vacuum cleaner · Various books · 10 kg dumbbell set + various exercise bits · Roofer safety harness hardly used · Beaver heater · HP all in one printer with ink + software · 35l willow esky very good condition 5 months old · Evantair Evaporative cooler good condition 4 months old · Oil burners and candles etc · Badminton/volley ball set · Fishing rod · Body board Feel free to contact us to arrange to look around :biggrin:
  15. :arghh: Just when I thought I knew where to begin.... 1. Can I apply for a cheaper modified skills assessment (ANMC) if I register with APHRA 1st? 2. Can I do this (apply to ANMC for modified skills assessment) even if the APHRA application is sat in a pile of papers waiting? (in order to try to get 176 in before 1st July) (and to save on skills assessment fees) Or should I just apply for the full skills assessment $$$$$ yikes! I really wish I was from New Zeland!!! :laugh: IELTS booked for April :eek: Sorry sorry sorry if you've heard it all before - bit new at negotiating threads/info etc :notworthy: anybody taken one of the above options lately? Shelly - Staff Nurse East Yorkshire x
  16. PommyPaul

    The dam is full

    Out today on a drive to a new place (yes i'm homeless again for alittle while haha) and found this quite an impressive sight, a full dam overflowing.
  17. Guest

    Cost of the Full Process

    Hello Everyone, I have been wanting to move to Auz for a few years now. Can anyone tell me the true cost of the visa application process including any fees charged. Thanks Stuart
  18. motherof2

    Full steam ahead

    Having got so near two years ago I'm now pleased to say things are heading forward again. We've just booked our flight and are leaving good old Blighty on 25th August. :biggrin:
  19. shirleyt

    Full birth certificate??

    I have just applied on line for 176 visa and in preparation ,sent off for mine and OH full birth certificates, as we only had short versions(no parents mentioned). I now have 28 days to scan documents and have just realised I only have full birth certificates for 2 middle children and can only find short version for youngest and eldest children. Do childrens have to be full? If I was to send off for full, what happens if you go over the 28 days? Has anyone else used short version for their kids?
  20. Hi All WA'ers, I have had a job offer 457 in wembley, but I understand that this is an expensive area to live in or near. Please help! is there anywhere within 1hours commute (public transport) where myself,wife & 3 kids age 10,8 & 4 can afford to live?? my wage offer is $1200 pw before stoppages the wife could work part time during school hours she has nvqs in childcare. We are from stoke-on-trent so don't live in a posh place, but it is no way the worst either. We live a comfortable yet simple life here so I won't move to an area that is not tidy etc. the size of house in WA is not important to us but good schools, area, amminaties are. A short travel time to beach would be a big bonus. Hope you can give me some suburbs I can researh. Many thanks cobbler
  21. Hi Can anyone tell me how hard it is to get full time sponsorship from a working holiday visa? I know you can only have a job for 6 months - but my employer has said they are willing to sponsor me. How easy is this - for them to sponsor me to work - after i worked there for a few months on a working holiday visa? Thanks for all your help - this forum has been a wealth of knowledge.
  22. Come on admit it, ladies does you box get so full that you couldn't possibly get anything else in it. Calm down, calm down. Just asking if your PM boxes ever get too full, as ladies I would imagine they do, because we all know you talk too much. Just a question is all.:wubclub: Cheers Tony.:embarrassed::eek::wubclub:
  23. I was all set to move to Aus 6 years ago when my little boy came along to disrupt plans! I thought I should stay close to family but am now again thinkin of the move down under! I am reading the cost of living has gone up over there! Are there any nurses out there that can offer some idea of income for a community nurse or single parents to offer input on how you manage in your own? Thanks in advance:wacko:
  24. Hi My family and I are looking to return to the UK some time after July 2011 and having spend thousands shipping all out furniture and belongings out here in the first place don't want to spend thousands shipping it all back again. We are looking to sell most things - furniture and electricals, camping gear etc as we know most of it can be bought cheaply in UK. I therefore have a couple of quetions: 1. would anyone coming over from the UK be interested in buying the whole lot to furnish their house on arrival in OZ? (we are in Melbourne) 2. would ayone coming over from UK be interested in doing a swap/exchange i.e. you get my furniture in OZ and I get yours in UK? anyone interested in buying anything I can provide a full list of what is up for grabs. cheers Gaz
  25. anyone have a rough idea of costs for both full time nursery (1 y/o) and for after school care? as we will both be working full time. last time we were over in perth we enquired at a nursery and were told you can claim some of the cost back? anyone know if this is still the case?