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Found 38 results

  1. Guest51810

    the old folks

    How do you guys get on with your parents? Im close to my mum but its a struggle living with her again! Its only been a week since i moved in and we were ready for killing each other today! Going to be even worse when her boyfriend comes to stay, i cant stand him! I think we'll get along better once ive had a break from her on my holiday lol, hope so anyway!
  2. Perthbum

    Hi folks

    28 year old chippy from Brum, spent 4 years in Perth and now home for the time being after a breakup of my marriage.
  3. Guest

    RE: Hello Folks

    Hi everybody, Me and the family are in the early stages of processing our visa. I'm hoping to get some sound advise of people. Speak to you all soon Bradley:biggrin:
  4. Guest

    Hiya folks :o)

    Hiya all, Just wanted to say hello really! We've been thinking about emigrating for about 2 years now... and finally, the thinking has started to take a (slow) movement lol. I'm aiming to retain as an art teacher, so only a 1 year course, then 'live' the job for a year, and then start to apply hopefully! I'm sure the journey will have it's ups and downs and suprises..... Love Betty and Carol x
  5. l1sa

    Got a question folks!

    Hi all, Was just wondering, as its taken us so long to get our arse in gear and actually make the move!! do you reckon it would be worth me getting new police checks done again, before we do eventually go, as ours are 2 years old now. :huh: Thanks chaps Lisa x
  6. Hi my name is Mallam 25 years old. Brother in Carlton Melbourne and hope to join him in a couple of years , spent 9 months backpacking in Oz 2 years ago visiting most of the major cities.
  7. tonyman

    Happy Easter Folks

    have a great Easter folks................may you :Randy-git: like rabbits..........:biglaugh:
  8. Guest

    Hi Folks

    Hi there folks , Looking at moving to Oz with my Son to start fresh .Spotted this forum and thought good place to be :wink:
  9. Guest

    Hi folks

    Hi all from The Tates - David (37), Mandy (28), Thomas (9), Paige (19 months) & Jake (9 weeks). We are hoping to move to Brisbane mid 2011 (applied for our 175 visa in February 2009 - Electrician Special Class). Here's hoping house prices start climbing in Northern Ireland before we leave!:biggrin:
  10. Guest

    hi folks

    hi folks what a wonderful informative and welcoming website this is and i must say it is a real credit to the founders and the daily contributers on both sides of the water i live in the uk and make the most of it here for the sake of my own wellbeing and the stabilty of my boys aged 15 and 12 but the madness that is the european union is very quickly making life very difficult and soon to be impossible to live here financially the taxpayers get persecuted and the non taxpayers are lorded and pampered and anyone in between(usually black market based) gets left alone to do their chosen mischief i have looked at the pros and cons of living in pretty much every country on the planet,,,socially,culturally,economically and the lifestyle/climate and i keep coming back to oz as my first option i/we now have the option to go and live there and i am 43yrs old so i need to get my skates on because i think 44(in august 2010)s a break point where things are much more difficult visa wise my exwife is an aussie and she lives in queensland so she is planning to return to the uk in april and we are going to remarry for all the right reasons not just visa related we will spend a year here packing up and sorting/settling things in a proper manner family,friends and house wise then visa pemitting its off we go can any of you lovely people out there see an obvious flaw in my life plan? whether it be technical or whatever... or any shortcuts through the visa system would be greatly appreciated i have been to oz for 6weeks some years ago and enjoyed it so apart from the heat i think its just the ticket i really would appreciate any help because i dont have long and i am keen to get the hell out of here thankyou very much in advance for any help kind regards jonathan
  11. Guest

    Stay Safe Folks!

    Everyone ok out there in SE Qld? This is the worst storm I've seen in 14 yrs in my suburb............hailstones and gusts of at least 100k. The pool furniture from under the pergola is in the pool........how it got over the pool fence will indicate how bad it is..........the worst seems to have past but there's another band on the radar for later. Hope you're all ok kev
  12. brideycollette

    Hi folks

    Hiya folks , we have been looking at this site for a few years , we were hoping that we would be heading over to oz with the royal australian navy after my hubby finshed with the Britsh royal navy , but all change now due to hubbiews trade not being wanted in the aussie navy at the mo . So we have the paperwork ready to do a 175 visa , hubby is going for electrician special class . We are hoping to go to nsw ( ie Gosford hopefully ) . well i thought i would say hello to some of you at the beginning of our journey :wink:
  13. Guest

    What a deal folks.

    Sainsbury's online groceries My fav wine which is normally £9.99 a bottle.....now 3 for £10 I have had 12 bottles today, get it while it lasts, fantastic14% wine.
  14. Guest

    New Folks!

    Hi everyone. Just joined the site and wanted to say hi. Lodged family visa on 10th Sept 09 and would like to move to Queensland, where in Queensland, we don't know yet...just doing soem research. x:smile:
  15. Guest

    hi folks

    just wanting to say hello, found this site by chance and looks very interesting.have to go for an interview for a spraypainter with the woods group for a sponsered visa at the end of september and wondering if anybody knows what they are like to work for.i would be going with my wife and 2 young children and as my wife has no job lined up yet and we dont have a lot of spare cash im worried it would be to much of a struggle any advice would be most welcome:spinny:
  16. Hello to all. We are moving out in Jan to Gwler initially, but looking at Lyndoch and Tanunda as possible areas to buy. Any folks already out in Gawler or surrounds, be good to meet up and get some insight into the local areas. We are used to rural living so commutting to the CBD is not a problem. We are a family of 4, two boys aged 5 and 3. I am all go for the move but my wife is a little apprehensive and wants to give it at a year at most. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:arghh: Cheers, Cityboy.
  17. Hi just thought I would introduce myself and my family, there's me (Charlie) my wifie (Hazel) and our 3 daughters Katie(4), Hannah(2) and Lucy(9months). I'm a cop and my wife's a nurse. My wife's parents moved out to Canberra in Oct 2007 and are loving it, her brother also moved in Ocotber last year. They all love it down there and have no plans to return. We went out to visit in April for a month and we loved it so much we started to look in to moving out. My wife being a nurse was told she would have no problem getting a visa and a job, however as I am a Cop I was having to wait until we had PR before I could even apply to any of the Forces, NSW were looking for me to go back to Uni and do a degree in policing before even applying and I'd be going back to a probationer's pay! We ended up looking in to SA and QLD and a couple of weeks ago I saw a post on a thread in the Jobs section of POI that said SA police are recruiting UK cops again, so now my application is in and I'm awaiting an interview hopefully!! That's our story so far, will keep posting updates as things happen.:policeman:
  18. Guest

    Hey folks

    Occasional lurker over the past however long, decided to register and participate and see what, if anything, I can contribute to things here. I expect that all the pom-bashing after the first test was a catalyst to getting me finally register I'm 34, originally from Bath, and been living in Melbourne for the last three years. Generally things here are ace, but don't get me started on the quality of TV and the lack of availability of a decent English pint on a cold afternoon. Cheers, Damion
  19. Swannie

    G'day folks

    Hi there, been popping in and reading some of the threads for a while now, we decided to join up. Not much to say about us really, we are in the UK and have wanted out for some time, cant stand many places in Europe, the US freaks me out and I'm not the best with other languages, I have been to OZ a few times, mainly on 1 year work visas and visit visas, and have been to New Zealand and didn't really get on too well with it so here we are, thinking about Australia. The other half is the one who will probably be able to get in, she is a competition horse rider, I am a saddler but its all self taught to I doubt I will ever be able to get in on that, we are thinking about our options now. We are in East Anglia and work is drying up here big time! There ya go, thats us.
  20. Guest

    G'day Folks

    Hi I am new to Poms in Oz. We are hoping to move to Adelaide in December. Anyone got any views or advice? Would appreciate it. Especially, can we take our electrical goods with us - will they still work in Adelaide?
  21. I keep reading new threads & posts from PIO'ers who seem quickly & suddenly deflated after arrival. Please give Australia a fair go. If you search this site you can see that lots of people go through a range of complex and often contradictorary emotions on arrival and in the early days. It takes guts to put your (adult) selves under scrutiny to become migrants. It takes guts & humility to enter the job market, after years working as a qualified tradie or other professional in the UK - a lot of people can't take this 'challenge' to their view of themselves. Get over it nobody here gives flying f*** what you did in the UK.---- (But I had a team of 25 in Waltham Forest in charge of investigating weevils, doesn't this count for something here? ....Actually.... No ......nobody understands or cares, get over yourself & find something you can do here) Give it a fair go, make an effort, and you might find it pretty ok here......
  22. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news guys but my brother sent me this today please read http://www.smh.com.au/national/skilled-migration-cuts-divide-20090316-8zyj.html
  23. hello people so, i'm 31, stuck in a a crap life, been single for a year, trying to hang on to a house that i am really struggling with due to there being almost no work for me as a carpenter i plan to sell my house and use the £10k or so profit to emigrate/work in oz i am a time served joiner but unqualified. i have done every aspect of joinery from roofing/firstfix/timber framed housing through to shopfitting/second fix/kitchens the lack of qualifications concerns me, but some people have told me its not a problem i think i would like to get a working visa and then go to oz, try and find work as a carpenter and hopefully get someone to take me on, with a view to getting something perminent can anyone suggest a plan of action for me and does anyone know how easy it would be for me to work on site ie. i have a full cscs card which is required in the uk now on sites, i supose there would be a simmilar requirement in oz thanks in advance yours ever hopefully luke
  24. :no: HUMAN remains have been found in the stomach of a crocodile suspected of taking holidaymaker Arthur Booker in far north Queensland. Police tonight said a forensic examination of material taken from the stomach of the 4.5-metre crocodile were from a man. The remains are almost certainly those of Mr Booker, from Logan, south of Brisbane, who has not been seen since he went to check a crab pot on the Endeavour River near Cooktown on September 30. However, police are awaiting the results of DNA tests. Police earlier played down reports that an X-ray scan had identified a wedding ring inside the crocodile's stomach. "A circular shaped object x-rayed inside one of the crocodiles captured from the Endeavour River cannot be verified as being a wedding band, as reported by some media outlets," a spokesman said.
  25. Good news if you are coming over even if you do get less for your house in the UK. "Australia now faces a recession, and as I said at the beginning of the year, house prices will fall very significantly," said Jonathan Pain, of HFA Asset Management. "Yes, Asia will help soften the blow, but it won't prevent a decline in economic activity, which will be driven by a continuing fall in discretionary spending as house prices decline and banks cut back on lending. "We have some of the most expensive housing, relative to incomes, in the world and we have massive levels of household debt." Residential developers to face tough times | theage.com.au