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Found 10 results

  1. I KNEW it needed changing but I STILL said 'stuff it, I'm going to the pub first.' Well, you know what happened next. Just lucky I'd been canny enough to stash a few sheets in the drawer next to my 'throne'. Do women always remember to do things like that? If you are lucky enough to have a wife, is it a measure of her love for you that she will come running with a new roll when you call out? When I was a nipper I used to call out 'I'm finished' and Mum or Dad would come racing up to take care of things. Would a wife do that kind of thing? ''Unprepared in Surry Hills'
  2. I heard Vincent by Don Mclean on the wireless today and then checked the video out, awesome:notworthy:, i had forgotten about that record :yes:
  3. markandcat

    Have they forgot about me??

    Well I got my CO on the 1/2/11 and did medicals on 16/2/11 which aparently they have received and police checks took a while but sent them off 2/3/11. Any ideas on how long after it takes to be granted?? Also just checked on immigration site for an update and on the detail check list it says that they are still waiting on medicals but police checks received!!?? on page 1 recevied page 2 reqiured is it possible they just forgot to update it?
  4. Just a reminder to all returnees, that you can file your Australian Tax Return early, as a condition of leaving the country indefinatley. You hopefully should get a good refund as a part resident for the tax year, just like when you filed your first return when you came. Just wanted to let you guys know. Cheers Karen
  5. Hi all- So I finally sent my de facto application in yesterday, and as I left the post office I realised I forgot to include a photocopy of photographs that my boyfriend took to get verified- and I included a mention of the photographs on a piece of paper inside the application which I wrote a summary of all the evidence inclosed. Can anyone suggest the best thing for me to do? Should I call migration and ask if I should send them in or will I hear from a CO when they get my application and then ask them if they want the photographs? I don't know whether to send them in now or wait to hear. After all they are just photographs but I did say that I have included them. Oops :wacko: I'm so frustrated after putting the application together for months! Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. Hi, when applying for SS in Vic, after submitting it then printing it off, i read through it and saw a couple of very important questions that i never saw and forgot to fill in. So does anyone know how and if you can ammend application form? Gillian
  7. Hi there, Feeling a bit sad today as it is our first "occasion" away from the UK when we would normally be with family. We have only been here for 4 1/2 months but...... Today is my daughters second birthday & out of 4 sets of grandparents, a half sister, 3 aunts & 2 uncles & countless cousins & great aunts & uncles only 2 sets of the grandparents remembered to send her a card. I checked the e-mails all day to see if she got any e-mail cards, she did but from her UK playgroup friends, we waited for the postman this afternoon but he only brought the water bill. (For me not her!!). I thought they would call in the early evening to wish her a happy birthday & all through dinner I waited. Eventually I put her in the bath as I thought sod's law being what it is they will call at the most awkward time, but no calls for Scarlett. My parents had arranged a Skype call before she went to bed & she was delighted to see them & shout to them & show them all her toys. I know I am probably being very silly about this but I feel so sad for Scarlett that hardly any of her family have remembered her birthday, I doubt she will have even noticed but she will as she gets older, how do I explain to her that her family do care about her very very much, they just don't remember every thing that is important to her? I have been waiting for some form of homesickness to kick in since we got to Melbourne but there has been nothing, I have always said it would only be people that I missed not the UK. Just right now I am not sure how much I miss them at all. This makes me very sad. Sorry to dump all this on here but hopefully someone understands how I feel.
  8. Guest

    Nearly forgot my manners :)

    Hello All, Was in such a rush to find out some info I forgot to say 'Hi' and went right into posting. So to rectify matters I'll say hello now instead. :smile:
  9. Happy to show contract with rental amount etc if required. thanks
  10. asking price $45,000 ono