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Found 22 results

  1. Victorian residents have been ordered to evacuate as major flooding is expected to hit. The State Emergency Service urged residents to ''take immediate precautions to protect your life and property'' after torrential rain caused the Ricketts Marsh section of the Barwon River, near Geelong, to overflow. Emergency services warned the deluge could result in widespread farmland flooding, major roads being shut off, homes being inundated and power outages. East Gippsland residents could also wake up to a deluge this morning as gale force winds and torrential rain continue to hammer Victoria's east overnight. A major flood warning has also been issued for Traralgon, in the state’s east, after more than 130mm of rain fell in the catchment since 9am. The SES has warned Traralgon Creek is expected to reach the major flood level this morning as “significant stream rises” continue overnight. [h=2]Flood Summary[/h] Issued at 9:41 am EST on Tuesday 5 June 2012. The following Watches/Warnings are current: Major Flood Warning for the Avon River Major Flood Warning for the Barwon River Major Flood Warning for the Macalister River. Major Flood Warning for the Mitchell River. Major Flood Warning for the Thomson River. Major Flood Warning for the Traralgon Creek at Traralgon Flood Warning for the Tambo River Initial Major Flood Warning for the Mitta Mitta River. Initial minor flood warning for the Bunyip River and Western Port Catchment at Iona and Cora Lynn Initial minor flood warning for the Werribee River at Ballan Major Flood Warning for the Snowy River Major Flood Warning for the Buchan River Initial Minor Warning for the Bombala River Major Flood Warning for the Tanjil River Moderate Flood Warning for Latrobe River Final Flood Warning for the Morwell River Moderate Flood Warning for the Cann River. Initial Minor Warning for the Genoa River Flood Watch for East Gippsland (Mitchell, Tambo, Snowy, Cann and Genoa Rivers) Flood Watch For Greater Melbourne Catchments (Werribee, Maribyrnong, Yarra, Dandenong And Bunyip) Flood Watch for the Barwon, Moorabool, Leigh and Hovells Creek Catchments and Otway Ranges Flood Watch for West and South Gippsland (Latrobe, Thomson, Macalister and Avon Catchments and South Gippsland Basin) Flood Warnings, Flood Watches, River Height and Rainfall information are available on the Bureau of Meteorology web site at http://www.bom.gov.au/vic/flood/. Flood Warnings and Flood Watches for Victorian Catchments are available on: Telephone Weather Service No. 1300 659217. Flood Evacuate Immediately Notification for Specific parts of Traralgon near Traralgon Creek Effective Date: 05/06/12 4:00 AM Expiry Date: 05/06/12 10:30 AM Current Situation The evacuation notice for the areas described below remains in place Parts of Traralgon near Traralgon Creek are flooding. An Emergency Alert was issued for some specific streets in Traralgon. These streets are Whittaker's Road, Tennyson Street and Hyland Highway between Whittakers and Tennyson. Also, George Street, Berry Street and Davidson Street between Peterkin & Franklin as well as the section of Franklin Street crossed by Traralgon Creek. If you live, work or are holidaying in this area you should evacuate immediately. There is deep water in the area. Houses will get water into them. How to Evacuate Evacuate Immediately - there is a risk to lives and homes Conditions can change quickly and roads may be cut-off Raise belongings by placing them on tables, beds and benches, or move them to higher ground Collect together medicines, important documents, mementos, photos and pets and take them with you when you evacuate Take three days' supply of clothing and medications with you Turn off electricity and gas at the mains and lock your doors and windows when you evacuate Where To Go Relief Centres A relief centre is open at: Performing Arts Centre, Gray Street, Traralgon You can also go to friends or family in a safer location Time You should evacuate immediately. Evacuation Assistance If you need assistance with evacuation call SES on 132 500. Safety Messages Remaining in your home or business during flooding is dangerous and may put your life at risk There may be no power, water, sewerage or telephone services and you may be unable to call for help in an emergency Even if your home is raised it may become a refuge for snakes, spiders and rats Tune in to your emergency broadcasters: ABC Local Radio, commercial radio and designated community radio stations, or SKY NEWS Television Floodwaters are dangerous - never drive, walk or ride through floodwater Floodwaters are toxic - never play or swim in floodwaters Emergency Contacts For flood or storm emergency assistance from the SES call 132 500 For life threatening emergencies call 000 Additional Information [TABLE] [TR] [TD]Road Closures:[/TD] [TD]www.vicroads.vic.gov.au[/TD] [TD]phone 131 170[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Weather Warnings and River Heights:[/TD] [TD]www.bom.gov.au[/TD] [TD]phone 1300 659 217[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]SES Information:[/TD] [TD]www.ses.vic.gov.au[/TD] [TD]phone 1300 842 737[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD][/TD] [TD] [/TD] [TD][/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Issued By Victoria State Emergency Service
  2. The Pom Queen

    Queensland Floods Interim Report

    For anyone interested here is the link for the Queensland Floods interim report. http://www.floodcommission.qld.gov.au/publications/interim-report
  3. I work in an elderly care retirement village and we had a tough time thru the floods. No power, no food, no cooking facilities at times and fifty residents with dementia! Since the floods, one of our patients families donated several thousand dollars so we could buy a generator for our facility. Also about sixty per cent of our families have donated the $1000 no power payment to us as well! We will be able to provide so much for our residents both now and in the event of major disasters again. I just wanted to say thank you to all my residents families. Your donations mean so much x x x x How are other PIOers going post-flood???
  4. Guest

    Floods in darwin???

  5. Guest

    floods gold coast

    my daughter,and 2 grandchildren live on the gold coast--they are expecting to see some floods--just wundered what was happening--is the water moving south--thankyou:wubclub: i hope not--to all the people suffering from the floods please be safe
  6. Guest

    Visas/Brisbane floods

    Hi, I thought I read on here somewhere, about Visas being rushed through for tradies going to Brisbane from England to help with the flood relief, can anyone help me.:confused:
  7. paddygunner

    floods in melbourne

    Just reading the reports of floods and seeing photos of floods on website. Was it storm drains not being able to cope with volume of rainfall or were the floods cause by rivers overflowing?
  8. Guest

    Queensland Floods

    hey those over east ..... are you ok? us out in WA are watching the tv horrified and concerned by whats happening in Qld. Worried about you all in Brisbane and surrounding areas. How have you been affected?
  9. The Pom Queen

    Rentals affected by floods

    It seems that people who were affected by the floods are still liable to pay their rent even if they can't live there:no: However there was an article today that explains what can be done: Renters left homeless during the Queensland floods are legally obliged to keep paying rent on their flooded home until they “officially” end their agreement. According to the Rental Tenancy Authority of Queensland, a tenancy agreement does not automatically end during a natural disaster, even if the property has been totally destroyed. Rick Machin of the RTA said tenants could stop paying rent as soon as they had given their landlord a “notice of intention to leave”. “The agreement actually only ends if one of the parties – the tenant or the lessor/agent – take action to end it,” he said. “Where the premises are considered non-liveable, either the landlord or the tenant can give notice formally ending the tenancy on the grounds that it is non-liveable. “This will end the tenancy agreement on the same day the notice is served – but you must give notice within one month of the disaster [occurring].” Around one third of all Queenslanders rent their home and many of the affected flood victims have been renters. Mr Machin said that he expected most landlords would be reasonable in requesting breaks in leases or even rent reductions but that if any tenants were experiencing problems with their landlord, to contact the RTA. “Most people will be reasonable about this. But if people are having trouble coming to an agreement about what should happen, they can call us – we have dispute resolution,” he said. The RTA said a property is considered non-liveable when it has been destroyed or made completely or partly unfit to live in. Anyone seeking help from the RTA with dispute resolution, or with any questions regarding flood situations and their rental property, should call 1300 366 311.
  10. calNgary

    Victoria - Floods

    I have just been catching up with the news after having no power most of the day and i truely hope any of our members in Victoria havent been caught in the floods down there. The pictures on the news showing the houses half under water is just tragic ,especially so soon after the Qld disaster. Stay safe everyone, and if anyone has the magical ability to control this weather- Please Give Us A Break ! Cal x
  11. Hi Brisbane office has been closed due to the floods , I feel sorry for the affected Brisbane residents, hope things get better anyway due to this thing I Think no more applications will be assessed until further notice Please share your thoughts Thanks
  12. Guest

    The floods.

    Floods deal $6bn blow to economy as more evacuated in Queensland deluge | News.com.au This story puts the rain we have had up for the last few months in perspective. There was a report this morning saying we could be paying 50% more for many basic food items, that was probably an exaggeration but we will inevitably see big increases.
  13. will the floods efect the exchange rate
  14. Guest

    Toowoomba floods - so sad

    4 now confirmed dead and 3 more likely. What a catastrophe! Toowoomba swamped by deadly 'inland tsunami' - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  15. Looks like our Australian cousins have got their priorities in order to survive the floods in Queensland...
  16. Proview220

    Danger Eastern Australia Floods

    What are the main affected areas on the east coast that have been hammered with rain, Why have these areas been affected so badley, are the properties here built on flat area, flood plane etc, these areas may put potential home buyers off from buying within these areas. Proview
  17. Any members on here effected, looks bad :embarrassed: BUNDABERG, Australia — Flood waters swept through vast areas of northeastern Australia Saturday, threatening to inundate thousands more homes in a disaster one official said was of "biblical proportions". As Queen Elizabeth II sent her "sincere sympathies" to Queenslanders who rang in a damp new year, helicopters were being used to deliver food and other supplies to isolated towns. Up to 200,000 people have been affected by the floods, which have hurt the nation's lucrative mining industry and cut off major highways as the water rushes through sodden inland regions to the sea. "In many ways, it is a disaster of biblical proportions," Queensland State Treasurer Andrew Fraser told reporters in flood-hit Bundaberg. Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who on Friday toured inundated regions, said the floods had been devastating and would clearly have an economic impact. "We're still directly battling floodwaters -- we haven't seen the peak of the flood yet at centres like Rockhampton -- so the people of Queensland in many places are doing it tough today," she said.
  18. I am just after watching a news report about the utter devastation the floods in Queensland have caused.22 towns and cities flooded and/or isolated by floods.An area the size of France and Germany combined has been affected.I sincerely hope none of our PIO members in the region have been affected personally.The clean up will cost millions and it may take some towns years to recover.Some of the smaller towns may never recover. It's times like this you realise what a harsh country we live in.
  19. I hope all PIO members are safe. From: Queensland battered, NSW prepares for floods
  20. I think that in the horror of the fires in Victoria over the last week we have forgotten ourfriends in Queensland who are also going through some terrible times,I heard tonight that Normanton in North Queensland will be cut off by flood waters till april,but the townsfolk have decided that when the water recedes they are going to have a cricket match and give the proceeds to the bushfire appeal,now that is what being Australian is all about,so folks,please spare a thought for our friends up north. Another night of torrential rain in north Queensland has pushed floodwaters at Ingham higher. The town has been flooded for six days since tropical ex-cyclone Ellie dumped torrential rain across north Queensland. The Herbert River began to retreat yesterday but more than 100 millimetres of rain overnight has pushed floodwaters higher again. The weather bureau's Tony Auden says the floodwaters are expected to peak this morning at about 12 metres, just shy of levels earlier in the week. From 'Phenomenal' rain floods north Queensland - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  21. Guest

    News of floods in Queensland

    Wondered if anyone has seen this? Cyclone Ellie brings deluge to north Queensland | The Courier-Mail
  22. oldgit


    I heard there were some more floods in Oz it did not say where though any body know where? cheers Simon