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Found 13 results

  1. Hi! I am an older lady going to Australia for six weeks next year. :cute: I have been using 2,25 grams of snuff every day for more than 20 years now. What happens if I declare 108 grams (net weight)? How much fines will I be forced to pay (Duty and GST and perhaps other taxes), when declaring this tiny amount tobacco/snuff? :skeptical: I am well aware of, that I have to pay for all of it and not just 58 grams. How many AUD would that be roughly? Would appreciate a little answer, so I at least have a little hint :smile:.
  2. Hi, I have just received a speeding ticket, fine and points in the post (69km in a 60km zone). I'm living in Brisbane currently applying for a RSMS permanent residency visa, will this affect my application? Also, I don't have an Australian driving licence or an international one - I drive a car supplied by my host family (I'm currently an au pair). The points went on to their licence, they are not stressing about it at all as the speeding was so minor. I will call to say it was me driving though am I supposed to have an international licence even though I am British? Does anyone know the best way to apply for one while I am here? Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone has advice or maybe experience of this before.. I was in Australia in 2005/06 on a working holiday visa, seeing as I was driving under a provisional license at the time i decided to sit my driving test while in Australia, which I subsequently passed! Everything was good until the end of my trip, while on a road trip around Australia before I headed home I managed to pick up 2 speeding fines and some toll charges! (which I didn't know about these until the end of my trip when I got a call from the house where I used to live). Seeing as I was heading home in a couple of weeks anyway I decided to take my chances and not pay the fines. The problem is that now I'm looking to go back to Australia under a 176 visa and I'm worried that these unpaid fines/charges could come back to bite me when I get to Australia or worse still prevent me from being granted a visa. Does anyone know if this is a possibility or have experience of anything similar? Thanks in advance, Johnny.
  4. Hi Everyone, My senario is this.... I have an employer in Perth looking into the possibility of sponsoring me on a 457 Visa. I am aware I must recieve a Police Clearance during the process of this Visa. However, I was unfortunate enough to recieve a fine from the WA Police in Feb 09 for failure to produce my licence after a routine stop whilst on a Working Holiday Visa. At the time I didn't pay the fine due to the fact I moved over to the East coast. I have been in contact with the Fines Enforcement Registry and managed to find out my fine was still overdue and my licence suspended in Mar 10. Since then I have paid the overdue fine. My question is this.... Will I still be able to obtain a Police Clearance to continue my plans to move or will I be refused a Police Clearance because I took so long to pay the fine???? Also will my Suspension be lifted as I have payed my fine??? Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks
  5. Guest

    Thats not fine.

    I wonder how much revenue is generated in this country through fine's, it seems to me that if you own a car then you are an easy target for all the jobs worths especially around London. Since i have started a job up there i have been caught speeding and fined £80, i was doing 37mph on the A40, then i was caught at the arse end of a bus lane and fined a further £80, then i did not pay the congestion charge for one day and was fined anothe £80. I have no particular arguments for the fines i have recieved as i was guilty as charged for all of them but it seems to me that if you are minding your own business and working just trying to get through the day to feed your family you are kind of persecuted through largley innocent errors. On the second day we were on site a lorry driver turned up to deliver some blocks, he had to block the road to unload but as we were on a crossroads this did not appear to be a problem, so the driver off loads and then go to his cab to get the paperwork, he walks to the back of the lorry for me to sign for it and while he is doing that a traffic warden slaps a ticket on his windscreen, so i then get the arse and ask the warden why he has let the guy unload and then give him a ticket, he then says its because the driver left the cab again after he unloaded and walked to the back of the lorry:shocked::mad:, not only was the warden an ignorant pig but he was incredibly rude and he did not care less that the driver was panicking and thinking that he would have to pay the fine which was £135:shocked: and would have cost him more than a days money. So anyway, i think that its about time that the government started showing people a little mercy instead of hounding us all for the slightest indiscretion.
  6. Guest

    Traffic Fine, SA

    We hired a campervan from Adelaide to Perth recently. Just received word from the UK that a letter has arrived there for us, detailing a fine. It's for passing through a red light and is for a whopping $661!!!!!!!! seriously haven't got that sort of cash to pay - we still havent found jobs here yet!!!! The time of the fine is like 5mins after picking up the van - anyone think it would be worth writing to the company explainig we had only just got the van and were still getting used to driving it, stopping times, etc?? Seriously stressed out by all this!!! Thanks!
  7. Hi All The Aussie Minister for Immi seems to have decided that all the privately owned VET Colleges which he thinks are shonky should be allowed to go bust: Options remain for overseas students He's suddenly burbling about "quality education providers." And whatever happens he does not want a huge and gaping hole in Australia's $15 billion a year export product called Interntational Education, it seems. He even wants the existing Students to stay in Australia, put up with the extra costs and hassle of a JobReady Test that TRA admits is not ready to see the light of day, and then the Minister hopes that these Students will find Aussie employers to sponsor them in the future. To which my retort to him, if I were one of the Students he is addressing, would be, "Go to hell, chum. Oh and by the way, when I and all the others who agree with me stop wasting our money in Australia, because of the fickleness of the Aussie Govt, that will blow a BIG hole in your $15 billion so get an abacus and start counting your losses, matey boy." If the Colleges go bust, lots of Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents will find that their own jobs disappear and they may well be owed a lot of money by their to-become-defunct employers. Willl these people vote Labor in the 2010 General Election? Cheers Gill
  8. Melbourne - 114k in a 100 zone and I was ticketed. I was told by a friend to write in and beg to be let off (new to the country, first ever speeding fine etc.). They let me off with a warning. Just thought I'd share this with you all. And of course I don't condone speeding. .
  9. About 13 years ago I got stopped by the Police and given a speeding ticket. The copper said as I am holiday and leaving the country in a few weeks not to bother paying it. Can't remember if he said, 'that's if your not going to return". Anyway I didn't pay the fine lol! Now I'm worried it will affect my visa application and our holiday to Oz after Christmas, does anyone know? Also I got hitched in the mean time and took his surname.:biglaugh: Will they not let me in or arrest me on landing ? :policeman:
  10. Hey everyone!! Here's hoping someone on here can help me - I can't find the answer on VicRoads website......:mad: Have got an infringement notice from Victoria Police - penalty is a fine & one demerit point. I am currently in Aus on a temp 457 visa, so have not had to transfer my licence. As I am still driving on my UK licence - how do I get the point on it??? Or do I have to pay to convert to a Victorian licence and then have the pleasure of having the bloomin' point given to me??? I shall refrain from ranting (too much) over how the fine should be going to the person who was overtaking me when the camera went off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:realmad: ARGGHHH!!! Any help appreciated!! Cheers Jules
  11. Dear All, Can anyone help in this regard that if a person having Heptatias B "Surface Antigen" Positive but "PCR" negative will allow to get skilled independent visa ? According to legislation on TB victims are not allowed to get visa but I have heared that Medical Officer also consider the duration of stay in Australia. It is quite confusing policy. If anybody have any information about this kindly let me know. Regards
  12. I recently went on a Scruffy Bunch Winery Tour to the Yarra Valley from Melbourne. I have to say it was an excellent experience. The guides were really wine savvy and had great relaxed approach to wine appreciation. Apparently they also do tours to the local breweries. I advise to anyone that likes wine to check them out. Scruffy Bunch Tours - ScruffyBunch
  13. Guest

    Brisbane looks mighty fine

    Hi all, Our tribe consists of Graeme, Steph, Aidan (11) & Leigh(15). The kids are quite apprehensive still - but Steph and I are really keen to sample life down-under. We like the idea of commuting distance from Brisbane or Adelaide. We've been thinking about Oz for a long time now and finally got to paying some hard-earned cash out on the TRA (ACS). Looking at Visa 136 MODL application now and just getting my thoughts together ready for a hopefully, positive Trade Assessment. We would be interested in hearing from any parents who have had good experiences with integrating teenage boys into life in Oz.... All the best, the_bassford_tribe