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Found 31 results

  1. hi eveyone, I have just received my wa state sponsorship through post, and I need to send the state sponosrship agreement as well as form 1100 back for confirmation. I have some trouble filling in with the form 1100 hope someone can give me some hint. 1.about the "details of the nominee’s employment prospects" what should I write here? 2.Section 10 ,I need to provide the " this nomination is number __ of 500 ", I do not have this information on the letter they post to me. so, what should I write in here. 3. in section 14, "Signatory on behalf of nominating state/territory government agency" So should I sign it or the wa statesponsorship people sign it. 4. under section 10, they said if I am the offlist I have to send another copy to the following address "The Director Skilled Migration Section Department of Immigration and Citizenship 6 Chan Street BELCONNEN ACT 2617 If sending by email, please forward to: Skilled.Migration@immi.gov.au" if that means I have send 2 copies of the file, one to the wa statesponsorship people to confirm my sponsorship. one to immigration? is that correct, this is so confused. Thanks very much for your time.
  2. Guest

    filling in spousal form query

    hi, I'm just filling in my part of the forms to sponsor my wife ready to emigrate to oz. One of the questions asks for my last 2 yrs of employment details, should I be providing proof of income or is it just to proove that I havn't be sat on my back side for the last 2 yrs? I've been self employed and in employment on and off so its being a bit of a pain to gather all the info however will be worth it in the end! Are imigration wanting to see if I can support my wife when we get there?. To start with she will be the one with the main income with me finding work when we get there. Sometimes we find it hard to know what they expect when answering some of the questions, hopefully we're filling it all in correctly, fingers crossed! cheers Andy
  3. Hello there I have a 3 & a half yr old daughter. I am currently just 12 weeks pregnant. We've just handed in our State Sponsorship form for SA. As soon as that is back (fingers crossed) we will start with the visa. Does anyone know how we let them know I am expecting, as we will obviously only go once second is born. On the form there is a section for your dependants. But, just wondered if I enter on there one due march 2012.? Anti info would be appreciated. Thank you
  4. Hi Everyone, I've never really been on anything like this before, I hope I am doing it right. Well I am really excited about the job offer, I have had my medical and I'm a little worried that there may be issues there, but will just have to wait and see now. Would hate to have got this far and hit a stumbling block. The visa papers look vast and I'm a little daunted. Anyone got any useful advice for me? I am kind of pinning all my hopes on this job and the move, which is a scary position to be in. I have already moved there in my mind :biggrin: I am going it alone out there, I'm 29, 30 this month I really do think it is time for adventure and a new challenge. SO anyway, a big hello to anyone reading this, sorry if it is a bit dull, I'm sure I'll get more interesting once i get the hang of it
  5. Hi I'm new but hoping to start my application soon as i have a vetasses and my required english test score. Next step is to fill in a 176 for WA sponsorship. I have the documents and most of it is straight forward. i have done cost of living research and stted i used the internet for this and named a few sites. I know I can get a job there just from people working in my industry (construction engineering & Oil & gas). However other than look at jobs and speak to agents what other evidence can I say there is to back up me being confident to work? next question is that my vetasses doesnt say my exact job description as it is specialist. when I enclose my CV do i change my job title to what it says on my vetasses or go with my actual job title? Duties are quite simular and this is stated in my CV. I guess i want to know what there looking for to make sure i get the sponsorship. i dont want to go off on a tangentand not get a state spopnsorship. I'm aware there is a great need for my skills out there under my specific job title- all I need to is google planning engineer in perth and tonnes come up. any guide or tips would be appreciated.
  6. Hi, While filling the 175 online application I came across following doubt. I was planing to claim 5 points for partner's qualifications and found that his occupation is not given in the drop down list in on-line application. He is an ICT security specialist and hold the code 262112 in SOL schedule 4. Any idea whether you cannot claim points for partner when his/ her occupation is in SOL 4?? Tx
  7. Hi there Trying to fill in the app online, but can you help me!! Whst do I do with all the documents, do I send them on in the mail Do they need original docuements or phot copies that are certified?? My husbands certificates are laminated so how do you get these signed?? Sorry getting a little stressed also on the hours of course, does this mean daily or each session as we tried to enter the whole period and it wont allow to enter 3 figures:arghh: any tips would be most welcome thanks xx
  8. Guest

    Form filling

    hi Can I use computer to fill the form 80 and 1221 instead of pen? One more question. I was refused UK visa in 2005 mainly due to my financial situation and UK embassy put some reference number in my passport. Should I mention that in form 1221 and will it effect my case?
  9. Ready to go

    Help filling in Victoria SMP

    I have filled in all the sections of the SMP form online. I'm a bit worried about submiting though as it has not asked me anything about where i i want to live, or what reseach i have carried out. I knoe they asked for this information on the old SS andi'm worried that if i don't 'prove' my commitment to Victoria i won't get one of the 'golden tickets'. Anyone else done applied for this or any idea's.
  10. Hi Guys There is few things on the form which I need your help... please help me... 3rd Question on Page 2 Passport type - Private or Government?? - is that mean normal passport or diplomatic passport? anyway I have a normal pasport as I am an ordinary person...so what u guys thinking??? 11th question on page 3 I am a Registered Nurse in UK...and I have Nursing degree as well, so I should fill just nursing degree details or I should give them all my educational details from school level. help plese..............I am stuck I have no friends know about this thing....:arghh: 17 th question page 5 What is indemnity insurance...is it must?? what should I put there ..yes or no...what you guys think..please help me... :shocked:
  11. mystikallz

    Online TR application filling help !

    Can any one please tell me what i can write while lodging TR online ,Where they ask for IELTS In TR online application I don't have Ielts, i still have to book my IELTS , my visa expiring after four days Thank you :notworthy:
  12. Hi all, We are packing up in 3 weeks and putting our stuff into storage with Pickfords before we sort our visa's to move. I have had several shippers in to quote for removals and they all seem to have said various different things that I'm finding confusing. For example, Pickfords told us not to bother taking the fridge and freezer as they wont get cold enough over there. I have insisted that they take the fridge though they didnt quote for our small freezer. Is this true or an Urban legend? Also, for some bizzare reason, they have insisted to ship our huge IKEA bookcase assembled (and empty) rather than flat packing it to create more space?! Are we able to tell the packers on the day that we want it flat packed or just do it ourselves in advance? Surely they wont make us re-assemble it? My husband is taking his snap on tool box and Pickfords have said that they will remove all his tools and pack them in seperate boxes as the toolbox will be too heavy fully laiden? Some other shippers have said that sending it complete is acceptable? Why are they saying different things? To be honest, I think hubby will be happier with it all in the toolbox. Finally, did anyone vac pack their clothing and bedding to take over in the container? We were told that it is not advisable due to condensation or some other random fact? We have loads of clothing and I cant understand why vac packing is not recommended, esp as all the air is sucked out so there is no air to cause mold anyway? I do feel that the shippers are not really interested in space saving at all!!!
  13. My skills assessment paperwork is all ready now. i have gone through the application form and have become stuck on the question about australian sub class visa. We are attempting to migrate under the state sponsor route, i was always under the impression that this is visa class 176. in the drop down of the application form i cannot find 176, can someone please advise which to use?
  14. Dear friends, I hope you all are doing well. I have a question that when I’m applying for the Western Australians Sate sponsorship what are things I should include under financial status information. Furthermore, is it enough to write like I have 30,000 thousands Australian dollars or do I need to provide them my bank statement? However, they only stated that you should bring sufficient fund to settle in Western Australia while they haven’t mentioned the how much money or assets in figure. Please advice me a soon as possible. Thanks. Regards Thas
  15. sarahjl

    Filling in ARTC form

    Hi, need advice from anyone who has filled out the ARTC form! When it comes to the qualification section what do you do if you have completed more than one apprenticiship? My husband has done one in Electrical Installation & in Instrumentation & Control so we would like to be able to put them both down plus his additional qualification in Instrumentation. We have the TRA under General Electronic Instrument Tradesperson so would like to show both qualifications. Am I making any sense? Have been staring at the damn form for ages and I think that I am begining to confuse myself with it all! We really want this to be granted first time round and not have to reapply. Any advice welcome! Thanks Sarah :confused:
  16. I am an electrician looking for some advice on how to set out the section on 'description of your work'. I've been an electrician for nearly 22 years and worked across domestic,commercial and industrial. Putting all that down on paper would be bordering on a war and peace type epic (no I haven't wired the world just most of it). Anyone with ideas on how best to trim it down and just give the main relevant and required bits would be gratefully appreciated.
  17. Pozz

    Filling in the form online

    Hi guys Im new on here, but have been reading the various forums and trying to research all I need to attack the online visa by myself. Im applying for a 175 csl, with a defacto partner. I think I understand what is needed and feel ready to start...... well after xmas anyway! Firstly I have to apply to my professional body for my qualifications to be recognised, although I think this is more a paper exercise and shouldnt cause any problems. Once I have the required document I can start the visa process. My question is... Can I start filling in the 175 application now and add my skills assessment info later, as it may take a few months to come through? Is there a time limit in filling the application..... and when will it ask for my money? Cheers
  18. Hi everybody, I am facing a problem in filling the WA agreement from and form 1100. I have applied to DIAC (paper) and in the acknowladge letter they gave me a File Reference Number. But when i got WA sponsorhip approval, in the agreement form they want my Transaction Reference Number(TRN). what should i do? Should i mention the File Reference Number there instead of TRN? Please advice me. Rana. ranasohana@yahoo.com
  19. Hi can anyone help on this? Iv sent off my 175 visa but we never ticked yes on the question they ask, Have you or anyone else ever been convicted of a crime, We both thought convicted ment serve time in prison!! Which we havent. So we filled in the form 1023 straight away and sent it off, Stating that we had not ticked the right box and explained our stupid hipcup, We did send our police checks at the very start of our visa so we were both honest of our pasts. We also didnt fill in our convictions when asked to do on 175 visa because we had our police checks at the time of sending visa off, But looking back now i wish i would of filled it in, Can anyone advise me on what i should do? Im not using an agent so everything is all down to me. Thanks for your time Carina.
  20. I am hoping some one may be able to help me with what to put. Basically OH was fostered all his life, he changed his surname by deed poll to that of his foster parents. In this case do we put his foster parents down as parents, or do we put his natural parents names down? He Knows his natural mothers name and that she died when he was a baby but only know his fathers name but no other details. Mandy
  21. Hi, We're currently filling in the online application for a 176 visa. We've done the preparation for is by printing out the paper version but the section on parents is confusing us. Online it asks for "all your family details" while on paper it requests "your and your spouse/partners family details". Logically, we think it just means the main applicants parents, but having read the paper version we are now wondering what if...? Also the drop menus only give the option of 'parent' and not 'parent-in-law' or 'sister-in-law'. This is one of those simple questions that is doing our heads in. Can anyone help?? Thanks, Sam
  22. hi all i did post athread a hwile ago about wether to use ticks or crosses when filling out form. just wanted to ask people once more before i do it , should we tick the box's or put a tick, i think when on working holiday ones i ticked them i can't remember :huh:
  23. I want to apply for 175 vias as Accountant (2211-11). While filling online application for 175 visa i have some problem: 1. In the section "Applicant Past Employment" do i need to give detail of my current employment also or only the detail of employment previous to the current one. 2. Where to fill the detail of my current employment. 3. I am currently working as "Assistant Manager - Accounts". But when i try to select the position from the list it shows only "Accountant". So i can't mention my actual designation. Similarly, prior to my current employment I worked as a partner in a Chartered Accountants firm as a partner. But in the list there is no option of "Partner". Please guide me how to fill these columns.
  24. Please see the new TRA skill assessment form at Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) - Home 1 Skills assessment for people intending to migrate to Australia section and advise me'' can i fill-up this form by MS WORD?" Thanks with regards Jony
  25. Guest

    help filling out police check

    hi all, jst wondering where its says on the ozzie police check where is the visa application processing office, as im applying in uk do i put Australia house london, or migration brance london, i duno where do our visa get processed when u apply in england??? also the temporary spouse visa is subclass 309 ?? simple i know but its wrecking my head hahaha. :err: