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Found 20 results

  1. Hello! Hoping someone can help me... I have made the very traumatic decision to go back to the UK after 5 happy years in Aus (sob). I don't really have that much stuff that i need to keep, so I was thinking maybe just send it air freight/unaccompanied baggage. Prices seem quite reasonable, but I'm thinking there must be some sneaky import customs taxes, duties type things for when my stuff arrives at Heathrow - does anyone know anything about this? I can't find the info online. Basically, if there are lots of sneaky costs, I'll just buy the more expensive BA flight and get extra luggage. I did think about shipping, but the man at the freight company seemed to think that was a rubbish idea - talk about needing professional packers, and having to pick up the stuff from Dover myself. It sounded too hard and pretty expensive. Would really appreciate any advice xxx
  2. Guest

    Air freight suggestions?

    We have finally figured out what we will be sending back to ireland in a few months.The only thing is I cannot remember which company we used before,9yrs ago.We are going to use air freight for the speed and convenience and plan on sending about 6-8 boxes of kids toys,clothes etc.. If anyone has any suggestions on who to use and what kind of prices they charge I would really appreciate it.Thanks in advance,FF.
  3. Hi There, We've been here for a couple of years on a 457 and have decided to head back to the UK for a couple of reasons. We initially shipped about 30 boxes of stuff here from the UK and it didn't cost the earth. We have purchased some reasonable furniture since being here and I'm wondering what the options are for taking the furniture and probably more than 30 boxes of stuff back? Do we need to get a full container to ship furniture back with the boxes in as well? Can you part fill a container if you don't need a full one. Any advice, recommended companies, recommended options would be appreciated. Cheers Rob
  4. Hi there Anyone got any recent experience of air freight. We've asked DHL and Singapore Airlines so far and Singapre is cheaper at the moment but need to go back and understand exactly what you're paying for. Also have recent bad experience of DHL not delivering something in Oz so loathed to go there again. Any help gratefully received. We live relatively near Heathrow so could in theory take a box there but to be honest, we've so much else to do would rather it got picked up from home. Roughly how long does airfreight take? If we sent the box a week before us would that be too early? Can't believe we are still sending stuff after all the shippers took!! Thanks all! TNR
  5. Hiya everyone, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a company to air-freight out hubby's guitar amp and head to Melbourne. Two boxes: 1 @ 23kg (~75*30*30cm) 1 @ 20kg (~65*30*70cm) He's been offered gigs and needs to get his gear out there, or else hire/borrow instead! (He'll already be taking 2 guitars on the plane with him - the rest will have to go in the container!)
  6. hi has anyone used them? they seem very competitive compared to others companies i've looked at... good/bad would be great to know1!!!
  7. Hi Everyone, We are sending a few boxes on wednesday by air... In the boxes are some toys for the kids.. They have batteries in them.. Dolls and Cars and the likes.. a buzz lightyear.. Can you leave the batteries in them while you send them? on the form, theres a long list of what you cant bring and on it says batteries.. But not sure if it meant like car batteries or other big ones... I would have thought batteries were fine as you bring some of these toys on a plane anyway.. but just wondering if anyone else has any experience with the situation? Thanks
  8. SussexBear

    Air Freight

    Has anyone who has moved back to the UK sent anything by air? I was thinking of a box of necessities(mainly clothes) as it's a long time til the boat comes in!:laugh: If you did was it horrendously expensive?
  9. I'd like to freight a few tea chests worth of household goods to family in the UK to settle an estate. Any info about safe reliable surface freight would be welcome. Looking for economic & safe options. Cheers.
  10. whichway

    cheap freight

    Hi all, I will probably be shipping a small amount from UK to Australia. A few boxes or so. Does anyone know the cheapest way to do this as I imagine Royal Mail is perhaps not the most economic. I'm not worried about how long it takes for most boxes although there will probably be one box I could do with reasonably quickly. I'm grateful for any ideas or advice. Thanks:smile:
  11. Was back in the UK in July and needed to ship a carton of extra presents, that people kindly gave us, to Brisbane. Used a company called Excess Baggage Company which came up in a Google search, we were short of time and they seemed pretty on the ball in the UK. We were quoted 8-12 weeks but we only received it yesterday (18 weeks) and the contracted company Excess use in Brisbane were totally useless. They were rude, late and a shambles. The delivery side were incompetent but very efficient at asking for money. Be warned. On the whole I wouldn't ever do it again you pay when it leaves the UK and pay again when it arrives, its a con. Cost us about $250 to ship about $300 of goods.
  12. Hi all - I'm looking for recommendations for companies that provided freight services from Los Angeles to Malaysia. I don't have enough stuff to fill half a container, just a few boxes of books and old clothes. I appreciate any comments.
  13. Having accepted an offer on our house, our thoughts are turning to what we will take with us. Im getting a bit stressed about all the bits we will need at different stages of our move. So, my question for all those of you who have moved, or are in the process of moving is: a) What did you pack (or are planning on packing) in your luggage and carry on? b) What did you air freight over (if anything) to tide you over until your shipment of goods arrived. Or what did you wish you had air freighted because you found that you could not wait for it to arrive in your container c) What did you ship or wished you had shipped over but didn't? At the moment i'm thinking of: a)packing some clothing, laptop and electricals, jewellery, booster car seats for the kids (I have a tendency to over pack and we will only have the standard luggage allowance) b)Husband's guitar (he insists on it), duvets and bedding (for when we finally manage to get a long term rental), plastic cutlery and plates (?!), blow up beds. c)Everything else! But not sure abour shipping over my wardrobes.... Your thoughts and experience will be greatly appreciated!
  14. Hay guys I have someone moving from england to australia does anyone know the cheapest way he can have some musical equipment to be sent here probaby picked up from the port or airport, (to minimise the cost), there is not masses any information would be greatly appreciated, thankyou everyone celt.:unsure:
  15. Hi All All being well I hope to get my Visa very soon. However, it's just me going as my husband is staying in the UK. In which case I'm not taking a house full of things, but do have lots of clothes, a bike, possibly a favourite mattress, a hoover and maybe a few other bits and pieces. I looked up a few carriers and saw stupid little boxes - so called classified for clothes - I'd need about 6 of them alone! Someone, somewhere on the site mentioned a 20' container but that sounds too big. At the risk of sounding like Goldilocks, has anyone got any advice they would share with me please on something that would hold a wardrobe size of clothes plus the other stuff? I love this site and wish I'd found it before - everyone is so amazing in sharing knoweldge and Golliwobbler is the most amazing of all! By the way - what does DIAC mean? I see it all the time and have no idea:-) Elly
  16. My girlfriend and I, are moving to Perth in Aug/Sep - she has a job in the hospital. I am looking for a job where I can use some of the experience I have in either the grain industry or in the shipping industry - does anyone have in contacts in these industries or know of any agencies which specialise in this area. I have been working for five years in a large multinational grain trading company and have A Bsc Business IT and eBusiness degree. Key Achievements: Negotiating contracts for road transport of more than 500k mt of animal feed and biomass per year within the UK Analysing business processes in order to improve efficiency and reduce costs Managing the companies quality systems and audit programme Assisting with the design process for the company website Managing projects from inception to completion Chartering bulk coasters between Europe and UK Managing the ships agency operation, including all call duties Ensuring all interested parties are informed of the progress of our vessels
  17. ravensfield

    Removal vs Freight Companies

    I have had quotes from a few removal companies and a few freight companies to ship my things to Australia. I am only shipping about 20 tea chest and 3 or 4 small furniture items. The costs range from £1154 to £279! The dearer quote includes packing and carriage door to door. The cheapest quote is only up to arrival in Sydney and I would have to pack everything myself and arrange an agent in Sydney to get my things through customs and deliver it. Does anybody have experience of shipping using a freight company? What are the pros and cons?:confused:
  18. Hello, I know this is a bit of a common thread but here we go. We're moving back to the UK in August and all we want to ship back are clothes, one queen size mattress and three bicycles. We were thinking about sea freight but have heard some horror stories and there's no way our stuff will fill even a small corner of a 20ft container. Therefore, we're thinking about air freighting our stuff back. The only issue is that we are going to take our time getting back home (planning on about a month of travelling between Oz and home). Does anyone have any good suggestions? Oh, and BTW, if anyone is looking for a flat full of Ikea furniture in Melbourne come the end of July, drop me a line!:spinny: Cheers, James.
  19. After finding out we can only get 20kg luggage each on the flight (don't have unstamped visa), I'm trying to work out the best way to air freight a few of the kids' toys over to keep 'em busy for a month before Santa delivers a few more goodies for them. I reckon about 20kg of stuff. I see Personal Porter charges £143 + £70 for a 23 kg bag (£9.13/kg) door to door; our packers charge £9.05/kg + £100 for door to door (£14.05/kg for 20kg); Royal Mail charge £21.01 for a 2kg parcel, so could split things down a bit and send toys separately. Anyone found a better price?
  20. Guest


    Hi Guys We just got our visas and plan to move end of December. Can you recommend any removals companies? We are not planning on taking too much furniture, maybe my fragile surround sound system and Hi-fi, kitchen bits and bobs, book and cd's. What are they like for service and cost? Thanks Mazza:smile: