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Found 26 results

  1. Guest

    Follow me on my adventure!!!!

    Hi people I am doing vlogs as I am off to stay with my Dad in Australia for a year It's early stages yet but they are coming together so please watch and tell me what you think
  2. http://www.garp.org/risk-news-and-resources/risk-headlines/story.aspx?newsid=36172
  3. Guest

    Aptamil follow on milk??

    Hello everyone, We are going to emigrate to Australia on the 5th December but before that we are going to spend 2 months in South africa. My son is on Aptamil follow on milk (number 3) I know I wont fnd it in SA so I was hoping to find a brand in South Africa that I can then find in Australia as well so I will have to change only once. Anyone can help or give me some tips in regards? thanks Georgia
  4. Guest

    Flood and Disaster follow up

    Just thinking back to early this year to the floods, cyclones, earthquakes....... How are our PIO members coping? Have you got back on your feet???? Does anyone still need our help?
  5. My name is Daniel Rivera (this is my girlfriends account). Ive recently moved here from england and i have a huge passion for football, but i am struggling to find any way to get involved with the sport while im here, anyone who knows anything or you just need someone to have a kick about with then let me know I also love music and am trying to teach myself the ukulele if that interests anyone
  6. Im a student nurse and have been umming and arrring whether to go up to degree in my final year, due to hearing rumours about the AHPRA only allowing in Degree graduates within a few years. But as it stands at the moment i found this link which actually explains what is permitted. Hope it helps. Does anyone know if this is set to change any time soon? and where do i find out how many years experience i need? for western and southern australia Charlie
  7. looking for 17-20 males in Brisbane who follow, support and play pommie footie!! My name is Daniel Rivera (this is my girlfriends account). Ive recently moved here from england and i have a huge passion for football, but i am struggling to find any way to get involved with the sport while im here, anyone who knows anything or you just need someone to have a kick about with then let me know I also love music and am trying to teach myself the ukulele if that interests anyone
  8. Hi everyone. This is my first post on POI and i'm looking for a little advice please. With the economic climate being as it is in the UK, my employer is looking at making savings and I have the opportunity, should I choose, to take a fairly decent redundancy package. This would hopefully give me the money needed to apply for visas etc., so that I can fulfill my dream of moving to Aus. The question is, are things any better over there? Are there jobs to be had and is it worth leaving a decent job in a country that I don't really want to be in anymore to move to a country that i'm almost certain i'd be happy in (I have visited Australia before and I have friends and family in the country). Just a bit of information about me; i'm a 32 year old Building Surveyor who would be moving on my own. I've got 11 years work experience am looking at living in / around either Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. I look forward to your comments / advice. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi, fingers crossed it is looking like we might have a employer sponsor - whooppiieeeee.:biggrin: I was just wondering if I can follow on after my hubby as they want him there asap. I will need to stay behind and sort out the shipping, sell the house and spend some time with my gran as she is terminally ill. Do myslef and the kids need to go with him or can we follow on on a couple of months?? Any advice would be great - thanks.
  10. Morning all... Have been reading through some posts and am now a little confused......which isn't that difficult a thing to manage :confused: We are moving over in Jan 2011 and will be shipping our LPG converted Kia Sorento. My problem arises as my Jag XK8 which I have owned for over 6 years is also registered in my name so I was originally planning on storing it for 12 months and then shipping it over, however, I have read that as of Nov this year the law is changing so that you can only ship one vehicle over each 5 years!!! The alternative to this was to change the registration to my wife's name, store it for 12 months and then ship it. If I'm reading some of the posts correctly I will not be able to just store it and bring it over as the vehicle needs to be owned and available to be used which I wouldn't be if we were in Australia and it was in the UK. Heeeeelp..........Anybody got any ideas as to what my best option might be here????? :wideeyed:
  11. Hi any one!!! My partner and I are enduring the process of a spousal visa for over 18 months. His medical to come to Aus, revealed a heart murmur, which was corrected and we had to send a copy of his 6 week post op check to Immi. The surgeon was sick for this appointment, so my partner was seen by a fill in Dr, who would not issue a report......we are chasing this one final piece of paper.....has any one else experienced something similiar, and if so, and details on the requirements for this report....what info does it need to include? He has a tendon repaired successfully in his mitral valve. Has any one had a similiar successful surgery and been grated there visa????aaaarrrgghhhhhh Its been so long...we are going crazy! Any info at all about any facet greatly appreciated...will comfort in the least!!!!I jsut want to know! Cheers SAm:arghh:
  12. The orginal seemed pretty good, there are members living in all the main centers so swapping houses would be a good way for some here to visit other parts of Australia. So my thought is similar, how about inviting people to stay. I can't get away myself as I have a bussiness which I can't close down but I could have someone here to stay. As I live on my own (with dogs) I wouldn't want a couple (threes a crowd) or family, (house not suitable) but if there is anyone who wants a few days away on their own and don't mind somewhere quiet PM me. Its a 3-4 hour drive from Melbourne, or I can pick you up from Albury airport, or there is a train/bus service from Melbourne. As I said its quite but if you don't mind dog walks, and pub lunches it would make a change from the trafic and noise of the city ... PS: No axe murderers please ..........
  13. A few questions on the process of Immigration authorities following the submission of my 47es application: 1. What is the process that the CO will follow to verify the information on the form? 2. What causes them to decide if they want further checks? 3. Do they run a person's name against their own police / tax / passport etc. databases that a person's name could appear on if they have traveled to Oz in the past? Just wondering what may cause the process to move slow or fast because the forum's seem to have evidence of both. Thanks everyone!
  14. Guest

    just need a thread to follow

    i'm from the middle east and i've always wanted to live in australia as i just love that place. i did physio therapy in collage, india. was a valet parking supervisor in texas. and a garage door technician in ontario. also i'm a masseur and work in the stock market. how can i make it australia.
  15. Well, our visa is granted and dh flies out on 4th Feb, me and two sons aged 4 and 4 months follow on 11th March :wacko: Really nervous about flying out on my own with the boys, i know the 4 year old will be ok but just not sure how i will cope with the youngest - he will be just over 6 months when we fly - any tips please on how to stop myself from going mad! :twitcy: We are going to Mount Macedon outside of Melbourne, husband has a job and we get a house with it. Really confused about loads of things eg education for my 4year old - he is currently in preschool and loves it, Health - the costs just totally blow my mind (put a lot of confusion down to baby brain) :biglaugh: Anyhow, if anyone has any tips on surviving the move over and the flight or if anyone lives in the surrounding area of Macedon would love to hear from you. Cheers Karen
  16. Just read this on the internet, is now a good time to buy a house in australia www.whocrashedtheeconomy.com
  17. I'd like to get your input on this. I had been waiting for 22 months now to be exact for my 175 (CSL) visa application to be processed. My agent and I had a heart to heart talk and I poured out my frustration for her seemingly indifferent style of handling the application. Since the changes in the immigration process beginning 2009, she doesnt update me on the steps she takes. In fact, in Feb 09 she never mentioned about advising DIAC that my papers should be marked CSL (i am an accountant). I initiated the PLE using her email address. It was often like that and she would deny receiving replies to the PLE, except for about 2 times which she forwarded to me. There were times she would say she launched PLE but no reply and I doubt if it can really happen that PLE goes unanswered. In our talk, she was saying that she doesnt want to make follow ups because it might affect the visa outcome. Is this really possible? I have read of situations when applications were overlooked and a follow up put them in the queue again. Agent said our contract says that her commitment is to get me a visa the most possible way available, and not the fastest way in a particular time table. I understand that the delays were due to recession and the changes in rules. What I am asking for her is to check the status at least for us to know if I am undergoing security checking (I am from HR country) that has been causing the dealy, so that I can peacefully wait. Questions: 1. Will constant follow up affect negatively the visa outcome? 2. Being in CSL, how long should be the waiting period since I had been on queue since Dec. 07, before I should be alarmed that nothing is happening to my application? 3. Can visas be made to sit to 2 to say 5 years until the officer "feels" like acting on it, even if it is a priority class? Forgive me for my questions, but I am really frustrated now and more frustrated with what my agent told me. She even told me to refrain from visiting forums because it does not help me in my waiting time. Dropping her is out of the question because she also handles my NZ application. Hope someone can enlighten me. Thanks in advance. :unsure:
  18. pablo

    Which team do you follow??

    Alright ,i admit it ( soz ladies and footy haters! ) im turkeying for the season to start again,soooooo frustrating!!! its doing my ead in!making me realy agitated. SO........on poms in adelaide they are having a poll to see who supports who, and to have a "sticky" is it called ? over football/ soccer(kills me saying "soccer"!)so what about it tim??? ( btw,i already know what the answer will be but god loves a trier eh?)i just think it would be interesting to see who supports who etc,because at the moment theres only a few of us who have nailed our colours to the mast, and YES i know its a migration forum,BUT can it do any harm?? bit of "harmless" banter etc??:hug::policeman:
  19. :arghh: With the blow of other half loosing his job this week it is not good news that as a metal fitter I will no longer be on the CSL list. things can't get much worse. Thinking out loud will New Zealand follow what Aus has done because if I can't go to Australia then I would be happy to go to New Zealand. do they have the same rules do you still need trade recognition going to google it now to see please help
  20. Guest

    Follow your dream

    Hi All, My husband and i have nt been on here for ages, been so busy getting things sorted for the big move to melbourne. We had our medicals done about a month ago so just waiting to hear about the visa which we have been told will be in about 8 weeks, flights have all been booked, Terry flys out at the end of january as he wants to get the house furnished and buy a car etc....i might be mad!!! Im sure he will do a good job. and myself and the kids fly to join him mid Feb. I have read recently quite a few threads on the amount of money people are taking with them, this seems to vary quite alot. We unfortunately are not in the position to take much money with us as the day to day costs of living here with two young children have made it impossible to save the amount of money that we would have liked, i think at last calculation we are looking at £5000. At first i was quite worried about going with such a small amount however now i just can t wait to get there. We are not used to a very extravagent life here as it is, always struggling to make ends meet, we had no property to sell here either as we have always rented. Although when we get to Oz Terry will be earnig almost double what he is on in this country (He has already got a job secured on a 457 visa) we are still going to be sensible, we know that financially we will possibly not be much better off but are not going with the expectation of being. We are looking to rent for no more than $300-$350 per week, and intend to purchase second hand furniture. For us this move is about so much more than just money. We want to provide for our children a much better life and want to be able to spend so much more time together as a family, no money in the world could buy that. This move has been our life long dream, and although i know it will be tough at times i know it will be ok. And financially wise if you start at the bottom there is only one way to go!!! Hope all is going well for everyone Rachel x
  21. Hiya, Just waiting for our visa to come through and we are trying to pay off all our outstanding loans in the UK before moving out. However I wondered what happens if you emmigrate without paying them off? Do they track you down, and does it effect your credit in Oz? Also when you get to Oz what do you need to get new credit, do you have to start from scratch and build up a credit record by getting credit cards and things like that, or do they check your credit history from the UK? We will probably need to buy a car with credit but would we be able to do this if starting off with no credit history? Also it is wise to bring over all my bank statements, credit card statements etc with me? Thank you
  22. Chalky4388

    Can family follow later

    Hi All I may have to go to Sydney first & im the main visa holder (permanent). can my family follow after or are they required to enter Oz with me. Tried searching Goverment web site but could not find an answer. Cheers Chalky
  23. gundog

    Ens Follow Up

    Can anyone tell me,when you have been granted your PR visa on the ENS route, do you keep in touch with immigration with regard to employment and how it is working out with your employer.
  24. My name is Jess and im 17 years old my family have been seriously thinking, discussing and looking into moving to oz. they feel it is the best move for us all and will have so much to offer. I agree that the experince shall be amazing and am greatful i am being offered the opportunity. However at 17 years old i have so much going for me in this country right now. im learning to drive, studying a BTEC National Diploma in Early Year at level 3 at college and i am looking to get a teaching degree at uni. however by the time we move i may have already setteled into a uni in this country and then move!! what will happen?? do i start again on the course and what is uni life like over there?? any help at all is fantastic for me to recieve and i shall be very thankful xxxxx
  25. :unsure: Myself and wife would like to follow our daughter and her family to Brisbane we will be in our late 50's but i would still like to work on as a project engineer either full or part time. We already know that the cost would be £13000.00 each to cover sponsorship, and we would want to live in a 2 bedroomed property within easy reach of the beaches, this would require to have a garage and be in a quiet area. Is this £13000.00 refundable after so many years or what, we appreciate that a bond would be required for health and insurance purposes, but it seems a bit high considering OZ is a Commonwealth Country. If this is refundable after so many years that seems a responsible and proper idea. Where is the nice peaceful places for people of our ages to live around Brisbane and surrounding areas, we have been told Albany Creek is nice. Any response would be nice. What are the chances for part time work for someone in their late 50's just wanting to make a living enough to enjoy ourselves, and not to make a fortune. What are local attitudes to the Brits.