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Found 39 results

  1. Swapping UK license for Oz license cost $60 for 1 year and $100+ for 2 years in SA. I guess it costs just $18 in Victoria, although not sure how long that would be valid for. anyone else with some info ? ps : - you dont need to surrender UK license. - Those in Visitor visa/ Temp work visa ( 457 etc ) need not apply for Oz license. - Those in PR visa should apply within 3 months ( SA)
  2. Reading around on the forum, it seems companies like Aldi and power playes like Steve Wozniak are seeing opportunities for beating the established players (most of them would be local I guess)... and the government seems to be of the mind that there is some foul play involved in the local market. SO, do you think the government should open the market for foreign companies?? Personally, I am ALL for protecting weak sectors... as long as the protections are enshrouded in legislation that force the businesses to work towards recovery (rather than knowingly remaining weak and enjoying the protections). But in many cases, Aussie companies are well placed to compete with global players... they just need to make themselves more nimble and competitive... and they have the talent and resources to do it. Opening up the market would force the local companies to start thinking out of the box... and one avenue for 'getting even' would be aggressive targeting of foreign markets. That would make Australia a global brand... which would be a very good thing. What do you say???
  3. Hi We are moving to Perth next year on a state sponsored 176 visa. We will be selling up everything in the UK – which won’t be a great deal, but we’re hard workers and preparing to start again with the aim of providing a better quality of life for the whole family... However, we have a stumbling block that needs sorting because the worry is starting to take its toll: 6 years ago we bought a very small village house in Spain, purely as a pension for us. For the last 3 years we haven’t been able to let it (there are hundreds of empty houses and apartments in this area now after a huge building spree) and after 3 bad tenants we decided to put it up for sale. Unfortunately, the recession has hit tremendously and there is no work there. Houses are being sold for half their value maximum. The exchange rate has crippled us as we are making monthly mortgage payments. We can’t sell it despite it being on with 10 agents. The last year we have negotiated an interest free period which we have had to pay for by taking an extra evening job. The bank is not helpful and there are thousands of people like us in the same boat. Now we are at the end of the road. After going back and forth we cannot feasibly take this mortgage to Australia. If we hand back the house, we will still owe about half the mortgage due to the huge slump in property. Even when we sell up in the UK, we wouldn’t have spare money to put towards it. We’re trying to do everything the ‘right’ way, but we don’t know how things will pan out. What we really need to know is how this could affect us in WA. We have read that mortgage and finance companies don’t/can’t look at foreign debt and that credit is built up from scratch? But, what really concerns us is that because we are on the 176 visa we will have all our details available for the first 2 years. Would a default be traced? Or even something put on our passports if we travelled back to the EU that might show? And, how about in 4 years when we apply for citizenship? It’s all ‘what ifs’, but the whole thing is just a hugely bad experience. We don’t want to blow the best chance we have of changing our lives by this. Any advice, information or relevant stories would be really useful. Many thanks in advance.
  4. chiara

    foreign bank transfers

    So DH is over there and has signed up with bank west, or is it west bank? Not sure, anyway, he's been told he can't make international transfers online, but must go to the actual bank and make a physical transfer which is highly inconvenient and so he's been going to western union to send me money, but that works out expensive. My question is, is there any bank over there where you can set up to pay an international bank account online? It seems bizarre that you couldn't, even in the middle east we could do that from our bank account. Any advice? Thanks
  5. Hi all, I've just been looking at a few credit card comparison sites to try and find a decent credit card for travelling abroad. I fly to NZ around once a month, and we're planning to visit other places occasionally too. We currently have debit cards with Westpac choice, and the foreign transaction fees are higher than I'm used to in the UK, hence I thought I might shop around for a better option. Basically I'm looking for low transaction fees. Many cards use the exchange rate set by MasterCard/VISA/Amex, but may add a fee on top of that. Also - I notice most cards are for PR, and we don't have PR yet. What alternative approach do people use for getting foreign funds? In the UK, our best option was usually Nationwide ATM card (before they introduced a fee), or Post Office for currency. Thanks! D
  6. Let us say A and B contract a marriage in Pakistan. Now they migrate to Australia as permanent residents and the matter of divorce comes up in an Australian court. Would the court abide by the original marital rules or would Australian rules apply. CAN the matter even be taken up in Australian courts? I know in commercial contracts it is regularly written that the rules of such and such jurisdiction (outside Australia) shall apply. In such a case an Australian court cannot even arbitrate. Would the same hold true for marriage contracted in Pakistan???
  7. Hi experts, I got my 176 visa VIC SS recently and planing to move to Melbourne next month. My current employer like me to work for them even after I moved to Melbourne. also they willing to offer Auzee salary scale. Since I VIC sponsored, Do I need to work for an Auzee company after I moved there? or Is this possible? your valuable replies most appreciated :notworthy: Thanks, Horizone.
  8. Hello all, not sure if anyone have any insight on this topic, since this is a very specific to me.. does anyone have any experience with travelling overseas under bridging visa to a country which required a visitor visa(i,e touries or business visa)? from what I know most of the embassy/consulate office which process these visa in Australia won't accept bridging visa since it is not a substantive visa(i.e. not guaranteed return) and they recommend applying in your home country! ->I can understand if you are only gonna hold the bridging visa for few months, but I've been under bridging visa for almost 2.5 years (applied 885 march 2009) you know how hard it is for us to leave the country, let alone just for applying overseas tourist visa!:cry: if people can share their experience, thanks in advance!
  9. Education fees for foreign students' children 'breach' UN rules. INTERNATIONAL students and other temporary visa holders are being forced to pay thousands of dollars a year in fees for their children to attend public schools in a potential breach of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  10. Hey there, I am wondering what income I need to declare on my Aussie tax return (my first one since moving here last year). I have some property in the UK still and receive some rent from it. I do a self-assessment in the UK for that income but I'm wondering if I need to declare it on my Aussie tax return as well? I won't be paying any tax in the UK on it so no double tax relief. I am resident in Australia for tax purposes. Anyone in a similar situation know anything about this? Thanks,
  11. Hi, Can anyone recommend a good tax accountant in Sydney who has knowledge of the tax laws between Australia and the UK? There are loads of tax offers about but I would like to know I am paying someone who knows a fair whack about owning property in the UK etc, not just a standard tax return I could do myself. I am boggled - not sure if I have to declare my rent and mortgage (and a few dividends) in the UK as I am still a temporary resident here (waiting for decision on perm res application at the mo). Would like to know I am doing my tax right from the start (this is my first aus tax return, emigrated in Aug 2010) and not end up having to pay heaps back for not declaring things I have to. Any advice/recommendations? :eek:
  12. Hi folks, We are off on our hols soon - first time outside of Oz since we got here. Can anyone recommend a good bank/foreign currency place to get our holiday money with low fees and good rates? Oz is not like the Uk chargingt 2 pound 50 to change money. When I got to Oz i got stung by ANZ charging me $8 to change 20 quid - robbing buggers!
  13. Hi Just wanted to check - my hubby and I are off to the UK for Christmas and I don't know what will be the best exchange rate for us. should we just use our AUD$ and exchange over here or there? Am I right in thinking it would be of no advantage to use my £'s savings whilst in the UK? thanks Smiler
  14. We are australian citizens living in Dubai. We work for a US company and our salary is paid in Dubai. We have been out of Australia for long enough to be able to declare that we are not residents of Australia for tax purposes (a couple of years). However it is our understanding we could say we are residents for tax purposes if our intention is to come back (which it is, we just don't know when). My question is this, if we complete our tax return as being NON residents of Australia for tax purposes, what else will this impact? For one thing we will be paying higher tax on our investment income in Australia. Will we lose our Medicare? What about our insurances in Australia? Will they be affected? We have every intention of going back to Australia and don't want to do the wrong thing now by declaring we are NON residents for tax purposes. Could we stay as residents? Or will that mean we have to pay taxes on money earned in Dubai (where we don't pay any income tax)? Last year we reported as being residents of Australia and declared the income as Other Foreign Income, I am not sure we can do that again this year... the rules seems to have changed on how foreign income is treated for tax. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  15. INTERNATIONAL nursing students who graduated last semester and want to work in Australia have been caught up in an administrative bungle that could see hundreds of qualified nurses sent home, unable to take up jobs they have been offered. Nurses who have completed their degree at universities including Deakin and the University of Ballarat face uncertainty because they do not meet the language requirements set by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. From July 1 this year students are not eligible unless they have passed an English literacy test at level 7. University of Ballarat head of Nursing Lynette Stockhausen said the changes had affected almost 100 students, and would have an impact on regional health services. ''This is really unfortunate for rural and regional areas as we have many of our domestic students not willing to work in [those] areas, whereas many of our international students settle in really well.'' Ms Stockhausen said the university was unaware of the extent of changes to registration until the system was implemented. Dechawut Boontun studied at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne. He has been able to gain registration. But Mr Boontun says he has many friends worried that they will be sent home. He says the new system puts graduates at a disadvantage because once they finished studying, their student visa expires but, without registration, graduates cannot apply for a skilled migration visa. More than 100 students from Deakin, Ballarat and ANU attended a meeting at the Australian Nursing Federation's Victorian branch yesterday. Branch president Lisa Fitzpatrick told the group of predominantly Chinese, Indian and Filipino students that the ANF was negotiating with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia to fix the problem but that the board seemed unwilling to move. The Department of Immigration is offering tourist visas to those students caught by the changes to allow them to stay in Australia. But tourist visas do not allow holders to work, putting them in a financially impossible position. A spokeswoman for the department said there was no other way for the graduates to stay in the country.She said any students with problems should contact the department as soon as possible. The Nursing and Midwifery Board said the new registration requirements were to ensure nurses had the communication skills needed to do their jobs. ''This standard is consistent with the English language skills requirements for registration in the United Kingdom and is the lowest minimum standard for English language across all the health professions in Australia,'' spokeswoman Nicole Newton said. ''The role of the board is to protect the public. The board has set a range of registration standards aimed at ensuring that all nurses and midwives can provide safe care to the Australian community.'' Language bungle thwarts foreign nurse graduates Thanks VIJ
  16. Some point to be noted from the news article... 1.Mr Abbott said he would not cut the employer-nominated categories – because business needed to continue to grow – or the family reunion program. 2.The planned cuts will focus on family and student visa programs, while skilled migration would largely be quarantined. 3.Mr Abbott said the Coalition would keep skilled migration numbers up, but would crack down on "dubious educational and family-reunion applicants". 4.he Coalition would begin a White Paper on immigration if they win office to set out a detailed plan for enacting the cuts to immigration programs, and release a discussion paper by the end of the year on the topic. Although Mr Morrison would not detail where the cuts would be made, he indicated that family and student visa programs were the bulk of the remaining visa classes that were not protected under the Coalition's new policy. Read more on this story here.... Libs would slash foreign student intake | The Daily Telegraph I do not know whether Coalition is really serious about these immigration reforms. If this is true then I would expect Coalition would be far better than Evan's. I But on the other hand If these are just election stunts to attract voters then I am afraid after election things will change.
  17. tcillc

    Foreign Accent Syndrome

    This is bizarre: Woman gets Chinese accent after bad migraine: reports April 21, 2010 - 6:50AM A British woman has suddenly started speaking with a Chinese accent after suffering a severe migraine, she said in comments quoted by British media on Tuesday. Sarah Colwill believes she has Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS) which has caused her distinctive West Country drawl to be replaced with a Chinese twang, even though she has never even visited the country. The 35-year-old from Plymouth, southwest England, is now undergoing speech therapy following an acute form of migraine last month which reportedly left her with a form of brain damage. "I moved to Plymouth when I was 18 months old so I have always spoken like a local. But following one attack, an ambulance crew arrived and they said I definitely sounded Chinese," she said. "I spoke to my stepdaughter on the phone from hospital and she didn't recognise who I was. She said I sounded Chinese. Since then, I have had my friends hanging up on me because they think I'm a hoax caller." Ms Colwill added: "The first few weeks of the accent was quite funny but to think I am stuck with this Chinese accent is getting me down. My voice has started to annoy me now. It is not my voice." FAS has been documented around the world and is usually linked to a stroke or traumatic brain injury. It was first recorded in the early 20th century and there are thought to be only a couple of dozen sufferers around the world. Source: Woman gets Chinese accent after bad migraine: reports
  18. Does anyone have any experience working for a foreign employer (in this case a NZ company) which wants to use an umbrella company here in Oz to handle tax, super etc? I have been offered a good job, but having received my contract now find that i will in fact be an "independent professional" :unsure: working for this Oz company that then contracts me to the company that wants to hire me. :huh:I am feeling a bit uneasy about this, does anyone have any words of wisdom, its doing my head in :arghh:
  19. Poms in Oz is hosting a Live Chat session with Nat Davison from Moneycorp on 31st March 2010 to answer all your queries on the Australian dollar. The session will start at 8am (EST), 10pm UK time, and will last approximately 2 hours. Whether you are moving to Australia, or living there already, Nat will provide the latest updates on the Aussie dollar and give you some insight into the key influencing factors. Exchange rates are constantly fluctuating and transferring your money at the right time, via the right channel, will make a big difference!:idea:
  20. Just to remind people that in 7 days time - 31st March 2010, we will have Nat from Moneycorp live online to answer any questions you may have on the Australian Dollar. The session will start at 8am (EST), 9pm UK time, and will last approximately 2 hours. I will post another reminder a few days before.
  21. Poms in Oz is hosting a Live Chat session with Nat Davison from Moneycorp on 31st March 2010 to answer all your queries on the Australian dollar. The session will start at 8am (EST), 9pm UK time, and will last approximately 2 hours. Whether you are moving to Australia, or living there already, Nat will provide the latest updates on the Aussie dollar and give you some insight into the key influencing factors. Exchange rates are constantly fluctuating and transferring your money at the right time, via the right channel, will make a big difference!
  22. Guest

    Police Checks - Foreign

    Hello All, Thought would be helpful to start a thread giving info on how and where to go to get the police checks done for non UK / non Oz partners who are migrating to Oz. So I am starting this off with the police check for Indian citizens/ anyone who's lived there for more than 12 months in last 5 years (or is it 10 years). First go to the High Commission of India's website and print off and fill out this form High Commission of India in London, Indian High Commission in United Kingdom, India in UK. Take this form along with copies of first and last pages of your passport + 15£ exact change (they dont give change) to the embassy Contact Us HCI London. Get there early (I got there for 7 am and was still about 50 people in front of me, this was a bit worrying as they said only 45 tokens would be issued for consular services). But at 8:30, the token counter opened, and I got a ticket for police certificate (misc consular services) (btw i was no. 13, so not bad, guess most people were there for passport renewal etc) Take this ticket, go into the embassy, and wait in the vicinity of counter no. 1 till your no is called. Rest is easy, the man takes your passport, money and the copy + application form. (I was informed, you had to lodge your passport in the morning and come back in the afternoon and pick it up), but man gave my passport back. Told me to come back in 45 working days in the morning go through token counter etc, same as before, get to this man, hand over passport. Come back in afternoon, and pick up PCC and passport which will have a stamp in it saying 'cleared to emigrate to Aus. I wish someone had told me about the 45 days! Would have done this long ago !! Now I have to wait till Apr 23rd! Hope it doesnt hold up my application! Good luck everyone ! Love, Som
  23. tracy123

    Australia the foreign land

    Just a thought. When looking at Australia as a place to live do you think of it as an extension of Britain or a foreign country? When going on a recci you may get a false perception of what Australia is all about, you go to the schools - great they are broadly based on an English education system, you talk to people in the streets - great they speak English, you go looking at jobs (or read the papers to see loads of jobs in your field) great another box ticked, you go looking in the shops WOW they sell weetabix, marmite etc, etc, etc EVERYTHING seems so much like the UK I honestly think this could work (it’s the UK with warmer weather!!!!) WRONG You put in all this hard work, said your emotional good byes sold your house and are now on your way to the promised lands!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS………. You hop off the plane full of mixed emotions hopes and dreams of your new life. Your first stop your rental accommodation….. Right what first? Schools what year do your children go into where are they in the schooling (ahead, Behind etc?) what’s the best school to put my children etc…… You start looking at jobs have you got your tax file number? Have you got the right qualifications, experience required???? Food shopping what brands do I buy???? Why does this box of weetabix taste different is it not English!!!!! Cars where do I get the best deal, WHY OH WHY DID I NOT BRING ALL OF MY FURNITURE????!!!! EVERYTHING is so expensive to buy…… I can’t find the right rental property, why do I keep getting refused????? Banking…… Medicare…. Doctors……. MY HEAD IS JUST SPINNING, I WANT TO GO HOME. :arghh:This is just a small part of what lays waiting for you to get to grips with once landing in Australia. It will take time to sort out all of these things out, to find the best restaurants, cheaper places to buy things etc (remember it’s taken your whole life to get where you are in England) For months even years you may convert things back to pounds remember tastes smells etc this is all normal, Britain has been your home your whole life, things will be strange to you. I understand some will agree and others will disagree with me and that’s fine I just think if you treat Australia as a “foreign” destination full of new challenges cultures tastes etc and give yourself time to familiarize and adjust to your new surroundings things may just work out. You’re starting your life from scratch, make the most of a fresh start jump in with both feet expect the bad days and remember why you have spent all that time and money to get to Australia Most of all good luck no matter what happens All the best Geoffrey
  24. Earlier someone asked about links to ATO pages that provide the basic information needed to conisder your tax position. Here you go: Examples of residents and non-residents for tax purposes We have outlined a number of scenarios that may help you to determine whether you are a resident or a non-resident for income tax purposes Examples of residents and non-residents General treatment of foreign pensions and annuities[/url] http://www.ato.gov.au/individuals/content.asp?doc=/content/34780.htm Tax treatment of transfers from foreign super funds Tax treatment of transfers from foreign super funds and specific to UK Pensions some addtional info: Tax treatment of transfers from foreign super funds Hope these help. Liam