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Found 67 results

  1. DaveAnClaire

    Floor Layers/Floor Finishers in Perth

    Hi all, just wondering are there any floor layers/floor finishers on this forum, we are hpoing to be in Perth early next year depending on how quick our application takes Dave
  2. Hi guys, we are thinking (for the second time) about a move to Perth but are worried about the cost of living and potential salary when bringing up a small family (kiddies are costly at the best of times At present, my hubby and I own a flooring a furniture shop in Norfolk. He has 14 years flooring experience (fitting and retail) and I have a degree in Graphic Design and a small amount of flooring knowledge. We have two children (3 and 2 years). Does anyone know the type of salary hubby could be looking at for fitting in the Joondalup or Mandurah areas. He fits carpet and vinyl and is soon to start a course in safety flooring. In comparison, Mandurah appears cheaper to rent etc - does that mean salaries and general cost of living are less too? Any answers will be grateful! This is our second time round of looking into Oz - the first time we got as far as reserving flights for a reccy trip - then discovered we were having our second baby! So, here we go again!
  3. $55,000 per annum, plus overtime, van, fuel, tools. Ready to start immediately. Sponsor is 457 with assistance to residency. 1 x position available in Victoria branch. We recently placed 2 x uk layers into the Queensland branch. To to apply you will need recent cv and references. pm me, Danny, layers2oz :-)
  4. Puppies Just how do you stop them ,and this is not a pi"s take thread ,got a new puppy and the little bugger will not stop it . :cry: Have been told to rub his nose init ,what do you think :unsure:
  5. Are you looking for casual work???? We are looking for casual laborer with floor laying experience preferred for immediate start in the gold coast area, Good rate of pay, dependent on experience and work availability. Contact andrew on 0450521468 Elite flooring solutions
  6. the_whites

    Floor layer / finisher

    Hi all My brother has 10 years + experience as a laminate floor layer and also has the added bonus of having a door trimming saw (trims the bottom without the need to take the door off its hinges). He is looking for employment, preferably in the Melbourne area but would need 457 sponsorship. Please contact me with any opportunities. Many thanks
  7. Hi, I am currently looking for a company to sponser me as a floor layer. I have just completed an AQF 111 in flooring technoligy to be reconised in Australia. I have been in the trade for 6 years and have excellent references,portfolio and cv. I specialise in solid and engineered timber flooring,design vinyl,ie karndean,amtico,laminates,carpet tiles. Im currently on holiday in sydney It is my dream to live and work in Australia any help greatly appriciated :biggrin: Oliver
  8. Hi im James i live in Essex at the moment but i am looking to make the move to Oz. Im 20 and have been floor laying with my dad since i left school at 16. I have always done commercial flooring, mostly safety flooring but i can fit most types of flooring. Obviously i still have lots to learn aswell though. I was wondering if anybody could tell me if there is a demand for floor layers in oz at the moment and whether my age and lack of experience would affect my chances of getting out there. I was going to apply for a working holiday visa to get my foot in the door. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers in advance
  9. Hi, I am moving to perth next month, I am a floor and wall tiler, would appreciate any advise! I have over 15 years experience and intend to be SOR. Rich
  10. Hi iam Spencer Iam a floor finisher with 18 years under my belt in all types of floor finishes trying to get out to OZ ASAP to start a new life for me and my family! We are waiting on our CO for our 176 ss visa but looks like our 1100 form has gone missing between WA and DIAC so got a small delay (again) but hope to get it sorted next week and get our CO! Any other floor finishers on the same road and where are they heading and where are they at and whats the story ? And if you are already lucky to be settled in the great sothern land how are things going for the family and with work? Looking forward to hearing from you all. Spencer :hug:
  11. Somebody can tell me how much a certified wall and floor tiler can make a day? I have AQF III certificate and have a lot experience tiling and construction here in USA looking for a job in the near future i`m still here in USA but hopefully move soon to Perth (next 2 or 3 months). Anyboby can tell me if will be hard to get a job? I applied for 176 visa. Thank you.
  12. So yesterday we cleared the house, got rid of so much crap to the tip i had no idea we had all that! was meant to do our second car boot sale today but as usual in this glorious country its pi$%ing down with rain so its another day of trips to the tip this time sorting the attic, god only knows what were getting out of there! so weve sold quite a bit of stuff our bed frame being one of them so last nite the mattress was on the floor and my 5 yr old though this was fantastic so ended up in the bed with me while jamie was in her bed, the simplest things! beginning to feel extremely real now, altho a little weird moving out our house and someone else moving in while we still own it. we have boxes all the place just now but the shippers are coming 22nd august weve used john mason so we will have a week of having no furniture to sit on at all but its all part of the adventure right! so we have had a slight change of plan aswell, we are flying to brissy to stay with friends for a month and was then heading down to tassie but weve been looking at jobs and spoke with our contact at tas immigration office and employment on the island is very tight, we are quite worried that moving straight there could be a bad move so my cousins best friend is a warehouse supervisor in south brisbane and has guaranteed jamie work for however long he needs it, so were going to base ourselves therer for a bit while jamie applies for jobs in tassie, then he will fly down for a week and try and get interviews over the course of that week, then once hes secured work we,ll all head down well enjoy your sunday what ever your doing:wubclub:
  13. hope to arrive in perth early 2010. anyone got info on wall and floor tiling jobs NOR. hearing that tradies are finding it hard to get work but doesnt seem to be much word on the tiling side of things. any info would be appreciated.ta
  14. My brother in law is a tiler and wants to emigrate to Perth. He has seen that his trade is in demand. Is anyone else a tiler and found work pretty easily over there?
  15. Guest

    Wall and Floor Tiler

    Hi everyone I would like to apply as Wall and Floor Tiler, and in this regard can anyone help me how to and what to include in the detailed resume for the assessment? Thanks :cool:
  16. Hiya just wondering if there is going to be any floor/carpet layers moving to the Brisbane area, let me know as I will put you in touch with some one that is looking for fitters Sarahx
  17. paulswin

    Floor Finisher

    Hi, Just wondered if there is much work for floor finishers?? Should get visa here very shortly!
  18. paulswin

    Floor Finisher

    Hi I'm a floor finisher, should have permenent visa within a couple more weeks just wondered if anyone can offer me some work in or around Perth, WA area. I do all types of flooring and have done for the last 24 years!
  19. Does anyone know of any areas in perth where floor finisher is required...boyfriend passed his AQF in flooring...got to get approval from TRA then apply for state sponsorship in WA then lodge...how much work is there in the forms for sponsorship and lodging visa..we have to lodge by end of june..
  20. jgal

    floor finishers

    can anyone advise us what a floor finisher is likely to earn? we are just in the initial stages and my husband is the main applicant on our visa. But were trying to get an idea of what his wages would roughly be? We have been advised already that Adelaide would offer the state sponsorship for a floor finisher. any info would be appreciated?:embarrassed:
  21. Hi, Please help...... We are hoping to apply for a 175 Visa and my OH has very recently completed the application for an assessment of his skills (floor layer). He completed an apprenticeship, 4 years, and has 21 years experience. He currently runs his own small contract floorlaying business. However he has no formal qualifications just on-site experience. Given this, we feel that the information we gave with the application to the TRA will not be enough and he may need to either give more information or sit a practical test. Has anyone else gone through a similar experience or have further information regarding this. If he has to sit a practical test what is the process for this and timescale. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks, lexylou:confused:
  22. hi, i have my WHV and intend to go to oz about August time i am not sure where about to start i will go where ever there is work for me. i just wanted to know if any body knows the chances of me getting a job doing floor finishing on a whv? and where to start?. i have looked on jobs searches and dont seem to find much and if i do its a full time job. i could do with some inside info or even any one that is in flooring and could tell me a company that might take me on. i have been in the flooring game for about 6 years i mainly do carpets/vinyl and i am self-employed right now in the uk. thanks
  23. Hello everyone, We are brand new to the forum and looking for advice... We are both 27 and just returned from OZ on a WHV and are desperate to get back. So we are looking to study in OZ as a pathway to staying permanently, we both are from a finance background (with is worthless now :-) but now want a real career. We have been looking at courses and initially thought that the Enrolled Nursing course at WA Tafe would be the best option ($12000 per year) and as it a career Nic is really to follow, however after further investigation it looks like sponsorship or any type of visa would not be available for an enrolled nurse (which effectively makes the course useless, as EN's don't exist in the NHS anymore so the qualification could not even be used back in the UK!) We cannot afford the degree course fees of $20000+ per year for 3 years... Has anyone done an enrolled nurse course? are there any opportunities once qualified? The other option is for me to do a Certificate III in Wall & Floor Tiling which is 2yrs at $14000 and is on the SOL. However it worries me that it is the kind of trade that may not be on the list in 2-3yrs time when I qualify? I would much prefer a plumbing course but I am not able to find a course with a decent provider.. Any thoughts on our situation or suggestions would be great! Thanks :biggrin:
  24. Hi Guys,first time to enter POI so bear with me.We are a family of 6 looking to move to Oz.TRA are at present looking at our application.We have been on holidays to Oz before but we have no family or friends there.We fell in love with the country and people straight away.My husband is a wall and floor tiler.Any advise where to look to move to where there is plenty of work.
  25. Hi, I am looking into moving to Aus and need to find a sponsor to employ me. I have been in the flooring business for over 30 years and have experince in all areas of flooring contract and domestic. Does anyone know of any companies willing to take on sponsors from overseas. Cheers Maxmax