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Found 72 results

  1. Hi all, I am located in Melbourne East, I have just joined PIO today - I am looking for social groups for my brother and myself to join. I have been in Aus since 1991 and have settled with a wife etc and have friends that I have met through high school. My brother moved here from Colchester a lot later, (2002) and has seriously struggled to meet people of his own kind that he can share common interests with. He is 39 years old, a brick layer by trade, has two staffies and enjoys a drink on the weekends. He also enjoys his music and has his own turn tables that he mixes on. Being in his late twenties when he moved to Australia and working in the building trade he has struggled to meet people that have the same interests as him and in turn tends to have little enthusiasm for anything now a days. I think often that there MUST be other people out there that have had the same issues settling into the 'Aussie' life style and meeting like minded people. If any one has ideas on social gathering or sites that we could maybe look at to help my brother settle in I would be very much appreciative. Cheers Dodgekya
  2. We've just come back to the UK after spending 2 weeks in Melbourne to validate our visa. We've got our house on the Market and after it is sold we will make the permanent move "down under". However, Rachel (that's the 12 year old) is not very happy about it obviously. Are there any 12/13 year olds out in Victoria whom will be willing to Facebook chat with her to tell her how great it is and the School Uniform is not that bad??? Thank you :biggrin:
  3. Guest


    I'm 34 yrs male ,migrating to Adelaide from Sri Lanka and hope to arrive on end of Nov.I like to know some one who can assist me .
  4. wishfulthinking

    Question for a friend?

    Hiya, my friend wants to know if he'd be able to emmigrate to Perth, I just don't have the knowledge to answer his question but I thought someone might be able to give his some info. He's 38yrs old and is a qualified painter and decorator for the past 19years. Even though he is qualifed he never picked up his certificates. he got in touch with City and Guilds about these but they no longer have records as they are out of date. Could my friend try and get a sponsor and just go off experience alone or would there be just no way he'd get in? Cheers nat
  5. Hey im 21, just moved here from the UK. Im living in Brisbane and just wondering if there was anyone out there roughly the same age who (without sounding sad) wants to start chatting and maybe socialising? Im finding it difficult to find a job at the moment and my thoughts are this is the only way im going to make new friends? Feeling really lonely lol Hope to hear from you Emily:biggrin:
  6. tonyman

    Fisherman Friend wanted WA

    any fisherman that is willing to teach me the ropes on fishing ect in Perth would be much appreciated i have basic skills but want good advice ect ..hope you can help ....
  7. Hiya, Just wondering If I can get some solution to this query from this wonderful forum. just to brief you all, My Friend & her OH have 176 granted in Nov 2009. However, the main applicant ( my frd) moved along with her hubby to UK in Aug 2009 ( after resigning her job). However, she updated the DIAC with change in Address ( new address in the UK) via email to her CO & their visa is granted in nov 2009 & they both have validated the visa as well. Now, they have a baby born in the UK and recently applied for Child visa for their baby & presently she is not working. Having said this my friend is extremly worried that she missed/ forgot mentioning to DIAC that she resigned the job in August 2009 ( before the visa was approved). can comeone suggest what needs to be her next step? Does she has to mention now? doe this effect the Child visa for her baby? :confused: Cheers! Ash
  8. nik_kershaw

    What visa can my friend get?

    Hi everyone, I have a friend who was in the Army with me. He is looking at taking redundancy when it's offered next year. He is seriously looking at moving to Australia with his wife and 2 kids. His wife was in the Air force but I am not sure what she is doing now. He is currently looking to get a BA hons in Business Leadership and Management, which could help him get over. What else could he do to help his chances to move over? What is in hot demand? He is also thinking about putting his CV on site like seek.com.au with the hope of a employers sponsorship but I think he'll be lucky to get that. Anyway, are there any pointers that I can give him? By the way i live in Australia as my wife dragged me over as she's an aussie. cheers in advance
  9. Guest

    Making friend is difficult?

    I find making friends over here so hard. I moved here 5 years ago from England to Brisbane. I accept that things are completely different here to England some good some bad and I have always appreiciate different cultures/interest/religions etc etc But I've just found making friends so hard and awkward, I feel like it's a mission, there's no flow in any conversation, people don't understand my humor, and I think I've just had enough. And it gets me down so much because I love this country but I've never experienced feeling so isolated from a whole nationality of people. I know they'll be some aussies saying ''well if you don't like it bugger off' ''Well we'll just have to see what the aborigines have to say about that, ay! It's that exact arrogance I can't stand. Has anyone else had difficulties making friends? I live in Brisbane, and I feel like my mind wants to blow up sometimes, I don't get the people, their attitudes. Perhaps us 'pommies' are too soft, but I believe in self respect and giving it back, I find having both these traits make you come across as a weakling and it will only get you knocked down and walked over.I have gradually found myself loosing my sense in humor I once had and have now adopted this defensive attitude in preparation for cocky, smart uncalled for remarks. I apologize if this is just too personal and may offend australians, and I have met some really lovely people here, just not enough of them.
  10. Well, been back in Canada over 7 months now, and in the full swing of a glorious Canadian summer. It has been a beauty !....hot.. temps in the low 30's.... this weekend's forecast is hot and sunny with temps in the low 30's but with humidity feeling like the low 40's. After living in Perth, with no daylight savings, I can honestly say that I LOVE daylight savings. Sitting outside with a cold beer and enjoying the time after work well until 10pm. What a difference it makes, you can cram so much more into your evening after working all day. It's funny how only 1 hour can make such a difference. I realize that only WA, QLD and I think the NT don't have daylight savings...... such a shame. I am sure that those back in the UK and those living in areas of Australia with daylight savings will agree with me. Well just wanted to share...... loving this summer !! Karen
  11. My aussie friend is leaving the UK and heading back to her home in Australia, I want to get her a fun pressie that will remind her from her time in the UK. Anyone got any ideas for pressies, perhaps something you miss from the UK or would remind you of London. Thanks
  12. Hey, She has lodged her application 2008 July 885 skilled migration which is now in group 5. She said she has been received email says that her applications in cat 3 and soon will be allocated to case officer. This is what she has been received. __________________ We have recently sent email letters to certain Priority Group 3 applicants who have lodged a General Skilled Migration (GSM) application under subclasses 175, 176, 475, 885, 886 and 487. As indicated above, these emails were sent only to applicants whose applications: a) are expected to be allocated to a case officer within three months of the date of these letters; and b) can proceed with health and character requirements without firstly being assessed by a case officer. If you have received this letter and have queries about these instructions, the following Questions and Answers may be of interest. Similarly, if you have not received this letter and your application is in Priority Group 3, these Questions and Answers will explain why and when you may expect to be contacted about your application. this is part of email she received. and she also paste the article from immigration website ... The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Bowen, has set new priority processing arrangements for certain skilled migration visas. These arrangements will give effect to the minister's announcement on 10 May 2011 that regional visas will be given the highest processing priority. Priority processing refers to the order in which the department considers skilled migration applications. The minister is able to consider and finalise visa applications in an order of priority that the minister considers appropriate. The changes to priority processing do not change visa eligibility criteria. The new priority processing arrangements apply to the following visas: Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) certain General Skilled Migration (GSM). -------------- what do you guys think? Is this some sort of error or do you think they finally starting processing old application in cat 5?
  13. Guest

    Friend In A PR Pickle

    Hi I've an Irish friend who arrived over in January 2010. Himself and his wife are on her student visa, she's a mature Irish student studying hairdressing in Melbourne. She's completed Cert III , nearly completed Cert IV and will continue her Diploma in August. They've 2 sons both of whom are over 18. One has since returned to Ireland. Hairdressing was removed from the Skills list in July 2010. Neither have recognised qualifications and are both in their 40's. He's doing some manual work, 20 hours per week. I'm no expert in migration issues but seen as we're going through the PR process and I can see how cut and dry they are here, my assessment of their situation is pretty bleak. Their financial situation is precarious and they need to make a decision soon whether they chance an application or just return to Ireland. Any advice would be great.
  14. Guest

    Friend in need.

    Hi I wondered if anyone could help a friend of mine in need? She's no internet at the mo so asked if I could post these questions for her. 1. I've applied on May 20th for the onshore spouse visa does anybody have any idea how long it takes for it to come thru? 2. I need to move seven large boxes from West Australia back to the UK, which is the cheapest and most reliable firm to do that with? 3. I have an investment bond in the UK which I want to bring over to Oz I want to know the cheapest way to do this and where I can get the best rates? Should I just let the company put it inmy UK bank and ask them to transfer it to my Oz bank account or transfer it directly from the bond company to my Oz bank account or is there a better way of doing where I will get best rate and not incur any charges? She's in Perth and doesn't know many people so if there's any meet ups can you let us know, I'm not sure whereabouts she is though, sorry. Thanks
  15. Hi Guys My best mate need help with his sponsorship. He works in the construction industry and is not too keen on computers and doing research online for the sponsorship so he has asked me to help him out. His story: He has managed to find a really good company here in Sydney and they like him and his work, He works as a dogs man directing cranes he has some certs and ref from home. He has all the nessiary tickets which allow him to work legally in NSW. My mate asked the company if they would be willing to sponsor him and they have agreed but he would have to pay the costs etc. which he said he will. He is here on a working holiday visa and he worked in the fruit picking area for 6 months so he has a second year lined up as well. He went to a seminar in Bondi and the girl he gave his information to the girl to follow up with him but he has not heard from her, not even a email. he has contacted her but nothing. I am guessing she was a migration lawyer of some sort. Can any of you good folk please advise my friend on what he should do. The company he works for have left it in his hands to do. They will of course follow up with the legal documents etc. He is the sort of guy who would rather just pay someone to do it all for him. Thanks in advance
  16. Guest

    Away from friend and family

    :wink:Hi friends How newcomers will cope with life in Victoria - a long way from friends and family? Regards Mohammad Reza Roozbahani
  17. Hi All, I have a friend who is interested in applying for 175 visa (skilled perm) but her problem is - she currently scores 120 on the 175 visa but if her application is not granted by 26th June '10 she will be 35 and therefore drops 5 points so she will no longer have the necessary points. Is she better just to wait until 1st July and then apply as she will still then have 120 points under the new system. Any info would be great as she's conscious that she needs to act fast to get in under the old system or just wait until 1st July & then apply. Thanks all, AM
  18. OK, this is a little tongue in cheek, but in all seriousness it could come in useful for some. Most of us, if not all have often got to the airport and with some slight trepidation we approach check in, 'Did I pack my package right, God, I hope I'm not overweight, at a tenner/twenty quid per kilo overweight I am going to get well and truly stung here',:mad::shocked: Worry no more my friends, no need to stress or concern yourselves. Just purchase the Scotee Sev Carry On coat and your troubles are over: Carry-On Coat™ from SCOTTEVEST/SeV - Carry-On Coat with Hidden Pockets - The Ultimate Carry-On Coat for Travel The link can explain it far better than me. Ok, so you will look like a flasher on a bad day, you may well get arrested for looking like a radical terrorist as you approach the check in. You won't be able to sit down because of the laptop that is now hugging your bum. You will NEVER be able to find your mobile phone in all the pockets, and loose change, well you can forget that. As I said, this is a bit tongue in cheek, but seriously, for a little discomfort in the terminal you can take it off once thorough customs and of course leave it off in the aircraft. Have a look at the clips and videos, it really is truly amazing what you can get in it. BUT, I have an idea that it won't be too long before the airlines will start to clamp down on this, never one to miss an opportunity to sting you. But until that time comes think seriously fellow PIO'ers, this really could save you a packet in excess baggage. I would like to say, I have no affiliation with the company in question, though any recommendations after you have tried the coat would be appreciated,:biglaugh::biglaugh:. There again, maybe not, I don't want to be help responsible for any 'accidents' you get into, i.e., broken back because of the weight, arrests due to a suspicious look, or any other hap hazard event that 'could' result from wearing such a device.:shocked: Cheers Tony.
  19. Hello Everyone, My family are moving to the Central Coast next August and my daughter is already worried about leaving her school friends and making new friends in Oz. She will turn 6 next week and is in year 1 here. I thought it would be valuable if she could make a new friend(s) and learn something about Aussie life and Aussie school before we head out. I thought perhaps we could start off with an email and maybe work towards sending a short letter and picture through the real life post?? Any child, boy or girl between 4 and 8 would be perfect and you don't have to be Central coast either, I suppose. Sophie (36), Joe (39), Jeannie (almost 6) and Eddie (3). :cute:
  20. Hi all, Me and my partner are new (ish) to Melbourne and looking to link up with people out here. We live in the CBD and are generally interested in a broad range of social events, sports and partying. Drop us a line if you want to hook up, we're pretty free minded and spirited and enjoy having a good time so looking to meet a mixed crowd. Also, congrats to England on the Ashes! A sweet victory Cheers, Sam.
  21. Hi Guys, Just wanted to say hello and see if I could make any friends here. I`m a mum of 2 little girls, one is almost 11 months old and the other one is 4 years old. We are moving to Mandurah in the next couple of months, hopefully not later than March. We are going to be coming a long way(from the UK) and I`m a bit worried about being lonely at first as we don`t practically know anyone out there. Well, we h...ave friends who moved to M a year ago but that`s only one family. How do you feel about new people coming to your country, do you mind at all? We are not British by the way. Just wanted to see what you think and if any of you would like to become friends with us. Alex
  22. and id like to say how proud i am to be this:wubclub:for some reason i cant accept this on my request freinds acceptence---so if robs on here --could you do it for me please:wubclub:ps im not only a friend of kats--i love her to bits,and think shes a marvolous lady--a credit to pio,and mankind----its official kat--your me buddy:jiggy:
  23. Guest

    friend bankrupt question

    was talking to a friend at work telling him about how we are going to oz and he asked me could you still go if his wife was declared bankrupt last yr (hairdresser salon went bust) thay would be going out on her trade. thanks alan
  24. hey guys! Been in Sydney 3 months know and nuckled down at work to get sponsorship!... now i have this I think its time to buckle down and meet some new people and hopefully some mates.. Deffo up for drinks/movies/sight seeing/coffee's etc!! so drop me a line!
  25. Guest

    Any Advice for a friend

    Hello Everyone, It's a long time since I logged in here as sadly my Australian dream died a death earlier this year due to domestic upheaval otherwise known as divorce. :cry: So I have had to make do with life in Blighty. All very sad, but that is the way life unfolds sometimes. The reason I came on today is to try to help a friend who is in a real dilema. I am sure here many of you will sympathise with him and may offer some advice or an opinion. So here goes, and I will summarise it as much as possible. A friend of mine recently went to live in Oz with his wife and young baby. I more than anyone encouraged him and even recommended a nice area and place for them to settle. So they travelled out and had a rental lined up. Got to Oz, liked the house and the place, signed the lease. They were staying in a hotel which he had pre booked and paid for prior to signing the lease. Sadly, he got a call that his faher was ill and no sooner had he got there than he had to fly back after a week. His father is quite unwell back in UK and he feels so guilty now that he is commiting himself to stay here and look after his Dad. The problem lies in the fact that he/they signed the lease and is now paying for a house in Oz he never even stayed in, not once. He's not the type who would ever "not pay" or anything like that and accepts the situation but naturally hopes the agent would re-let the property in time. I'm not looking to "SPAM" an advert on here as I know that is not the spirit of the site. However in an effort to try and help them, I enquire if it is possible to mention that anyone looking for a beautiful rental in West Brisbane may be interested. Obviously this would assist Roger and Jen (my friends) and also help any new arrival or planned arrival going to Brisbane. I have all the details available but naturally won't post them here until I know it's OK to do so. Or maybe anyone interested can message me and I can pass the details on. Can I also say that if this post is unacceptable and seen as an advert or something, I understand and acceot if it is deleted. My best wishes to all on PIO. I miss the site a lot since my plans changed so sadly this year. I wish everyone new and old on the site great times in Australia and send greetings to all. Best wishes, REDS :notworthy: