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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, i'm in need of help regarding formal statutory declaration as self-employed. I have been working at my own company since jan 2012. I need to assess my qualification and experience at ACS (australian computer society). I have few confusions regarding qualification and experience papers: - being a self-employed, can i state myself format statutory declaration? - how should look like this formal statutory declaration? - what other docs regarding experience should i have to upload beside formal statutory declaration? i have contracts of service, invoices issued to customers, my payslips, bank account reports. These informations are urgent for me so if someone passed through this, i would appreciate any help. Thank you in anticipation.
  2. mullsey

    Mens formal shirts

    Hello I am due to arraive in Brisbane in mid August. On previous trips I have noticed that good quality mens formal work shirts are either very expensive or very bad quality. I am hoping to plug that gap. I am proposing setting up a mobile shirt shop that will visit the premises of large compnies or large offices and setting up in a foyer/reception area for 4-5 hours and selling excellent quality shirts from a UK company called Charles Tyrwhitt I am proposing on selling 4 shirts for $225. I would value any opinions. Thanks very much
  3. So I'm doing the TRA Pathway A as I did a 4 year government apprenticeship but I'm not sure what to put in the Formal Vocational Training bit. Is it just the first 2 years of my apprenticeship when I was on day release to college for my ONC or do I put the whole 4 year time down ? In other words is this referring to my college study only which was part time for 2 years or all the training undertaken as part of my apprenticeship ? Very confused ! :huh:
  4. Hi all, I'm after some help/information regarding my trade and qualification. I've recently completed my NVQ Level 3 in Auto Electrical and have 6 years experience in the trade, i believe my trade is assessed by the TRA and have been told i need to provide proof of 900 hours of formal :wacko: training (not sure if this means hands on practical or text book theory). My problem is that most of my NVQ portfolio is documented evidence of diagnosis and rectifying electrcial faults throughout all modern vehilce electrcial/electronic systems. I then had to complete 6 exams, so would this be classed as enough formal training? Thanks Paul
  5. Morning all My partner and I are looking into applying for a skilled visa as my Occupation is now on the SOL List (Occupational Health and Safety Advisor) I have contacted VETASSESS who have informed me that I do not qualify as I do not have a degree however, when I did a little research on the Department of Immigration website, it clearly states under my job title that 5 years of relevant experience may substitute for the formal qualification. I have 7 years experience, am fully qualified and a graduate member of the leading H&S body in the UK and do not have a degree as I do not need one in my occpuation. I contacted VETASSESS who passed me on to DIAC who passed me back. I cannot contact VETASSESS over the phone as I am on hold for such long periods so I use email which is proving fruitless as they just pass me off. Can anyone advise on how I can approach this? Is there a skills assessment form I could complete? Just because VETASSESS say no and do not look into my query regarding the skills assessment on my background, I do not want to give up and some guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Guest

    Australia - less formal?

    Hi folks, Am moving over to Perth at the end of this year, beginning of next. Was just wondering whether those that have moved over to Oz have found the work environment more informal then that in the UK. I realise that this like anywhere in the world might depend on the type of job and organisational culture. But from your experience in your type of job what do you think. Things I'm thinking of are: - workwear. Do people dress in suits? Do most people wear ties? Do some people wear shorts? In general is it less or more formal then the UK? - facial hair. Do more people have beards, subble, goatees then you experienced in the UK - language. Just trying to get a grip on what differences I might expect to find. thanks Johnny :biggrin:
  7. I am from Brazil. I am applying through the General Skilled Migration program for the VISA 175 (CSL) with my de facto partner. We have been living together since 2005 and we are currently employed by IBM Brazil. My de facto partner not only also has the skill assessment document validating her profession, but also had a band score of 7 on the IELTS exam - like me - on each of the four components. She is also less than 29 years old like me. From my point of view, both of us are in very good shape regarding our profession and English level. However, she has two children from another relationship. One girl is 10 and one boy is 8. Although the children live with us, my de facto partner does not have the formal documents proving the formal custody of them and these documents normally take a long time to get ready here in Brazil. In order to take advantage of the current Australian immigration requirements, my partner and I decided to apply for us immediately and, as soon as we get our visa, we will apply for children - supposing that we will already have their custody documents. I applied on March 2, 2010. The stepchildren were added as non-migrating applicants. For my surprise, on March 25, a Case Officer sent me an e-mail requesting the medicals. The process is going much faster than expected. My questions are: 1 - Considering that we get the custody documents, could we take them to Australia as students and apply for their permanent residency from Australia? Would it be faster than applying for their permanent residency while they are still in Brazil? 2 - Even if we get stepdchildren's visa before going to Australia, my de facto partner and I plan to go first to get a job, a house, and prepare everything for the children. During this period of time, their grandmother will look after them in Brazil. Is it important to let the immigration aware of it? Thank you all! Carlos
  8. Guest

    formal or informal

    Hi ive had the forms half filled in for months for the TRA i done a plastering apprenticeship for 3-4 years working for the council, i have got all my certificates upto advanced craft, i have my results and indentures. i have been plastering for the last 20 years but this may sound like a daft question which pathway applies to me is it formal or informal? Also do i only need to get references going back 12 months? I am self employed but labour only i can get references from employers and accountant stating this but do you think this will be enough? cheers for any help Skill Pathway A: Formal apprenticeship Skill Pathway B: Informal apprenticeship Skill Pathway C: Vocational traineeship Skill Pathway E: Australian qualification
  9. Help, We have just looked at the skilled visa process in more detail. Problem is my husband works at Royal Bank of Scotland has has done since left school. We has worked in various departments within the bank and at the moment is a data analyst/computer programmer. The problem is he is a jack of alot of computer based trades, doesnt fit completely into one. Knows about alot of things to do with computers. He also doesnt have any of the formal qualifications listed on the skills page. But annoyingly he is highly skilled, in a nutshell just cant prove it on qualifications. What do we do now. We were looking at an independant skilled visa. Someone please help point us in right direction as now really worried wont be able to do it.:twitcy:
  10. my head is inside out with questions.been a joiner most of my adult life but never went to college(bad mistake).does this hamper your chances of emigrating?i sincerely hope not as i cant imagine the devistation.
  11. My husband has no formal qualifications,but has had 15 years experience as a joiner/wood machinist.He has been in his current job for 8 years.Can any one give us some idea of the type of evidence needed for the TRA,and where I can get a detailed discription of what the TRA would expect his trade to involve,so I can start gathering the mountains of paperwork!!!!!Also the last two firms he worked for no longer exist!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU.