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Found 13 results

  1. Stuart Holm

    Wanting to play football?

    Hey guys, Mitchelton City League will begin their training in December with a look to realy kick it off early next year. We are looking for any interested players that will be committed to a full season of football, training is twice a week (can have discussions about a lesser commitment) and games on the weekend. We play in divisions 3,5 and 7. We are especially in need of a couple quality goal keepers, so get in contact if you are interested.
  2. Hannah81

    An Englishman in Melbourne!

    My husband and I have just moved to Melbourne from London with work. We are both in our early 30's (no children) and are renting a house in Hawksburn Village Prahran. We are enjoying the weather, work and lifestyle and looking to make friends. We enjoy running, keeping fit and also socialising. If anyone has any suggestions on where to go or fancy meeting for a drink, message me,
  3. Hi, Once upon a time I was young & fit and ran marathons and had friends (Aussies) I ran with. Now I'm less young (60 to be precise), have various injuries that restrict me to a couple of kilometers on a treadmill (at the moment) and my running mates have moved away or given up. I still train regularly - swimming in summer, weights and cycling in winter and some running - but the lure of my warm bed early in the morning in winter means I often don't exercise as much as I'd like to. It would be great to have one or more training partners to motivate me (i.e. get me up early) and help each other - better still if they were Poms so we could talk about intellectual things like football, pubs and beer. Age and sex are irrelevent, but it would be good if we had similar levels of fitness and some goals to aim at. Mine are to run 7km again in a reasonable time (say 32 minutes), to do the Sydney to Woolongong bike ride in November, do lots of ocean swims next season (but I don't swim until September because I'm too much of a wimp to swim when it's cold outside) and lose some of the 18 kilos I've put on since my last marathon (in 1987, so not exactly recent). I train before work in the mornings and live in Leichhardt, work in North Sydney and I'm a member of North Sydney pool/gym so the inner west, CBD or North Sydney are convenient locations. Personal info; work as a consultant, (i.e. irregularly), been here 32 years, born Hartlepool, support Swindon Town as well as Hartlepool United (I go for the glamour clubs), been back to the UK lots on business & hols, happily married. And yes, it can be hard to make friends here - I still find I have more in common (particularly humour) with Poms. Cheers, Steve Hall
  4. Hello All I am not training as often as I should and starting to loose shape after 3 months of not training and because I am out drinking too much been new in town etc. Don't as such need anyone to push me just a someone to workout with, knowing I have a routine then I am likely to stick to it. I am 32, Male, Straight (don't laugh every guy iv spoken too in the Gym thinks Err or Ohh as I start a conversation) happy to workout with male or female and any fitness level. I am a Fitness First member and can use any Gym. PS I am not a gym nut just staying healthy and Morning or Evening but Mornings work better with work and socialising etc. Thanks Alex
  5. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone is familiar enough with Perth to be able to recommend a family friendly fitness centre/gym in Perth. The kind of place I'm thinking of would have tennis courts, pool, gym and gym classes, maybe creche and mother-toddler classes etc. Any ideas? Thanks everyone. Kate.
  6. hi to every one , logged on my hubbys computor the other day and found this site, been reading and taking notes since ) not really sure what im doing or what area i should be in. but here goes .... we are hoping to be on the gold coast soon, our daughter and me are dependents on my hubbys student visa ( only way we could apply, our agent said ) just wondering what are the opportunties for me . im a level 2 swimming teacher ( past 3 years ) and have just got my swim aus cert through so i can teach in queensland, once ive done oz first aid/water saftey cert ect first. i also work as a fitness instructor level 3 advanced ( 8 years ) the equiv cert in oz hopefully will allow me to work as a personal trainer. ( thats what fitness.aus website states ) . i know i can only work 20 hours due to student visa restrictions but is there any work available , clicked links that others have left to job sites but cant apply till im in the country, which is understandable. i have also clicked links to a list of jobs which my job, swimming teacher is on a schedule 4, with a code, is that relevent in any way , any reply would be greatfully read ? wendy
  7. Hi can anyone please advise what qualifications are required to be a self employed Personal Trainer. Also whats the going rate out there and is there lots of companies doing it ? :rolleyes:
  8. Not all me! Wife does Pole Fitness! We are hopefully soon ( very soon ) due to move to the Gold Coast and are after any feed back on the job prospects for us there. Is it all doom and gloom! or have we made the right decission to move to Oz! I have had my own Joinery firm and been a foreman on site work and can pretty much turn my hand to most task. My wife is a qualified Pole Fitness and ETM instructor. Please any reasurance would be appreciated!!! Thanks Clinton:unsure:
  9. Hey Everyone, I have just moved to Melbourne, and I working as a GM for Fitness First. They have given me some Discounted Family and Friends memberships. I don't know anyone so figured may as well offer them out!! They are valid across Australia check out www.fitnessfirst.com.au for locations. Drop me a private message if you want one.......got to use them by the end of the month. Cheers Alex
  10. Hey, My husband and I are moving to Sydney (Probably lower North Shore) and both work in the Fitness Industry. I'm a gym instructor and also teach some 'Les Mills' classes and Spin. My husband is in Health Club Management/Sales and Marketing. If anybody know of any job prospects can you please let me know? Or any good recruitment agencies that specialise in the Leisure Industry. Appreciated.:huh:
  11. Guest

    Gym / fitness centre

    Anyone know of any good gyms in the Buderim area / sunshine coast?
  12. I'm looking for a friend to see if anybody knows if a fitness instructor can get a 457 visa?:notworthy:
  13. Guest

    Careers in Fitness

    Mrs I is a fully qualified personal trainer and sports therapist and I am thinking along the same lines as a second career. We always hear about the Oz way of life being very active - does anyone have any thoughts about this line of work? We are not really worried about the money aspects, it is more lifestyle and job satisfaction that appeal - I really fancy wearing shorts for the rest of my life! Grateful for your thoughts!