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Found 9 results

  1. .....a warning. unbelievable eh!
  2. Guest

    Finish These Sentences

    Finish these sentences..... I hope someday to improve my......... No one knows I'm............. The only thing I can't stand in people is..... Now that I'm grown up, I can no longer.....
  3. Hi me and my partner have just recently really started thinking of migrating to Oz we have talked about it for years but now my partner is studying engineering the dream can become a reality in about 5/6years. Just wondered how long from deciding to go till you got your visas it has taken?
  4. wildbriz

    Finish High School in UK or Oz?

    Hi, Sorry if some of these questions have been asked before regarding GCSE's etc. We are currently based in the UK with Australian citizenships, left Oz after 15 years for the UK primary schooling for our high functioning autistic son. He is now 14 and starting his GCSE's. From what we can roughly estimate based on his current performance he is likely to achieve grade 3's in Science, English and Maths possibly with a number of other subjects as well. Does anyone know if his GCSE's could be converted / translated in to Australian equivalents? If so, would these be recognised by potential employers? Would having GCSE's as opposed to the equivalent Australian qualification be a significant disadvantage? Alternatively we could return to Australia and let him complete his schooling in Oz. This is not the easiest of decisions to make because of the difference between the UK and Oz in their support systems but we have come across a few high schools that look promising. In some high schools he would get some shared aide time in mainstream classrooms and access to a support unit continuing through year 11 and 12. We have been told that some special needs students leave after year 10 and go on to TAFE but the subjects they seem to study are more vocational in nature. I guess one of the questions we are trying to find an answer as to is whether Grade 3's in GCSE's would be equivalent to the completion of year 12 and, if so, would they equate to low or medium level passes? If any one has any experience with these conversions and can help we would be very grateful. Thanks wildbriz
  5. Hi there, I currently live in surrey and am in the 4th and final year of my electricial apprenticeship in the UK. I am really interested in moving to Australia since going travelling there a couple of years ago. I was wondering if anyone could outline to me what the process is from getting a VISA, and getting qualified as a Sparks in Aus and what costs and timescales are involved in this. I dont have any job lined up there or anything there. Cheers all, Louis
  6. Hello good people of the pomsinoz forum. could somebody please tell me using bullet points the whole visa process from start to finish. step 1. I decide i want to migrate to australia PLEASE CARRY ON FOR ME THE PROCESS thanks guys and girls
  7. AnxiousMum

    Cost for cat from start to finish?

    I have looked at other posts like the one I am posting now, but still havent really found what I am looking for. I would like to know from anyone who has taken their cat to OZ how much it cost from the beginning please. How much charged to fly cat and the injection costs etc. Then how much in quaranine and how much that costs too. I have been quoted £1512.00 by a pet relocation company, but thats just to fly cat and get vet stuff done. Anyone think thats alot, or can I get cheaper than that? I have found out it will probably cost around £280 for the quarantine bit, does anyone know if thats about right too? Thanks in advance:yes:
  8. Hi everyone, I have been accepted to do an Adult Nursing Degree at UWE this Sept, but I'm unsure of whether to accept my place as we are looking at going over to Oz. We have been looking at courses in Oz and trying to decide which would be best to do, but this idea just came to me. If I was to do the entire course here (free and with a £6000 a year bursary...very tempting) I would then have to wait at least 6 more years before emmigrating to finish the course, get experience etc. I was hoping I would be able to start the course here (OH and I need to live together for 12 months anyway before going over as a defacto couple) and then go over and finish it off. It would be cheaper than doing the entire course over there. I only have two weeks before I have to let UWE know if I want to do the course or not so I really need some ideas soon lol.:yes: Any info guys would be appreciated Amy
  9. Hi This may be a bit long but I need some advice from anyone who can help. We are a family of 4, my eldest is nearly 12 and youngest is nearly a year old. We were going to go to oz 3 years ago, but just as we were set to start the process the points changed and we could no longer claim points for family as they are in Sydney......we were gutted because we had made the decision and been there twice to check it out and the time was right. We've got enough points now but the timing's all wrong. My eldest has just started secondary school and she has settled so well. She is the happiest she's ever been and her school work is excelling - she has so many great friends etc...she doesn't want to go! However, we don't want to lose the opportunity again, if the points change we may lose the chance for good. So acting on this we have started the process. Appointed a migration agent, and sent vetassess off, already sat ielts etc. The way we saw it was that if we have 5 years from when the visa is granted then she would have time to do her gcse's then we would go asap. Now I'm having severe worries. It would be cutting it very fine on the timescale and I can't be sure that my daughter will be any happier to do this after her exams (it might be worse) but at least I won't feel I would be jeopardising her education. I think we're going to have to hold back on lodging the visa to give us a bit more time. The big question is.... am I mad to be holding back so long? I would go tomorrow was it not for the fact that I've never seen my daughter this happy at school. I want her to achieve her best and fortunately she is at a school were she is certainly doing this. I'm just so confused...........help! Thanks