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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I'm new to this forum and looking for some advice. We've submitted my partner visa application already and just looking for some clarification. My husband and I are married with children and both my children are Aussie citizens (one born here and one through descent). On my husbands sponsorship form it asks in question 9 if he holds any other citizenship, to which he answered honestly that yes he has uk citizenship as he applied for a passport (his dad was born in England) in 1996. It has only since come to our attention that australian citizenship laws changed and he could potentially have lost his australian citizenship by gaining a british passport (on his passport it says british citizen) before 2002.. He has been living in the uk for the last 10 years but still holds an australian passport and we've been living here in australia since November (me on a visitor visa and now a bridging visa)... Anyone else applied for a partner visa where there partner also holds additional citizenship and it's all gone ok or had any queries etc? Hope that all makes sense! I'm hoping if the case worked has any queries they will ask about it, he only applied for a British passport to make travelling around Europe and Ireland easier and so it wasn't specifically to gain british citizenship and he certainly wouldn't have done so if he had been aware of the rules at the time about losing Aussie citizenship if you gain another etc
  2. Guest

    A couple of DAFT questions...

    G'day, I have a couple of daft questions.... is it because I have spent too much time in the sun as an ozzie or too much time in the snow while in the UK? (that's not the question, but you can answer it if you want!) The missus and I are sorting out a marriage visa application and as usual it is a form with all sorts of questions that you need to understand the meaning and intention of to be able to just get on and answer everything. May I ask a couple of daft questions about firstly, the 40SP form and related bits? I might have more as I go but to start with, a little background to help me explain my question: We're married. Missus had two youngens and now we've had another couple, so that makes four.(all under 16) I'm full bottled Ozzie Missus is a Pom Missus's first two are Pom's Second two are Poms PLUS (soon to be) Ozzies (I understand that makes them Pozzies)(they're ozzies through me, being an ozzie) Been here for a couple of years with right of abode. I'm thicker than I look! (hence the daft questions!!) here goes: where it asks how many children in the very first question (Form 40SP: Question 1) (stumped already), with the above info, do I put 2 or 4? In other words, do the two with ozzie citizensheip go on the visa application? They've never been there and were born here (Scotland), etc and are cits by descent. My way of seeing it is that they can 'return' to Australia at any time, meaning they can go through the gates as I can with an ozzie passport, but the missus and the two older ones will need a visa, so surely the youngers ones don't and I don't put them on the application? I'm not sure who checks out the applications but they may be thicker than me and I don't want to rattle their peanut jar with adding all the story of who's who and if they are ozzies or brits because they are both. Are you still there? next: just jumping to Form 40SP: Question 41 ... am I sponsoring a child under 18? (the missus is 21.... well that what she says every year) but anyway, does Question 41 mean what? I think it means something besides what I am thinking! In other words, is the answer yes or no? Am I sponsoring the missus and the little ones go with that sponsorship, therefore the answer is no because the missus is still 21? OR does this Q41 mean are the children being sponsored? I notice if you answer yes to Q41, you move past answering if you are diseased and contagious in Q42. Also you don't answer the criminal stuff in Q43. I tend to presume it might mean something but I would rather ask and get it right, as the whole visa is not all that cheap and I don't want to bugg..... I mean, I don't want to make any mistakes. that's all for now. Thanks. (I have a few more questions but will get them down later) I have a note here for Question 38... hmmmmm where is that page? I shall return!
  3. Howdy all, need a little help please... doing a Patrner migration visa... the missus is a Pom and I am an Aussie. We have children. So we are filling in the forms and for my part that means Form 40SP. My question is for question 38 about dependants. Basically what do I put in there? As far as I can work out without falling out of my tree, I am only including two of our four children in the application (Form 40SP) as the two older children (10 and 8) are Poms but the younger two are destined to be Australian citizens by descent. However, in question 38 on Form 40SP do I say yes and if so, how many? I figure that it must be for other dependants as they already have info on the form from question 19 about the children (the Pommie ones) and from what I can work out????? I am not even mentioning the two younger ones as they should have their Australian Passports before I get to working out all the questions on the forms. PLEASE, if anyone can give me a definite answer to these questions, it would help out heaps! Feel free to ask if I haven't explained properly. I know some people put down answers and might get away with getting them wrong if they are not relavent to the situation, but I would rather get it right, please, so although some readers might suggest ideas, I would rather, if I my be so bold as to ask, I would rather just getting a straight answer..... if possible. In summary, the missus is a Pom with two children aged 10 and 8 who are from a previous relationship..... We also have two dual citizen children (Pozzies = Poms and Ozzies due to being born in the UK and also having Australian citizenship by descent)... and on form 40SP, when asked "Do you have any dependants?" do I put Yes or No? (the older two have required clearance to leave the country so that is not the issue or question here) I have tried to work out a couple of other questions and wrote them on a thread entitled, "A couple of DAFT questions" but I am still trying to get a definite answer to those. Anyone have time to pop over to that thread and have a look? Meanwhile I shall be Up The Gum Tree! thanks