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Found 12 results

  1. I need a 5-6 years experienced software professinal CV format which is preferred by the australian recruiters. I used to write projects in my CV but later I found CV formats on the online recruiter's websites which only expresses responsibilities and acheivements. I can not express my projects in full details in these formats which I think is very important for a software developer. Therefore, I need a sample CV or any CV format of a 5-6 years experienced software engineer/developer.
  2. Hi all, Just a quick question for all those that have completed a Partner Visa Application :- For the letter about your Relationship did you do it in letter/story format or just list all the events in your relationship e.g. first met, engaged, married, children born etc.? Cheers
  3. Guest

    Australian CV format?

    I keep reading on PIO posts that Australian CV formats are different from those in the UK (cant imagine how but would be interested to find out). Does anyone have any examples they can share or useful web links??
  4. I am in Uk and have just about got all the stuff together needed to go with my 47SP Application Partner subclass 309. The trouble is thet nowhere can I find how it should be presented. Someone has suggested a ring file with index, someone else that you should put the relevent bits in plastic sleeves, yet someone else has said that you just send it all loose. Need some advice please, as I don't want to start the process off on the wrong foot.
  5. Hi Everyone As per the Australian immigration website they asked me to provide five main duties during my employment. I applied for ACS with a reference letter which contains very detailed information on all projects and its nearly 5 pages. Do I need to mention all those details in my Specific work experience and recent work experience letter? Does anyone have the sample format? Please help me.
  6. Can anyone help with advice about creating a PDF file please? We are not very IT literate and our friend is trying to create an electronic file of her skills assessment to upload for a state sponsorship application (when the SMPs are finally released!). We had a look at the application form before applications were stopped and the maximum file size was 2MB. We have a scanner but this does not give the option to scan as a PDF file. We therefore created a jpeg file which ended up about 5 mb. We downloaded a free programme to convert this to a PDF but each of the two pages came out at about 3 mb plus. We would appreciate any help.
  7. i always check the west Australian evey week online for jobs. a few weeks ago they seem to have changed the format/setup and now there is only the same 4 jobs listed for the last 3 weeks???? there is normally about 28 jobs weekly listed. wondering whats going on???? surely there is more than 4 jobs in a month for carpentry/cabinetmaking??? cheers caz
  8. hi...we're nearly ready to submit our subclass 820/801 visa application for my british partner - wondering if anyone can helps us in terms of the format required of all our paper work ie folders etc....ive been told no plastic pockets but do I need to know anything else? Also to items of evidence like wedding invitations etc - need to be orginals? or can I scan them all and add them to my application many thanks in advance for any tips or information! regards Laura and TTP (Tom the Pom) :cute:
  9. Guest

    Australian format CV?

    Hi everyone We moved over to Perth about 5 weeks ago now, and my husband is really struggling regarding work (surprise surprise!!!) He is a Health & Safety officer by the way! His CV is great, but i just wonder if anyone has any tips on how he can adjust it so its more tailored to the aussie market? He is applying for every job going, even taking cv's in by hand, but the problem is majority of the jobs are through recruitment agencies, and even for jobs he should really be shortlisted for he is hearing absolutely nothing-is this quite normal? Bless him, he's trying so hard but i can see it's beginning to get him down already Any advice would be really greatly received. Thanks for reading, Claire x
  10. hello. i'm applying the 485 Temporary visa online and when I enter my VISA NUMBER, it said " The value you have entered in the field 'Visa number' is not a correct format". I know that there will be a LETTER following the visa number, such as. V8023745156X. But I applied my previous visa online so the Visa No. on the Visa Granted Letter that IMMI email to me is just 80237451566. not any letters in it. I'm not sure what's wrong. SHould I go to get my visa label & see what is my real visa no. ? thanks.
  11. dan77

    Employer Reference Format

    Can anybody suggest the format for employer reference containing all the details required by the deptt. Deptt. asks following details to be mentioned in the reference letter. the reference should show the official letterhead of the company or government department providing the reference the letterhead should indicate clearly the full address of the company and any telephone, fax numbers, email and website addresses the name and position of the person authorised to sign the employment reference should be typed or stamped below that person's signature – a reference with an illegible signature will not be accepted the direct contact number of the person writing the reference should be included in the letter the letter should indicate the exact period of employment, including whether permanent or temporary, full or part time, position/s held, the main five (5) duties undertaken, and the salary earned – positions should not be described by generic titles (for example, research officer, public servant) but according to the nature of the duties undertaken (for example, research chemist, accounts clerk) I has asked my boss for the reference letter. He asked me to draft the letter. I m confused how to draft an impressive ref. letter incorporating all these requirements. Pls suggest.
  12. Hi everyone, I am applying for a de-facto visa from inside australia (I am currently on a 676 six-month tourist visa) and I'm just beginning to put everything together for the application. This forum has already been really helpful with some great advice, so thanks for that! My question is, although I feel pretty clear on what evidence they need (everything we can get basically, haha!) I just wanted to ask some advice on how you put all this together for the application....should we just bung it all into a folder in some sort of order or should I reference and number each piece of evidence (which is what I was planning to do but I've not long finished a uni degree so still in report-writing mode!!). What do you think works best? I want our evidence to be clear to minimise any delay with processing but also don't want to make unnecessary work for myself! Also, does every single photocopy of anything have to be certified? In which case is it safe enough to put originals in cos otherwise that's an awful lot of certifications to get! :unsure: Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me on this!