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Found 25 results

  1. On behalf of our client, a leading Australian healthcare sector organisation, McGrath Migration Lawyers is currently seeking generalist and specialist registered nurses to fill over 400 jobs available around Australia now. Shifts and locations can be tailored to most requirements. Working holiday visa holders are welcome to apply, as are nurses seeking employer sponsorship, state sponsorship or independent skilled migration. Please note, to be eligible for registration, overseas applicants will need to have an IELTS score of at least 7 in each band. If you have over twelve months experience as a registered nurse and are eligible for registration in Australia, we would love to talk to you! Our client has jobs available in: · aged care nursing · child and family health · community health · critical care and emergency · development disability · disability and rehabilitation · medial · medical practice · mental health · midwifery · perioperative · surgical · generalist registered nursing If you’d like to take advantage of this opportunity to live and work in Australia, please send a copy of your current résumé, to Susan Wareham McGrath at susan[at]susanwareham.com
  2. Didn't realise it would be such as nightmare!!!:wacko: Ok so Hubby can't remember where he has lived during the past 10 years:mad:so what do i do here??? Also, do i have to provide reference from my job for the past 10 years??:eek: And does the spouse have to provide references?? It also ask's about other visits/visa for OZ...i presume this includes holiday visa and asks for the visa number...Hubby has lost his previous passport that contained two trips to OZ...what do we do here??? As you can see....it's an exciting night in our house tonight :eek:
  3. Guest

    Just doesnt feel like home...

    Not sure where to start, but need to get this of my chest.. I am brummies wife, im Australian hubby and son english. We moved here in Oct 10. The problem is, we all are not settling here, have put great efforts into trying, but it just doesnt feel right here. Dont get me wrong, I am very proud to be ausralian, and this is not a slagging off at australia. It just doesnt feel like home to me any more. I lived in the u.k for just over 10 years, and although some things about the u.k i didnt like, i got on with life and we had a good circle of friends and great life style. Finacially we were better of in u.k, hubby had great job he loved and payed well, i did my beauty from home and enjoyed papmering other people. Here i worked in a salon, and found i was pushed to get the clients in to meet some sort of invisable quota from owner, it was not at all about giving a pleasurable experiance to client. I soon left this as felt it was not why I got in to beauty. I am looking for work everyday, only to be told apply online and we will get back to you IF your succesful. It all seems to be agency employment or online. No human contact, no chance to try and put a personal spin to your c.v. Hubby is working not in his profession, as its not the same criteria here. So he is working what he can find. Although his boss is a good bloke, he just doesnt enjoy it. He works 6 days a week, and the reason we came here was to better family life, we just dont see him much any more. As for family here in oz, its great to see them all, i didnt expect brass bands and banners from them when we got here, but it seems us being here is just not of any importance. Long family issues that i was glad to be away from for 10 years, has now slapped me in the face, that there still there and wont change. My son just doesnt understand why, his nanny and grandad dont want to see him. I try explaining, but in reality they are to focused on what is important to them (church). We came back to oz to have family connections, and this has just not materlised. We didnt come so much for the better prospects people talk about, it was family. The delima I now have is guilt. My son is so unhappy and will make any excuse not to go to school, he will just burst into tears, missing the u.k. I feel i dragged my family here from all they have known, to what is a pitful excuse called my family. I cant talk to any one in family as the harsh reality will not be welcomed. We have made the descion to move back to u.k, and with all our life savings spent coming here,we now have to start from scatch and save again. Which i know we will do. The guilt is eating me up though, I know i should be happy to be "home" in oz, but it just doesnt fill like right. People over here think im english anyway, as over time i guess i picked up some sort of accent. Also the reality of it here is not all what the posters say it is. Yes its a great country, great people, wonderfull beaches, and great variety. But it so dam expensive to buy any thing. Honestly we struggle so much, i could cry. So how do I live through this waiting to return, how do i try to remain postive and put on a brave face?:arghh:
  4. Just received confirmation that OH passed VETASSESS, fingers crossed he passes the IELTS booked in for end of June....then we'll have just over the 120 pass mark and can apply for the 175! How long are people finding 175's are taking to process at mo? Guidance on Immi website says 18-24mths but wondered how realistic this is? Also we're already living in Australia, so am I right in thinking we can apply for a 175 but just need to go offshore when its ready to be approved??? Do we put our Australia or UK address on the application? Is there anything else we need to do or fill in differently?
  5. Hi Fello PIO'ers just wondering when I should fill in the form to prove our son is dependant. He is 18 on Tuesday, do I do it now or should I wait until we get a CO and they request it? Not expecting to get a CO for at least another year so I am thinking I should wait as his circumstances may be different then and they may request it again. Anyone info from anyone in a similar situation would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Veronica:err:
  6. We're just trying to get a grip of the household costs in Perth. Finding the weekly cost of property rental is the easy part, but can you fill me in on the following, based on local knowledge? Council Tax Water Landline Broadband Gas Electricity House insurance Thanks
  7. Hi i have apeared for in ielts got Listening Reading Writing Speaking 1st Attempt 7.0 4.5 7.5 6.0 2nd Attempt 6.0 5.5 6.5 7.0 3rd Attempt 6.0 7.0 6.0 5.5 ( Is on rechecking ) 4th Test waiting for result on 3rd sept ( not sure will get 6.0 each in this one) I have to file the TR withouch Ielts please anyone help me what to fill in TR FORM of english abily below below Applicant language ability IMPORTANT NOTE: You must provide evidence of your English language ability, or evidence that an English language test has been booked (Skilled - Regional Sponsored (Subclass 487) visa applicants only) when you lodge this application. Failure to do so may result in you being unable to satisfy the criteria for this visa, and this application may be refused If you are the holder of an eligible passport from either the: United Kingdom (UK); Canada; New Zealand; United States of America (USA); or Republic of Ireland you are considered to have met the threshold English language requirement (competent or concessional competent English) and are not required to sit an IELTS or OET test. The recorded language ability will also be used to determine liability for the second instalment charge for each person aged 18 years or over included in this application. Please provide details of the English language ability of ALL persons aged 18 years or over included in this application. Have you undertaken an English test within the last 24 months? No Yes If yes, provide details of the most recent English test Name of test IELTS OET Date of test Test reference number What is your language ability
  8. Hi, Can anyone give us an idea of what is important to pack in our luggage. Our container leaves in about a month, so we're still at that sorting out stage. And we leave in Sept for Melbourne. Obviously clothes, shoes, documents, laptop etc. but I am wondering if there are any vital bits and bobs that would be good to include in the luggage? I read on here once that an extension cable is a good idea, and that is now on the list - any other ideas? We've got a 160kg luggage allowance with Singapore Airlines which is loads (not that I am complaining!). We went away for a week last month and only took 22kg for 4 of us, I want to make the most of the 160kg and pack wisely. thanks, Sam :wubclub:
  9. Guest

    Which form to fill?

    Hi guys, I am getting married soon and we want to fill and lodge form to DIAC as soon as we get married with my Aussie gf. I`ve seen form 971i, but which form do we have to fill. Is it only one form or more? Do you know their codes? We live together, have a bank account, photos, electricity bills... I am going to apply for TR and PR together (I was told its together). Thanks a lot, cheers
  10. kellyjamie

    when do we fill out visa app?

    Hi all, Can someone please tell us when should we fill out the visa app? we have just applied to WA so we will have a couple of months till we hear from them and hopefully be successful, but we just wondered when we should fill out the form? If applying on line can we start the form and save it? Also can you apply to DIAC before the SS comes thru? Then add the sponsorship when it arrives? Many thanks Kelly and Jamie:wubclub:
  11. Hi there to everyone, This is my first posting so bere with me..lol i am in the process of trying to awnser the Sr 2.6 trade evidence form and hoping that someone has done it before and can help with what to do?i have been working as a sparks for 16 years in all installation types and i just need to know what they want to see at vetassess..has anyone got a spread sheet of there application or evidence as a layout..as i have taken photos of jobs,testing etc.As an elective i have obviously chose electrical installations..but expieriance in d.c. fault finding..what the f**k..does that mean doorbells and telephones?lol bit confused any help would be wonderful?
  12. Hi there, I am applying for a 176 visa and we are all done apart from the 80 form. we havent been requested to do them yet, no Case officer yet, but I have done mine. Does my O/H have to complete one? :idea: Thanks, Catherine
  13. my other half has just sent his forms to me, he is quite dyslexic and has missed a few bits and bobs, also ticked one wrong box but i think will be ok. He declared at the end of the form that i hepled him etc etc that i was not in oz at the delaration bit at the end. so would i be able to fill in the missing bits for him , as there will be anoticiable difference in hand writing, but as he has declared me helping him, this should be ok? just i wanted to hand in application very soon, and dont want to have to wait to send back to him, then back to me again.:chatterbox: Thanks Nadine
  14. Hi all, was expecting to get our visas this week but guess what No! Had an Email, got all excited but alas it was to fill in a Health Undertaking form as our daughter has had contact with TB. Although passed medical, negative chest xray, and heath test she now has to be put under surveillance once we enter Australia. We have to contact Health Authority everytime we leave country or move house. I am not saying this is a bad thing, I think this country can learn a lot by screening for TB, but just want to get visa!!!! Also says we have to validate by June 18th police checks and medicals were only done in November this seems really quick.:mad: Feeling really stressed now! Jo

    More forms to fill

    I have now changed my route from a 175 to a 176 as it looks like 175 will be waiting a long long time to get visa so has anyone else done this because of the rule change.
  16. Hi, been thinking of changing my 175 visa to 176 state sponsored visa. My agent is Gomatilda and they will charge us £310 inc vat to do it for us, but i know its free to apply to the state yourself, but im not quite sure what happens to your 175 visa that is already lodged, and how do you go about doing it yourself? Any help would be much appreciated. I just feel ive paid enough money for our visa and they wont give me any more info about it until i commit to it, so they prob want money first, was a bit peeed off after all the money ive given them and they couldn't even give me some information regarding the 176. Does anyone know how long before you hear from the state and if lodged say in a couple of months, will i get visa granted this year? She told me that OH trade of Vehicle Panter was on Queenslands state sponsored list, b ut when i checked it wasn't!! Thanks Gillian
  17. Hi there! My partner and I are applying for the employer-sponsored visa 457 and have collected together all our supporting documents for the "defacto" part (to prove that we have been living in a "marriage-like" relationship for the past five years). Other than the 457 form itself, are there any other forms we have to fill out? I saw a form online called a 47a form for dependents but I couldn't tell if that was in any way related to the 457 process. Those of you who have been through this process, what other forms did you have to fill out (and did you find it easier to do your application online)? Thank you.:v_SPIN: D
  18. Does everyone have to fill in a P85 when permanently leaving UK? From what I can gather, the only purpose of it is to get a refund from HMRC for the current tax year? Just wondering because my OH hasn't worked for 10 years so there's no chance of any oustanding tax owing to her. What happens if you don't fill in a P85?
  19. PommyPaul

    If i don't fill in form P85.....

    .....will they just send me a tax refund at the end of the uk tax year automatically? :unsure:
  20. Can Any one help me? I have just been reading even more info on getting a job in Oz and really stuck now. Over here i only ever needed a basic resume but over there i've read it should be 4-5pages long! I have posted mine on here for anyway that thinks they may be able to help to take a look at. Many thanks Anna:spinny: Curriculum Vitae Name: Anna Savin Address: Telephone: 01200 425850 Email: 07732520813 I am a very enthusiastic, determined and motivated individual and work at my best when met with challenges in a demanding work role. I can demonstrate organisational skills that enable me to priorities workloads efficiently. I have excellent communication skills face to face, over the phone, by email and in writing. Throughout my employment background I have demonstrated that I can work well under pressure, meet deadlines and achieve targets and can provide support to others. Qualifications GCSE’s Sociology C English C Science C Maths C Statistics C National Vocational Qualifications Level 2 Business & Administration Level 2 Business & Administration – Technical Certificate Scottish Vocational Qualifications Level 1 in communication written & oral Level 1 Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Planning & Organisation Level 1 Working with others Level 1 Improving own performance - Review & Evaluating Other Qualifications ECDL (European Computer Driving licence) Application of Number Level 1 OCR Word Processing Level 2 Currently studying towards Accounts Association Technician Certificate (AAT) Employment History Burnley General Hospital : June 2007- Present Clerical Officer · Reception duties including registration of patient details onto computer, making appointments and dealing with telephone enquiries from patients, General Practitioners, wards and departments. · Maintain and update computer records. · Filing, storage and retrieval of X-Ray films and reports as required for wards, clinics and departments. · Preparation of films for reporting · Preparation of films for filing. · Participate as necessary in quality assurance and clinical audit programmes. · Train student Radiographers and work experience students in all aspects of the administrative system. · Impart sensitive information (Radiology reports) to appropriate requesting authorities ensuring that all aspects of Caldicott and the Data Protection Act are met. · Maintain confidentiality of information relating to patients. · Ensure that all aspects of the film filing department are made secure at the end of the each working day. · Provide efficient cover for the call centre this involves booking and cancelling appointments. Ribble Valley Borough Council: October 2005 – June 2007 Modern Apprentice To assist the personnel assistant with recruitment administration To assist personnel with archiving of files To assist the taxi licensing officer To assist with the preperation for elections and take an active part To assist with the electoral role To assist the local land charges officer To assist with providing cover for holiday/sickness absence General office duties such as faxing photocopying etc To answer the telephone and deal with as many queries as possible Take part in archiving files Implement working filing systems Update systems electronically and manually Keep a flexible and positive approach to work and colleagues To provide cover on reception duties including switchboard To assist the receptionist with incoming mail and distribution Making sure that the DX post is delivered on time every evening. Hobbies In my spare time I enjoy eating out, socialising, netball, running and reading. I also enjoy snowboarding and scuba diving on holidays. References Available upon request.
  21. Guest

    How to fill a 20ft Container?

    We're nearly there now - flying out to Perth on August 17th. In 3 weeks time, our shippers will be packing up our house. We have plenty of room, so can anyone answer the following questions: 1. Televisions - take or leave (can they be easily converted in Oz?)? 2. Are there any items hard to get or expensive we should load up on (for example, ASDA is selling really good cotton t-shirts, 3 for £3, so I've bought a few packs, Matalan have really good value dinner sets so I've bought a couple of sets)? 3. Any recommendations for a car-dealer in Perth, near Padbury if possible? :yes: Thanks, guys!
  22. Hi, I am currently waiting for my ACS results to come back, and 5th of July I will have my IELTS done. I have already filled in my future online visa application in, and god I feel relaxed now. I just filled in "havetolookup" whereever I needed info from IELTS or ACS or whatever, and I was surprised I needed some additional info such as your previous 10 years of countries of residence, which I have now gotten plenty of time for to find out while I wait for ACS and IELTS to come with their results. I used to be continuously worried about what the Visa might require for info, but now that I have filled it in ( up to the part that I need to pay with my mastercard which I haven't done ) and saved it online, all I need to do is wait for the results, fill those few fields in , then click 'Send' and it will all be done already. I feel so good now that I have filled in everything, have all the info etc. God... the waiting game was starting to make me :wacko:
  23. Guest

    Do I need to fill form 47A?

    Hi all, This is my first post. I have a concern regarding form 47A "Details of child or other dependent family member aged 18 years or over". Im single, have no children and any dependent relatives, and never married. So do I need to fill and send this form with my application? Thanks in advance!
  24. Hi there just been wondering about shipping costs A lady I spoke to once, who came home then went back said "at least I know how to do it right this time" and continued to say how she would ship everything out 2nd time round, sorry I can't remember her reasons now. It does make me think though on top of all the other costs just how much will it cost to start from scratch? sofa, beds, bedding,pots, pans,washer, dryer fridge the list goes on I also don't know how much it costs to ship everything either. Just one of my many many thoughts buzzing around my head:wacko: Diane
  25. hi all fallen at first hurdle! would like a working visa. have been on official web site (immi.gov)and would like a second opinion on the correct form to fill in.dont really want to use a agency for obvious reasons. im 32,a welder, want to take wife and 2 young children, dont want a sponser, want to be able to go anywhere in oz, think i need a 1276 form? advice would be appriciated thanks.:wacko: