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Found 11 results

  1. sadsmile23

    Wanted down under

    Hi, I've been avidly watching the Wanted Down Under series this week. Just want to know if anybody else thinks the same as me tho - the family on Wednesday programme were looking at WA, now they said at the beginning of the property search they had £180k to bring over and would like to buy without a mortgage, lets see what you get for your money. In the voiceover, Nadia whatsername says you can get 4bed family house in Rockingham area for around £200k. Now my ears prick up, coz we fancy that area, sounds a decent price, looking forward to this! WHY oh WHY then, do they show them houses (lovely as they were) for nothing under £260k????? Is it to make the programme look good, fancy newly renovated or new build houses, but what about us that live in the real world and want affordability??!!:arghh: Sorry about me ranting, its just i would really like to see what the average joe bloggs could really afford! By the way, im from yorkshire, got a pretty low mortgage here and we are (apparently) notorious for being tight with money here, so maybe that explains why im so peeved!! lol. :biglaugh:
  2. Hi my sister has applied for VETASSESS for recruitment consultant....fingers are crossed and this wait always kills me....Is there anyone else who has applied this Sept 11 for vetassess? Share yr experikences!!
  3. Guest

    The frustrating wait!!!

    Afternoon all, I just thought id start a thread to vent the frustration of waiting!!:mad: LOL!! I know theres loads of threads for different VISA's and the likes.. But i just thought this one could purley be for moaning!!! :biglaugh: You'll see my timeline below.. My apps only in 2 months now!! so ive at least another 2-3 month wait... Everything is in and done.. Medicals, police reports, EVERYTHING.. Just the long old wait.. I know some of you have been waiting years for other VISA's, soI suppose im lucky, mine was a simple enough straight forward Parter Visa.. Still dosnt make the wait any easier.. Ive booked me tickets and all!! (got a great bargain, and couldnt let it go) Fly to Sydney 24th Septmeber.. Hoping ill get me VISA July/August.. My C/O is DP.. He seems lovley... Pretty efficient and that.. and helpful.. I dont want to bombard him with unnecesary emails and calls every day, seeing as it wont hurry anything along anyways... So i thought maybe we could all just vent here together!! Happy Venting!!:wink:
  4. I realise that the only people who could make this decision is ultimately down to us but I needed a sounding board and although I seldom get replies (only posted a few times) I thought I would just sound away – even with no replies I am just getting this out (at least)! We, like so many others, are currently awaiting the SMP’s (it’s taking over my life!) My husband works for an International company and has spoken to his boss about immigration to which they will support wholeheartedly. Our ideal situation was to apply for Aus off our own backs so that we could go when we are ready rather than through work and not have a choice as to when and how. The reason for doing it in our own time is for the fact I have my own business in Southampton, my husband has a good job and my eldest starts at a good school next week. We are in no rush really but we really want to end up in Aus within 2/3 years time (preferably Perth). In the meantime a job has come up in Blacktown that my husband can apply for and would be recommended for. This has thrown us for the following reasons: - we don’t really fancy Sydney, we wouldn’t choose to go now and would prefer to be there on our own backs rather than through his company (makes me feel uneasy that our time in Aus relies on his job!). BUT what if the SMP’s don’t come out and what happens if his occupation is not on the SMP’s – so many questions, is this our only chance?! UGH! We went camping in the New Forest this past weekend to try and decide but didn’t come up with an answer. Staying in limbo is worse than anything – we would love to apply and even if it takes 2/3 years at least we know where we are going. I am reading this post back and it sounds confusing and it’s written badly – usually I can write well but usually when I write it’s with a clear head and right now my head is all over the place like this post! I shall wait until after the kids go to bed so we can open a bottle of wine and just hope that an answer comes to us by the time we get to the bottom of the bottle!
  5. its so damn depresing to know that applications which were lodged even after mine...i.e im a july applicant and loads of applications lodged in aug,sept,oct 2008 are getting thier CO'S as well as visa grants... i wrote and complained to the department almost 3 times now..but i just get a reply saying"we shall try to get u a case officer as soon as we can" and still nothing happens///just a week left and still nothing has come.... arrrghhh
  6. Guest

    frustrating process

    hi, myself and my family(hubby and 2 children) haved been trying for 18 months now to get our visa going! i am a qualified hairdresser and my husband is a graphic designer. i have been qualified since 1991, and he has been qualified since 1982. we have been using a migration agent, but have come across a real brick wall!!! i only have an nvq level 2 so am not deemed qualified enough even tho i have worked continously since i qualified. i also have my own salon and have done numerous training courses since my nvq. i have now been told i may have to attend a course thats run by the ozzies to assess my skills, but this costs from £1500. another expense. any ideas? any thoughts? we r all gettting really frustrated at not being allowed to even start our visa application! thanks
  7. Wendy Robinson

    So frustrating!!!!

    God i'm so peed off with this house selling crap. Had two viewings this week. The first was a woman looking for a house for her elderly mother the older woman loved the house, the views everything so i thought hhmm maybe a sale here any way the EA contacted us later that after noon to say that the people weren't interested because the estate is too modern ????????????? WTF they came to view a modern house what did they expect. The second couple were due to come tomorrow so i have literally not stopped cleaning and tidying cleaning carpets and then just as i sat down to admire my handy work the phone rang EA informing me that the viewers were cancelling because they are no longer in a position to buy????? Sorry to rant:realmad: but i'm so fed up the house has only been on the market 2 months and i'm completely fed up already:arghh: Thanks for listening Wendy xx
  8. Guest

    OMG waiting is frustrating!

    Think this is one of the worse emails you could get if you are impatient like me and waiting for your visa!:arghh::arghh: Dear Client, Thank you for your enquiry. Your medicals have been received and your case officer has decided on your visa application. You should check your email carefully for an email from your case officer including checking your junk box in your email. just staring at the screen now waiting for a email!!!!! Knowing a decision has been made and we dont know ourselves is so frustrating:arghh:
  9. Guest

    So frustrating!

    Hi guys - we have enlisted agents and been advised OH good to go on sc175 visa - however, we are struggling to get confirmation from City & Guilds that he did NVQs! So decided to do skills assessment on my quals - only to be told Vetassess dont recognise my Professional Higher Diplomas!! Only took me five bloomin years to qualify as a legal executive and now I kinda think what was the point when it cant get us where we want to be! So now, under advice of Agent, we are going with OH trade as a chef again for the application and we just have to find the proof of the NVQs!! Its looking like OH may have to do them again!! Does anyone know if thats acceptable - how many years work exp do you have to have after qualification?
  10. Every Tuesday without fail I send a blank email to aspc processing and without fail they never seem to update:arghh: Even more frustrating our visa 175 skilled via paper got lodged on 11/10/07 and have heard nothing. On email says it is at 16th september, its been on this date for weeks:err: I think I have to face facts not only am I becoming very addictied to PIO I also think I have a problem with sending emails to aspc:twitcy:
  11. Hi everyone, Was wondering if anyone else was in the terribly frustrating position where they have visas, have a job to go to and can't sell the house in the UK! We've had to take the decision now that my husband is going out ahead of us next month and I will stay in the UK with the kids until the house sells and then follow on. Have thought about renting out but quite honestly we need the money tied up in the house to make the move, and it's a bit too far away to sort out tennant problems. Don't want to sound like a moaning minny but the initial euphoria at getting our visas has fizzled out and now we feel like we're stuck in limbo land. Anyone else in the same boat?