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Found 39 results

  1. Sunset

    Catch kill eat

    Just wondering how many fish or shoot and eat what they catch? This guy uses his catch for other duties before consuming them.
  2. Guest

    The All New Fishing Thread

    THE ALL NEW FISHING THREAD. Ok so not for every one ,i know there are loads of sites to look on ,but may be a thread for the fishing could go down well. News. weather. photos. Any thing fishing. Could be a good thread for all the guys still in the uk to. Rules. 1. About fishing ,boating only. 2. No trolls. easy. eddie:jimlad:
  3. Guest

    Anyone In Noosa Area?

    Hi, Anyone living in the Noosa area? We have just moved here from Hertfordshire and after a hectic couple of weeks getting a house and looking at schools etc we have now kind of settled in! I am 34 years old six months pregnant and also have a 4 year old girl, my other half is 35 and loves fishing and football, if anyone fancys meeting up it would be great to hear from you. Zoe x
  4. If we want to ship our bikes, Hubbys fishing gear & Tools, what special requirements are needed to be done prior? :unsure:I have read before about cleaning etc
  5. The Pom Queen

    Best Fishing Jetties in the Far North

    MOWBRAY RIVER Between Clifton Beach and Port Douglas this short section of the old road is a top spot for mangrove jack and barramundi. It is best fished on a half tide in. PALM COVE JETTY Probably the best known and most productive jetty, this is a considerable structure and has all the wanted facilities, including night lights and water. OLD BARRON BRIDGE Accessed via the servo at Stratford this is a popular spot and stretches a third of the way across the Barron River. Limited facilities but some good river species available. MARLIN MARINA, CAIRNS The seaward wall of this marina complex sees some big barra, jacks and grunter taken regularly. Please remember to take away all your rubbish on this, and all other jetties. CARDWELL JETTY Only fishable half tide up due to shallows that surround it. This platform can produce some excellent barra, jacks, queenfish and salmon. LUCINDA JETTY Located 28km northeast of Ingham, this long jetty has an adjacent small service jetty which is open to the public. Expect to catch barra, fingermark, queenies, jacks and mackerel. NEW PUBLIC JETTY COMPLEX Ports North are in the process of developing this much-needed facility near the new Cruise Ship Terminal and it promises to be state of the art. May open mid-December.
  6. Guest

    Fly fishing in Perth

    I am putting this post on for my hubby. He has a lot of fly fishing gear and wondering if there is many places to fly fish in Perth and whether its worth him bringing all his stuff out with him :eek:
  7. Guest

    Fly fishing

    hi there im moving over to perth next week and i was just wondering what the fishing is like. Is there any type of flyfishing as im from scotland and love fishing for trout and salamon is there anything like that over there if not then what is the fishing like# thanks
  8. Hi All My husband is fanatical about bass fishing and I was just wondering if the bass fishing was better in Queensland or NSW, I know that you can only get bass in East and South Australia but we dont really want to go to South Australia. We don't want to live too far from lakes and rivers so if anybody knows of any nice places to live where my husband doesnt have to travel too far to bass fish would be gratefully received, we also dont want to be next to the ocean but at the same time dont want to be hours away, we dont mind a half hour drive or so because our son likes the beach. Thank you. :cool:
  9. Guest

    fishing in oz

    Hi everyone, We are moving to Brisbane in feb 12 and as I am a keen fisherman I have a few questions, Can I take my fishing gear with me?, obviously not tackle, hooks, line, bait etc but my bivvy, rods, reels, bed chairs and the like. Also I am in fact a Carp man and I have heard disturbing things about Carp fishing in Oz, can anyone shine some light on that for me? thanks for reading. greg
  10. Hi All, I was just wondering if any of the Dads out there are interested in a Father, son day? (daughters welcome) I thought it might be nice for us Dads to get together in a great day out. I was thinking about a fishing charter? At the minute I don't have any fixed dates but it would be around November. The costs are $80 pp with a min of 8 people, if we can get 16 or more people the cost drops down to $60 pp For that we get a 5 hour tour (7am till lunch time) with a cooked breakfast, tea, coffee, bait and line, etc. At the minute all I need is a name and how many would be going. If you read this could you bump it up Cheers. BTW the charter would leave from Williamstown, Victoria
  11. I am a memeber of Dover sea angling club and love it, we have had a fantastic year with some massive catches and loads of personal bests, this is one thing I will really miss if I make Oz, anyone a member over there? http://www.dover-sea-angling.com/
  12. Hi Has anyone any experience of shipping fishing rods, flies, life jacket etc? Will i get hassle from AQIS? All gear will be cleaned in U'K but is there anything I can do to make it through smoothly? Many Thanks, Mal
  13. LisaIan

    Deep Sea Fishing near Sydney?

    So I know there are a few keen fishermen on POI so I thought what better place to ask for some advice :biggrin: My oh's olds are coming over in Jan and he'd like to take his old man deep sea fishing to catch some 'real fish' I didn't realise there were fake ones! shows how much I know! Neither of us know much about fishing so will probably be going on an all inclusive charter thing but wondered if anyone has been on one/knows anyone who has and could recommend one? We live in Sydney but are happy to drive a few hours. Thanks!!!!
  14. RobertBurns


    now that I live by the beach, I fancy doing a spot of fishing.. Where will i find rules / regulations etc about fishing / permits etc? I notice on bridges its the RTA that puts up the No Fishing signs.. Anyone know the go for sydney / north shore beaches?
  15. theonetruechris

    surf fishing - whats that all about then?

    Thinking of trying it I used to coarse fish back in Blighty but never lived close enough to the coast for it to be worthwhile. So any advice, hints, tips, baits - what gear do I 'need' (I'm looking for the bare minimum as it could be a brief flirtation before getting a boat ) Cheers in advance
  16. Hi Everyone, What do we use to clean tools and fishing stuff? No idea where to start! Thanks x
  17. Guest

    fishing tackle

    Guys, will my uk course fishing tackle be of any use in qld ? i mainly fly fish nowadays but take my son coarse fishing. We have some spinning gear which we use for small pike on the somerset levels but the rest is standard coarse gear. Also whats the cost of gear over there or would you say it is horses for courses etc. Any tips would help us focus on something other than waiting for 1st july !! Cherz
  18. Rudi

    Fishing Rods? Fishing etc

    We are off out on Sunday and I thought I might get my kids some fishing rods...... Except I know NOTHING about fishing at all - and I really do mean NOTHING! It looks like you can pick up a pretty cheap rod in places like Big W. Is this all I need? I guess they need a bucket or something? Bait? Does it have to be proper bait or just food stuff? What else? I don't really want this to be a hugely expensive exercise. What about if they catch something? What do we do with it? :eek: Do we stick it in a bucket of water and then tip it back into the sea later? Do we eat it? :arghh: Any help would be REALLY REALLY appreciated!!! Love Rudi x
  19. Guest

    Tasmanian fishing

    Fishing in Tasmania On average, Tasmanians own more boats than other Australians do and land more fish per hour of angling. Go to sea in search of tuna or other game fish, work the estuaries and beaches for flathead, couta and Australian salmon, or catch wild brown and rainbow trout in the lakes and rivers. Game fishing in TasmaniaTasmanian game-fishing waters stretch from Flinders Island in the north all the way down the east coast to the Tasman Peninsula and hold more than 20 national gamefish records, including world records for southern bluefin tuna with fish of up to 120kg. From late December to June the currents flowing down the coast of the mainland raise the Tasmanian east coast water temperature to as high as 23 degrees celsius. With the currents come marlin, tuna and shark. During the season the challenges on offer include striped marlin, broadbill swordfish, yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, albacore tuna and mako sharks. Trout fishing in TasmaniaTasmania’s many rivers, streams, lakes and tarns are part of a beautiful, unspoilt environment that attracts fishermen from around the world. Tasmania offers the freedom to fish just about anywhere at any time with solitude guaranteed by countless remote waters. The pure air, clean skies and unique fauna and flora are all part of the experience. The season in Tasmania runs from August to April. December to April are the best months. Fly rods in the five to seven weight range and/or light two to three kilogram spin rods are all that is needed. Tasmania holds its head high in regard to quite a few saltwater fisheries. For many years Tasmania has had recreational bag limits for all game fish and in 2001 introduced bag limits for all saltwater species. Whilst some recreational netting is still allowed it is banned in almost all bays, rivers and estuaries - as is commercial netting. Tasmania holds several world records for southern bluefin tuna including a fish of 108 kilograms on 15 kilogram line. Although good numbers of fish had not been caught for several years, 2001 saw the return of some great gamefishing return off Tasman Peninsula. Whilst St Helens is largely regarded as the game fishing capital of Tasmania, Tasman Peninsula rules the roost for bluefin. Large yellowfin tuna, striped marlin, albacore, striped tuna and mako sharks are also available on the east coast from Flinders Island to Tasman Peninsula. In recent times professional charter operators have developed this fishery with most operating from St Helens. Striped marlin are perhaps the most sought after prize and in recent years the numbers caught every year are increasing. Southern black bream are another fish eagerly sought in Tasmania. These are mostly an east and northern coast fish that grow to well over three kilograms. Nowhere else in Australia is the average size as big and a genuine four pound fish is well within the reach of keen anglers. Little Swanport and Ansons Bay are hot spots for big bream. Susie:wubclub:
  20. Hi all, I'm recently arrived in Kirribilli and desperate to go fishing! Anything considered... flyfishing for trout was my main thing in the UK but I enjoy fishing in all its forms. Is anybody available to show me the ropes and the good spots? I don't have a car yet but I'm the proud owner of a green travel pass so I can get to most places locally... TIA Tarby PS: I'm also into birdwatching and wildlife in general, so buddies for those pursuits are equally welcome
  21. steve goz

    carp fishing in baldivs

    i have been told there is a carp pond in baldivis where you can fish and not kill the carp can anyone conrirm this as the beach fishing is crap and they should be proud to introduce carp here because al you can catch off the beach it bait.:mad:
  22. Guest

    Fishing gear

    Shimano technium plus 6' boat rod 8-12kg.............$15 Ugly stick Gold 6'6" boat rod (egg beater type) 5-8kg.............$50 Penn Mariner Plus 6' 15-24, Penn330 GTI reel Combo ...........$100 6' Shimano Taipan 15-24, Penn 45 lever Drag spooled with 30lb braid ...........$150 Penn Powerstick 6'6" 10-15kg.............$30 All good nick kev
  23. Guest

    Fresh Water Fishing

    Hi I have just recently moved here and im looking for a good lake for freshwater fishing. Does anyone know of anywhere. Im in the northern suburbs but happy to travel. thanks Adam
  24. Guest

    Fishing on the Sunshine Coast

    Hi All.Thinking of moving over to the Sunshine Coast.Whats the fishing like over there,particularly boat fishing and what type of fish are caught there?...We like crabbing and catching lobsters do they have those over there..What about spearing is anyone into that over there??
  25. Guest

    Fishing in Perth

    Hi, Could anyone give me some pointers on where some good places to fish in the northen suburbs of Perth are for my son and I . We have just started fishing for the first time so we know very little and would like as much info as possible . We have be twice now and all we seem to catch are blowies !!!! fun at first but now i want some food.. Thanks Steve.