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Found 40 results

  1. Must be able to prepare engineering reports, develop design philosophy to regulatory complience to fire protection systems specifications, using best practice fire protection measures. work to extend nationaly and internationally, based in Australia. Duties to include, cover development of fire protection systems design criteria, utilising the principals of risk management, completion of design studies and project spesifications, material take off and product requisitions. The company is willing to sponsor the right person to Australia and their immeadiate family. if interested sned me a email and your CV. Regards Max
  2. Harpersgirl

    SW Bush Fire...

    http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/western-australia/catastrophic-fire-rating-for-central-west/comments-e6frg13u-1226204350714 This will be our first summer and so experience of bush fires although being fairly central to Perth its not like we'll be in any danger. My heart goes out to all those who are affected by this :sad: But I do wonder what the thinking was when DEC decided to start "controlled" fires in the weather we are having at the moment!!!!! :no: Surely the wind today is going to whip it up a treat??????
  3. My husband has 20 years in the Fire Service Final Salary Pension Scheme. We are emigrating to Oz in July but despite asking for a value since Oct 08 we are hitting a brick wall. The pensions department say the government are reworking how they calculate the values and they can't therefore give any valuations ! Personally I think this should be illegal - that they should have to provide you with a value within a set time limit. Our worry is that we may end up being resident in Oz for over 6 months before we even get a valuation (we've been pestering for 6 months already so we feel this is a distinct possibility). Also - has anyone transferred a Fire Service pension ? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi, my husband has a skype interview with Chubb Australia on Tuesday evening for a job as a security engineer. Does anyone have any tips on the sort of security equipment that is used in Oz? He will be dealing with maintenace and installations. He has worked for ADT here in England and a few other companies. He deals with intruder alarms, CCTV, access control, fire alarms etc. We know the interview will ask technical questions so wondered how different the systems are in Oz. Any hints and tips would be great. Many thanks. Nicola & Jamie:biggrin:
  5. Hi all, I am a fire and security engineer looking to migrate with my family. I need some advice from someone who has been there and done it from the same industry because I am getting mixed responses from agents etc. Because my trade is not specifically specified on the lists I am being advised on different occupations to apply under, such as electrician. We seem to be hitting a brick wall every time so any advice would be welcome. I have been in the game for 23 years so if I don't it know I never will, so got the experience and qualifications. Thanks for looking, hope you can help. A very frustrated family
  6. If , you discovered your house on fire and no way back .........and you had 3minutes to get your gear together ...what would you grab..........:policeman:
  7. Hi there, My husband is an Engineer for ADT Fire and Security, he went through an apprenticeship scheme when he left school, and holds a City & Guilds 2330 Inspecting and Testing Level 3. Our problem is we don't know what this is on the SOL?!!?! Is he an Electrical Engineer or an Electrical Engineering Draftsperson, or is he something else entirely? Is he even on it? We are desperately trying to find out, as with my qualifications we could only get a 176 sponsored visa in SA and we really had our hearts set on Perth (which sponsors both Engineer and Draftsperson). If anyone could shed some light on the suubject for us I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Dani xx
  8. Hi All, I currently work as fire fighter in manchester but my plan is to emigrate to Oz. Luckily my girlfriend is a nurse so we will hopefully get in through her visa. Was just wondering if anyone has managed to join the fire service in oz? If so was it a direct transfer? Also if I wouldn't be able to join the job I love then any ideas of a decent career change I could do in Oz? Thanks for your help!! Mark
  9. Irishgirl1

    Fire Roleystone/Kelmscott

    Hi Everyone say a pray and keep you fingers crossed for all of us in this area not far from our home but more concerning is my parents they are just near the bush. Very scary stuff. I hope it was'nt deliberately lit people who do this stuff make me so so angry:realmad: It is windy today which does'nt help they are getting water from champion lakes and the helicopters are flying over my house. Everyone is on Alert Also for everyone North of the river North east near Wanneroo stay safe Thanks everyone x
  10. As the old saying goes, 'No Smoke Without Fire', is it an expression you believe in. I guess we have all heard the expression time and again, sometimes fairly and sometimes unfairly. I guess it could be looked at as the 'Old Rumour Mill' where there are many things said, often with little or no evidence to back it up. So in your opinion do these sayings have any validity in the modern world, I guess another saying that could be used is 'Mud Sticks', as if once an allegation, etc, has been against someone then no matter the evidence saying the opposite, some will look upon people with these phrases and thoughts in mind. Cheers Tony.
  11. PommyPaul

    abit of fire fighting

    Thought i'd share another of my little aussie adventures with you The station i'm working on at the moment is part of the rural fire brigade as we have two old 70s fire engines and recently the boss managed to get permits to burn off the stubble and leftovers from harvest which is a pretty rare thing to get at this time of year! So after monitoring the humdity, temps and wind last night we decided to burn, the area was about 120 acres, first we ploughed a firebreak between the edge of the paddock and the bush/neighbours propertys, then the fun began!! We had one person on a motorbike starting the fire using a mix of 75% diesel and 25% petrol with a mini flamethrower where he'd ride and start a line of about 400 meters then repeat abit further up the paddock and two fire engines, a 4wd ute with water tank and pump and another vehicle monitoring, we all have uhf to keep in contact. My job was to ride the back of one of the firetrucks and douse the edges and put out anything that was getting out of control and crossing the fire breaks, trust me there was alot to do!!!! Now i've done buring last season but this was a whole new ball games as its rare to do this in the summer, we'd just had 30-40 degree weather!! and there was tinder dry windrows of hay in the paddock!! there was times we were driving through flames 8 foot high with thick smoke and the radiant heat was so high all i could do was hunch in a ball in the back of the firetruck behind the firewalls with the sprinklers cooling the sides of the truck!!! Real gives you an appreciation of what the fireys do and why you'd never want to be stuck anywhere near a bush fire!!!
  12. Hi, A friend of mine recently graduated with a degree in Fire Engineering. He's already used his working holiday visa. He's 27. The institution where he received his degree are not listed on the recognised institutions list. Currently, there are no jobs in Ireland and very few in the UK. Can anyone advise if there's any options for moving to Australia? Many thanks from dave's mate. David
  13. Hi. We are coming out for a reccie in february of next year to the gold coast and Brisbane then driving down to sydney. My oh is a fire control operator and we will be looking to see if any jobs are about, conditions etc. Just wondered if anyone on here has any information or even works it that field. It is hard to know where to start! Any insight greatly appreciated

    gas fire wanted near currambine will collect

    as it says if you have one or know of any body selling one please get in touch
  15. Guest

    Wanted gas fire

    I am looking for a 2nd hand GAS FIRE, anyone who is upgrading their own fire or doesnt want theirs anymore please contact me..... I live in the Baldivis area of Rockingham WA Thank you from a very cold Tracey:cool: ''but not in the im cool way... cool in the IM FREEZING'' LOL''
  16. Random question I know - however here goes -Are there any Airport firefighters working at Brisbane Airport ? Or any other airports in OZ Cheers Nick
  17. Guest

    fire safe areas

    I am moving to melbourne later in the year with my family, and am quite worried about the fire situation over there. We are looking to move to south east melbourne, and every suburb we look at has had problems over the last 2 years. Why is this? Is there a suburb that is known to be the safest in this regard? We have considered langwarrin, safety beach, carrum downes, dorama??, not sure on the spelling. Am I worrying about nothing? Should I by a particular kind of house or in a particular area?
  18. The Pom Queen

    Somerville Fire - Petals

    Hi Sue Hope everything and everyone is safe in Somerville, can see the smoke from our home and it's been like that for a good few hours. On the CFA it says 30 engines are in attendance and it is a structure, must be a huge building with smoke like that. Hope your ok. Kate
  19. nik_kershaw

    Fyshwick Fire

    Did anyone see the fire in Fyshwick today? I work near where it happened and there was a huge black smoke cloud above fyshwick for about 2 hours. Road closures all over the place as well. Hope you didn't get caused in the chaos
  20. Hi all PIO, I am a Fire Alarm Engineer and have recently passed the 17th Edition. However, I am not a qualified electrician. Is there anyone who has managed to successfully emigrate to Australia, with similar background to myself, if so please can you get in touch and let me know what is the best way to go about it. Regards Don :unsure:
  21. RaT

    Brisbane River of Fire

    Any one go to this event recently...we were lucky enough to be staying near enough to watch a lot of it from the apartment, as well as the TV coverage....the fighter jets were certainly impressive, especially as they went directly over us on the final pass...
  22. Guest

    Spud Shed Fire!!

    Fire destroys Baldivis spud business - The West Australian I guess this means we're in for a longer drive for spud shed this week!! Of to Mandurah one we go!! :eek:
  23. Bod

    Fire works and bangers

    I want to share a story with you all. I hear so much how Pom's come back home and don't get the attention they crave, feel disapointed that the UK did not stop when they left these shores for Australia. That people have got on with thier lives and as much as they want to hear about your Swimming pool , big house the beutiful beaches just down the road, most just don't want ity rammed down their throat. Hears my happy story: I suppose I had a diffrent experiance when I went home for the first time. I loved every thing Australian but needed a UK injection, then toddle back to gods own land happy From Heathrow the M25 was full of banners and streamers saying: "Well come home stranger" " I think your my father" "G'Day mate" By the time we got to the M11 we had a convoy, wellwishers lined the M11 on both sides clapping and showering us with confetty from the bridges. (It was 3am on a cold wet tuesday morning) We arrived at the Town Hall for breakfast and was greeted by a French man I'd never met before who said "It's been along time" Bill Ramell our local MP embraced me in a very continental style. By this time I knew things had changed in the year I'd been away. I never sleeped till the following Monday "the partying was mad" Friends, family, stranges all wanted a piece of us. " how big was your house?" "How deep was the Pool in the back Yard" " I bet you had BBq's every night. After all the Partying had finnished. I fancied a pint down the local. Only to find it empty. My Gord I said in a astonished manner, " the pub is empty" The land lord responded with. " yes all thanks to you John" " Why me I asked the land lord" "Well" said the land lord "when you left for Australia every one had a wake up call and realised they had to sort their lifes out." "So were are They I asked" Well said the land lord Tonight they'll be down the gym, tomorrow they'l be making Love. wednesday they'll be studieing for the Uni. The rest of the week they'll be making Love." " so basically it's your fault for going to Australia" But we stiil love you. I could not believe that I had changed so may's out look on life by my desicion to leave these shores By now I could not wait to get back to Australia the land I love best untill My mum made me a Sausage sandwich for the return journey. Thats when I realised I could not go back to Aus as the Sausages were Sh!t
  24. Ok so how about a night camping round an open camp fire in the far north of the sunshine coast? I'm going to check the place out tomorrow, its a 800 acre camping ground/motorbike park (all riding stops at 5pm). I'm thinking we could head up there on saturday, all meet up during the day and then share beers, snags, yarns around a camp fire, then all head home on sunday when we feel like it. Whose up for it (we can discuss a date once we get intrest)?

    sit round the camp fire

    The last couple of weeks on here has brought me back to the days of scouting we all need each other in our own way to acheive a goal on our own it may of not come true even now there are hurdles. I would like to thank each & everyone of you for your input to mine & other peoples threads.I think you have changed me to the person i am now & hope when we all arrive in oz the ones who are able due to which area we are in can meet up & become real friends as we are here. Life seems so much brighter & rewarding just by having you all here to talk to thankyou.