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Found 9 results

  1. Hello Everyone, My boyfriend has just applied for a Partner Visa, sponsored by me. Everything has been submitted and now we are just waiting for the answer. Anywho, my boyfriend wants to eventually join the South Australian Police Force but he needs to be a permenant resident. Therefore he wont be able to join for 2 years from the date of the Visa approval. Does anyone have any idea on what he could do for work during those to years that will boost his chances of getting into the Police Force that doesn't require him the be a permenant resident or have qualifications?? He's 21 by the way, 22 by the time we get back to Australia. Thanks in advance.
  2. sherin

    Indians In police force

    Hey Read this report very intresting .. shows how divergent and accomdative the Australian society is. Victorian top cop invites Indians to join police force - Express India
  3. Guest

    Police force

    Im 17, hoping to be in Oz september time, and hoping to be a police officer in the future...was just wondering what sort of fitness tests you have to go through? Thanks :laugh:
  4. Ok decided to write my story. When I was 10 my dad applied to come to Aus and got rejected he tried when i was 12 again rejected then when i was 17 he got accepted. So my brother mum dad and I boarded a flight on February 17th 1987 all held hands and off we went for an adventure. The only way my dad got me on that plane was by promising me a return ticket in three months if I didn't like it. I was very very happy in my beautiful yorkshire ( leeds ) and had a great life my dad had the grass is greener syndrome. So after 3 months I said thanks its been lovely but I want to go home now he would not give me my passport and made sure that I could not go home after a few months I decided to go to tafe to do my HSC then I went to University and life continued....then I got married in 1995 and in 1998 my daughter was born ad I got severe post natal depression due to the realisation that I was now stuck....I have never settled here and I have tried so so hard but 2 kids and a divorce later I still yearn for my yorkshire where I belong and where my heart is.I am now married to my first ever boyfriend who also is English and from leeds and so one day I hope to return my biggest fear is dying here......But I would not do to my kids what my dad did to me and now my dad and I are estranged because he thinks it is selfish I take the kids to UK for 3-6 months so that they are able to make an informed decision when they are older.....my parents would go home in a heartbeat if they could but they have grandkids here now and so it can get very very complicated so think about all this before you make a decision....I will get home one day im trying to see it as an exptended holiday ....but all our money is spent on trips to the uk and my parents say this is sad and yes it is very sad but its the onyl way I can do it .......:arghh:
  5. If you want to join the police force at the first attempt then insider career guide will show exactly how. Visit jointhepoliceforce.co.uk
  6. Hi, I am currently in the process of applying for my dual citizenship by descent so me and my family can emigrate over to oz, my hubby is looking to a career change to the Australian police force and i am looking for some advice. Firstly if he is granted a spouse visa is he able to apply for the police? And secondly how much is the pay for the police in oz? Thank You x :policeman::policeman:
  7. Guest

    Parcel Force

    Dont ever use parcel force to send anything important. We sent our visa paper work off on Tuesday via parcel force and they sent to Austria. We have spent the last 2 days trying to recall it. Completely disgusted with the service. No one seems to care. We've been told it could take over a week to recall!!! :arghh:
  8. The Age WHO are we? As THE SUM OF US shows, we are a surprising group. We once thought of ourselves in timeworn platitudes: the sunburnt country, the lucky country, the land of the fair go. But we knowmany of these old cliches no longer hold true. For a sporting nation, we are rather overweight. For a rich nation, many of us are heavily in debt. We once spoke of a classless society, but wealth distribution is severely lopsided. We know we no longer ride the sheep's back, and, when it comes to "young and free", we are getting less young every year. Fewer of us live anywhere near sweeping plains, and, as working hours and commuting times increase, fewer of us fit the image of a laid-back Aussie. We kno wthere are slightly more than 21 million of us. The census counted 4,591,520 dependent children in Australia, and 2,489,158 families with dependent children. One of us dies every three minutes and 57 seconds. An Australian is born every minute and 55 seconds. Our median age is 36.6 years, and there are 120,800 more females than males. We live in the sixth-biggest country, but rank about 50 for population. And we are bunched up, for the most part, on our vast continent's south-eastern corner. Almost one in three of us live in NSW, almost one in four in Victoria. We are diverse. There were 260 ancestries listed among those who filled out census forms in 2006 - including Tokelauan,Uygur and Zulu. The most common non- Australian ancestries identified were English, Scottish and Irish - much the same as it has been since white settlement. More than 14 million of us were born in Australia, 147,106 in India, 13,881 in Romania, almost 1300 in Morocco and 146 in the Netherlands Antilles. Slightly more than half a million Australians are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island descent. Indigenous Australians have a median age of 21 years - much lower than the general population. On average, if we work full time,we work about 41.7 hours a week, and we earn about $58,400 a year. The average household net worth is about $563,000, based on the Australian Bureau of Statistics' last major study of wealth distribution in 2006. But if your household does not seem so rich, you are not alone.
  9. Guest

    N.S.W Police Force

    Hi, does anyone know if U.K. Police Oficers can transfere to N.S.W. Police. I know that Western Australia are doing it but from what i can gather it seems you need to re-train with N.S.W. Any info would be great..... Thanks... Liz....