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Found 19 results

  1. theonetruechris

    house moving firm in melbourne

    Hi we are due to move at the end of the month. more packing and moving while trying to work is going to be a nightmare since the new place is over an hours drive away from where we are. anyone ever used a removal firm to do a local move? If so, whos recommended?
  2. SussexBear

    Best removal firm to UK

    We have had a few quotes now and Wridgeways come out on top for price and service. Has anyone used them for their move and would you recomennd them?
  3. fossda

    Fastest courier firm

    Hi All I need to get some documents to Australia very quickly. Can anyone recommend a courier company that has a fast turnaround. Not so worried about cost (within reason!!) as I just need to get the stuff there ASAP. Many thanks
  4. Hello friends I am going to establish a personal firm (an agricultural consultation firm) after my entrance to Australia (NT)? What should I do for achieving to this goal? Thanks a lot for your opinions. Mohammad Reza
  5. tartan adam

    Old Firm Game

    Hi Does anyone know of any bars that are likely to show the rangers v celtic game today??? Thanx
  6. Guest

    Establish a personal firm

    Hello friends I am going to establish a personal firm (an import firm) after my entrance to Australia (VICTORIA)? What should I do for achieving to this goal? Thanks a lot for your opinions. Mohammad Reza
  7. My dogs are flying to Australia on Wednesday 16th February 2011, arriving at Sydney Airport on Friday 18th February 2011. I am using a pet relocation firm called Passport For Pets (a division of Airsupply Shipping Agents) but to save money I am arranging the vet treatments and completion of most of the paperwork myself directly with my personal vet. The AQIS guidance clearly states that Part A and Part B of AQIS Vet Certificates (sent with the Import Permits) MUST be completed, signed and stamped (endorsed) by a Official Government Veterinarian (the vet at the airport on the day of departure) and travel with the dogs to Australia however the above pet relocation firm are saying that it is not, that they only AQIS doc required is the Import Permit. Just seems a bit odd, why bother creating these forms if they weren't required but the girl at the firm I am dealing with is adamant they are not needed? I almost get the feeling they are trying to confuse me so I give up and pay for them to do everything! I have emailed AQIS today but can anyone that has done the paperwork part themselves please advise on this? I do not want them to be turned away at either airport because these forms have not been completed. .
  8. can any 1 giv me any info on construction firms sponsering people in perth cheers:biggrin:
  9. biffo

    Which removal firm?

    There are many comments on this forum about which removal firms to use - or more impotantly which ones not to use. As we cannot display the names of certain removal firms for the fear of legal action for some reason, I thought that a list of removal firms that could be used would be good and any feed back on first hand experience with them. If the names have been bleeped out, then I would avoid them like the plague, so a list of reputable firms which I would choose from should be all that is left! Please add to the list and post feed back of good experiences with the companies that are in the list. Thanks. Here's a starter list; Pickfords, Crown, PSS, Anglo Pacific, Doree Bonner, Atlantis Ltd, Bishops Move Have fun, and list your removal company here.:jiggy:
  10. I'm starting to get the impression I'm here on the wrong VISA. In short, the company I work for are working with an Australian company on a new project (architectural design) and have sent me out here to work with said Australian company - for six months - on a 6 month working holiday visa. I'm still getting paid UK pounds into my UK bank account and paying UK taxes etc - but I'm here - getting told by EVERYONE that it all sounds rather dodge - and that I should be on some other kind of VISA. I'm not particularly worried about it - I'm more annoyed that there's even room for this kind of doubt - especially because it wouldn't suprise me at all if my company had dodged a more expensive process/application and chose to gamble with my legitimacy to revisit Australia (imagining here that the worse case scenario would be I do get "caught" and told I can't come back) I've emailed as much to immi - but unsuprisingly, they've simply called back with "call us" - which at present I don't really want to do without some further facts in hand to properly engage my employers. Any help anyone? Thanks K
  11. Guest

    good removal firm?

    Hi All Have just sold my house , got my visa last year and now would like some advice on the best way to ship my stuff over. Any good ideas? cheers Lee
  12. Hi Does anyone know of a cheap company in Adelaide so i can get some stuff back to UK? Im in Adelaide and everywhere ive got quotes from have been way too expensive (like most things here). Im not leaving behind my personal effects, photos etc so can anybody help? thanks
  13. Hello, As im looking for a suitable Sponsor and am new to this forum i thought id post this question. Are you working for a firm/company that might be intrested in sponsoring a qualified Carpenter on a 457 VISA? Due to personal circumstances i cant go the skilled route. Any help would be much appreciated Many Thanks Carl
  14. Guest

    Which removal firm to use???

    Hi we are still in our planning stages for the move, but as a general question we wanted to hear about which removal firm to use? Its all well and good seeing adverts on websites etc, but we thought it better to listen to you all on here that have made the move or those of you who have already arranged an removal firm.... We are bound for Brisbane and are currently based in Warrington, Cheshire. We look forward to you responses and suggestions of who we should and also should not use.... Regards Steve & Adele :jiggy:
  15. I have been in email contact with the above firm and meet them at the Esher expo , they seem very nice and do seeem to now what there talking about, has any body else used them or now anything about them Cheers Dave
  16. Hi Is anyone living in QLD on a permanent visa whilst working for a uk firm, if so can you tell me how it works with taxes/supper etc? Cheers Ness
  17. Hi Everyone. We are getting closer every day to the big MOVE. Can I have some suggestions of the best firms to move our stuff from the UK to NSW. I have also looked at the cost of cars in OZ!!! Anyone got any experience in shipping their cars from UK to Australia? If so any tips? Cost and taxes would be a good start. Getting v. excited.
  18. Hi, Can anyone recommend a removals firm please? I don't have household stuff to move just excess baggage and I'm not sure they all do it. Have got a quote from PSS but has anyone got any feedback on them? Don't want to take a risk with all my sentimental stuff going missing. Thanks in advance, DM