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Found 14 results

  1. zmxncb

    victim of marriage fraud.

    My aunty married an Indian man 3 years ago. A few days ago, he finally got his PR in Australia. as soon as he got it, he left her, revealing to her that he never really loved her, was using her the whole time and fooled her and my whole family. We are the ones who supported him, wrote stat decs for him and even spoke for him in court to support him in obtaining his permanent residency, now we know the truth. We want to report him to immigration, but the problem is he and my aunt are over $100,000 in debt and if he gets sent back to India then she can't pay It on her own. what can we do In this situation?
  2. Afro Developer

    Online Fraud

    Just been trying to sell my old digital camera this week so I put an advert on Gumtree. Like flies to $h!te the emails started pouring into my inbox. Not from potential buyers, but some scammers who all seem to be from Nigeria (this isn't an assumption, it's in there emails). Just wondered if anyone has fallen victim to any sort of hoaxes online. As great as the net is, there's plenty of sharks waiting to bite. My girlfriends mum and step dad almost became victims. Without sounding disrespectful, sometimes people of their age group aren't always wise to the ways of the crooks online. What happened in their case is my girlfriends step dad was offered the chance to work here in the UK. The salary was £4000 a month and the family (who was employing him) would pay for all visa costs and flights. The job was as private security as the family were allegedly wealthy bankers or something. They sent a picture of a house that was supposed to be in Edmonton (looked more like Beverley Hills), a nice family picture (plucked off the google images no doubt), and a picture of the interior of the house (which wasn't actually a real room, the dopey scammer had picked one of those CGI ones they use as an artists impression). In return they had to forward a copy of his passport and a deposit (not sure of the amount). They were in the process of sending all this stuff when by chance my girlfriends mum forwarded a copy of the items the scammers sent. Immediately we noticed it was a hoax and told them to stop straight away. Who knows what they would of done with a copy of his passport, but there's no guessing where the money would end up. Anyway, surf safe, and as the man off Crimewatch says, "Please, don't have nightmares"
  3. Hi,this is my first post...i have been reading for a while though. My question is i have been offered a job with 121 visa but it looks like i could get prosecuted for benefit fraud....a complete mistake on my part, failed to inform them when i got a wage increase.i have spoken to a solisitor and they have said that even though its a mistake, ignorance is no defence.he said i will probebly be prosecuted and get a fine. What will happen with the job???can i still work as a nurse in Oz with this conviction or should i just give up now???? Thanks.
  4. Man admits to falsifying exam results - The West Australian This is an interesting read ! I wonder how many people would be in CAT 4 if everyone was honest ? Shane:policeman:
  5. Introduction of Public Interest Criterion Relating to Fraud from 2 April 2011 On 2 April 2011, the department is introducing a new Fraud Public Interest Criterion (PIC) that will be applied to certain visa subclasses in Skilled and Employer Sponsored Migration Program. The affected visa subclasses are as follows: Subclass Type of visa Title 175 GSM Skilled – Independent visa 176 GSM Skilled – Sponsored visa 475 GSM Skilled – Regional Sponsored visa 476 GSM Skilled – Skilled – Recognised Graduate 485 GSM Skilled – Graduate 487 GSM Skilled – Regional Sponsored visa 885 GSM Skilled – Independent visa 886 GSM Skilled – Sponsored visa 887 GSM Skilled – Regional 880* GSM Skilled – Independent – Overseas Student 881* GSM Skilled – Australian-sponsored Overseas Student 882* GSM Skilled – Designated Area-sponsored Overseas Student 883* GSM Skilled – Designated Area-sponsored (Residence) 495* GSM Skilled – Independent Regional (Provisional) 496* GSM Skilled – Designated Area-sponsored (Provisional) 457 TES Business (Long Stay) 119 PES Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme 121 PES Employer Nomination 856 PES Employer Nomination Scheme 857 PES Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme * While these visas are closed to new applications on 1 September 2007, pending applications remain. GSM – General Skilled Migration PES – Permanent Employer Sponsored visas TES –Temporary Employer Sponsored visas Transitional Arrangements Your application will be subject to assessment under the Fraud PIC if you have lodged an application for a type of visa listed above and that application is yet to be decided as at 2 April 2011 either by the department or is under review. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/_pdf/fraud-pic.pdf
  6. Guest

    Migration Fraud

    It's been a while since I checked the DIAC website as my enthusiasm for the whole sorry process has taken a dip recently (I work best at handling things by using the "avoidance technique") :biggrin: So this afternoon I checked in with the DIAC "News" section fully expecting to find new regulations stipulating that, for my application to be finalised, I would... (a) need to present a bowl of pixie dust to the DIAC Tooth Fairy or (B) resubmit my 176 application written in Unicorn blood. But no, even more entertaining, I find in the "News" section an entry entitled "Be aware and protect yourself from migration fraud". The last time I wet myself, some 37 years ago, I was a mere 6yr old boy...but today, as a middle aged man, I came close. With tears of laughter coursing down my cheeks I opened the link up and read more... "Protect yourself from migration fraud and keep yourself safe online by being aware of the ways people may try to take advantage of you or your situation" I didn't dare open up this links lest I did my stomach some permament damage from laughing quite so hard at what I would almost certainly find on the resulting webpage. I could only wonder which august body I would have found at the top of the "Trying to take advantage of you or your situation" List....hmmmmm, any suggestions? "Learn about migration fraud and discover the truth about misleading information used by fraudulent operators". My finger then hovered over the mouse contemplating where they would suggest that "misleading information" in the visa application process would most likely hail from. Oh god...make the laughter stop! I can honestly say that today, for the first time, the DIAC has made me smile and laugh beyond a point I thought possible. My only worry now is that they make me re-take my medicals at which point they will discover the damage done to my body from the ensuing hilarity. But it was worth it guys! Cheers!
  7. Guest

    Immigration Fraud - results

    The other side of the coin, or why DIAC treat everyone with suspicion: DIAC Investigations Branch report. :policeman: Investigations into GSM document fraud and irregularities so far have identified: 850 cases involving 23 organisers and 300+/- employers, and it is expected that by the end of the year 2010, 9 training providers will close as a result of these investigations, several individuals have been referred for prosecution as well as some 3000 visas will be liable for cancellation. The investigations also revealed that RMA involvement in these schemes is very low.
  8. Does anyone know anything about Moneyboookers.com? Don't know anything about them, but assume you can transfer money overseas etc etc. Some cretin has managed to clone my visa card or get my visa card details and has used it to transfer USD250 worth on that site. Within 1 day Natwest had sent me a letter to call their fraud tream immediately. Whatever moneybookers do, has triggered alarm bells straight away. Thumbs up for natwest. I never use my visa card here due to the dire exchange rate so I have no idea how they got my details, but I guess it can be very easy, after all, every hotel will ask for your card details at checkin,even if you have already paid so who knows. It is lucky I found this out as my mail only gets sent to me once a month in bulk. Looks like they are refunding it, even though this event was 7 weeks ago.
  9. virtual_bajwa

    Migration fraud alert

    UNIVERSITIES and colleges should tighten up oversight of their offshore agents to ensure they aren't caught up in "organised migration fraud", Navitas chief executive Rod Jones warned this week. Click here for further details----> Migration fraud alert | The Australian
  10. Phony British aristocrat detained in Spain for fraud | World Breaking News | News.com.au Anyone seen Aldo lately ? (Only joking lol:laugh:)
  11. I post this out of interest only and make no comment about the issue otherwise. Blitz on foreign students to screen out visa fraud
  12. Hi All I've just read a most intriguing piece of news published to day (or re-published) by Alan Collett on the Go Matilda Forum. The first few lines of the newspaper article say: The newspaper article is here: Melbourne businesses raided over migration fraud Alan's thread about it is here: Businesses raided over migration fraud - Topic Powered by eve community I just wonder how many "skilled graduates of Australian Training Establshments" are now PRs in Oz because they were allegedly able just to buy all the documents they needed? Makes me wonder why they were so anxious about TRA Pathway D, really, too? Goodness knows what it might do to the new visa priority processing plans if all the ones based on Australian qualifications all have to be triple checked - if indeed it is possible to spot whether the documents involved are fakes or not. Best wishes Gill
  13. I'm hoping someone can help! We have our case officer (136 visa) and just need to get medicals and police checks done. We got our police checks back and have scanned them so we can email them to our Case Officer. BUT, on opening the scanned copy, they come through with FRAUD written on them in the background in big letters - when you look at the originals you cannot see the words FRAUD! Has anyone else had this issue and on sending your scanned copies with "FRAUD" in the background, has it caused a problem? Thanks Wilso
  14. ali

    Credit Card Fraud

    Hubby got an email from our credit card company in Aus (Virgin), they'd stopped a payment for $3,000 at travelex as it wasn't in keeping with our normal usage. Hubby told them we hadn't withdrawn any money - no problems the fraud department would deal with it. They were very quick and handled it really well. What got us is that the thief must have had a dose of guilt 'cos there was also a $2.80 donation to christian Aid! Ali