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Found 14 results

  1. Peach

    Flies / Possum Poo

    Hi, Wonder if anyone can offer some advice. We have an apple tree overhanging our deck, which is visited nightly by possums. Every morning the deck is liberally covered in poo. If it is hot outside the poo dries quite quickly and sticks to the wood like superglue. If it is wet, the poo sticks like superglue or falls through the gaps to the dirt beneath. Either way, the area is a big attraction to flies and I need to find a solution. I don't have the heart to try and have the possums removed. An electric fly zappers is one option. But that obviously only catches the flies once they're flying around. Is there anything I can spray over the area (that won't strip the varnish off the decking) to neutralise the poo? Or what else can I do? thanks all :biggrin::biggrin:
  2. Hi, we are moving to sydney in early 2012.....For some reason i am a bit hung up on the flies!!! :confused: Do you get a huge amount more flies inland in the hills that in a costal area?? I cant stand flies so am really worried about them. Have even been put of moving to the hills area due to someone telling me we would get loads of flies . Not sure how true this is so was hoping to get someones experience of them who has experienced them especially mid summer!! :eek: Thanks Mandy :smile:
  3. Guest

    Fruit flies UK

    Anyone noticed there seems to be loads around at the moment or is it just South yorks/lincs.............starting to get annoying now!
  4. tonyman

    Fruit Flies

    where do fruit flies come from ...?when a piece of fruit is going off in a fruit bowl it doesnt seem to take long before these little flies appear ....but where do they come from in the first place.......?:GEEK:
  5. Hi I have recently found out about the fly problem in nov and dec. We are looking to move to Freemantle. Is there any places that have less flies the thought of them going in your nose ears and other cavities have made my husband ick. Are they really that bad? We were going to book a reccie for nov 11 to see a few places . Thanks
  6. FLYS X FLIES we sepnt a reccie month in perth a few years ago and the australian wave was very bad i thought i had a tick by the time i boarded a plane and no sun tan cause i couldn keep still i have been in melbourne for 9 months !!! the last 6 have been winter !! my question is do the flies come to melbourne ! and how long do they last in perth !!! thanks
  7. Well, our visa is granted and dh flies out on 4th Feb, me and two sons aged 4 and 4 months follow on 11th March :wacko: Really nervous about flying out on my own with the boys, i know the 4 year old will be ok but just not sure how i will cope with the youngest - he will be just over 6 months when we fly - any tips please on how to stop myself from going mad! :twitcy: We are going to Mount Macedon outside of Melbourne, husband has a job and we get a house with it. Really confused about loads of things eg education for my 4year old - he is currently in preschool and loves it, Health - the costs just totally blow my mind (put a lot of confusion down to baby brain) :biglaugh: Anyhow, if anyone has any tips on surviving the move over and the flight or if anyone lives in the surrounding area of Macedon would love to hear from you. Cheers Karen
  8. Is there anything we can do to deter the flies, they are so annoying, when cycling, walking, there must be something that works, have tries Aeroguard, suggestions please. It seems if there was something that works that person who invented would make millions
  9. Lurkio

    So what about Flies?

    Hello everyone. I've been lurking around the forum for a while now reading up on Australia. I have two questions please:- 1. I absolutely hate flies. :wideeyed: How large and bad is the fly population of Australia 2. Is there any area which is better to be in for someone like me?
  10. TheBrammies

    Two Flies Sitting On A Toilet Seat

    ...................................................................... ....................................................................... .......... ONE OF THEM GOT P@@@ED OFF :biglaugh: :biglaugh:
  11. Guest

    Flies In Perth?

    I have heard some people complain about flies in Western Australia. I hate the things. I was wondering if they are a problem everywhere or more inland. Are any places worse than others? Any comments, welcome. Thankzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
  12. Guest

    Flies Arrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    THEY ARE DRIVING ME NUTS :arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh: I went to sit outside & within minutes there must have been about 20 flies diving bombing me and can I just add that was with OFF on grrrrrrr. Aeroguard doesnt work either does OFF . Its the one thing that annoys me about Australia and while i'm having a rant lol i just killed my first redback spider(in my garage YIKK) along with 3 other spiders today & moths & earywigs. Billy has his work cut out for him when he comes in from work as he is getting sent straight to Bunnings for SOMETHING I feel as if this rental is crawling. Ok rant over LOL Janette xxxx
  13. Guest

    The Flies ARRRGHHHHH

    Hi The only thing that truely annoys me here is the flies :arghh: They are so cheeky you slap them away & they come straight back they are driving me nuts :biglaugh: Can any one recommend a repellant or anything that will work & keep them away. Janette
  14. Guest

    Perth & flies

    Hi everyone, After researching Adelaide for so long, we are now leaning towards Perth. We feel both are right for us but we think Perth being more modern might be better for us! The only thing the missus is worried about is the flies situation! :arghh: Are there more flies in Perth, more than Adelaide & is it as bad as people say? We watched a dvd on Western Australia the other day & it showed the journy across the outback towards Perth. The person couldn't even talk to the camera as there were so many flies going in her mouth etc. Was it this bad because it was purely in the outback? The missus has a fit & goes on a killing spree if she sees too many flies in our kitchen now in UK, so any advice please. Also any pros & cons regarding life in Adelaide or Perth would be greatly recieved. I have to go now as the wife has spotted a flie in the kitchen again!!!!!!!!! :twitcy: Washo