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Found 45 results

  1. Just back from Paddys Market. Spent the morning at the Fish Market too. Really impressed by the variety and quality of fish and seafood. I love fish! Parking costs just 3 dollars for an hour which is more than enough time. Our entire sea food purchases today came to 130 dollars so I'm going to see how long it's going to last us. Our freezer is full so let's see. Bought some lovely mangoes from Paddys as well as a few veg and odd bits. Made for a nice Saturday morning. Finished off with some Japanese food from above the market hall. Sydneysiders are quite lucky to have such fresh produce at their doorstep! Btw any fishermen out here who knows which season you get catfish with eggs? Or are they put back if they have eggs?
  2. Ok well--as you may or may not know--I LUUUURVE fish.:em4400::happy_face_mummy_go. I cook my fish in a few different ways and thot I may share them with you. I'm also sure that many of you out there will be far better cooks than I am so I would be grateful if you could share your favourite recipes with all of us fish lovers here on PIO.! So here's three cheers to the Fishy thread! I mean fishing for recipes thread!
  3. Bobj

    A Few Fish Facts

    To all those blokes who want to do some fishing in Australia, a few facts on the types of fish and their habitats. Freshwater: Very little freshwater fishing in Western Australia in the SW, there are no native fish save for the bream, trevally and cobbler (catfish) in the relatively few estuaries. There are some creeks that hold redfin perch(Perca Fluviatilis), a few carp and trout. In the north of the state, there are barramundi, big catfish, longtoms, sooty grunter, tarpon, sharks sawfish and other ooglies. South Australia has the mighty murray cod and callop (yellowbelly) in the Murray River. The Torrens (Adelaide) has a few redfin and trout in the Adelaide hills. Victoria has the cod and callop in the Murray system trout and redfin in most of the dams and lakes. New South Wales has the cod, yellowbelly, catfish (both forky and round tail), silver perch,redfin and carp in the western flowing creeks, rivers and dams and bass and macquarie perch in the eastern flowing creeks and rivers. Tasmania is noted for the quality trout and salmon. There are also redfin in most of the waterways. Queensland, in the south, has murray cod, silver perch and yellowbelly in the western flowing Murray/Darling system along with redfin and carp. North of, say, Maroochydore, barramundi, sooty grunter, saratoga are present in most river systems and a few dams. The further north, all the river systems hold some sharks, stingrays and sawfish. The Northern Territory is world famous for the quality of the barramundi fishing. There are also good quantities of catfish, longtoms, sooty grunter and saratoga. Sizes: Redfin to 6lbs. Trout to 25lbs. Murray cod to 100lbs, but usually to 25lbs. Yellowbelly (callop) to 40lbs but usually to 15lbs. Silver perch to 6lbs. Forky tail catfish to 60lbs, but usually to 6 lbs, round tailed catfish to 6lbs. Barramundi to 85lbs but usually to 60lbs. Saratoga (southern variety) to 10lbs, northern variety to 20lbs. Sooty grunter to 8lbs and longtoms to 4lbs. A few areas in Victoria hold tench and roach, but not too sure if they are targetted. Any questions will be answered...If I know, that is.:laugh: Cheers, Bobj.
  4. The Pom Queen

    What is Snow Fish?

    I tried some whilst in Singapore and it was very much like Salmon. I can't seem to find anything on it and wondered if we could get it in Oz?
  5. The Pom Queen

    850lb Marlin Fish caught by 85 year old

    Would have loved to have seen a photo http://www.cairns.com.au/article/2011/11/07/189941_local-news.html :fish:
  6. AndyW


    I took the little girl to the beach to do some fishing yesterday and we caught our first fish in oz. But what was it? I was just using a cheap prawn lure and at first I thought I had a bite but then it went dead so I thought I had just got caught in some weeds. Eventually I felt a wriggle on the end of the line.So,I dragged it in and as we got it in it buried itself into the sand. It had a decent sized head compared to its body and was mmmmm a bit rock coloured :eek:. It was only maybe 1kg weight ish. Anyone know what it could be and would it be ok to have picked it up? Andy
  7. Well I have, at long last found a good British Fish and Chip Shop in Cairns. He does a pommie special, fish, chips and mushy peas for $10 and you can even have batter bits. They do a great curry sauce as well.
  8. I was in J & B Hi Fi at Town Hall in Sydney last night and they have SO many CD's (although none by Country Joe & The Fish - I'd heard a great track on FBI on Sunday - not the one about the Vietnam War - the only one I know 'one, two, three, four, what are we fighting for? Don't ask me I don't give a damn, next stop is Vietnam?') I was never really into the likes of Allman Bros Band/Grateful Dead/Jefferson Airplane - I was was more Creedence/Beach Boys/Grand Funk Railroad/The Guess Who but there were a couple of Allman Bros CD's looked the business - 'Live at the Filmore East?' 'Eat a Peach?' I love Eric Burdon & The Animals - thinking of the post 1966 stuff here when he formed the new version although I liked the orginal Animals too - Sky Pilot, San Franciscan Nights, Good Times, When I Was Young - got a feeling that War was a progression from this? Again, only familiar with one song 'Drink The Wine.' There are as many old bands who are new to me as the actual new ones! Something was playing in the shop at the time and I asked one of the staff - M83? something like that? French too. The track featured a little boy talking over some great music - reminded me of 1967 - I do love that psychadelic music - Hole in My Shoe by Traffic (NOT Neil!) and Excerpt From A Teenage Opera' by Keith West. 'Grocer Jack, Grocer Jack, is it true what Mummy says, you won't come back?' I nearly bought it right there and then plus they had the first five LP's by Echo and The Bunnymen on one CD for $20. Of course, I bought nothing and spent my money on beer. 'Hurry Up, We're Dreaming?' M83? Going to buy it I think, back to J & B. I asked about 'The War on Drugs' but they are sold out of them.
  9. tonyman

    eating defrosted Fish

    :fish:How long can defrosted fish stay safe in a fridge , thanks for any sensible answers as this is a forum for sensible people .........:goofy:
  10. The Pom Queen

    Fish Dying in Cape York River

    Over 1000 fish were found dead last week in a Cape York river, most of them were barra and jewfish, still no idea why, they say it could be the weather but come on surely this wouldn't kill all those fish would it?
  11. if you miss good old fish and chips go to kingsley drive fish and chip shop in kingsley north of perth i was sick of geting crap bater on me fish, the mushy peas are lush ask for scraps or bits and they dont look at you as if your daft as well english owned carnt beat it .:yes:
  12. Firstly I know that news is a 24/7/365 animal, and in as much it is evolving on a second by second basis, no news item stays in our mindsets for too long, as I said the news is an animal that constantly morphs and changes, much as us, and headlines from one day to the other are bound to be different. Maybe its a boredom thing, where if we are not fed constant updates about TOTALLY different things then we become ever so slightly restless and say such things as, 'Oh no, not again'. Maybe its me, overanalysing again, always looking for the perfect world, blah, blah, blah, and I hold my hands up that this may be the case. And if I am totally honest, what I find interesting may well be the most boring subject on the face of the earth for someone else, BUT. I just think that in this media crazy world we do miss certain certain things because they are not broadcast enough, often enough, or the particular story may in some people opinions have a 'shelf' life, as most things do. And I wholly admit that if we really wanted to we could delve into the internet and find what we are looking for about certain issues that interest us, but to me this isn't good enough. I fully admit that we are interested in all aspects of news, celebs, sport, politics, funny, sad, the list is endless. But there are certain issues that I think should take precedence on a daily basis in order tho keep them at the forefront of our minds. The biggy for me is the war/conflict in Afghanistan, particularly when a young soldier has lost his life, surely this takes precedence over Ryan Giggs, Jordan or the X Factor winners and losers. I am sick to the back teeth of seeing a news 'report' (more often a snippet) often fifth or sixth in the running order of the news of a young servicemans/womens life being lost in the most terrible way in a foreign land. Or the murder of a person in the most horrible way being relegated to a place in the news following a 'report' on the latest scandal surrounding a 'celeb' or 'icon' of our times,:mad:, I think I have mentioned this sort of thing before, so excuse me if I am boring you (not all at once please,:biglaugh:) but I happen to believe that if certain issues are not raised on a DAILY basis then as human beings we tend to forget what is happening around us on the more serious issues. Sorry if this is coming over as a rant but since the beginning of the year 18 service personal (thats just the ones we are allowed to know about) have lost their lives in Afghanistan, and in the last two weeks two service personnel lost their lives in hostilities. Unfortunately these events took place during a 'busy' news period where Ryan Giggs got caught out and the X Factor was taking place, in so much the deaths of these two service personnel received no more than a couple of seconds on ANY news channel/paper,:mad:. And can anyone name (without googling) the soldiers concerned,:no:. Other issues that should be paramount are the Haiti earthquake, how are things going on out there? The troubles in the middle east where thousands of people are sacrificing their lives on a DAILY basis in order to try and gain freedom from despots and dictators. I know I am boring, I really do, but it just seems to me as of late we seem to have our priorities all mixed up, and surely if the press 'purport' to reflect what we are interested in as a nation then what does this say about us,:shocked::mad:. OK, rant over and I realise I have banged on again about something that may seem bloody inane and boring, but there you go, made me feel better.:yes: EDITED TO ADD. I don't think they use old newspapers to wrap fish and chips now do they? They tend to use that horrible white paper, so the title of this thread could be misleading, and lets face it, fish and chips from a newspaper can't be 'battered', (sorry couldn't resist) Cheers Tony.:wink:
  13. sandyhex

    Gold coast fish n chips

    To all you Gold Coast POI members. Do you ever fancy good ole English Fish n Chips? well you can have them, Try BROADWATER PARK SEAFOOD MARINE PARADE SOUTHPORT Open 8.30am-7.30pm 7 days Serves only Fresh Fish and proper Spuds (chip them themselves) Cod n Chips wrapped in paper $7.50 Cajun Barramundi $11.00 Best Burgers on Gold Coast also fresh sandwiches and baguettes made by Mel my Sister in law A few doors up BICYCLE WORLD MARINE PARADE for new, repairs and spares, services carried out by my Brother Stephen Give them both a try meet 2 more very friendly Brits. Purely for feedback if you go to either mention PIO. Both Stephen & Mel are employed at these business's not owners, have been on Gold Coast since December 2008 and loving it. Sandy
  14. Hi Guys , Has anyone shipped a a fish tank in your container ? Of course it will be empty and will have new carbon/filters It's a HUGE one would hate to part with it If you have shipped one how did you clean it so customs didn't decide to strip your whole container lol ? Brides x
  15. Hi , Just wondering if anyone has bought an outdoor smoker to smoke fish and such like . we do this here at home and wondered if anyone can give us any info of a place to buy when we get to oz . Thanks
  16. Guest

    Fish & Chips

    Anyone know whats happened with the british fish and chip shop that used to be on stud road, dandenong? or does anyone else know where another one is ? please help :arghh:
  17. PommyPaul

    What type of fish are these?

    Think ones a bream? but gawd knows what the other was! thought well though :cool: and check out the little birdy feeding on the flowers, was right place, right time to get this piccy
  18. What do I do now?! I've had fish on and off over the years but never had babies before!!! We loaned our tank to school and we got stuck with the fish at the end of the year and now 2 fish has become 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are Molly fish apparently! Love Rudi x
  19. ErmintrudeMcMoo

    Fish ID Help!

    Ok guys I know there is a few of you who like to play with your rods - we went crabbing in Mandurah today - fantastic, saw loads of wildlife (including an Osprey) but also spotted this wee guy - any ideas as to what type of fish he is?? I shoved him back into deeper water by the way and he went off quite happy!
  20. paul1977

    Fish Market in Perth....?

    Hi people I'm currently living in London and regularly use billingsgate fish Market which is open to the public aswell as trade, just wondering if Perth has any kind of fish Market
  21. Guest

    Shipping Fish Tank

    hi sorry to invade this thread, but does anyone know if you can ship a fish tank easily, i am asking as i have a tank and it needs new lights and i dont want to splash out on a new set and then find out i cant take it pls help thanks
  22. Guest

    Just Having A Fish.

    C'mon you bugger, bite. It never rains in Brisbane. Aussie tradies are fair and balanced. No one in Australia wears PJ's to the supermarket. Australian beer is the best in the world. It's bloody cold in the UK at the moment compared to Spain. Cheers Tony.:cool:
  23. G'day all New to this site, but would like to let everyone know about me British Style fish and chip shop for those in the Melbourne area. I am ex Yorkshire (Bradford) bored with life and crap fish and chips, about 4 months ago, started me own chippie at 30 Stud Road, Dandenong, Vic 9794 6451. If you like good fish and chips, pop in and say ello. I have ordered North Sea Haddock and Cod, but don't hold your breath, I am no Harry Ramsdens, so the order may not be big enough for me small chippie/cafe. Their are tables for 14, with HP and malt vinegar as you would expect. Tables can be reserved, and I should have a BYO license soon. Everything is fresh, nothing pre cooked or frozen, with such goodies as Yorkshire fish cakes, mushy peas, haggis and black pudding, English pork pies, pickled eggs, gammon steaks and lots of other stuff. I am also looking for a business partner, so if if you, or anybody you know is looking for some easy work, making millions in the first year and retire in the second, give me a call, or pop in. Open hours are 4 - 9 pm Tues to Fri and 12 - 9 pm Sat - Sun. A good sense of humour will help :-) Cheers Vic
  24. Guest

    Curry vs Fish and Chips

    I don't mind a curry but can't really see how it achieved preferred takeaway meal status in the UK. I like the Malay type biryanis, so many varieties to choose from I suppose. But fish and chips is something else. I've had a few feeds in the UK, certainly the best I've tried. In Australia it's mainly cooked by Greeks, some of whom don't do a bad job. In my opinion it's the best take out meal.
  25. abz123

    Pet shop (fish) recommendation NOR?

    We've been telling our Elmo daft daughter that we'd get her a "Dorothy" (Elmo's pet goldfish) once we were settled into our new house and it's time to put words into action. Can anyone recommend a good pet shop in Perth, NOR? I've seen a couple of stores within the malls that have puppies in tiny glass cases so looking for somewhere a bt more sympathetic to their stock although I guess most goldish don't have long and happy lives - or hopefully I'm wrong.