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Found 137 results

  1. Hi, new member here. My apologies if some of these questions have already been answered. Im filling out, day by day, our 309 Visa to return to Australia. My husband is an Australian Citizen by birth, I am British. I have some confusion as to who can fill out 888 forms. I thought it was only Australian permanent residents or Citizens. But I have been told that my family and friends in the UK can fill them out also. Is this correct? If it is not, what are the alternatives? And, I am in a bit of debt with my bank in Australia. This is due to the speed in which I had to leave the country as to not overstay. Do you have to pay your debt off completley or can you prove you are repaying it in manageable amounts in order to have your visa approved? Thank you in advance!!!
  2. Are these the only forms I need to fill out for partner visa? Form 40SP, form 80, form 47SP and the 888 formsx2 ? Am I right that I don’t need the 956 form if not getting help from agent or anyone else?
  3. Without_Logic

    Forms 47A, and 1022 Submission

    I applied for VE 176 in August 2009 and am now in CAT5. I have been with my present parter over a year now and meet the de-facto requirements, after speaking with DIAC they said I could send forms 1022 to notify them of Change of Circumstances and 47A to add my parter to my application as it had not been been processed. We completed these forms last night, but I have no idea where to send them as I applied online originally. Also back in March I submitted form 929 to notify of a change of address and posted it off, but received no confirmation that ti had been received. Is this normal? I have emailed DIAC a few times in relation to these questions but had no answers. John.
  4. can it be a pysiotherapist who signs it, have looked through the list and all other types of medical people are on it but it doesn't specifically say physio thanks
  5. Guest

    Visa Number on forms

    Hi, First post, I am helping mu Mum complete form 47PA, on point 11 the form asks if you have ever been to Australia and the visa number. the number format on the form is V ___ < ________ , This is differnt than the old 1999 visa inb her passport and also the e-visa issues last year. How should she complete this, Many thanks,
  6. musmanasghar

    Medical forms Question

    Dear All Just a quick Question. Can i submit hand written forms (26 and 160) at the time of medicals? Thanks in advance.
  7. Guest

    what forms needed for PCC??

    hi all i have lodged application for 176 on 6th september. Not yet recieved co but thought would get things ready for when we do!! Just bit confused as to what forms i need for pcc??? i have printed off the ones for police checks but unsure if i need also declaration of character etc.. there is a form 80, do i need this?? it :confused:doesn't seem to be clear??? please help anyone collette xx
  8. Guest

    eHealth forms issue

    Hi there guys, I've got my medical in 6 days and there seems to be a problem getting the forms from the DIAC site. Has anyone else had issues with it? I've emailed them and awaiting response. Getting nervous. Thanks Alan
  9. I have now been asked to go for my medical and Xray etc...I have printed off my health form which is the referral letter I have to take with me...however it also states that I need to take forms A160EH and 26EH...I cannot download these from my application as they are simply not there and can only find form 26EH on the immi website...I would really like to fill these forms out online and have sent an email to my C/O but just wondered if anyone could help as to how I get hold of these forms...or do I only need the referral letter?? Thanks Trace
  10. Bpremji

    TRA Application Forms

    Hi all, Has anyone been able to download the 2 pdf's from this link: http://www.deewr.gov.au/Skills/Programs/SkillsAssess/TRA/residenceVisa/Skilled/Pages/Overview.aspx I have been trying all morning without any luck.
  11. jodi73red

    what forms do we need???

    Hi all, we want to start applying for a visa for my husband but are a bit confused by all the forms we need. Can you tell us please which documents we need to complete is it just the 40sp and the 47sp or is there another form? thanks jodi
  12. Hi i have lodged an e457 application and as yet not been assigned a case officer but have already booked our medicals. Can anyone help please on what i should take with me as i cannot download the 26EH or 160EH forms as it says you will automatically get the link when you are assigned a case officer. The medicals are next week and beginning to panic as it may not be possible without the forms. Help!!!:unsure:
  13. I have just lodged my 457 visa...am slightly confused as when checking progress of my visa it states Application received processing commenced Application fee received Health requirements outstanding and lists my medical checks xrays blood tests etc It has a heading which you can click on to complete a health form just for myself but not for dependants on visa I have filled out the form and it has given me a referral letter to take with me for my medical Ok...if it says medicals, xrays etc outstanding or required does that mean I can book them now or do I have to wait to be officially asked to do so? I assume that I also book appts for my dependants although there was no form to fill out for them...I am sure they only need the medical but it does not list what is needed...it does not state that I have been allocated a C/O yet...does it normally let you know or does processing commenced mean I have one already? It states that you have to take forms A160EH and 26EH with you and yet I do not seem able to locate them on my application...is this because I should only book medicals once properly requested and the forms will magically appear or am I being daft and just cant find them? soooooo confusing lol Oh and arent medicals just soooooo expensive :arghh: Any help greatly appreciated Trace Partners
  14. neilharrison_253

    Can't download forms 160EH and 26EH

    Hi Anyone else having issues downloading forms 160EH and 26EH from within your visa Query status page. I have been asked to now complete my medicals and since found out that the EH forms and partially populated with info so easier to use. However when i select the link it opens a new page but loads no data / pdf!! Anyone having the same problem? Cheers
  15. Hi all, While applying for 176 SS Visa online, I came across different forms like 80, 1221, 1277 etc. Which is the correct form I should be filling and upload it online? Also, when you complete online process, there is one form which gets generated automatically with all your details which you would have filled earlier. Which is that form? Any help/advise would be appriciated. Regards, Harshal.
  16. do I have to fill in a 1221 form and submitt with my 175 visa application?
  17. woodsy16

    ehealth forms

    Hi all We have our medicals in May and was wondering if anyone had used the ehealth forms rather then the courier option. I have printed the forms off in both EH and normal format but was unsure which way to go. It seems extra cost vs faster processing. Am I right in thinking from our point of view the only difference in the EH forms is that the first section is prefilled out for us? Thanks Kate
  18. Hi again all, I'm sure this information has been included in threads many times previously but I can't find it anywhere. I understand that the signed statements to support our 309/100 partner visa application are only considered legal 'Statutory Declarations' when they have been completed by Australian citizens and witnessed accordingly. Any other statements from UK family/friends etc are just additional information to support the application. Do we use the same form (888) for both types of delcaration, or do the non-statutory ones have to be on a different form/blank paper etc? Also, do the non-statutory ones filled out by UK citizens still need to be witnessed/certified etc? Many thanks!
  19. southerncrossfj

    Medical forms for non-migrating dependant

    I was asked by my CO to submit the medicals for my son (17 years) who lives with my ex wife in my home country (I live in a third country), and have managed to persuade them to do that. According to DIAC's info, he should take "Health Examination Referral" for eHealth, or otherwise Form 26EH/160EH since my application was lodged electronically. However, my son is not appearing in my online application status perhaps because he is not migrating so I can't download any of the above form for him. In this case should I download the blank Form 26/160 (not EH) and let my son to use it? Some info says "Do not use Forms 26 or 160 if you are applying online from outside Australia" ..... would anyone please kindly advise me what to do?
  20. Can any one help me? I am trying to print of forms to apply for a subclass 101 but every time I try to open up the relevant forms to print a box pops up telling me I need a pass word to be able to view them. Has anyone else had this happen to them? John.
  21. Hi We are going to be sponsored by a company in Australia in the next month or two but I have no idea what we do next? Who wil lfill out what forms and how long does it take? Do we resign our current jobs when the offer comes through or wait until visas are granted? HELP, having sleepless nights. :unsure::confused:
  22. bellaboshade

    Nurse Registration Forms

    Dear All I am sure this question has been asked a lot in the past but am hoping someone can help me - my husband has been offered a job in Queensland and we are hoping (fingers crossed and paperwork completed! - to be out there before Christmas) - anyway, he was signed up with an agency who helped him with all his paperwork (Medical), what to fill in, where to send it etc and we have spent the past several months doing that. With regard to me - although I do plan to work once we are settled out there, we have two children and I want to get them sorted first - our youngest is only 1 so I want to make sure I check out the best care system for him and school for the eldest before I look for a job. Therefore I haven't signed with an agency as I imagine their main aim is to find you a job. Is it worth me nearer the time of us moving applying to the nursing and midwifery board of australia and setting that in motion or waiting until I am there - I guess I am wondering if it will be easier to start the ball rolling when I am still in the UK for chasing up paperwork, references etc. My second query is do I just have to apply to the nursing board as I would here in the UK or am I missing someone out? Many thanks in advance Tracy
  23. Hi, So I've sent off the form with my sons new passport details for the visa to be transferred. How do I know if it's been done or not? Do you get an e-mail or something? Or do you just have to cart the old one about with you just in case it hasn't been received by them or transferred? Have checked the online visa status thing, but the old passport number still works on it at the moment, was just wondering if that would change? Chris x
  24. Hi all, I have been offered a job in Sydney so plan to migrate with my family. For background, wife and 3 children are all registered Aus citizen's with dual-passports (UK-AUS). We have been resident in the UK for 12 years. We have had 10 years of married, but inclement, bliss. Job offer is flexible about start dates as long as it is before July 10. I have 3 months notice to work so would like to get cracking on the visa. I will make a subclass 100/309 application. I have (maybe foolishly) set-up radiological and medical exam appointments (this week and next week). I say foolishly as we are probably a few weeks away from being in a position to submit the visa application - is it a problem that the meds are being done before the visa app is submitted (other than expiry dates on the visa being set by the dates of the exam)? What happens to the examine reports and are there any pitfalls about 'front loading'? Can I check that it is Form 26 I take the med exam (they couldn't tell us on the phone). The radiological folk told us Form 160 for their report. Does anyone have experience of being granted a permanent visa (100) straight away? Many thanks for any help, Fleabo
  25. paulswin

    Police & Medical forms!!

    Wow agent just emailed over forms to fill out for police checks and medicals - its gonna take me days to fill out all these forms!!!!!!!!!!!!!:chatterbox: