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Found 10 results

  1. spangley

    Do you get sick less often in Oz?

    It's that time of year here in Northern Europe. Colds, coughs, aches and pains. I'm thoroughly fed up of feeling sick here in the winter. Does anyone find living in Oz cuts the instances you catch colds and nasties?
  2. rockola57

    FLU JAB.Yay or Nay?

    I see the campaign for us to have the flu jab has started again on the TV.Well this time last year my Supervisor went for it on site in work,returned half an hour later with streaming eyes,soon after went home sick,next i heard 2 days later she was in the ITU unit in Hospital with Kidney complications and at deaths door due to 'virus'.She spent 3 weeks there and even after returning to work was very pale and clammy.The Hospital were not sure what had caused all this,but i reckon you don't have to be a genius to see the link.I am not saying having the jab is wrong,but this incident put me off.What thoughts do you have on the flu jab?:confused:
  3. Generalis

    Swine Flu Vaccine

    Do little ones require this vaccination over in oz to enter schooling system including kindy as I've been offered it for little one and not sure whether to let him have it? we fly out week on sunday so would need to get him vaccinated next week. thanks
  4. seekingsunshine

    swine flu :( anyone else have concerns?!

    hi! was just wondering what peoples views were on swine flu and flying at the moment?! i know the media hype it all up but obviously with these 'healthy' people dying especially the poor children... i am a little worried! i read the daily mail today which was full of doom and gloom (as usual!) we've booked our flights out to adelaide for this coming september....i'm not too worried for myself and husband, but am concerned for three year old twins... i ALSO have a newborn who'll be just twelve weeks when we fly. obviously he has no immunity at the minute though i am feeding him myself and now plan to do so until we get to adelaide (if i can!) simply because of swine flu! hopefully he'll get some immunity from me! we're going to take hand sanitisors etc and use them constantly! i'm just worried because my sister in law put the frighterners on me by saying she would 'think carefully about flying' - she's a head nurse in a&e! thing is, theres always flu and bugs and when is going to be safe to fly! we're probably at just as much risk staying here as my older two would be attending school..... at least we're going into summer in oz and leaving the winter behind here! apart from washing hands etc all the time are there any other precations people ho are flying can take? apart from requesting seats away from people with coughs and colds lol!
  5. All over the news and papers today is the warnings of Swine Flu ? Does anyone know how much danger we will actually be in if these cases are confirmed? and how soon should we go and buy the masks to protect our family? What do members think, is it as bad as the media make out or is everything being 'hyped up' in true media fashion? Swine flu fears prompt crackdown on travellers | smh.com.au
  6. Am I the only person to think that Australians are going a bit overboard with the reaction to swine flu? As far as I can see it's now no more than the usual winter flu, not the bubonic plague. So why are the politicians popping up on TV every day giving a running "Swine flu toll" and urging Aussies to close schools, quarantine ships and stock up on food and stay at home? I thought Aussies were supposed to be tough, but they're acting like right wusses on this one.
  7. From: Swine flu deaths spark worldwide health alert - Times Online
  8. Guest

    Flu Season.

  9. bloody typical - i have come down with flu and just so worried about meds next week. hoping i don't get a chest infection and that it resolves in a few days. doing all that i can to keep going and beat this. everyone else in family good but my main worry is the chest xrays. :sad: Bonnie
  10. Hi everyone in WA, especially in Bunbury as this looks like where we are heading. Question? I listen to Mix 94.5 a radio station in Perth just to compare the local news with the UK. Anyway they Keep playing adverts for FLU vaccine, is it that bad? as you all know in the UK they only direct that towards the elderly 60+. Are they just trying to flog you this to get money out of you or is it that bad? In the UK if you get FLU we just work through it or is it considered bad manners to come to work with FLU or a very bad cold in oz? Kindest regards to all Glynn and Family:spinny: