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Found 4 results

  1. Tasmania is affected by Australia's reputation for backpacker exploitation resulting in a shortage of fruit pickers this coming season. http://www.theadvocate.com.au/story/5162215/fruit-pickers-give-tasmania-the-flick/
  2. Hi, me and my boyfriend are travelling to Sydney at the beginning of feb next year. Friends of ours have been there since july and they are wanting to start 2nd year visa work when we arrive so we are hoping to do it all together. There will be 4/5 of us and I am just wondering if anyone has any suggestions of best places to go at that time of year? We don't care where about in oz, as we are willing and wanting to travel also we are not too bothered if we don't get to work together every day, although it would be a bonus if we could. Does anybody have any recommendations of places they have been and had an enjoyable time? Feel a bit lost at the min, we have literally just decided to book our flights a few weeks ago, was a bit of a whirlwind idea, so excited now though! Ive had a look at so many websites, found working hostels, and looked to see which fruit or veg is in season at the time of year, but always helps if somebody has been to a great place and can point me in the right direction. Thanks Rachel
  3. Fosterdan

    fruit picking

    wheres the best place to do to get my second year? I'm in Sydney atm but willing to move anywhere ASAP.
  4. servonos

    2nd year WHV help!

    Hello! Thanks for reading this first of all, whoever you are. I'll try keep the situation short but apologies in advance if I rant. Now, I'm from UK and I got here 1st October 2012. Place is awesome of course. Now there was no question in my mind I wanted to stay for a second year so after my first 6 month stint in employment was done in April I was on the hunt for farmwork. Now I just found this site today and quite annoyed about all the links at the top for farm work - which is great if you're not an idiot like me and couldn't find any. I'm in Victoria and needed to stay near Melbourne for some unrelated issues and could not find any for life nor money within a few hours travel. A month and half goes by and I'm still unemployed and running very low on funds. Now a mate I was staying with mentioned the whole paying someone off thing and had a number, and said I should do it, to which I gave a rather half hearted nod. Was totally not against the farmwork, I was quite looking forward to it actually it was just getting soul destroying not having any money come in. Now, person I lived with lodged a visa application with this number he knew (all our documents were kept together) and applied. A few days later he's asking me for the money for the application. Some feigned protesting and thought **** it, what else can I do right now being unemployed with money dwindling - at least this way I could get back into a job in Melbourne and get some funds going. Now, whilst all this is going on I'm still looking for farmwork and as of 2 days ago I have a cushy orange picking job in SA that I'm rather psyched about. Asked him for the login details to withdraw the application cause yknow, why fake it when I'm doing the work anyway and on the thing they're asking for further documentation as to my farmwork - which I obviously don't have. I mean I can show a bank statement with no incomings but all the outgoings are in melbourne so it'd make no sense. Now I'm in this crappy position where I want to retract the application and resubmit when I have done the legitimate amount of time - but I'm afraid they're going to ask questions when I retract it, or even worse it'll affect my actual application later on - especially if I don't get another bridging visa (they gave me one even though mines doesn't end for a while?) as my farmwork is going to end middle to late september and my first year visa is up at the start of October - so I'll likely need a bridging one till they make a decision. So, to sum it all up my questions are - Can I retract online or do I have to fill in a form and send back? Will my retracted application affect the later one? Will I have to answer any questions when I retract it because I sure as hell don't want to have to explain to them I knew it was fraudulent but desperation got the better of me? Sorry again about the rant, I just wanted to make ti clear I don't want to rip off the system, I'm happy doing the work but gah, desperation does funny things Any advice would be absolutely ace. Thanks guys!