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Found 52 results

  1. We have flights booked from Manchester with Singapore Airlines and just wondered if there were any PIO members on the same flight? We fly out on Fri 13th Jan :eek: in the morning with the Newlands :wub::biggrin: Mandi x
  2. Monday morning feels so bad Everybody seems to nag me Comin' Tuesday I'll feel better Even my old man looks good Wednesday just won't go Thursday goes too slow I've got Friday on my mind Can't be bothered to list all the lyrics and, not working, the lyrics don't have any resonance with me any more. I MUST stop my bludging existence!
  3. TIGER Airways Australia has been given permission to start flying again but will be required to observe strict conditions and is limited to 18 flights per day for the rest of this month. The airline will be under increased supervision by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. CASA chief John McCormick warned that failure to meet the conditions would be treated seriously. Tiger said it would resume flights on the Melbourne-Sydney route on Friday, with tickets going on sale today. Other routes will be announced shortly. A simplified flying program would also see it reduce its Australian fleet from 10 to eight aircraft, with two planes being redeployed overseas. It would also close its bases at Adelaide and Avalon, near Geelong, and offer staff the opportunity to redeploy to Melbourne. Passengers already booked to fly from Friday will be told of changes and offered a range of options, including a penalty-free transfer to another flight, or a refund if their flight is not operating. The decision to allow the airline to return to the air comes after its grounding almost six weeks ago, when CASA formed the view it was a serious and imminent threat to safety. The grounding followed two incidents in which Tiger pilots flew too low in the approach to Melbourne airports in June. During its grounding, all of Tiger's pilots underwent additional training and the airline has been required to significantly improve its records-keeping. Today's conditions cover areas such as pilot training and proficiency, pilot rostering and fatigue, currency and revision of operational manuals. The airline has also been required to improve its change management process, appoint additional qualified personnel to key positions and amend its safety management system. Mr McCormick, who declared he would personally be prepared to fly on the airline, said Tiger had demonstrated it could comply with the conditions and meet the necessary safety requirements. “On that basis, CASA now believes allowing Tiger Airways Australia to resume operations is acceptable,” he said in Brisbane. “Tiger Airways has co-operated with CASA's investigation and is to be credited for a constructive approach. “CASA will be closely monitoring the operations of Tiger Airways through scheduled surveillance and regular spot checks. We will also be meeting regularly with the airline to review ongoing safety performance and compliance with the conditions on the airline's operations. “Any failure to comply with these conditions will be taken seriously.” Mr McCormick said he hoped Tiger's public image had not been damaged beyond repair.
  4. Hey Everyone Well, this is it for us, the big move is upon us!! I constantly feel ill with nerves, after a very sad and eventful weekend (which involved sitting in a&e for 24 hrs with my daughter with a head injury) my head is spinning:spinny:! I still have a lot of goodbyes to get through, which is soooooo hard!:cry: It's hard to see why we are putting ourselves through this at the moment, i am hoping that when i get to sydney it will all become clear:wink: anyone else feel like this in the lead up to the move? Any tips on travelling with babies (aged 3 and 8 months) ? Anyone else heading to sydney from ireland at the same time as us?
  5. Salma

    A great Good Friday

    As some of you may know I was pregnant and on Good Friday I had my baby boy! I cannot thank the medical staff at my hospital even though it was 40 minutes away and with our move to aus in the planning only fitting that the MW who helped deliver him was a Kiwi who had lived in Oz and is planning on going back! Now just need to let my little man grow and take him to Aus in Novemeber.
  6. :jiggy::jiggy:omg omg we have our visa !!!!! Would like to say thankyou to the people who have helped us on our journey :notworthy: My children can have their daddy back now and I my hubby .......I guess he will be throwing his royal navy notice at the captain tomorrow. :swoon:i can't contact him bY phone only by email arghhhhhhlol Thankyou pio ! Brides xxx
  7. Watched a movie, went kayaking, sunbathed, read some of my book, went surfing and swimming read some more of my book. Came home watched another movie and guess what it didnt cost us a brass bean, nothing, zilch. Australia expensive? my posterior, also we had a huge rump steak for tea. $6 for all three of us, not each all in. Have I ever mentioned I love this country :biggrin:
  8. Hi, A few of us met up a month ago for lunch in the city and we have decided to try and make it a regular thing every month.... So, this Friday we will be meeting again at around 12 o clock... We went to Time Out last time in Fed Square which was very easy to get to.... BUT service not the best.. So any ideas of where to go????? Or shall we just go to same place? Anyone who can make it and fancies a coffee/wine and a spot of lunch would be great to see u.... Elaine.
  9. Guest

    Moving next friday!

    i'm 15 and moving to western austraila next friday! moving to Bunbary if anyone has any information that might make me feel more confident.. please email me
  10. I am not a superstitious person but now panicing about the date for medicals. :wacko:
  11. Any mums (or dads) want to bring their babies/toddlers along to a soft play centre in East Bentleigh on Friday 21st (morning) for coffee and a chat whilst little ones play. Jenny
  12. Critical Skills List refinement affecting British emigration to Australia | Getting Down under http://www.visabureau.com/australia/news/16-03-2009/immediate-changes-made-to-critical-skills-list-and-australian-visa-processing.aspx Are the links above true? My partner is a welder and sounds like we are affected by these changes, but I didn't think list was out till friday 30th!!
  13. bottle top

    friday night

    what you lot drinking tonight ?
  14. Hi, I'm arranging a meetup this Friday night in Toowong. PM me if you'd like to come along and I'll give you the details. Hopefully see you then. Kate
  15. Hi guys, we are doing it again very soon. After our success on Wednesday night but some people not being able to make it a couple of us thought we would meet again on Friday. So if you fancy a nice drink after work we will be there from 5:30 onwards and look forward to seeing you all. Single or not! It's West Perth - New Black Tom’s Bar, West Perth Catch you all later, Cara
  16. Hi just wanted to know if anyone if flying from Newcastle on flight no EK036 Emirates, on Friday May 1st? my dad and brother will be on this flight, so just interested to see if anyone else on here is on the same flight Sarah x
  17. megmor

    container delivered friday

    at last our 40 foot container is being delivered on Friday, the exact day john mason Uk said it would be delivered to the home address in WA. Im a diesel mechanic and at last i am to be reunited with my tools,(very large snap on kit) My wife and family cannot wait for the xboxes and furniture etc but as far as i am concerned you can not earn money with gamstations. loads of work over here for mechanics and especially auto electricians Full weeks work from Monday yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee noticed various questions about tools and cleaning I degreased mine and hosed off then sprayed the whole lot with wd40 Tools went throiugh aquis in wa no problems hope this helps ian and paula
  18. Just got back today after a stressful couple of days! As title says took practical on friday (well i didnt oh did!). Hopefully all ok, he did say it was pretty hard and glad he revised. Just have that horrible wait now to see if we have passed, they said 10 days but looking at other posts on here its taking people up to a month to get results.:wideeyed: If you have any questions them pm me. Good luck to everyone else taking practicals x
  19. A few of us are meeting at the PK Tavern this Friday night around 8pm as its my OH'S birthday if anyone would like to come along feel free to contact me, it would be great to meet some new people.:wink:
  20. My husband was made redundent on Friday the 13th. Well on Monday this week he had an interview with a company that is at the end of our road. we live in a small village with 1 shop, a garage, 2 pubs and a company that makes diving gear, so it is small. well he got offered the job and started work on Tuesday. he got 2 weeks pay redundency and had only been out of work for 1 week and 1 day so we are in pocket, plus he gets an extra 10p an hour and as an added bonus he can work to work so bye bye to one of the cars. Yippee :wink: Had held off sending the TRA gonna get it in the post tomorrow.:nah: So to all of you that are looking for work don't give up and be cheeky
  21. Guest

    Friday the 13th

    I dont tend to beleive in Black Friday well not until today!!!!!! This morning I was awoken by one of my neighbours who informed that my car doors were all open. On closer inspection some dirty scum-bag had brokern in removed all my stuff CD's footy boots sat-nav mobile fone and wallet luckely cause I'm married it had nothing in it. Then it became apparrent that the same B@@@@@## had also tried to break in the house whilst my children wife and I were asleep. There was a reason why the british goverment sent people out here in excile now they prove that due to bad genetics they havent learnt their lesson. I count my stars that we are all ok but if they find this culprict then they should send him, his family and friends to either NZ or the UK in excile. Apart from this it has been amazing out here the people are generally friendly and everywhere is really clean and vibrante. One last thing that bothers me is I own a pair off Police sun-glasses that cost about $300 and they left them behind so either I have really poor taste in Sunny's or the intruder know's something that I obviously DON"T......I'm taking them to make sure they are the real McCoy!!!!!!:policeman:
  22. Not been on for a week or so ( computer problems). Anyway the reason for this post is to let you know that on Friday all profits Coles make (countrywide) they will be donating to the bushfire appeal for the poor people affected in Victoria. So please even if you dont shop in Coles, please go there on Friday....you will be helping so many people!! We have been here nearly 2 years and in that time we have made friends (through friends) that have not only lost there homes, cars etc but have also lost family/friends etc. OH friend who he works with is not at work this week, he is defending his home, the rest of his family (wife and 4 children under 12) have evacuated!! Its awful....so please help as much as you can!! Thanks so much to you all!! Deb xx
  23. Guest

    Lucky friday the 13th

    WE'VE GOT OUR VISAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At long last our visas were approved today, what a relief! I have screamed, allelujahed (spelt that wrong, but I don't care!), danced around the house and burst into tears! My son was born on a friday the 13th and so I've been wondering seeing as I consider it to be a lucky day for me now if the visas would come today and they did!
  24. gparkes

    Red cross/coles bushfire fund

    Hi All, Coles are going to donate all profits to the victoria bush fire victims this friday 13th February All 750 stores nation wide will be included, so get down to coles this friday and do your food shopping Any little helps
  25. Hi All, Just thought i would post this to you all, coles are going to donate all profits to the red cross bush fire victims this friday (13th) so get yourselves to coles for your weekly food shop