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Found 21 results

  1. Susan from Moneycorp

    Extended Working Holiday visas - Fire relief 2020

    Not sure if anyone's seen this already, but I think it's fantastic! Win-win for everyone https://www.moneycorp.com/en-au/news-hub/extended-working-holiday-visa-for-australia/
  2. The Pom Queen

    Bush fires in Australia

    Are starting early this year:no: keep safe everyone. An overnight change in wind direction is expected to test Queensland fire crews today, who're battling bushfires in the state's south. Queensland Fire and Rescue Service Assistant Commissioner for rural operations Paul Adcock says the change to westerly winds could cause problems at blazes near the Sunshine Coast and in Queensland's southwest near Roma and at Ward, Charleville. Mr Adcock says conditions are expected to ease towards to end of the week with cooler temperatures expected on the weekend. Firefighters are battling several other blazes, at Kingaroy, Chinchilla, Noosa, Rockhampton and Caloundra. QFRS is urging caution as the very high-to-severe fire danger warning remains in place across large parts of the state.
  3. AaronS

    Fires in Texas

    Wow! 28000 acres burning to the east of us. 6000 to the west. Just now a new fire reported about 4 miles from our house! The big one burned down a house we sold this past April...we are friends with the people that bought it and they lost everything. Close to 500 homes lost in the big one. It has been burning for 3 days. There are 250+ firefighters working the big one....with 6 helicopter with buckets dumping water on it. It's still 100% out of control with no containment insight!
  4. Queenslanders are preparing for the possibility of large bushfires in the coming summer due to greater fuel loads fed by last season's unprecedented floods. Firefighters across the state have been battling large grass fires daily and authorities are warning residents to be prepared for a severe fire season. Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) rural operations manager John Fisher says thicker vegetation is fuelling the fires. 'Fires are taking longer to put out,' Superintendent Fisher said. 'We are having multiple fires daily and they're fast-moving grass fires with tall flame heights that are difficult to suppress.' He said creeks and water bodies that were usually dry were running, making access to fires more difficult. Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk says the council is ramping up its fire management plan with the inclusion of 14 new custom-built fire vehicles. Mr Quirk said the vehicles, worth a total of $1.2 million, were four-wheel drive fire units fitted with a water tank and a safety sprinkler to protect crew if they're overrun by a fast-moving fire. Fire hazard reduction burns took place at Mt Coot-tha Forest in Brisbane on Thursday. Supt Fisher warned residents to work out fire plans after residents overreacted during a large grass fire in Gladstone on Wednesday. He said many thought they had to evacuate their homes. 'People thought it was the worst-case scenario and a lot were contacting emergency services, unsure what to do,' Supt Fisher said. 'The idea of the alert was to make people aware of the circumstances, the location of the fire and where it was likely to go.' It took emergency crews several hours to control the blaze. Another fire was burning in Calliope, southwest of Gladstone, on Thursday.
  5. Large parts of the UK are on fire after the hottest dryest April ever:chatterbox: Heathland fires rage on across Britain Hundreds of firefighters are continuing to battle heathland fires which have been burning in locations across the UK for several days http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/nature/heathland-fires-rage-on-across-britain-2279293.html
  6. tonyman

    Smokers cause Bush Fires

    It's enough to make your blood boil - the sight of someone throwing a cigarette butt out of a car window. Every year the NSW Fire Brigades (NSWFB) is called to hundreds of roadside fires believed to be caused by discarded butts. NSWFB Station Officer Paul Scott, based at Parramatta Fire Station, has fought many fires on busy roads and even railway tracks where the most likely cause was a dropped cigarette butt. This led him and the Community Risk Management team to develop a proposal for an awareness campaign for smokers along the lines of the high profile NSW Government anti-littering initiative, “Don’t be a tosser”. It was a good idea in theory but the connection between cigarette butts and roadside fires was still only supported by circumstantial evidence. That was until a recent study by Jennifer Dainer, a student at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), with help from the NSWFB and CSIRO, provided solid proof. The study, which Ms Dainer undertook as her honours project for her degree in Forensic Science, was co-supervised by Dr Anne Lear from NSWFB Corporate Risk Management and Phil Maynard from UTS. The study As part of the study, called Can cigarettes butts start (Bush)fires, Ms Dainer conducted outdoor trials, supervised by Station Officer Scott and three firefighters with a fire engine from Parramatta Fire Station. She lit cigarettes and threw them into grass on the side of a road in the Sydney suburb of Prospect where there was no danger to surrounding property. At the time the prevailing conditions were recorded as wind speed of 40km/h, fuel (grass) moisture content approximately 12% of oven dry weight and humidity 14%. “On the day it was around 27°C with a north westerly wind, and it was pretty dry,” Station Officer Scott said. In three out of the 75 trials, or 4%, the grass caught alight and started to burn, requiring the firefighters to extinguish the flames. “The fires would have progressed quite quickly if we hadn’t been there,” says Station Officer Scott. “It’s no wonder we’re called to so many fires on busy roads and freeways and by railway lines when they can start so easily.” As well as the outdoor trials, the study also involved: laboratory trials to show whether cigarette butts could ignite grassy fuel (hay) in a well-controlled environment and to identify the parameters which affect ignition potential; and a survey of the number of cigarette butts on two median strips on a three lane road in Western Sydney. The laboratory trials found cigarette butts ignited the hay in 33% of cases. Ignitions increased when the wind speed increased, fuel moisture decreased (though wetter fuels could ignite with the application of wind) and the degree of the contact between the fuel bed and combustion area of the cigarette increased. During the survey, 426 cigarette butts were collected in a 60 square metre area of the median strip of Abbott Road, Seven Hills, over a three-week period. The wind draught created by a line of passing traffic was also recorded and found to be sufficient to increase the potential for a cigarette butt to start a fire on the roadside even if the prevailing conditions were calm. A campaign is born Station Officer Scott says the study finally gives the NSWFB the scientific proof that cigarette butts can cause roadside fires, including bushfires. “This confirms our view and gives us a firm basis for our new “Don’t be a firebug” campaign,” he said. “It also shows the benefits of partnerships between government agencies and universities on studies like this.” The “Don’t be a firebug” campaign, an adapted version of “Don’t be a tosser”, is being run by the NSWFB and the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) in conjunction with the Department of Environment and Conservation and the Roads and Traffic Authority. The Minister for Emergency Services, Tony Kelly, announced the campaign in January 2004. Over the next few months local firefighters will kick off local versions of “Don’t be a firebug” in suburbs and towns around NSW. They’ll attach the distinctive red stickers, which show a hand dropping a cigarette butt from a car, to their appliances and vehicles as a warning to motorists. The stickers will also be available to the public from fire stations. Station Officer Scott says it’s important to create greater public awareness around the issue. “As well as the environmental cost associated with littering, there is also the potential for fires from dropped cigarette butts, particularly during bushfire season,” he says. “A careless act by one person may have dire consequences for others, including the firefighters who risk their lives at fires.”
  7. tonyman

    Bush Fires and Bikers

    Ive been told by an x biker that the bush fires are started by them when the cops wont meet their demands ....its just to pee them off and waiste money ..........is this right ,the other guy with the coffin cheaters didnt have anything to say about the issue.........both guys very shady and wouldnt open up too much..........i useto thik it was all childish and men that havnt grown up ......how wrong was i........its big game:yes:...........
  8. We've recently been considering a move from England to Australia, among the dilemmas is "where in Oz?" My wife is terrified of spiders the UK so we were looking at Melbourne as a slightly better option. However, she also has a circulatory condition whereby she has painfully cold legs in the UK winters - So we looked at Perth for it's hot dry climate. So whats the spider situation really like in NSW, particularly commutable distances to Sydney? Also, I remember seeing bush fires engulfing peoples homes on the news a few years ago - Is that an Oz-wide problem?
  9. Guest

    Gas Fires

    We have one of those stand alone gas fires, after its been on for an hour or so I start getting a headache, the room has all the regulatatory vents ect, do these things need regulary servicing ?,
  10. The Pom Queen

    Emerald Fires

    I hope none of our members are affected with the fire in the ranges. I don't think it will affect you Paul (Furkew). Let's hope this rain helps to get it under control. Keep safe Kate
  11. The Pom Queen

    Bush Fires

    With the two bush fires currently burning out of control in Victoria I just want to give a quick reminder for all the new people who have arrived in Oz. Now I don't want to scare monger but I feel it is something that everyone needs to be aware of and have a fire plan at the ready. After Black Saturday people should remember that it can affect anyone not just people in a dense bushland area. There were fires in suburbs close to us which I would have never dreamt would have been at risk. It may be worth taking a look at the Fire Ready Kit which is available for download on the CFA website. Fire Ready Kit (Summer Fire Safety), Residents - Country Fire Authority Keep safe and please if you have any spare time on your hands consider being a volunteer firefighter or even helping with Wildlife Rescue.:wubclub:
  12. Guest

    Bush fires

    A week late i know but here are some photos of bush fires that nearly had us evacuated from Pacific Pines. I took the photos from my lounge. We could clearly see the firefighters retreating before the fire whilst 2 helicopters were bombing it with water. Only the 10 lanes of the M1 stopped it. We had three fires in as many days within 2 or three kms of us and two required helicopters [ATTACH]1357[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]1358[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]1359[/ATTACH]
  13. Dear All, I'm the senior feature writer on The Sun newspaper in the UK. I am looking to follow up the story of the Victoria Fires with an article on a British family who had recently arrived in the State when the fires broke out. People who perhaps lost everything, were possibly injured and had their immigration dream destroyed but displayed true British courage and are determined to stay and re-build. If you know of someone or are that family, please respond to my email address. Kindest Regards Sharon Hendry
  14. There are many animals displaced due to the fires, and some families are looking for foster homes for their animals I have been told. I have some more information coming on that tomorrow, an email was circulated at my sister's school where she is teaching, and also she tells me that the Oakleigh Police Station here in Melbourne was a drop off point for pet supplies such as food etc. The relief centre at Whittlesea seems to have quite a few dogs tied up with ropes etc, so leads were being asked for. For more details anyone can call them. Just sharing some info. The RSPCA also taking donations for the animals. May have some more info tomorrow. Thanks!
  15. Guest

    Victoria/NSW Bush Fires

    I would just like to say how upsetting it has been for my Wife & I to see the devastation and loss of life due the the bush fires in Victoria. Our sincerest and heartfelt sympathies to anyone who has been affected by this terrible disaster. We are both hoping to make the move permanently down under in about 18 months and already have our visas. Although we are not yet living there we both already feel a strong bond with the country which is why it has got to us more I guess. I pray for rain and a drop in temp for all those areas which are affected. Best wishes and prayers also for all those fighting the fires and helping out. Matt & Lissa
  16. The Pom Queen

    Map of Fires Burning Around Victoria

    For all those who are worried about loved ones who may be affected by the fires you can call 1800 727 077 . Also take a look at this map to give you some idea of the fires and their locations. Google Maps
  17. I really want to be able to understand why some people want to start fires that cause so much distruction? I know it is a mental illness and that perhaps they enjoy the power? I don't know. I would appreciate it anyone could shed any light on this.:mad: Sorry that is supposed to be mental health nurses! (Not psyche!)
  18. I was just wondering if there was anything we could do to help? We have got some friends in Healesville that just about got away with their house being damaged by the 'skin of their teeth'. Please PM me if there is anything I can do. We have a spare 3 piece suite, beds and bedding etc and lots of boys clothes if required.
  19. BuddysMum

    Bush Fires

    I have read of the risks involved in buying property which backs onto the bush, especially gum trees. And obviously I have heard about some of the major bush fires in recent years. We also see many beautiful homes advertised on real estate sites. and in UK we would love to be able to buy a semi-rural home (as we have now). But with regard to the bush fire thing...I have noticed that many of these lovely homes are very new-looking and I am wondering if they are rebuilds after a fire? Here in Berkshire we were able to find a site which had records of flood areas and we were able to assess the risks of flooding for our present house before we bought it. I realise that flooding is just a little more predictable than fire, but I wonder if there is any site which lists where bush fires have happened in the past? Thanks
  20. :biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh: sorry couldn't help but add the bit about constructive replies after the threads today.....:biglaugh: Back to my post, I have read that the biggest cause of death in oz is not being bitten or attacked by animals but the dangers forest/bush fires can bring. I was wondering especially from those already in oz, how big a threat are forest/bush fires and are they procedures who have learn to protect yourself and your home and if so how to do go about learning these things. Also how serious is the water shortage in oz, what sort of controls do they have on water usage, eg hose pipe bans......something I really don't know anything about. Look forward to some constructive replies. Mandisfam
  21. Guest

    Why So Many House Fires?

    Whenever i open a paper or turn on the news there is a tragic story about a house fire :sad: I know smoke alarms are the law now but surely something needs to be done about this. Don't know what sort of reaction i'm expecting from this post but felt like i had to vent my spleen.