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Found 7 results

  1. Hey Guys, My wife and I needed Fingerprints taken so that we could get Police Clearances from Singapore and United States as required by immigration. We found out the police don’t take them and they sent us to Fingerprint Services Australia located at 1 Brewer street in the city, great services and Tony an ex bobby was amazing help. Highly recommend if you need Fingerprints. Heres website where I booked easily http://fingerprintsperth.com/ Cheers ps. They also take passport photos which we needed for Singapore
  2. Does anyone know where to get fingerprints in Perth besides the AFP. I need to get them and the first appointment is 6th January. Any ideas where else to go. Thanks
  3. Hey All, Wondering if anyone can help/shed any light here! Background: English guy applying for Defacto 820 with Aussie partner. Applied last June, and just got the awesome message that we have a case officer who is reviewing all the docs (very happy!). They've asked for one final doc. Criminal check from Canada (I've lived there for just under a year, then went back on a holiday a couple of years later and therefore have stayed there longer than 12 months cumulatively) Any how trouble is this: RCMP (royal Canadian Mounted Police ) clearance can take up to 4months due to the way it has to be scanned in and checked out there. I'm going to use a third party affiliate in Canada, that can get the process down to a few weeks max (web here for those interested http://www.fingerscan.ca/ - check out the clients living abroad part) Now, going into local police stations is proving to be a pain in the #$% as they're saying they can only send my prints DIRECT to RCMP, not third party? Or even give me a copy of MY fingerprints to send myself! To be honest, no one there seems to give a straight answer - I went in 2 days ago, they were adamant you can't get Ink prints any more, all digitally scanned. Today I go back, and they say ok we can give Ink prints, but only send to RCMP. Getting very frustrated now.....! So has anyone here had any luck getting fingerprints done at any Sydney Police stations at all? And where if so/ how was your process? Any advice? Thanks All.
  4. Hi guys, I'm not sure if any one would be able to help me. My CO recently contacted me and told me to get my documents ready for my the processing of my 485 visa. I was really happy and thought wow end of visa nightmare and I can apply for my 885 soon! Little did I know that 1) the finger prints that I needed for my Singaporean Police clearance expired a while ago and 2)Fingerprints can no longer be done at my local police station and has to be booked through a central hotline!! So anyways to cut a long story short, the next appointment is in a months time in Ballarat and it takes a month on the Singaporean end to get my police clearance sorted. I was just wondering if anyone has been through a situation like that and how it was resolved with the Singaporean police! Im so lost and desperate! Pls advise! ljwalvin
  5. Just as things are going so well, we are still waiting for our fingerprints for our SAfrica police checks to reach our lawyers in South African office. The international signed for tracking ends at the SA post office - don't quite understand why they offer that service if they can't complete the service!! It cost us over a hundred quid with postage (I did insure) so now have to wait 20 days from 28th of April to Claim and go and get the damn things done again (Which is a mission in itself!!) then it takes 6 weeks to clear when it does finally reach south african police!!! Do people ever get post in south africa? this is crazy! and its only for the one little year we were there in 2002!! So what are the odds DIAC will grant us our Visa on the 9 years we were in UK and scrap the SA one??? please please please - all my plans of being there by october are dissapearing fast and I am sooooooooo dissapointed . Anyone had a similar problem - or anyone had DIAC grant the visa without waiting for the police clearance from a certain country???
  6. It is nearly time for my visa renewal, as my original work visa was only for a few months. This time, my employer is going to sponser me for a longer period. I need to get a set of my paw prints to submit to Singapore for my police clearance in Singapore. Does anyone know where I can get that done in Perth? I've called my local police station and they say they don't do it there. Many thanks in advance.
  7. Guest


    Just thought I would give you folks a bit of a chuckle at this one.. Checking to make sure I am doing it all right, I thought I would check the procedure for Police Checks...Glad I did!!:shocked: I have lived in 3 countries in the last 10 years so a Police Cert from each is requested... For Germany I have to send a certified passport copy....no problem!! Then when I checked Thailand....2 sets of fingerprints are to be sent!!!:wacko: When I phoned the local Cop Shop...they laughed as they had never had someone call to request they had their fingerprints taken.:biglaugh: They had to call me back with how to do it as no-one knew..good as gold they called back to say they would get the local plod to contact me and get it done....and also to inform me that....it would cost @£20:mask:. That is bally expensive ink!! I thought robbers didn't wear uniform??? Still....it gets another thing out of the way. Mac