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Found 19 results

  1. Just wondering if anyone has taken the option to fly to Adelaide to get their Electrical Mechanical licence? We're finding work thin on the sunshine coast and although crying out for qualified electricians in area with what's happened with the floods etc, no-one interested in a unqualified electrician. I know its an option but not sure of pro's and con's - any tips or advice greatly appreciated.
  2. Janie101

    Anybody flown with epilepsy?

    Hi everyone I'm more than sure that the answer is Yes but I have a 6 year old son who has epilepsy and only has seizures whilst he is asleep and usually bought on by tiredness. The thought of this long haul flight is stressing me the most coupled with the fact that my OH may be going on his own with us joining him later. I also have an 8 year old! So not only the thought of taking 2 young children on a plane (poor other passengers) but also him having a seizure? Stressed thinking about it :arghh: Thanks Jane
  3. SKW

    Has anyone flown Air Asia?

    We are hoping to go back and visit family in July next year but due to the Olympics prices are sky high. They are coming up reasonably for Air Asia but I don't know anyone who has flown with this airline or how comfortable the flight would be. We have a 3yr old and usually go Singapore Airlines but they are so much more expensive. Any thoughts/comments/advice would be appreciated thanks!
  4. Claretjon

    Any one flown Etihad?

    Hi, Just in the process of looking at flight prices and Etihad are coming out the cheapest at the moment with some decent flight times and not long to wait in Abu Dhabi. Has anyone flown with them, especially with young children? Thanks
  5. I know they are the new kid on the block as far as airlines go. We flew to Brissie earlier this year with Emirates and we were pretty happy with them, but my new employer has booked me on Etihad this time round (mine is not to reason why - they're paying after all. Apparently availability is poor at the moment because of the RWC) but as they are so new there doesn't seem to be much in the way of reviews. I was relatively comfortable with them after looking at their website, but looking at my e-ticket it states that it is "operated by Eagle Air". So that's it is it? I'll be sat next to the rear gunner and have to use the outside toilet, or is it better than that? Dave 8 days left, getting scary.:arghh:
  6. Hi all I am looking to fly back for my best friends wedding in June (Syd - LHR) and have been trying to look at flights without my heart palpatations starting! Anyway have found a good deal with China airways - has anyone flown with them? Every time i have flown i have always come with Singapore or Emirates - although once with BA and never again! So I know i have been spoilt! I just wondered if there is a reason they are so much cheaper? Does the plane have only one wing? Do they serve food? Etcetc All advice gratefully received! Thanks Nat x
  7. We thought we'd do it in style seeing as we're flying one way and my wife will be several months pregnant by then. Just interested if anyone's experienced it yet? I can't wait. :jiggy:
  8. hi if you have flown or know someone who has flown with air china please could you let us know how you got on wat they were like many thanks ron
  9. Hi, We have booked our flights for our reccie trip with EMIRATES has anyone flown with them and any information bad point and good points as i am very nrevous at flying and with children i just want to know if they are comfy or not. any advice helpful thanks. Annemarie
  10. Looking into flights and see Cathay Pacific always come up much cheaper than others. Am debating between them and Emirates as I know with Emirates we can get 50kgs baggage allowance and are sposed to be a good airline. We are looking to go at the end of next month and will be travelling with our 10 month old baby, so also need to take into consideration which might be best for her, do they both have plenty of bassinets??
  11. trying to find out what you are allowed to take on plane with you when flying with a little one. we are flying to perth via dubai with emirates at christmas and would appreciate any advice. do you get a bit more carry on allowance for all baby's milk / food / nappies etc? are there any restrictions on things we might not think about? can we take the water ready made in the bottles? any other advice would be great too! thanks in advance. lee.
  12. If you have flown with Singapore Air do you know if you can use your own headphones (like ipod ones) - ie. with standard 3.5mm jack? Many thanks
  13. The OH cannot be separated from either his guitar or his bike for 3 months so I've been looking at the cheaest way of sending them by air, according to the BA website he can take both for no additional cost & we have flown with BA before & taken bikes and snowboards so know this to be true. What I am wondering is what happens when we transit in Singapore? Although we will be ticketed right through by BA, it will actually be a Singapore Airlines plane we fly from Singapore to Perth on so will be suddenly be hit by excess charges? We'd prefer to stopover but if it is more beneficial for our bags to be checked right through than we'd grin and bear it. Jules x
  14. Hi all , This is what we have been booked and i am concerned about having to go to Heathrow from Manchester , it seems very long winded . I did want a direct flight from Man to Perth but we are not paying for the flights and the direct ones are coming in too expensive $7,000 per person , so it looks like i'm stuck with it . Has anybody done this and do you have to re-check you baggage , how long did it take? We don't have a stopover either ! God , we are gonna be zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
  15. Hi, hubby and I have finally booked our one way tickets down under! Was wondering if anyone has flown with Singapore on the A380 airbus? Also wondering what your experience was like? Flying out on 22 Sept - weyhey! Many thanks Sarah
  16. Guest

    any one flown asiana airline

    has any one flown asiana airlines and were they any good cheers
  17. hi guy's as the title say's has any flown with them as found a great price for hols but have never heard of them? just wanted to know if any good and what they are like with kids,entertainment, seating (leg room) food any info would be great ................... julie :wubclub:
  18. Hi All, Went to book our flights today, really struggled to get a flight full stop, let alone via Singapore which was our preference. Anyway, we managed to get a flight to Adelaide via Kuala Lumpar end of July. Only stopping there 5 hours but just wondered if anyone has any experience of this airport, bearing in mind we're flying with 9 and 11 year olds. I've read a few reviews online and there doesn't seem to be much there apart from the usual restaurants and shops, Also what are Malaysian Airlines like, and are there screens in the seats and games consoles for the kids etc. Cheers, Bec x:wubclub:
  19. Guest

    Has anyone flown Eithad?

    They seem to have the cheapest fares out to Oz in January. Are they better than BA/Qantas? Thanks Karen