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Found 69 results

  1. Hi all, We all had our medical's on Wednesday 8th December. They were sent via courier and were signed for in Sydney on Monday 20th December and for my wife they were signed for in Sydney on Thursday 30th December. We did not have any abnormal medical condition. All are showing referred on the Status Enquiry page. Person 1 XXXXX 10/10/2009 Health requirements outstanding 24/12/2010 Further medical results referred 24/12/2010 Further medical results referred 24/12/2010 Further medical results referred 24/12/2010 HIV blood test referred Person 2 XXXXX 10/10/2009 Health requirements outstanding 22/12/2010 Further medical results received Person 3 XXXXX 10/10/2009 Health requirements outstanding 07/01/2011 Further medical results referred 07/01/2011 Further medical results referred 07/01/2011 Further medical results referred 07/01/2011 HIV blood test referred 07/01/2011 Hepatitis B antigen blood test referred 07/01/2011 Hepatitis C antibody blood test referred When do you think I should expect to see my medicals marked as finalised? Thanks.
  2. Ok I know that nobody can tell me the answer to this for my particular case. All cases are different etc. However, I'm trying to build a picture of averages from those people that have had their visas granted. I'm mainly interested in 175 or 176 visa types and for those people who did not front load medicals (so just did them when CO requested). How long did it take between medicals showing as finalised and getting the final decision email? My medicals were finalised on 9th November and I'm trying to work out when I might expect to hear of a final decision (ie, is the average a matter of days, weeks or months?).
  3. Guest

    Medical's finalised

    Hi All, just wondering how long everybody's medical's have been finalised for ours is 15 days today and counting, would just be nice to see what the average waiting time is. Thanks :biggrin:
  4. Mizzmp

    Meds finalised problem OMG!

    Just wonder if anybody else has had this prob. Had meds done 25th July, all clear and all our meds were finalised a week ago. However, they STILL haven't uploaded my OH who is main applicant! Keep phoning clinic to be told, "oh yes we will remind the doctor" its killing me here! We had til 8th Aug to comply and now need our 3rd time extension! Dont understand why something so simple cannot be done having paid out all that money. Just want our visa! xx
  5. Guest

    Medicals finalised

    Had meds done in the 1st June, myself, the wife, 7 yr old and 3 yr old meds were finalised a few days later but our newborn has just turned to received and finalised on Monday, so how long do I wait for the visa as I thought once all meds are finalised the visa is granted? Just so very nearly there!
  6. Hi All. We all did our meds at the same time, myself, wife and 2 kids. My meds were the last to be finalised and it is showing them finalised since 12th May! When the agent emailed the CO the reply was " teh application will reach the final checking stage shortly" I am going mad, why is this taking so long! Is anyone else experiencing the delay, my Visa is a 176:biggrin:
  7. Guest

    Health requirements finalised??

    Hi, my husband, children and myself had our medicals on May 27th in Manchester. I checked on the immi.gov website today for any updates and it now says: Health requirements finalised 10/06/2011. What does this mean? Anyone else had this? TIA Nat x :biggrin:
  8. Well it's been quite a night. My husband and my daughter's meds were uploaded and finalised last week. My newborn son's (Noah) were couriered last week and arrived on Monday. Mine were uploaded on Tuesday and referred on Wednesday (not sure for what?). Before I went to bed last night my referred meds were changed to finalised. Noah's meds were finalised when I got up at half 3 this morning to feed him. Then when I woke up this morning to an email from our agent stating our visa has been granted! Our case officer has been great the whole way and must have been waiting to push that grant button as soon as he got confirmation of Noah's meds! We are so so happy but not looking forward to telling the parents that it's actually going ahead. This has been such a long process (despite what my timeline may suggest) and a dream that began 6 years ago has finally been realised! I'm off to have some champers now!! Natalie
  9. bennyboy

    Medical still not finalised!!!!

    Hi all, My o/h had his medical on 21st March in Knightsbridge, London. It was referred and have contacted c/o and she tells us that they are taking a while to come back. It has now been 6 weeks since he had it done and I am starting to worry alot! Has anyone waited this long and was it eventually finalised ok and how long did it take before you heard? Many thanks:arghh:
  10. :wacko: Hi friends, I have a query, in my online status , health requirements says Finalised today where as HIV and other three medical related status says still Referred. Is it like medicals is finalised? or i still have to wait for others to get Finalised. Thanks in advance.:wideeyed:
  11. redditchcouple

    health requirements finalised??

    Hi, I've just been checking my online visa application and have noticed it says ''health requirements finalised''. Does anyone know what this means?? Is that it a green light that everythings ok and that we may be that much closer to living the dream??If anybodys had this on their applications how long was it before they heard anything more?? Getting excited now :biggrin::eek:
  12. Guest

    meds just finalised

    we are off to oz tomorrow night for a three week reccie, our 176 application has just had all our meds finalised. this was the last thing that our case officer said she required. what chance of us getting our visa and being able to validate on this trip!!!! how will i sleep tonight now. here's hoping.:biggrin:
  13. Houciaus2010

    Medicals finalised or not yet????

    Hi all The first page of my application status is showing that health requirements finalised but all the other tests are still showing referred...In the checklist page forms 26EH and 160EH are still required??? Are my medicals finalised or not yet?? When will they turn to MET?? 21/01/2011 Health requirements finalised 04/01/2011 Further medical results referred 04/01/2011 Further medical results referred 04/01/2011 Further medical results referred 04/01/2011 HIV blood test referred
  14. gaz n family

    Meds Finalised?

    Just had a nose on our DIAC application, our meds arrived in Sydney friday and on DIAC it says they were received 07/03/11 and finalised 07/03/11. Does that mean sofar as they are concerned they are happy and this box is ticked, or is their further movement on this required?
  15. Please does anyone know how to find out the status of your medicals. I did mine on 20th January 2011. It was sent to Health Operations Centre in Sydney. How do you find out if its finalised?
  16. Hi All our health requirements showing finalised, do you think this is a positive sign. Has anyone any idea when we are likely to find out the verdict ??:v_SPIN: Thanks in advance Annette x
  17. On status enquiry page it is showing Medicals finalised on 7th January 2011 but still no change as of today. Everything else is done just waiting for page to change to 176 Visa Approved. Obviously it is Australia Day tomorrow so they will be closed but has anyone had experiences of how long it takes once meds finalised. I know from reading other posts that this varies from 1 hour to 2 weeks but it will have been 3 weeks once they re-open after Australia Day. Not sure whether to check with them to see if anything is holding it up or just sight tight and be patient as we won't be moving to September anyway.
  18. ilovemilkymoos

    "Met" Vs "Finalised"

    Hi all, Does anyone know the difference between Met and Finalised on the online status inquiry? All OH and my own documents are now met, with exception of my meds (still required)
  19. Government has already been Finalized. Now everybody is looking for the next step to have Immigration minister and approved SMP ASAP, as it was projected if Labor will come in to parliament SMP will be approved quickly. Let hope to have it in few months otherwise its same wait wait wait wait wait and wait. Lets put our information whatever we have when we will be expecting minister to approved SMP.
  20. Hi Im new on here and hoping for some answers. Our medicals online show finalised for both of us, however mine show referred also. So which is it, finalised or referred? Im totally confused and worried at the same time. We`are so close to the end I just need my mind put at rest. Has anyone had this on their application also? Did it update to anything else or does finalised mean finalised and i should ignore the referred bit now? Any advice is very welcome and thank you in advance. Tasha:goofy:
  21. Hi Pio, Yesterday I was Searching processing times for the applications lodged before 1 sept 2007 , I found this Client Service Charter , its States that Cases Lodged Before 1 sept has been Finalised (Priority and non Priority). My Case is Before 1 sept 2007, Still no Reply. Is their Anyon left who Lodge Before 1 sept 2007????
  22. Hello All, Can anyone help me with a query re online status of my visa application. I am in final stages of 175 visa application process and my medicals were finalised on 9/2/10 but my OH's were referred. OH's status has changed today, I will type below exactly what it says as I wondered if anyone else has similar experience and can explain to me what it means? 18/2/2010 Health requirements finalised 9/2/2010 Further medical results referred 9/2/2010 Further medical results referred 9/2/2010 Further medical results referred 9/2/2010 HIV blood test referred 9/2/2010 Hepatitis B antigen blood test referred 9/2/2010 Hepatitis C antibody blood test referred When I click on "Document checklist" it still says "required" for X-ray and medical examination. Basically it looks like the medical has been finalised but the other stuff hasnt been updated? I know for a fact that the blood tests are all negative as our panel doctor told us they were the next day when I phoned to check that he had sent medicals to Sydney?? So am pleased it says finalised but is there other stuff being done or does CO just update the top line and not worry about the rest? Can anyone clarify for me and help me out...I realise I am now OCD about checking the status of our application...I cant help myself!!!!:twitcy:
  23. hi all, I am July 10 CSL HR applicant. My medical has been finalised last week only. however, since then I didn't receive/hear anything. I am under impression that medical is the final piece of the process and your application granted once it is finalised. I know no one can predict the timeline. however, can someone share there experience specially applicants who received their grant letters recently. Thanks, Alan
  24. terry & Melanie

    Medicals finalised !!!!!!

    I woke up this morning and checked our online status to find......Meds finalised! I sent a PLE on the 15th Dec as nothing had changed on our status since 24/09. Recieved a reply email from them this morning stating we have provided all documents required at this stage. Is the application changing this morning a result of my PLE, or is the application actually moving forward? I would just love to get that wonderful golden ticket this side of Christmas. Any chance of that? What do you reckon? Melanie x:daydreaming::wacko:
  25. Can anyone tell me how long it takes for meds to appear as 'finalised' online when you haven't been requested to send them..(ie frontloaded') them. We went for meds on Monday and were told there and then that they were all ok, electronically submitted to DIAC but by online update page is unchanged and still says requested. All other docs (as far as I know) submitted inc police checks. Is this normal? I have no idea. I'm hoping we get the visa granted soon so we can fly out to meet the offshore requirements avoiding the expensive Christmas period. If anyone can tell me the minimum time to be out of the country too I would be grateful, i know DIAC say 8 days but with funds an issue and other people saying it takes just 1 day I'd like some clarity. Also....can we return to Australia without visiting an Australian immigration office in say Singapore or Bali and get the visa sticker when we return? If so how do immigration know you're legal? Many thanks in advance, head swimming:goofy: