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Found 12 results

  1. I'd just like to ask how long does it takes to have Medicals finalised? My wife and I took our medical exams last 28 October 2011. My medical results were marked online as "Further medical results received" on 29 October 2011 while my wife's medical results were marked as "Received" last 04 November 2011 (since she was asked to repeat the urine test after one week). Her Health requirements were finalised on 09 Nov 2011. I was just wondering why the status of my medicals are not changed/updated yet. Wife Medical Timeline: Nov 4 - Medicals received Nov 7 - Medicals referred Nov 9 - Medicals finalised My Medical timeline: Oct 29 - Medicals received by the way I do not have any medical issues.
  2. 3jps

    SA SMP Finalized...

    dear all, according to SA immi web site, SA SMP and SSML have been finalized. but when i looked at the SMML, i got confused because i believe it's the same SSML posted in july. i'm sad because my nominated occupation is still in the offlist. can some one clarify this. thanks. 3jps
  3. Hi everyone, Just wondered what your experiences were, have had everything finalized now ( wifes med docs all said referred but her medical status has since changed to finalized - all her med docs still say referred) for 10 days or so. Have read about almost instant grants once people get to this stage and others have had to wait weeks or even months! Not getting nervous just yet but can't see what might be holding it up, we are LR country so i can't see security checks taking too long and all seems to be well??? Good luck everybody :biggrin::hug:
  4. I got CO on 14th feb and I did my medical on 15th... on 2nd march it convert into referred... can any one tell me expected time to finalized ? I know it vary from case to case.. but in normal condition ?:mad:
  5. All documents were met 3 days ago, when do you think i will get the visa grant letter?Im getting mad:arghh:
  6. Can you share your opinion please?
  7. just got the secondary applicant's medicals finalized, my medicals are yet outstanding though. We've frontloaded our medicals on 19th January 2010 while the update appeared on status page on February 1st 2010. All the status has shown as "Further Medical Results referred for Further Processing". Today the secondary applicant's status changed to "Health Requirements Finalized." Hope that Primary applicant's medicals, that means my status will be finalized, too, soon. Cheers
  8. Elliott-Family

    Medicals Finalized - Jiggy

    Yeah really chuffed, just got up to do our routin visa status check and realised all of our medicals have changed to finalized :v_SPIN: We were expecting a bit of a delay as had heard they had a back log, we had our medicals here on May 29th so are pleased at how quick they have been processed Just waiting for that golden ticket now Claire :laugh:
  9. Guest

    Meds Finalized?

    Hi Everyone I have only just, this week, bothered to start checking my progress on line, and I have noticed that my meds have been finalized, but my OH's haven't. They were all received on the same date - does this mean that something is wrong with his meds? Perhaps this is why we haven't got a case officer yet.:unsure: Thanks Sarah
  10. Hi, My online app status shows that my meds were received at 15th May 2008 and its been more than a month but the status still says "Health requirements outstanding". i had front-loaded the meds and i am from a high risk country. So how long does it take the meds status changed from "Health requirements outstanding" to "Health requirements finalized"??? Is it changed with the CO is assigned or it does not have to do anything with the CO?? Any April applicant who had front-loaded the meds???? thanks.
  11. Just to let everyone know, it seems that LCU and HOC are moving quick. Sent our meds by courier to Sydney and they arrived on June 2, 2008. Just checked our online status and it now shows all meds received and finalized. OMG it only took 4 days. Anyone else experienced such quick service?? Karen
  12. Hi all Just an update on our medical saga (me high BMI, son's eye sight and husbands abnormal chest x-ray showing enlarged heart!!!).......... been to hospital this morning with Mr Jonseywife, he had loads of tests on his heart and guess wot?????????????? He's OK......... horaaaaaaayyyyy!!!! :jiggy: There is NO valve blockage, NO heart damage and all seems well. (Apparently his heart is slightly large - but nothing to worry about, but the x-ray was taken at a slight angle and made it look even worse............. !!!!) We're sooo releived..... not to mention the bonus of :Randy-git: without worrying if it's all to much for his heart!!!!!! :biglaugh: So all the worry & panic is all done and finished with now.............. a big sigh of relief and all the information will now be couried to Sydney next week!!!! Fingers crossed, legs and eyes too please .............. hopefully we WILL get those blooming visa's........... so watch this space !!!!!!!!:wub: Cheers Sally-ann xxxx