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Found 23 results

  1. I was in Oz for a 2 year working holiday visa recently. im now in nz. (wages suck!) Im going to apply for WA state sponsorship as the NT have told me it takes them 6-7months to approve sponsorship..... anyway, i got a positive skills assessment from TRA while i was there for electrician general class. i also have my unrestricted electrical license in OZ, the UK and NZ with 8 years experience (im 25) i pass the points test etc. Unfortunately i dont really have evidence i worked 12 months of the last 2 years as I stupidly dont have any payslip from jobs in oz and i closed my bank account . i have a reference letter from a company i worked with for around 6 months in darwin at the power station there and now for a company in NZ. Can I write stat decs for the other companies? by the time they look at my application anyway i will have 12months solid proof i recon with payslips etc. how long is the process roughly and how/when do you have to show proof of funds for state sponsorship as its not in one of the guidelines in the WA site when you apply to them. also how much will i need roughly for me and my girlfriend. thanks
  2. Went to Kingston school in Tassie today to enrol my two little uns. No probs for the 7yr old, but when we asked about the 5 year old ( he was 5 in Feb ) was told that he won't be able to go full time. I was shocked as he was full time in the Uk since Sept last year. After having a little talk with them they've said that they will assess him tommorow and if they think he's up to it they might bend the rules a bit and maybe let him in the grade above. And everything was going so well... Chris x
  3. Guest

    Fingers crossed!

    Well our weekend of worry has arrived! We have done all we can do-its out of our hands. We are on an amazingly tight timeframe to get SA SS in by Monday. I got skills assessent back on Tuesday and collected my IELTS results yesturday (relieved to have passed!) then a very, very kind couple on this site helped us sort out a courier service from business to business collected yesturday afternoon and due to arrive in Adelaide on Monday before 4:30pm sooooo the waiting game begins- please cross your fingers for us and the couriers! Hoping to join the SS thread soon :biggrin:
  4. GaryandGillDublin

    If we all cross our fingers...??

    Who knows what is going on behind the closed doors of WA Migration Dept/Chris Bowen's office... And frankly we are never going to find out, if the unanswered emails or automated responses are anything to go by. We are all clinging to anything that gives us a bit of hope day to day. It is 1st December tomorrow, maybe just maybe, if we all cross our fingers we might just wake up to some good news... We can but hope... :daydreaming: So fingers crossed everybody... Maybe this month will begin on a positive note ... x
  5. Guest

    Fingers crossed

    Its been a really bad week and we could really do with some good news.I never thought i was supersticious but things do seem to happen in threes.My 3yr old niece is in hospital with a critical illness.I just wish there was somehting we could do to help. My friends hubby also took his life this week. He has left four children and a heavily pregnant wife.Why?I'm just hoping that third thing 's not waiting around the corner.:sad::sad:
  6. Hello, Some of you may have been following the rollercoaster that has been my life for almost the past 2 months now. Basically, OH got let go from his job at the end of September and we have been frantically looking for another job for him. He had an interview with a company 2 weeks ago, and was supposed to have a 2nd interview this week with the Senior Project Manager. Well the Senior Project Manager came back from leave and is crook. OH contacted the guy who interviewed him last week, just to find out where he stands, does the job exist and when are the chances of it happening. Basically, the guy told him that he has the job, and that he just wanted OH to meet the Senior Project Manager so they could keep him in the loop. The guy who interviewd OH will be flying in from Sydney next Wednesday so fingers crossed everyone that we get an offer of employment out of this. It has been a stressful 2 months for us, we have been living off my wage and luckily OH had 4 weeks vacation pay owing to him, so that has helped as well. It is really getting down to the wire, and we are going to have to make a decision about where we go. So fingers crossed everyone for us, as it makes much more sense for us to stay here, and have 2 incomes, rather than go back to Canada, with no jobs to go back to. Cheers Karen
  7. After our house sale fell through day before exchange, we are now at the position to exchange contracts again. It is supposed to happen today, lets hope so:wacko: We have to be there by 17 june, time is very quickly running out and all of us in bit of a state. The kids dont know if they will be going back to school after half term, my OH doesnt know if he is handing in his notice today, I'm trying to book removals and flights at really short notice.......etc Keeping my fingers and everything else crossed.
  8. Hi Everyone! I have been a silent reader and I found all the threads very informative. Thanks so much for posting. I am trying to keep my chin up....hm....I guess I will just have to play the wait and see game.:unsure: Maybe I can have your inputs. Well, friends told me that I was silly when I wanted to take another diploma instead of my PHD. I was geared to enroll myself at the beginning of the year but unexpected things happened. So I ended up signing up for the July intake and received my e-COE on the 1st week of Feb 2010. The main reason why I wanted to take this diploma (Diploma of Hospitality - Patisserie) was because I wanted to open a pastry/cake shop when I am no longer an asset to any company. Beside this diploma, I have another Diploma in Hospitality Management, a Bachelor Degree & Masters. I am wondering if I can still apply for the subclass 485 (graduate visa) when I finish my course in July 2012? Of course there are other options like ENS, RSMS or for the state/territory migration plans. I hope I got that right. Is there any other options which I am eligible for? As its being mentioned, the SOL list will change every year. So, maybe in 2010, hospitality sector will be IN the list again. :biggrin: Hope to hear your inputs. Thank you! Jade
  9. well weve applied for two more jobs with WA Dep of Corrective Services, so were keeping every single thing crossed. we dont even care where the jobs are anymore, we,ll go wherever! One of the jobs is in Esperance! Its so frustrating at the mo with all going on. And more so because we know this certain employer is happy to sponsor!!! Please WA give us a job, thinking positive thoughts :yes::yes:
  10. G'day, just thought we'd say hello from the miserable UK. With a bit of luck (and some visa's!!) we'll be moving next year as I'm transfering to the RAAF from the RAF, and my wife who is a qualified nursery nurse, and our little boy who will be about 4 when we come over. And we can't bloody wait!! lewy & anna
  11. HI all I just want your help and positive vibes and all fingers crossed for monday please - I have a house viewing!!!!!!!!:yes: i just hope they turn up. i have done the feng sch???? thingy where you put all house items in a red envelope and then place in a flowing river, burning red candles etc (can't find any green ones). i will be busy bribing the kids to keep their rooms tidy and spring cleaning the rest of the house. bonnie
  12. :arghh: A 5 page Stat dec for current Employment 4 References for past employers drafted 3 copies made 2 moaning kids And one big dream Oh boy it had better be worth it. Did the sun come out today as all I have seen is my computer screen, my arse and legs are numb if I could get up I would go and make some dinner, can’t shout at the kids for eating their body weight in junk food cos its my fault for not cooking them some food. (phone is not in reaching distance to order pizza either) Right I’m going to do a tuck and roll off the chair and once the blood has found its way to my stone cold feet I’m going to make some dinner, oh no another dilemma what to have. Why is life so difficult?:wacko:
  13. Hi there I am new to this forum but have been reading others posts and they are very informative. I am a nurse and my partner works in I.T. We are in the very early stages at the moment however we are only planning on going to australia for a year and then see from there. We visited the east coast in 2007 for 3 weeks and have decided we probably want to move to Perth even though we have not actually visited that part of oz. I am going through an agency and am looking at getting a sponsorship. I have not actually stated any of the application process yet other than sending off my cv to the agency. My main worry is telling my current employer, how soon do you think you need to tell them, only I dont want them hearing about it before I have had a chance to say anything, but on the other hand its a big process and i dont want to to say something and then find I cant go anway. This does not seem to be a concern of many people's but if anyone can help that would be great and any other advice you may have for me. Look forward to hearing from my fellow poms. Sophie
  14. My Husband has just recieved an email from his tempory Boss here in Oz asking him to attend a meeting next Tuesday so they can discuss his furture plans with a view to relocating now that he has been in Perth a few weeks!! I know the wage package wont be as good as what he was on at home but if the $$$ is right Im sure we can manage. I really want to give Oz a go and Hubs is of the same opinion although he does see it as a two year 'give it a go and see what happens' kind of thing where as I would prefer to see it as a perm move. But hey, things change and at least this way we get to try it out and see. Pls keep everything crossed for us, I think Tuesday is make or break day for us! Emma x
  15. Hubs has been contacted by a fellow co-worker who has already made the move to Oz to see if he would like a three month work assignment in Perth so it would be an internal secondment with his current employer!!! There has been a lot of back and forth over the last week regards to rates, flights etc but tomorrow is the day we find out if he has got it!! As we have never been to Oz this would be the perfect reccie trip for us, the plan is for Hubs to go over and i will ask my employer for three months unpaid leave and go out too. I doubt very much i will get the three months but hey you can ask, anytime off would be a bonus as I only have 5 days leave left - worst case would be i went for a week but its all expenses paid so its not bad in anyway. So decision day is tomorrow, please keep everything crossed for us, we really want this to happen. Fingers and toes! Emma x
  16. Had a phone call from the EA today - got a viewing on Sat morning at 10 am, thats good, plenty of time to make sure everything is just so. Rang Darren at work to tell him which cheered him up no end :spinny: Hung up phone from speaking with Darren and EA rang again, someone would like to come and have a look now - What right NOW - yes NOW!! :shocked: OMG, OMG, O..M..G.. - I had a pile of washing on the kitchen floor, the ironing board was out in the bedroom with little piles of ironing over the bed, I hadn't got round to cleaning the floor after taking the dog for a walk ealier on so little doggy footprints all over downstairs, and as for the boys bedroom, well it looked like a bomb had gone off at the local tip. Did what I could in five minutes to tidy up the worst, they came and went and seemed to like it, so now have to just wait for some feedback, and the viewing on Saturday as well. I therefore need all you lovely people on PIO to have a big collective fingers crossed for us Please!! I will let you know what happens! Sharon
  17. OMG, after telling our Estate Agent to drop the price of our house another £10,000, he has since been on the phone to some people who live in Scotland and viewed our house months ago......and at the time of viewing our house was one of two that they liked, but had since decided to look in another town:cry:......BUT NOW, being told of the price drop they are going to take a couple of days to discuss it and get back to us!!! Which will mean we probally won't here anything until after the weekend!.....god my poor vodka bottle is going to suffer!!...:twitcy:. Wish me luck people and be ready for the tears Monday whether they be happy or sad...lol Lou.
  18. Hi I've been offered a job in Oz & immigration process is underway. On Sat 14th June I ruptured a tendon in the finger of my left hand. I have been signed off for 6wks. I am concerned it may affect my immigration and/or job offer? Any advice or thoughts would be much appreciated. A concerned Scott :sad:
  19. I emailed Marks cv to a few more Datacomms companies yesterday. One of which i noticed was employing and after........Structured Cabling project managers:swoon:. So i sent his cv with a letter, and .....we got a reply. and quote ' Thank you for sending me your cv, i must say its very impressive!!' they asked a couple of questions and said speak soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It may be nothing but its the first reply we've actually had!!:jiggy::goofy:
  20. MikenSal

    Fingers Crossed!!

    Well its really a long time since i visited this site. We started our plans in motion well over 12 mths ago, and finally, it looks like things are going to work out. We have been through the courts to get consent from my two stepson's natural fathers. Cafcass reports, allsorts but we have come out successful. I have been offered sponsorship on an e457 visa to work for a Aerospace firm in Bullsbrook, Perth. The visa is currently being processed and the house isn't selling!! Still nothing has gone smoothly so we can't expect it to start now! So... we are nearly there. Please can everybody keep their fingers crossed for us?
  21. Hi again So our Co got back to us two weeks ago and asked us to prove our Defacto relationship (we had only sent evidence that we've lived together for the past 3 1/2 years). I immediately got some scans of documents ad photographs together and emailed them to her. I didn't hear from her again so I logged on her and found out how that everyone else has sent packages of info as evidence. So to make sure it would all go smoothly I started franticly putting one together. Finally got it all sorted yesterday and awaiting another few Stat decs in the post when I hot an email from my CO this morning that said: "Thank you for the attached documents. These appear to be sufficient, so I will be able to finalise your application within the next couple of days. Most likely, you will have notification of my decision by COB Thursday, 31 January, 2008." Now I am so ecited and really frightened. It means I should know what the final decision is very soon but I am afriad to get excited in case it is a denial :shocked: I just wanted to share the news. I will keep you posted on the outcome. Good luck to everyone else :spinny:
  22. Arniston Skippy

    Fingers crossed

    Noticed today that the exchange rate too a good jump yesterday, does anybody have an idea as to how the market is going at the mo, or any thoughts for the near future for the $??????????????
  23. Guest

    Fingers crossed

    Just had a couple come and look at our house. Seem really interested and want to come and have a look in the daylight on Saturday. Keeping every thing crossed:jiggy: