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Found 23 results

  1. Hello, I applied for a Partner Visa 820 with all the required documentation in Melbourne over four weeks ago. I have not heard anything yet from Immigration, does anyone know roughly how long it takes to get a case officer and decision time? Perhaps I am expecting things to happen to quick, but having paid all that money I need to start working pretty soon. Thanks for any help you can give!
  2. hi all, i had lodged an application on dec 20 of 2010 and get a request letter for further documents in the end of may 2011,and i had submitted all related documents includes police check and medicals on 15 june of 2011,let u advice me how long it will take to finalize my application.have someone had granted this type of visa(PROSPECTIVE MARRIAGE 300) most recently?to advice me on it further,thanks bye
  3. Diff b/w regional SS AND State Sponsoreship time frame??????? hey all u helpful people out there!!!!!!!!! Little info plssss!!!!! What is the difference between Regional state sponsorship and state sponsorship time frames? I hav heard from somwere that regional SS applications ones are moving fast for NT and are not taking 30 weeks???....is tht information true or not????? please present your viewsssssssss!!!! Tc
  4. Can anyone enlighten me as to the processing times at the mo for a 119 visa, it has all be submitted to Diac. Now the normal response via the website is 5-7months but on the government website current processing times are between 8-12wks. It was submitted on the 6th Jan '11. Thank you. simon
  5. Hi all, Please can someone confirm when this DRC checklist (using RMA agent) started for ENS 121 visa and what's the current time frame for nursing profession. My wife' is a nurse and her employer NSW Health is happy to sponsor for 457 but refusing for ENS 121 as it takes months to process. Being a big employer any idea how much time it will take for their Nomination to appove and then if we lodge visa application using DRC then roughly how much time it will take. They want her to start work in May or June so if the whole process (Nomiation and visa) takes 4-5 months then we can request them to sponsor for PR visa. Appreciate any info/advice. ...Mansawant
  6. Hi, I reside in India and I am a chartered accountant by profession (auditor in MNC). I have applied for a 175 sub class visa on 25th of June 2011. I have an IELTS score of band 8 overall and have recd my skills assessment from ICAA as 10/10. However i have not been alloted a CO till date. Can you pls let me know how long does it usually take for a CO to be alloted for a case like this and how long will the entire procedure of being alloted a PR take???
  7. I have a skilled Independant Visa which is valid for another 4 years, but intend to emigrate early 2012. Fingers Crossed house will sell pre Xmas, then the next stage is what to do with poor FX rate. Is there a time limit before Sterling has to be brought into OZ or can I leave it on deposit for an unlimited time until ( hopefully ) the exchange rate improves. Thank you.
  8. hey all u helpful people out there!!!!!!!!! Little info plssss!!!!! What is the difference between Regional state sponsorship and state sponsorship time frames? I hav heard from somwere that regional SS applications ones are moving fast for NT and are not taking 30 weeks???....is tht information true or not????? please present your viewsssssssss!!!! Tc
  9. So we were told to expect approval for our 457 this week -- I've just received an email from my husbands future employers immigration agent asking if we have had our medicals. This is the first time it's been mentioned to us, they obviously screwed up and didn't send the email and the girl in the office has only just realised. How long is this likely to hold up our approval? What do they check and what will it cost? There's only two approved places in the whole country where we can go, so god knows what the waiting lists will be like, not to mention the cost. Any advice, we were thinking we'd be leaving within the next two weeks and now it looks like we have another long wait.
  10. Hi I asked out agent to send a PLE to DIAc about our application. Am I right in saying that as per DIAC's service charter they are obliged to respond within 5 working days ? Cheers Shane
  11. Hello...Just wondered if anyone could give me some advice/guidance? My partner is an Aussie who fortunately has a British passport. We've been together for a couple of years but have lived together since July 2010. Whilst the mrs lived in my flat she paid no rent to me and we had no joint account at the time so we have no real proof she lived with me. In October we got our own place together and have a joint lease, account etc. Is it worth us applying in July for the visa or are we better off waiting until October to apply? what kind of proof do they ask for? Unfortunately because of my job I can't work in Australia until my permanent residency has been completely granted - I just wondered if we applied for my visa in October 2011 when would my permanent residency be granted? I know it takes two years to go through I just wondered roughly how long all the administration times took? Cheers! Andy
  12. Hi all, Looks like this section of the site has been quiet for far too long. Well now at long last we have some good news...SA has it's SMP out, we are on the list and have state sponsorship which finally makes us Cat 2 priority, after a very long wait. Congratulations to all those who are in the same position. My question is this. I realise they are processing in date order however does anyone know what date they have started at, how quickly they expect to move through the list and and how long processing is expected to take? We lodged September 09. Would be great to hear from all those with a crystal ball or insider info. Thanks Jane
  13. Guest

    Time frame for 163 visa

    Me and my partner are just at the start of applying for 163 visa and just wondering if anybody can tell us what is the average time from starting to apply to granting of the visa? Any ideas of the time frame will be greatly appreciated.
  14. Dear forum members, I had submitted my application (175) back in 2008 as an offshore and still waiting for the decision. In the current list, the occupation i had applied earlier, has been deleted but i also recently have got degree assessment of another occupation which is on the curent list. My IELTS is expiring in september, it is a wise move now to withdraw the current application and submit a fresh one? Or should i just play the wait game? Or can I apply two application together for the same visa (175). Currently i am on a dependent visa 573 and working in related profession to my latest assesment (urban and regional planning). Any help will be highly appreciated. Cheers!
  15. Guest

    ens 121 time frame

    anyone know the time frame for an ens 121 application? - the nomination and visa applications
  16. Hey all, I was hoping if someone could help me, I am an onshore student and waiting my final results which is due by end of this month. Could anyone shed some light how much time do I have to file for PR/TR once my education is over! Since my Visa is valid till end of this year, but I assume that once the studies are over we just have 30-60 days to file for any other visa. Any inputs would be appreciated. Cheers Adi
  17. alex2010

    485 time frame

    Hi, does anybody have experience how long it takes to have 485 visa granted? I am a November 2008 applicant (no priority before 08/02/2010) and 485 visa still hasn't been decided (16 months from the lodgement date). Thank you. A.
  18. Hi all, Is there anyone on this forum that is Cat 4 ie: 175 on the csl list that is NOT SS and that have lodged recently, got a CO or got their visa granted recently? We would love to see timelines if there is anyone out there. We are CAT 5, SS with no sign of movement. We are considering lodging a whole new application with Tracey as primary application, she is on CSL but this involves another E1300. The advice that has recently come from this forum is wait until the April 30th changes. I know they are updating the modl/sol list but is there expected to be changes to the CSL also. We are afraid if we do this they may take secondary teachers off the CSL. Or on a positive note move boilerrmaker up to CSL. On the other hand we are sooo bloody sick of waiting we are seriously considering lodging another application!!:arghh: Thanks Alan
  19. Hi there, We apllied General skilled migration 175 in 2008 when my partner was on the CSL, he is the main applicant. He is not longer on the CSL. We were granted state sponsorship last week for Victoria (By the way is took less than 3 weeks to be approved). As per the new guidelines for priority processing by the DIAC It appears that our application is priority number 5: Applications from people who are nominated by a state/territory government agency whose nominated occupation is not listed on the CSL. Does any one have any clue about processing times, how long will it take DIAC to get to us!! It is nearly 2 years since our initial application! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  20. Hi there I was checking the time frames for visa 175 (IT) from what people inputted in the time frame web site in one of the threads in this forum and it looks like that the average time is between 6 to 10 months! Am I correct in seeing this or its wishful thinking and my eyes are playing me!!!??? Cheers B1K3R
  21. Good day We moved over to Oz on an employer sponsored 457 visa (as my husband and myself both failed the skills testing). We have now been on this visa since arriving 22nd Aug 2007. I started work early Sep and then after nearly a year - my husband's company did the 457 visa for us and I continued to work for the same company but part time so I had better hours for taking care of my school aged son. My husband has been with his current employer since Oct 2007 and we want to apply for PR. He is in finance and I am worried about the current climate and heard a lot of horror stories, most recently the family in Adelaide that were forced to return to the UK on their 457 visa when she was made redundant. We have bought a house here now and have a very small mortgage on this, so financially we are very stable. I work part time in administration and he is an accountant full time. Can anyone advise when would be the best time to start applying for PR. His employer is willing to sign this off with the agent now already but the agent feels we can only start applying in Oct and not before. We ofcourse want to be certain, but reading this forum, it seems ages for medicals and police checks to come through so are these not things we could start doing now already as well as getting the application in to start processing? Chances are, I think, it would not be processed even by Oct and thus we would still fall into that 2 year time frame. Or would Immigration throw it out if it was a couple of months earlier ? Can anyone advise us ? We love it here so much and are determined to obtain our PR. I have read some people applied as soon as they arrived on their 457 and obtained this after 8 months and others not, so would really appreciate some assistance... please...
  22. Guest

    Time frame for defacto visas?

    Anyone know how long a defact visa takes to be approved after the application is submitted? Applying from Australia? I have seen all sorts of time frames, but mostly from people in the uk?:unsure:
  23. Guest

    457 Visa - Time frame

    Me and my husband are hoping to move to Sydney early next year - subject to our 457 Visa being approved. We applied for our visas on 12/11 - medicals were approved on 5/12 - DIAC website stated 18/12 that our 'application was being processed further'. I know I'm being impatient but we had originally been advised that we should expect to hear before Christmas and wondered if anybody could offer any tips on how long the 457 visa application takes?? Thank you!!!! Cat :unsure: