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Found 83 results

  1. Perthbum

    Anyone found love on Pomz in Oz

    Might be a long shot but a lot of people have met their partners on forums like this, anyone know of any on this forum? p.s I am single and looking. p.s And desperate. p.s Yes I know....I am sad.
  2. pintpot

    Anyone found any decent chorizo?

    I know it's a bit niche - the missus is a bit of an addict We've tried a few "chorizos" from supermarkets and delis and have been very disappointed - taste like mildly spiced frankfurter. Any recommendations? I don't expect a response. But it's worth a try
  3. For everyone who misses Scotland you can now have a little bit of it in your pocket, the app is full of great information about clans, history etc - have a look http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/the-scottish-clans/id483183095?mt=8&ls=1 covers every clan supposedly
  4. Guest

    Dead Bird found in Salad

    A man found the skeletal remains of a dead bird in a bag of Tesco Salad :shocked: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/man-finds-dead-bird-in-store-bought-salad-bag.html
  5. Parley

    Found baby magpie in garden

    This is a bit weird given it is grand final day and Collingwood in the GF. Is it an omen ? But I have seriously this morning found a baby magpie in the garden (actually my cat found it first). It was just sitting there not moving. It is a reasonable size with a lot of feathers. i think maybe it jumped out of the nest trying to fly, but I have no idea where the nest is. Anyway it is cold and raining so I have brought it inside and put it in a box with a lamp on to warm it up. I don't really know what to do. It won't take any food at the moment.
  6. The Pom Queen

    Cat found 5 years later and 2575km from home

    A CALICO cat named Willow, who disappeared from a home near the Rocky Mountains five years ago, was found today on a Manhattan street and will soon be returned to a family in which two of the three kids and one of the two dogs may remember her. How she got to New York, more than 2575km away, and the kind of life she lived in the city are mysteries. But thanks to a microchip implanted when she was a kitten, Willow will be reunited in Colorado with her owners, who had long ago given up hope. "To be honest, there are tons of coyotes around here, and owls," said Jamie Squires, of Boulder. "She was just a little thing, five and a half pounds. We put out the 'Lost Cat' posters and the Craigslist thing, but we actually thought she'd been eaten by coyotes." Squires and her husband, Chris, were "shocked and astounded" when they got a call today from Animal Care & Control, which runs New York City's animal rescue and shelter system.
  7. How's that for a headline :biggrin: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-14842999
  8. Hi all things were going so well, we've recently been asked for our medicals and police checks. After having the police checks returned we just found out my OH has a stepped down conviction from 1995. Apparently for 'allowing cannibis to be supplied on his premises' .He had a party in his flat at the time (1995) and the police came and caught one of the party goers smoking a spliff and arrested my OH as it was his flat and took him to court and fined him £125. At the time he thought he was being fined for 'allowing cannabis to be smoked in his flat' and thinks he remembers pleading 'not guilty'. But it was so long ago, and so petty as he wasn't even smoking cannabis himself let along supplying or awware of anyone suppling..plus has a completely clean record apart from that..does anyone know if this could screw things up for us? Has anyone got a similar conviction and been granted a visa. ?? we're applied for 176 state sponsored and worked so hard to get this far, we're devastated. any comments appreciated.
  9. Diversity Expert – Brisbane – 457 sponsorship an option Supporting robust brand in diversity Focus on implementing key strategies & plans Lucrative package for the right talent The Client: My client is now pushing through new global initiatives and plans to ensure the continued success of the business, one area of which is diversity. Due to a new healthy restructure, you will be working as an expert in the world of diversity and will be working with and incredibly talented manager pushing out diversity strategies throughout the business. The Mission in Hand: The role of Diversity Expert would work in partnership with the HR business partners and all business units and stakeholders throughout the business. Reporting into a highly talented Diversity Manager, you would be here to bring on board new innovative strategies, interventions and create best practice across the board. Your Role Would Include: Creating strong comprehensive campaigns with HR to increase real awareness across the business in relation to understanding diversity and rolling out world class diversity initiatives. By analysing the relevant diversity metrics you will be able to set milestones to ensure that diversity strategies are rolled out within agreed timescales and budgets. With this, you will be constantly working on developing diversity metrics to ensure continuous improvement. Being a thought leader within the world of diversity and inspiring business leaders. Keeping abreast of external trends - being a world class expert in this piece. Being influential and persuasive in aligning diversity and inclusion with HR priorities and enterprise goals. Diagnosing situations and offering solutions. About You: Advanced communication skills with world class expertise in diversity and rolling out initiatives within businesses. You will be an expert in this subject with a track record of success. Strong respect with both internal and external contacts. Ability to understand the key financial drivers based around diversity. A thought provoker. Like it? Contact Mary Pratt FIRP on 07 3295 7416 or mary.pratt@talent2.com quoting reference 50294 for more details, or alternatively, apply online below.
  10. Hi everyone, My name is Leanne, I am a pom but I live in Dublin with my three children and Dub hubby. We are hoping to catch the November 30th flight to Victoria this year but are still patiently waiting for thet majic e-mail saying our visa is granted. We have complete everything and our status reads that everything is met and meds have been finalised but sill no word! Its so frustrating. Anyway, so glad to be part of this forum and get some valuable advice from you guys. xx
  11. ...have no idea how to go about securing it. It's about 1.6km from the beach at Dee Why...which is the area we are liking. Nice but not overly touristy (since we won't be tourists :biggrin: ). We aren't they yet obviously but will be in Oct. I'm going to call the agent but looking for some moral support. Will they take our inquiry serious before we get there?
  12. Hello!! Im so glad Iv found this forum, Iv been reading post after post, such helpful friendly advice! Me and my husband (and our two young children) are looking at moving over to Australia for a few years at least, my husband is a plumber so we are considering a 457 visa, but how how how do you go about finding an employer to sponsor you? We have a couple of relatives in oz (sydney area) but they are as clueless as we are to be honest! Any advice muchly appreciated! :biggrin:
  13. Why Britain's brightest and best are emigrating 12:01AM GMT 21 Feb 2008 112 Comments We already knew, courtesy of the Office for National Statistics, that emigration from this country is running at higher levels than at any time since before the First World War, with 200,000 British citizens a year departing these shores. <LI sizcache="34" sizset="31">Biggest brain drain from UK in 50 years Your view: How can we halt the brain drain? We now learn from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) that we lead the world in exporting talent, with a higher proportion of highly skilled professionals emigrating from this country than from any other (except Mexico). The OECD estimates that 1.1 million highly skilled Britons - more than one in ten of the total - are now living overseas. That 1960s phenomenon, the Brain Drain, is back. Should we worry? The urge to wander the globe has been in the DNA of the British for centuries; it produced an empire and gave the world a universal language. Pushed by poverty or oppression at home and pulled by the lure of fortunes to be made overseas, we have proved a footloose nation. But the current burst of wanderlust is motivated by something rather different. We are the world's sixth biggest economy - few places offer better financial prospects for the talented and industrious. So why the exodus? Scratch an expat in any of the 100-plus countries that have sizeable British communities and you will rapidly find out. They will cite the coarsening of British society, the rudeness and the aggression on our unsafe streets, the dead hand of welfarism, hospitals that make you sick, not better - the list is long. One thing will be mentioned more than any other: that unchecked immigration over the past decade is creating a country many Britons no longer feel comfortable in. The Government, stung by the backlash against this in its own electoral backyard, yesterday published a Green Paper on citizenship. It is no more than window dressing, an attempt to show it is "doing something" about immigration when it has proved incapable of delivering the one thing that would actually have an impact - a strict curb on the inflow of immigrants. While economic immigration is healthy, what the OECD figures reveal, when set alongside the half a million foreigners coming here each year (nearly four million new arrivals since 1997) is a "churn" effect that is fundamentally transforming the make-up of our society. The highly skilled are being replaced by incomers who may be hard-working, may have trades - but are not as qualified. This has serious long-term implications, social as well as economic. Regrettably, the Government has so far shown it has not even started to grasp the significance of all this, let alone framed a serious response
  14. we have our 175 visa, fly to sydney on 9 october. i have just found out im pregnant. will be approx 12 weeks by the time we go. shocked is not the word. do i need to inform diac now, even though we have our visa already. also as i am a midwife and hope to work once i get over there, does anyone know how long i have to work for to qualify for maternity pay, or is there some other way to get some cash i.e like in the uk (maternity allowance). i am really worried that im going to be stuffed money wise. thanks nicola
  15. Not really :biglaugh: Sniper training with high velocity rifle [YOUTUBE]6YWqkX8ZLDI[/YOUTUBE]
  16. Guest

    Found a job

    Great news have found some work at long last. Working not far from old town where we lived . Loving this summer weather ,not looking forward to winter tho . :jiggy:
  17. Just wanted to say we arrived two weeks ago and already found a flat. We went out for the first time for an inspection on Saturday (so two days ago), applied via email yesterday and already got the confirmation today. Unbelievable!:shocked: I thought it would be like in London where you go flat hunting for two to three months every day until you find something decent. That looks like a good start.
  18. Whilst browsing the web and dreaming about my upcoming trip to oz, i found the following great site of pictures around WA. http://www.pbase.com/mdejong/perth_and_western_australia Worth checking out methinks.
  19. PaulTerriMojo

    Guess what i found this morning!!!

    Morning people. I'll start by saying OMG. After months of constantly checking the DIAC web site, our 176 visa was granted this morning!!:biggrin: So a big thanks to all for your help, this site has been a big comfort seeing as we started this journey in Feb 2009!! Now i'm feeling excited, nervous..pretty much every emotion. We have a reccie booked in for August this year, we're planning to start in Sydney and travel down to Melbourne. we only have 2 1/2 weeks due to the wifes work, so we plan to make the most of our time. so any tips for things to look see, will be greatly received. once again, big thanks!!
  20. so what do you think happened to Shergar ......?:policeman: 25 yrs and we are still unsure ........what are your thoughts on shergars whereabouts .......i will start I think Shergar married Prince Charles.................and why not , for an easy life after all the running , staring at other horses bottoms and being whipped ......though i believe Shergar still likes to be whipped now n again..........:biggrin:
  21. Hi there, We have just found a hatched spider nest outside the garage - the worrying thing is these spiders are black with red bottoms. I have a photo if anybody can help? ! The only thing I can find on the internet is Redback spiders which is worrying! I destroyed the nest and the baby spiders to be on the safe side as we have young children. Am just wondering about the mother and whether we need to do anything else?? Any advice would be much appreciated!! Thanks James
  22. I think I know why pingpongers go through so much upheaval and soul searching. Having moved back to England 18 months ago from Australia, I loved being home and was happy to be back in familiar surroundings. But, I could not fit back into finding a house straight away. We rented for a while, then we bought a luxury narrowboat which we have accidentally spent 8 months living on mostly due to me being unable to settle anywhere because I didn't want to commit to a house. The experience (and freedom) of touring the inland waterways has been a dream, even in winter where temperatures reached minus 19.5 degrees. We would never have known though, the boat was very warm with a multi fuel stove and central heating. We've made fantastic friends and lived a great lifestyle. However, business commitments require we live closer to work so we've been searching for the right property for months. Finally walked into a house last week where I said YES! This feels like the one. I don't think it was the house so much, I think I'd got over my wanderlust which is a painful nuisance as you just cannot settle in one place. My husband, an English born, brought up in NZ, lived in Oz 30 years Kiwi, kept reminding me that in the 6 weeks we'd been back in England, we'd driven 4,000 miles. (I was keen to show him all the best bits before he saw the not so great bits). He loved returning to his English heritage and has enjoyed his hobby of photography. Got some great photos. He developed a morbid passion for Churches and graveyards (he could not fathom how some of graves dated back to the 1800's). Seeing life through his eyes as a person revisiting his roots was often amusing but overall really rewarding. He had left London as a child at 8 years old so it was great watching him rediscover his past. Anyway, getting back to being disorientated until now, no regrets about returning to England, I felt at home as soon as I got off the plane. It's just been a strange feeling of not wanting to be tied to any one place up until now. However, 18 months on and as of last week, we did find a house and am about to sign on the dotted line. The house we've found is up for sale so we're going to rent for 6 months to make sure it's the right place, then if it is we'll probably buy it. Just thought I'd post this because I met a couple a few weeks ago who had returned from Oz for the second time and had only been back 3 months but were considering going back out there. Both weren't happy in Oz and not happy here either so pretty miserable all round really. They couldn't settle anywhere. Sounds like they pingponged so much, their heads are a mess. I think it does take at least 18 months -2 years to fully adapt and acclimatise into any new life and that's been true for me too. I'm very settled now though and looking forward to moving in 3 weeks time. I'll probably never move again after this!:wink: Hope this helps anyone currently feeling unsettled or like they might ping pong again.
  23. Hi, Im hoping someone can give me some advise.... Ive been in australia for 2.5 years on a 457 visa. I am now applying for ENS 856 - my company has already submitted the 1st part of application (nomination - submitted 20Oct2010) I recently (end of Jan11) found out that i am pregnant, which i am really exicted for, but i dont know what to do... 1) Do i tell my employer now - if i do, can they with draw the 856 nomination application because currently we are still waiting on approval from the immi dept. 2) Do i wait until i get approval (which should be before 20 March 11) before i tell my employer? What i really want to know is, does my employer have any rights to with draw the nomination application because i am prego? I would have thought if they did this, then that is discriminating of sorts? Please help - your advice is welcomed!!!!!!!! Thanks
  24. Well it's just a normal day in the Rudi household and as usual we have an animal crisis!!!! We now have a duckling!!! I found the poor little thing running around the garden being chased by my beagle! No mummy duck in sight. No idea how the poor little thing got in - we are on acreage so I guess there may be a little hole in the fence somewhere. Anyway, rather than leave the poor little thing to be luxury doggy lunch, it's now installed in a big pet carrier!!! HELP! What do I do now!!! Love Rudi x PS All 11 baby fish are still alive and doing well :cute::fish2: PPS Now I need a duck icon :jiggy:
  25. Guest

    look what i found

    Just been round checking the levy where it forms part of our boundary and found this, The snake skin is about 2 meters long. No I have not gone looking for its owner. The Skin was not there two days ago.