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Found 24 results

  1. Hi All, Me and my girlfriend are looking to do our farm work/ Fruit picking and was hoping someone would have some details of people we could get in contact with to get in touch with to start our 3 months work for our 2nd year visas. We are both 22 and from England, we would prefer paid work within the Western Australia, New South Wales or Queensland regions but are willing to travel anywhere to do it. Thanks for any help anyone can give us. Tom
  2. hey! Does anyone know a good place to do fruit picking around cairns... maybe kuranda, mareeba, innisfail or even tully? I know there should be places, but i cant find any contact numbers etc for the farms and where is best?? Thanks!
  3. The Pom Queen

    Fruit Picking vacancy in NSW

    Cherry and stone fruits orchard. 100 jobs mid Nov to Xmas- 5 week season, also Feb-Mar Pay by piece rates, varying $100 to $180 per day for good pickers. Working hours 6 to 8 hours a day. Village of Wombat (5km)or town of Young (10km) Wombat has a pub, general store and post office. Camping facilities (incl showers, kitchen & laundry) on site. Hotel accomodation and caravan parks in Young. Contact: Wendy Batinich tel 02 6384 3222 or 3266 fax 6384 3341 'Cherrymore' Wombat Road, Young 2594 Location: Australasia Duration: Feb Mar Nov Dec Job Type: Fruit Picking
  4. And how can fruit flies kill????
  5. WHEN ARE THE JOBS? A large number of fruit pickers (up to 140 per day) are required during our fruit picking season in the mid January to late March/April period each year. We may also have vacancies for experienced tractor drivers. WHAT CROPS? Peaches, pears and then apples. PAYMENT Fruit pickers are paid on a piece-work system (rates are approved by the government authorities, growers and unions)so the more fruit you pick the more you earn. There is no guaranteed minimum wage for most fruit pickers on our farm. WHO ARE THE WORKERS? We have a large number of fruit pickers from all over Australia and many parts of the world. To work with us you must be an Australian Citizen or an Australian permanent resident, the holder of a New Zealand Passport or have an Australian visa that allows employment. WHAT IS THE JOB LIKE? Picking is generally done from steel ladders, so you need to be fairly healthy as there is a fair bit of carrying, lifting and walking. The fruit is picked into a bag which is slung over your shoulders in a harness fashion and then emptied into the 'bin'. The bin holds the equivalent of 22 cases of fruit, so it can take some time to fill a bin up. If you are new to fruit picking you may find it fairly difficult to begin with, but within a couple of days you will find that your daily bin numbers are likely to increase as you develop better technique. INDUCTION Before you start working on our orchard you will be instructed in the correct and safe techniques of using a picking ladder and other aspects of fruit picking. SUITABLE WORK CLOTHES Because it is generally warm you should dress for the environment. A long sleeved shirt is recommended. Boots or shoes with a firm sole will protect your feet. Thongs or bare feet are not acceptable. Sun screen is advisable for protection from the sun and hats are compulsory. ACCOMMODATION We have fully catered accommodation in 2 - 3 bed rooms and a camping area for those with tents. We also have a caravan park for those with their own vans and motorhomes. HOW AND WHEN TO APPLY Application forms can be completed on our website http://www.rjcornish.com from the beginning of December through to the end of February each year. INTERESTED? Visit our website http://www.rjcornish.com for further details. Phone (03) 5872 2055 Fax (03) 5872 1054 jobs@rjcornish.com R J Cornish & Co Pty Ltd 174 Cottons Rd Cobram 3644 Victoria AUSTRALIA http://www.rjcornish.com
  6. The Pom Queen

    Fruit Picking Vacancy in Victoria

    Turnbull Brothers Orchards - Fruit Picking - Victoria If you enjoy outdoor, physical work, then fruit picking could be for you. We employ men & women from all round the world every year. We have work available from November to April. Cherries: November/December Pears: January/February/March Peaches: January/February Plums: February Apples: March/April Work Conditions Fruit Picking is quite physical, involving ladder-climbing, and often the weather is very warm. Pickers are placed in groups or "gangs" of approx 20 to 30. The "ganger" in charge of that group trains and helps pickers in the correct picking technique and keeps their bin tallies Hours (May Vary) Monday - Thursday 7.30am-12.00pm 12.30pm-4.30pm Friday 7.30am-1.00pm On some occasions Saturdays and Sundays are worked. Notification will be given prior to the day. Pay Rates We pay on a piece rate per bin - (the more fruit you pick the more we pay you). You are paid for the number of bins picked. Accommodation is available on the orchard. Regarding the room accommodation, you are required to bring your own bedding, pillow, cooking & eating utensils. The rooms contain beds & mattress only. (Shared accommodation - mainly 2 per room) Employees who live on the orchard will have the use of the communal kitchen, dining area & large communal refrigerator facilities. We cater for tents, caravans, camper-vans and some buses. Sites are powered, with communal facilities including BBQs, showers and laundries and washing machines. If you would like to apply for work here please see our website and fill out the online application form. 65 Turnbull Lane Mooroopna Victoria 3629 Australia Location: Australasia Duration: Jan Feb Mar Apr Nov Dec Job Type: Fruit Picking Agriculture Website: http://www.turnbullorchards.com
  7. Orchard growing nash pears and cherries in the Adelaide Hills near Barossa Valley. Cherry picking Dec-Jan (50 jobs) Tree planting Jun-Aug (6 jobs) Tree training and flower thinning Apr-Nov (6 jobs) Rates of pay vary from piece rates to hourly depending on the task. Typical day's earnings pre-tax $120. Hours 0730 to 1600. Hostel style accom with dorms, bathrooms and kitchen. Pub nearby or free camping on site. TV and email access. Close to wineries and Giant Rocking Horse http://astronomy.swin.edu.au/~pbourke/fun/rocking/ Small town of Gumeracha 10 mins walk (1 km) away. Regular buses from Adelaide 45 kms / 50 mins. contact: Tony Hannaford tel 08 8389 1405 / fax 08 8389 1406 email: tvo@olis.net.au address: Forreston Road, Gumeracha SA 5233 Location: Australasia Duration: Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Job Type: Fruit Picking Website: http://www.tvo.com.au
  8. Silvan Estate Raspberries is one hours drive East of Melbourne in the picturesque Dandenong Ranges. The farm setting has a most impressive, panoramic outlook to the Black Snake Ranges. Employment Seasonal work is available for fruit pickers from early December to the end of April. We welcome fruit pickers with and without experience. All fruit picking depends on fine dry weather and most days start early to avoid the high Summer heat. All workers must have a Tax File Number. You must have Working Holiday Visa if you are from overseas. We make a direct payment of your wages into your bank account and provide you with a pay slip. Rate of pay We pay by the weight of berries picked. We take into consideration the wholesale market price we receive, plus we consider the condition of the crop. The Season commences late November and continues through into April. We prefer you to stay a minimum of 3 or 4 weeks. Can I stay at the farm? You can set up a tent or campervan. We do provide some onsite caravan accommodation. There is a shared kitchen and shower facilities and we charge a small fee for the use of the facilities. Applications including your name address telephone number email can be send by fax or email. Fax +61 (0)3 9737 9105 Email silvan@raspberries.com.au Silvan Estate Raspberries 70 Hollis Road Silvan South Victoria 3795 Australia
  9. Number 1 I have 4 chili plants and they have kept me going in hot hot hot :wacko: chillies all summer in my superb curries chilli-con-carnes and all my spicy hot food I like, fresh chillies are sooooo much better in a recipe than the bland chilli powder and I can pick them fresh when I want :jiggy:
  10. g'day! i arrived in sydney on monday...i'm staying in the lovely newtown. but life here is very expensive! if i cannot find a job i would like to go fruit picking (maybe somewhere a little warmer) is anyone going or does anyone know of any good farms to work on this time of year?or if anyone is thinking about it we could meet up and plan go together. im 25 year old girl from the north of england. get in touch :biggrin: mhairi xx
  11. Guest

    Fruit flies UK

    Anyone noticed there seems to be loads around at the moment or is it just South yorks/lincs.............starting to get annoying now!
  12. tonyman

    Fruit Flies

    where do fruit flies come from ...?when a piece of fruit is going off in a fruit bowl it doesnt seem to take long before these little flies appear ....but where do they come from in the first place.......?:GEEK:
  13. firebladebally

    Fruit picking or regional work

    Has any one done 3 months fruit picking or regional work to get the second year working voliday visa ? Any info on wages, what type of work, and where abouts would be good. Any any memorable experiances that any one had on a working holiday would be nice...Cheers :biggrin:
  14. Guest

    What's Your Favourite Fruit?

    Just thought I would ask. Mine is peaches and cream, can't get enough of them, though sometimes they stick in the old throat a little.:embarrassed: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  15. Who says Australia is expensive:wink: Just poped into my local Woolies as WA has finally joined the 21st Century and now our supermarkets are open until 9pm:cool: Well to celebrate late night shopping, Woolies had a promotion on.... fill a bag of fruit and veg for $2... you could fill it with as much as the bag could hold as long as you were able to tie a knot on the bag. I filled my first bag with about 10 pears, 8 apples, a banana, a couple of oranges... it was overflowing almost. The second bag I filled with 2 lemons, more apples, 2 candy apples for my girls, red onion and a english cucumber (the english cucumber only sells for $1.75). So I am chuffed to say the least, got the lot for $4 and now we have enough fruit to last us more than a week. See Australia is not always expensive:wink: Cheers Karen
  16. .............are just a few of the items i found in aldis in Epping plaza at the weekend.......They also had digestives normal and chocolate and sherbert fountains:jiggy: :notworthy:
  17. Hi, We are an English couple looking for some fruit picking or farming work in Aus. We're both very hard working and happy to work long hours. We live in QLD but want to see more of regional Australia. Both non smokers and very clean and tidy! I (Kim) loves to cook and happy to cook for many people and Ryan loves to clean haha! So we are a good couple to have around. If anyone knows of any more info that you can help us with that would be great, even a point in the right direction. We want to try go with a private farmer or a hostel is fine if someone can name one that is clean and treats workers well. We want to start fruit picking in early August, both very happy to work long hours and 7 days a week, we just want to work and save money! Please can anyone help?? Thanks Kim & ryan
  18. kernow43

    Illegal fruit pickers deported

    This how it should always be done! Maybe UK could learn a lesson from us or "we" Illegal fruit pickers deported | The Courier-Mail
  19. Hi I have recently been told by my empolyer of 10 months that I wont be taken on furrther and given a 457 Visa. :err: Now Iv settled with Renting / Car / Social life I'm in a tizz because I will have to go home in 10 weeks?? I cant possibly do the Farming in that time? Are there any other ways of gaining a second WHV Visa? Or extending my Stay considerably? Thanks in Advance
  20. emmaj

    Fruit & Veg Markets?

    Can any recomend any fruit and veg markets NOR? I know they sell these things at coles etc but i fancy going to a market. Doesnt have to be the cheapest, just great quality and lots of choice. Thanks Emma x
  21. So our 70days from when we were asked to submit extra information for our visa is up tomorrow....what do you reckon are chances are of getting are visa tomorrow or Friday? I have been going MENTAL, pretty much like alot of people on this site right now, waiting and wishing and hoping and praying and crossing every bodily part available to me, and not necessarily belonging to me, in the hope we hear soon... I AM GOING MAD! I really cant sleep, work is just not happening and im SO tense that the slightest thing my poor OH does i bite his head off...god help him if he leaves the toilet seat up!! So i just wanted to post and rant, i feel like the Aussie dream is closer when i post on here, rather tragic that may sound but desperation turns perfectly normal people really rather batty, has anyonelse noticed that?!!! :wacko: So, id like to place my money on Friday, thats day 71!....I will wake up with a wee spring in my step, drive up the motorway to work, log on, click on to my favourites - yes the Aus immi site is one of my favourites, enter the now known off by heart TRN and passort number, and then and SCREAM and WHOOP at the immotal words 'Applicant approved' which WILL be infront of me.........anyone wish to bet against me!?!? do you? DO YOU!?!? :confused: anywhooo, good luck to everyonelse waiting i truly hope everyone has the stress and nerves reduced soon and we all hear x
  22. hi all im here living in Cairns with my Mrs and we are in need of any harvest work we can get. its proving harder than we thought it would any ideas? please help:arghh:
  23. Hi everyone im full of stupid questions tonight but hey Iv read on here before about fruit markets in the northern subs of Perth can anyone tell me were they are please Thanks Julia
  24. Guest

    cheap fruit and veg

    just wondering how many of you have found the spud shed. we were coming back from rockingham yesterday and stumbled on it. talk about cheap can get anything you want there for less than half the price of supermarkets. just so you know its on kerosene lane which connects mandurah road with baldivis road. they also have one near mandurah but dont know where. just thought id share this with you so you can save some dollars lol:jiggy: