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Found 17 results

  1. Hi folks, my 1st thread .... I want to apply for PR to australia .I've my elder brother who is PR holder for 2 years now.. I've got 2 ? ... Firstly I found out an occupation as financial branch manager . Its job description says that the person should be managing the operation of a financial institution .. Now I work for Nomura services india ltd. Nomura is leading invesment bank know for taking over lehman brothers.. My entity manages the operations for the front office in europe for financial products like bonds and money market . I've completed 3 years also .. Also I've have an exclusive rights of booking trades on behalf of front office ... Do I qualify under the occupation..... Secondly do I get any points for my elder brother being a PR ?
  2. Looking to ship my Rover 75 over. It only got 45000 miles on clock so would do as a starter for Australia. What else can I fit into a 20 foot container along with it. I realise nothing can go inside the car. We are not looking to take lots. Electrical goods, excess baggage, toys and tools for example. All suggestions welcomed. Thanks
  3. Guest

    Where do we fit?

    Hi can anyone tell me which category we fit into/ - do we have a skill? We are both adult placement carers which means we look after ppl with severe learning disabilities in our own home, I've been doin this for 16 yrs and OH for 8 yrs but we've no actual formal qualifications, Leicester City and County Council's trust us because of our experience I guess. Can anyone help me out here? tyvm Helen
  4. Guest

    Hissy fit trader

    Was anyone just watching BBC1 news live at canary wharf talking about the budget??? There was 2 traders in the backgroung arguing and one of them threw his phone down (about 3 times) having a hissy fit!!! Hilarious:biglaugh:
  5. Tx to all those who replied to my earlier post on car rego. Just collected the new Oz number plates this morning. Unfortunately the British number plates were wider than the Oz ones, so we need to find some kind of frame/holder for the new number plate that can then be screwed onto the existing holes in the car. Cannot drill new holes in the car for the Oz plate as the car is made of fibreglass (TVR). If anyoone else had the same problem would be grateful if you could let me know how you got around it?? tx!
  6. My son will soon be 15 and we are hoping to get a visa by the end of the year . wondering what is going to happen to my sons education, as he wont have finished high school but will have started year 11, has anyone elses kids been this age when they moved, will he be able to settle in at school at this age with a different school education programme and system.?
  7. I have been a Construction Director for one of Londons leading fit out / refurbishment main contractors and having just lost my job am looking to come to Australia to find work in either Project Management, Contract Management or even as a Director if available. My expertise has been in Interior fit out and refurbishments and having scanned a few job web sites I find it hard to figure if there is much oppurtunities available. Does any one know how easy it may be for me to find work, ideally I'd like to go to Perth, but am open to other cities / locations at the moment. Although I have been working in this UK industry for the last 14 yrs in London, I am a New Zealander with a NZ passport and can come immediatley? Anyone have any ideas where I might start? Any idea if i would find work fast given current economic climate? What are the best cities to go to for this type of work? What are the likely salaries for this? :wubclub:
  8. Guest

    Where do i fit best....

    Hi everyone!! I'm having a major dilema choosing between Sydney or Melbourne for my working holiday...I know its just a working holiday but i'm hoping to get everything and more out of it I'm so excited! Hopefully i'll apply for a permenant state sponsored skilled visa while i'm out there, but for now its a working holiday! My interests are: horse riding (i LOVE it), music (love that too), doing fun stuff outdoors (exploring, sports, chilling out), shopping, good food, design and fashion.....and all the normal things that average 24 year olds love to do As for a profession, i am a graphic designer who works closely in fashion...so like design and fashion, but am not too arty farty... By the sounds of 'me' where do you think i fit best??? Thanks in advance lovelies. x:biggrin:
  9. Guest

    Fit in or **** off

    I just wanted to say, as an Australian, how deeply ashamed I am at the behaviour of some youths in Manly, NSW on Australia Day yesterday. If you have not yet heard about this, though if you are in Oz it would be hard not to, then this link may help. Sydney riots shatter oz day | PerthNow I'm still (fairly) young but I feel worlds apart from the kids who are mentioned in this article running about the place telling people to "f*** off we're full"... it's humiliating to think current generations of Australians have this point of view. IMHO, Australia Day should be about celebrating what Australia has become (despite its less than honourable start) and everyone who currently lives here, EVERYONE, should have a right to feel at home and proud to be here. Particularly on a day like yesterday. So, although I know they weren't targetting Poms in their attacks, on behalf of all other Australians, I'm sorry for their actions and their words. It is a VERY small monority of people who hold this opinion that we shouldn't be welcoming migrants in with open arms (god knows we have the room) and if you are in the UK and are in the process of coming over here or are even just thinking about coming over here, please do. You are more than welcome.
  10. We have a four bed detached property in the uk and via hubs work we are being given a 20 ft container to ship our belongings to Oz. I cant really visualise how big this is going to be and im now getting worried that we are not going to fit everything in. We want to take - Three seater sofa Two seater sofa puff / foot stool kind of thing Small table from lounge TV and stand Dinning room table and six chairs Bistro table and four chairs One super king bed Two bedside tables One chair One double bed Two large sets of drawers Two large desks Three shelving units One office chair One small set of drawers One large filing cabinet One small bathroom unit Two bikes And goodness knows how many boxes! Do you think this will fit in??? We cant get a shipping company to visit us as yet because the company that is paying for our relocation wont instruct them until we have our visa finalised and that may take another 3 weeks. If i need to sell or throw some things away i could really do with making these arrangements now instead of leaving everything to the last minute. Any advice would be fantastic! Thanks Emma x
  11. Firstly, congratualtions on a great site with priceless information. I've used this for a lot of research, but have a specific question, so this is my first post. I've just started looking in moving from the UK to Aus, and have quickly realised that I need to get cracking on the Visa as a priority. I think that I'm clear about my options. I've taken a couple of the on-line tests, and it looks like I score 110, so I've been focusing on the state sponsored 176 option. Here's my question. I'm an IT professional with 20 years experience (technical & management.) My recent experience (past 8 years) has been in the role of Service Delivery Manager (and more recently managing a team of Service Delivery Managers.) The closest match that I can find for this on the skills list is: IT Manager 1224-11. However, this doesn't help a lot, as this is not listed on most of the local skill in demand lists (particularly as Victoria removed it today !) What I have found is 'Computer Professionals not elsewhere classified 2231-79. The description of this is essentailly what the title says. Given that my role is widely recognised (there are plenty of Service Delivery Manager roles on Aus job sites) and that I have formal qualifications (ITIL) what are the chances that the ACS would accept an application for this category ? Also, if I could get classified as this, would it help me as it is on the MODL ? Sorry for the lengthy post. Any advice with this would be much appreciated. I didn't realise that this would be so confusing or stressful ! :arghh:
  12. Hi,im looking for somebody with good skills to do some homer work in a house i have in Morwell,Latrobe Valley,Victoria. I need kichen fitted and a bathroom fitted and few other odd jobs.We can talk money if you get in touch but i want to bypass the middle man to save myself some money so if your good and looking for some cash in hand,please get in touch
  13. Guest

    Mornington keep fit classes

    For any of you living in the Mornington area....I have been attending keep fit classes at Bentons Square community center ............and I have gotta say....they are great and would highly recommend them. Will also assure you that there are peeps there of ALL shapes & sizes & NO possers?! Here's the link for info..... Getting Britvic Fit .......... The instructor is English & really knows her stuff.........even if you only come along to meet people it's worth it. Lesley
  14. my partner and i are trying to migrate to australia on a skilled migration visa. the only problem is, my partner is a heating engineer ( installing solid fuel stoves, using flexible liners, re conditioning and knocking down and re building fires/chimneys. we have been told by 1 or 2 migration experts ( so called experts) that we do not fall under the SOL occupation list. I have been told that we could go under plumbing or MODL. is this true???? please help!!!! do we have any chance at all?
  15. Team Rennolds

    does my occupation fit?

    Hi All We've looked at the TRA website & other immigration related sites as well but cant figure out where we stand. Please could someone help us out with a query? I am a manager of one of the orange retail stores (mobile communications) in the UK, and i was wondering if this falls under any of the titles listed in the Skilled Occupation List? I have seeked advice from the TRA but they say they cant help due to the amount of queries they receive. We can't see another way for us to qualify unless our occupation appears on the list. Is this the case? Thanks M&C :arghh:
  16. Guest

    Wii Fit

    Hi everyone, This is totally nothing to do with emigrating, but had to share with everyone, hope you don't mind. Has anyone else got this new wii fit that came out today, we had ours delivered today, and how hilarious is this thing. We all had a go, including the girls, we all looked totally stupid doing the hula hooping, but what fun, we all in fits of laughter, watching how everyone moves, and facial expressions, we also went jogging round the park, and have done the ski slopes, and ski jumps (totally shattered), there is loads of things to do, and hopefully will keep us fit whilst having family time together!! Speak soon. Andi.:spinny:
  17. Hi Guys Have had Crown round for a quote and was really shocked they say we will need a 20ft container, they say it will only be 3/4 full, and have said it will cost £4k + Ins. (they have said if we fill it it will cost extra for packing/unpacking) I am shocked as before we moved into this house we put our furniture into storage and THE LOT fit into a 20ft container....we are only taking about 1/4 of what went into storage! Briefly will comprise of 1 King size bed, 1 chest drawers, 1 double futon, small dining table (which comes apart) and 4 chairs, 2 adult and 2 kids bikes, computer, washing machine, 28' TV, dvd with stand, some of hubby's tools (small drills) and some kids toys (about 5-6 large boxfuls) handful books, photo albums, pictures, 1 large box kitchen stuff then odds and sods. oh yeah and Christmas decs, tree etc (inc 4ft santa - cheers mum) So not taking the masses of outdoor toys, kids beds, bedroom furniture 3 pc suite, 20 odd boxes of carp from the attic etc which were in the unit! Does this sound right? Or are we being done? Have 2 more companies coming in the next 2 days...will be interesting! Crown relocations have also said we can take our daughter wooden play house from the garden as long as it is flat packed and cleaned...does this sound right? Don't want it destroyed over there if it's wrong as it was a pressie from my mum, was specially comissioned and cost £1k.....hate to see it go up in smoke, would rather donate it to local playgroup!